فيلم Le Redoutable

Le Redoutable

Le Redoutable is a movie starring Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, and Bérénice Bejo. In 1967, during the making of "La Chinoise," film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 19-year-old actress Anne Wiazemsky and marries her.

Other Titles
Mal genio, Godard, O Temível, Il mio Godard, O Formidável, Le Redoutable - Godard Mon Amour, Godard, amor mío, Redutabil, Ja, Godard, Godard Mon Amour, Yotze min ha'klal, Siloviti, Redoubtable, Formidabile, グッバイ・ゴダール!, Le redoutable, Godard ve Ben, Yo, Godard, Γκοντάρ, Αγάπη μου, Godard, Mon Amour
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
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Romance, Drama, Biography, Comedy
Michel Hazanavicius
Anne Wiazemsky, Michel Hazanavicius
Micha Lescot, Stacy Martin, Louis Garrel, Bérénice Bejo
France, Myanmar
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Paris, 1967. Jean-Luc Godard, the maker of "A bout de souffle", "Le Mépris" and "Pierrot le fou", idolized by critics and intellectuals, is shifting from revolutionizing cinema to becoming a revolutionary tout court. Isn't he shooting "La Chinoise", more a political tract in favor of Maoism than an actual movie? His female star is Anne Wiazemsky, writer François Mauriac's granddaughter, sixteen years his junior. Anne and Jean-Luc have been dating since 1966 and they marry this very year. She admires Jean-Luc's originality, intelligence, wit and boldness while he loves Anne's freshness and - admiration of him. But May 1968 puts their marriage to the test. Godard, who is more and more involved in the revolution, indeed becomes less and less available to his young wife, which does not prevent him from acting jealous. It also looks as if the genius is losing his sense of humor.

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Peter H.

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It's been a while since I've seen the 2011 French comedy "Redoutable", but I am still very impressed by it. This film is a romance, but it is also about a man who is taking a job in a different country and will be separated from his family. The cast is great and the direction is pretty good. The biggest problem I have with this film is that the plot doesn't really move. The end of the film is not very satisfying. The ending is somewhat anticlimactic, but I understand that this film is a comedy and not a dramatic film. If the film had been a drama, I probably would have enjoyed it more. However, "Redoutable" is still a good film, and I am looking forward to watching it again.

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Greetings again from the darkness. In the tradition of "La Vie En Rose" and "Dieu et les Chinois," Alexandre Aja's "A Walk to Remember" (2012) is an intensely sentimental, yet thoughtful, film that reminds us that even the most unlikely of relationships are not always destined to end in the way we wish. A dynamic female love triangle that spirals out of control when one of the girls, Patricia (Brie Larson), decides to come out to her father (Kevin Costner), puts an exclamation point on the story as the three girls decide to take their chances with the father. It's an interesting premise, but the film suffers because of its length. It spends a good deal of time setting up the characters and their circumstances, leaving a lot of the film to the imagination. As a result, the characters and the plot are occasionally uneven, as a strong connection between any of them is hard to come by. Still, this film is a good start in the "Walking Through the Tulips" tradition, and is well worth the watch. Grady Harp

Christine photo

A young man finds his place in life. I was surprised to see how they made the film and the way they shot it. It was easy to see that this was filmed in 2004 with high-definition cameras. It is a great way to show how it has changed from when I saw it in 1994. The film had a good flow and was very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about this kind of stories.

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Keith Diaz

Although I enjoyed the movie, it has been a while since I have seen the movie. I have to say that the movie is very good. It's a good family movie. The acting is good, especially from James McAvoy. I think that it is not the best James McAvoy movie but it's still a good movie.

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I'm not a huge fan of movies about vampires, so I was surprised when I found this movie on Netflix. After the first ten minutes I was thinking, "Oh no, not another vampire movie." It's a bit slow at first, but once it gets going, it's funny, creepy and well done. It's a low budget movie, and it's well acted and directed. The best thing about this movie is the cinematography. It looks like it was shot on a real DSLR. The locations are great, and the camera work is pretty good. The story is interesting, and the dialogue is well done. If you're looking for a comedy, you might find this one a bit slow, but I think it's better than you think. The cast is great, and it has a great ending. The only reason I'm giving this a 7 instead of a 6 is because of the pacing and the script. Overall, I think this movie is worth seeing.

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After seeing some good reviews, I figured I'd watch it. I saw it in its original theatre version (like any other "prequel") and it was quite good. Now the special effects weren't as good as in the original (and I'm a graphic designer), but that was okay. The one part that really hit home was the cast. There were some very good actors in this movie, even if some were the new additions. The actress playing a German lady was one of them, and I was pleased to see her in a movie where she was not the main character. However, I'm not a huge fan of John Cleese and don't have much to say about him as an actor, so I don't know what was so good about this movie. But I was glad to see Michael Gambon in a movie. It wasn't a very good one, but he was great in it. I think the biggest problem with this movie is that it was overstuffed with characters, and that the movie itself was quite short. It's not worth the price of admission to watch it on the big screen, but you can get a cheap DVD at your local video store. It's not a great movie, but it's not a terrible one either. I recommend it to those who have seen the original, but don't expect it to be as good as the original.

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Samuel Martinez

I saw this movie yesterday at a special screening in Tokyo. I love the movie for its realism. You feel it when the American interviewer comes in, as he really tries to be a journalist, but it comes out as an attempt to be an American and to be taken seriously, which is pretty bizarre. The story is very touching. It is about the loss of a child from an earlier family. He is forced to come to Japan because of a divorce. The writer-director does not really go to much into the background, just a background about a family that goes back and forth between Japan and America. I felt the director tried to be realistic with his perspective and without going too deep into the situation. The main character is funny, but he does not have a clear characterization. The real American's voice is heard as he is trying to get to the interviews, but it is not like a regular American voice, it is so different. I think this movie is worth seeing. It is good to see the relationship between Americans and Japanese.

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Christina A.

This film is a great exercise in why (almost) no one can ever hope to ever escape the temptation to think of themselves as the hero or heroine of a movie, and the only reason for wanting to be a hero is simply the same reason for wanting to be the protagonist of a movie. The problem is that for the most part, a movie does not need to be a comedy or drama to work as a movie, or at least be a good one. It's important to note that this is a French movie, and thus the language is not English. If you understand French, you'll understand this movie. It's not about understanding, but about understanding the desire to be the hero. And in the end, the hero is just another human being. I've seen this movie several times and I always feel the same way about it. It's one of the most original movies I've ever seen. At the same time, it's also one of the most sentimental movies I've ever seen. It's about a father who wants to be a hero, but he doesn't know how to be one. He has to wait for someone to show him what he wants to see. This is the basic formula of the movie, but the only flaw is that it is quite too similar to other movies. I found it more a romantic comedy than a drama. The romantic elements are merely fluff, and most of the acting is wooden. The humor is rather slapstick, which is what it should be. The only character that seems to act and look like a real human being is the local cop. That's all I'll say about that. If you're looking for a good movie, see this movie, but don't expect a masterpiece.

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Lauren Schmidt

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Lauren Watson

I just watched this movie with my boyfriend and we both loved it. I really enjoyed it, the story was very interesting and the characters were all good. I didn't get bored during the movie, even though it was a bit long. I don't like movies that are full of sex scenes and this one didn't even come close. This is a great movie to watch with your significant other. You will love it, and you will be talking about it for a long time. This is a movie that I would recommend to anyone. I don't know why it didn't get more good reviews. It is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Don't expect anything dramatic or romantic, just a good movie. I give it a 7/10.

Debra photo

Juliette Binoche has been in many of my favourite movies (although some of them have been flawed), and I am pleased to report that I liked this movie a lot. I am familiar with the issues surrounding the use of sexual imagery in cinema, and that includes this film. The strong language is just as important to me as the strong sex, and the female characters are very strong in their characters. I am a big fan of the Bond girls, and was very pleased with this movie. I was very impressed with the movie as a whole, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a movie about life and relationships. I think this movie could do well on DVD, as it is definitely not your typical chick flick. I would definitely watch it again. 7/10

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Ethan T.

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Jonathan O.

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Beverly M.

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Ralph Greene photo
Ralph Greene

I have been really excited to see this movie for a while, and finally I could sit down and watch it. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the movie, and while I have to say that it's not horrible it is certainly not a great movie. I am disappointed that they didn't take a different approach and have a woman play the role of the mother in this movie. This is a good movie and definitely worth seeing. I just think that the real stars of the movie are the actors. I think that the acting was great and that the story was excellent. It's hard to believe that this movie won the Golden Globe, and it's hard to believe that this movie is rated a 5. I think that the Academy has a problem with showing movies like this and other good movies that are based on real life. I just think that the Academy has a huge problem with women who want to be in films and have all of the power. If you're a female and want to be in films don't take the way out. Go out and try to get the best of what is out there.

Dorothy P. photo
Dorothy P.

The little boy, Daniel (Aisling Donnelly), grew up in the 1930's. He is a typical orphan child. She runs away from home. She is loved by a friend of the family and at the end of the movie, she returns to her old home. Daniel decides to become a journalist and returns to his home. He is eventually able to become a writer and he gets his father to write his biography. This movie is very interesting, you can't help but to watch it, because it has great drama. The film has a good rhythm, and you can't help to be interested in the movie. This is one of the best dramas of the year.

Diane Rodriguez photo
Diane Rodriguez

First of all I'd like to state that I have never seen the movie, but I love Paris and like this place. I have heard and read about the movie and it got my attention. First of all, I was surprised that this movie was based on a book. As a film it has a strong point. The story is very well presented. You can relate to it. You can see the main characters in the movie. You can know them. You can feel the pain they are going through. The characters in the movie have a very different characteristics than in the book. So the movie was made for a different audience, it's not for the usual movie-going audience. I was very pleased with the movie. It had a lot of good things in it. It's the story of a young man and his life, and of his love and family. It shows you how he tries to make his life better. He has some very good problems. He is not very good at making the money he needs. He gets into trouble with his friends, and the trouble is serious. The movie is very sad and very sad, but also very funny. You can laugh a lot. It is very entertaining, you can watch it on a rainy day, you can watch it on a very warm summer night. It is very interesting and it is very funny. The movie is good. It's not the best movie ever, but it's not the worst either. The movie has a very strong point. It is good.

Charles photo

It is hard to tell if we are watching a comedy or a drama. One thing that is clear is that it is neither. This is a very good drama about a man who was a product of a cold war where Germany tried to eradicate the Polish nation. He lived in Germany for the rest of his life, tried to make money out of the tragedy, but didn't succeed. Then he tries to come back to Poland, not realizing that many of his friends were murdered, and that the dead had to be buried. I don't want to give away too much, but this is a movie that is full of drama, but I don't know if it is worth watching. The movie is not about a bunch of people that were murdered by the Nazis. I don't think that there is a single person in this movie who was not involved in some kind of situation. The story is about how one man, who is trying to make a better life for his kids, becomes a little too much of a moralist. A person can make a life for his children and it doesn't mean that the family will be ruined. This is an interesting movie, but it is not that great.

Mark Bishop photo
Mark Bishop

I'm a sucker for films where the main character has some sort of disability. In this film, it's mostly social and cultural differences but we also have the usual handicap in that the main character is male. And there's a love interest who has a disability. This film is a happy story that portrays the complexity of friendship, romance, loss, friendship and learning. It's really great to see in a new light. It's not too over-dramatic and I felt the characters were believable. I really loved the dance scenes with the dancing bear.

Zachary M. photo
Zachary M.

I am a 22 year old female who has never been to a European country. I do not speak any of the languages spoken in Europe. I watched this movie with a friend, and she was completely confused by the movie. I think that if a movie is supposed to make you think, this movie does it, but it is not the real reason to watch this movie. I do not know how much she was being paid to sit next to me, but she looked at me like I was crazy. I had no clue how to take her. I was so confused. I could not even understand her questions. She even told me to not say her name in the movie, because I had a feeling she was not going to talk to me. So I didn't. I think that was the problem with this movie. It was a great story, but they left out so much. I was expecting something that made me think, but it didn't. I think they should have put a little more effort into the story, and it might have gotten better. It was good, but not great. I was not sure what to expect, but I think that it is not a movie that you have to see before you die. It was a good movie, but not great.