فيلم Dai si hing

Dai si hing

Dai si hing is a movie starring Donnie Yen, Joe Chen, and Ming-Kit Lok. A soldier-turned-high school teacher uses unusual methods to reach to a class of poor students, while dealing with a greedy entrepreneur and his gang of...

Other Titles
大師兄, Big Brother, 大师兄, Super Teacher: Netsuketsu Kakutou, スーパーティーチャー 熱血格闘, Đại Sư Huynh, Dai Si Hing
Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Action, Comedy, Drama
Ka-Wai Kam
Tai-lee Chan
Joe Chen, Ming-Kit Lok, Donnie Yen, Kang Yu
Hong Kong
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A soldier-turned-high school teacher uses unusual methods to reach to a class of poor students, while dealing with a greedy entrepreneur and his gang of fighters as well as the government.

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Ann Sullivan photo
Ann Sullivan

For those who love westerns, the world of South and Central America in the 1980s is a totally different experience than the one of the 1950s and the entire time frame of the western is long gone. In the film, a young San Francisco (Lee) is sent to Nicaragua to buy a car for his friend. Unfortunately, the car was stolen and they are forced to rent a "hacienda" where they are terrorized by the banditos, a ruthless gang, and their wealthy owners. One of the "hacienda" owners is San Francisco's father, who owns a restaurant that is also the place where the car is stolen. When San Francisco decides to take action against the banditos, he is brought into the picture and the movie changes completely, turning the story of "San Francisco" into a comedy. "San Francisco" shows us how corrupt and brutal life can be in the area where the movie is set. It is a great movie with an awesome plot, and great actors in Lee, Goyo, and the beautiful Lara Duran. Highly recommended for the fan of movies.

Hannah O. photo
Hannah O.

This movie was so good! The plot was interesting and believable. The movie kept me entertained and would recommend this movie to anyone. It is an excellent movie to watch when you feel down and you need to feel good about yourself. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Grace P. photo
Grace P.

After some hesitation, I decided to give Hong Kong cinema another try. This is a Hong Kong movie that is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it is a powerful film with some wonderful scenes that make you think about life and the effects it has on one's life. On the other hand, the film is made by and for people who live in Hong Kong, and those who have lived in Hong Kong will probably find it difficult to relate to the film. If you can get past the rather muddled scenes, then you'll be able to appreciate the film. The acting is good, although I was disappointed in the supporting roles. All the other actors are talented and make a good, but not great, impression. The photography is great and makes the film seem real. The script is pretty much the same as all the other Hong Kong films. The plot has some flaws but these flaws can be overlooked. The film was filmed in Hong Kong. One of the main elements that I found lacking was the music. The music is excellent and is really good. The film was filmed in China, and the movie is dubbed. One of the main things that I thought was different from all the other Hong Kong films was the strong sense of Hong Kong. This is the main reason I rated the film 9 out of 10. Overall, this is a good film, but I doubt it will be as good as the films made by the likes of Wong Kar-Wai. Hong Kong cinema is becoming a bit of a disappointment.

Rose Chavez photo
Rose Chavez

A great film for me. I was a little disappointed when it came out, but I love it now. It's a Thai gangster film. It's got a great story line. The cast is great, but it's the story line that makes this film. It is a good story line, that's the one that will make you go, "ahh, this is good." I like how the story line is about Thais. It's about Thais living, struggling, and playing with gangs. It is about Thai people in the streets and the gangs. But the story is about a single guy named "Muay" who has the same problems as everyone else. It's about him being a "Thai" gangster. It's about a friend of his who is a Thais gangster and a thief. But he wants to do right and he does right. But he's a little different than the others. But it's all good. So that's why I love it. But it's good. Like I said, it's a great story line. But it's also a good story. So, like I said, it's a good story. And it's also a good gangster film. It has a great story line. It's the one that will make you go, "ahh, this is good."

Margaret Austin photo
Margaret Austin

This is a classic movie that most of us have seen at least once or twice, it's a lot better then "Seven" and "From One Night to the Next" "Bawson's Creek" is a great movie, I can't say enough good things about this movie, it's hard to find, but if you can find it, it's a great movie, it's about two brothers that have the same father and their mother are in prison for life, but they are free to go out and do whatever they want, the brothers are really out to get their brother's father because they were hit by the police and have no parents and the brother that is not in prison wants revenge. "Bawson's Creek" is very different from most of the movies out there, it's very funny, it's very original, and it's also a very sad movie, but that is what makes it so great, it has great acting, and it has a great soundtrack too. "Bawson's Creek" is one of the greatest movies of all time, and it is by far the greatest movie of all time.

Dorothy Reyes photo
Dorothy Reyes

This film is nothing short of superb. I highly recommend this to any person who has a good sense of humor. I was in awe of this film, which truly makes you think. If you are ever in a position to become a fighter, watch this film. A film that will be in your mind for a very long time.

Johnny D. photo
Johnny D.

This is the movie to watch if you want a fast paced action/comedy film. It's one of those films you just have to watch because of the amazing movie. While watching this movie, you will be laughing and laughing and laughing until you fall asleep. The movie is a modern retelling of the classic movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's". In this movie, a very famous fashion designer is kidnapped by some other fashion designer and a powerful crime lord, and they plan to make a new fashion designer with the help of the police and the people who want to make the new fashion designer's life a living hell. The movie is incredibly fast paced, it's funny, it's exciting, and it's well worth the watch. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a comedy, action, or a good story. 9/10

Matthew Patel photo
Matthew Patel

I watched this movie without knowing anything about it, I was curious and didn't know it had a very serious topic. I really enjoyed the film and found it very funny. I think the people who haven't seen the movie can enjoy it very much as well. The acting is good and the story is very entertaining. This movie really deserves at least one rating of 7.5 stars. The beginning of the movie is quite slow and the story and characters are kind of hard to understand but it will get better and better as the movie goes on. The ending of the movie was very strong and just as good as the beginning. This is one of the better movies that I have seen recently. It has a really good story and it is really funny, but also serious. If you want to see this movie, I suggest you to see it in a cinema. It is really worth to see it.

Jack photo

The first half is the main focus of the film, with an excellent soundtrack and excellent cinematography. While there's a lot of humor in the second half, it does not detract from the story. It's about the love between two brothers (the killer and the girl) who have their own conflicts. The film is a little slow to get going, but it's not too slow to not be enjoyable. The ending is great and is one of the most satisfying ending in a long time. The ending is not like a typical Tarantino ending, the film was less about the ending than about the film itself. One thing that could have been better is the middle of the film. I don't think there was enough time spent with the characters, but the film is so good, it's hard to get into it. There is a lot of comedy and action, but the film can be slow to get started, but is a lot of fun once it gets going.

Amber B. photo
Amber B.

The second film in the Asian trilogy of the same name, this film deals with a crime lord who has taken a liking to a highly advanced weapon. This weapon, an electrified cable, is a deadly weapon to anyone who wears it. The criminals in the film, each have their own version of the cable, and the criminals' plan is to prevent this weapon from being used on the public. This is a very interesting story, and the plot is very interesting and I found myself interested in this film. There is also a story line to this film, and I was very interested in seeing how the plot progressed. The music in this film is very good. The acting is very good, and the action is very good. This is a very good film that has been filmed very well. This is the best of the three films in the trilogy, and I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys Asian action films.

Hannah photo

This movie is good, but that is not enough for me. I was not sure if it was supposed to be a comedy or a drama. If it was meant to be a comedy, it did not work well. But if it was meant to be a drama, it was a very good drama. But there were many plot holes in the movie. But the good points were that it was funny, dramatic, and action packed. And that all the actors did very good. The bad points were the plot holes, and the bad acting. But the good parts outweighed the bad. I have to give it a 9/10. I would definitely recommend this movie to people who enjoy drama or comedy.

Larry May photo
Larry May

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! This movie is a great example of how to mix a buddy movie with action, comedy, action, drama, etc. There were a lot of scenes that I just couldn't help but smile, laugh, or cheer. I was not disappointed in the way the movie ended. The effects were very good, and the acting was superb! The chemistry between the two leads was very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone, regardless of age. The movie reminded me a lot of my favorite teen movies, "The Breakfast Club" and "The Breakfast Club 2." I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of these two movies!

Beverly Bell photo
Beverly Bell

It's an amazing movie and I loved it. But the story is so different from the original. We know who is the good guy. We know who is the bad guy. But the storyline is totally different. The first one was about the revenge and this one is about the love. It was good but the story is different.

Samantha L. photo
Samantha L.

In the world of Hong Kong, all four corners of the law are misused. The police, the secret service, the army and the mob. The Hero, a cop in the Secret Service, deals with all of these in one night. One night, the Boss, the Hero's boss, gives him a mission. He must escort a prisoner to Hong Kong and then the Boss demands that he is to stop the prisoner from escaping. The Hero cannot refuse, he has a mission and cannot be stopped. However, this is a double-cross, and he will need to trust the Hero to rescue him. No one has ever stopped a prisoner, but will he succeed?

Janice photo

There's a lot of stereotypes in Hong Kong movies, but none of them are as bad as those of "Mr. Big". The movie was made in the 80's, and it's obvious that the people in charge of the movies were the same people who made "The Golden Calf". Despite their age, they were still able to make a very good movie. The movie is a very funny movie, with a little bit of everything. The main character is a wimp, the wife is a slut, and the kid is the "mummy". The storyline is good, and it is easy to follow. It is so easy that you have to pay attention to the subtitles to know what the characters are saying. The action is also very good, although I don't really know why it was necessary. The story and the dialogues are good, but not too good. The movie is not a movie for all movie fans. It is an enjoyable movie, for those who enjoy action, comedy and romance. It is for those who don't mind a little bit of blood and violence.

Harold W. photo
Harold W.

This is the first sequel to the 1985 Asian blockbuster, "Wu Tang: Ip Man." A year after the first movie, Ip Man is back again, but this time he's with a new outfit. He's got a new boy toy (my boy toy) and he's not trying to go to school with the other kids. And he's got a new girlfriend. I'll admit that I didn't really care about Ip Man's movies, but I think I'm in the minority here. He does a great job in the sequels, he's much more serious and believable than he was in the first movie. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, but let me just say that it is much better than the original and the second one is a lot better than the first one. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one as well. But if you didn't like the first one, don't bother watching the second one. And I just can't see how anyone could love this movie. It's just boring and the plot is just dumb. It's like the writers just wrote a bunch of cliche ideas and threw them all together. But if you liked the first one, you'll probably like this one. I give it a 9/10.

Joyce photo

I thought this movie was a great one, it's very enjoyable to watch. As it is a cross between the two old Kung Fu movies, I liked the feel of the movie, with all the fighting, weapons and the famous crow, a pet of the old film. I liked how the movie moved like a superhero movie, not like the movie made by the martial arts movies, I think it was really good. I don't think the movie was so great and the story was boring for me, it was just so boring. There are a few really good scenes but i didn't really like it, the movie is a bit too slow, it's not like the old movies, it was just too slow. I think this movie is for everyone and everyone should see it, it's just an enjoyable movie to watch. The best part of the movie was the fight scenes, the action scenes were really good, so i really recommend you to see it.

Eugene Burns photo
Eugene Burns

a good movie, and good to watch, even for youngsters, and i think that is why it was so successful, because we can all relate to these characters, but most of all, we can relate to the comedy, because it is very relatable. the music is not very memorable, but it's enough to have a good time. overall, it's a good movie, just for you, to enjoy it, and it should be on the top 250 for now. just for you. enjoy.

Gregory photo

I found this film to be a fun and entertaining experience. It is very much based on a Thai "style" (like Jackie Chan films) but the characters are British. The film follows the path of a gangster (Charlie) who is hired by a powerful Thai family to take care of their house (the "Ho Chi Minh Foundation" aka The Golden Lion family) and his three sons. The gangsters rule the house and the family is on the brink of poverty. The gangsters are at war with the Golden Lion brothers and the "family" are on the verge of being evicted from their home. Charlie, the gangster, gets it in his head that he wants to take over the Golden Lion gang and make them work for him. He does everything he can to get the gangsters to work for him. They do not like this. They want to go to the ho chi minh and fight for freedom and to help his father. But when Charlie and his brothers kill a rival gangster, Charlie is accused of being the killer. His brothers want to protect him and the gangsters want to kill him for the murder. The gangsters and Charlie have a showdown in a crowded market. The shootout goes on for hours. The gangsters and Charlie are killed one by one. Charlie and his brothers escape and head home. Charlie tells his father that he is going to get revenge on the gangsters who killed his brothers. Charlie and his brothers walk around the Golden Lion gang house, collecting weapons and doing their dirty work for the gangsters. When Charlie is done collecting weapons he decides to fight the gangsters in their own home. He sets fire to the house, kills his brothers and finally gets the gangsters to work for him. I enjoyed the film a lot. It has a very British feel. It is very fun to watch. This film is a must see for anyone who likes action films. I think that the main reason why this film has a very British feel is because of the ending. Charlie and his brothers get in a shootout with the gangsters in the ho chi minh and the gangsters kill Charlie and his brothers. This film is a very good action film with lots of action. It is very entertaining. I give it 9/10.

Margaret photo

I'm a big fan of Renny Harlin. I first saw him in the hit movie "The Karate Kid". This was his directorial debut. The movie was shot in Thailand and Malaysia. Harlin uses the backdrop to set the movie in the present time, but I believe he wants to emphasize the relationship between the two brothers. The movie is about a young man's relationship with his brother who is in the army. This is the main plot of the movie. The movie is about how the brother-sister relationship develops. The acting in the movie is very good. It shows that the actors have some acting experience. The film is well produced. It has many elements of the classic movie. The music is also great. The movie has many twists and turns. It is also very funny and entertaining. I highly recommend this movie. The movie is a big hit in Thailand and Malaysia.

Anna Graham photo
Anna Graham

There are few films that were made in the '80s that are as absurdly funny and as totally awesome as "Say Anything" (or in other words, "The Killer Chick"). "The Killer Chick" is a film that has a very original plot, and many different types of humor. And when you compare it to the other films of the 80s, it is pretty much the best. It is a film that has a lot of potential, and can still be just as funny as the 80s had already made it, and still be very entertaining. "The Killer Chick" is a film that is filled with so many different types of humor, that it is hard to see where to start. If you think the film is filled with juvenile jokes, you might be surprised that there are also a lot of mature jokes in this film. And also some really disgusting jokes, and also some funny ones. But that doesn't mean that this film is boring. The jokes are really funny, and they are funny throughout the whole film. I really love this film, and I think that this is one of the best films of the 80s. And it is a perfect film to show to young people. It is a really great film, and it is a perfect film to show to young people, because it is really hilarious and very funny, and also very entertaining.

Jerry photo

I think this movie is underrated. The plot is completely unbelievable, but it still works. It has a funny story, but I would have liked to see more to it. The fighting scenes are great, and the sex scenes are also very good. But most of all, I think that this movie is still worth to watch. I think it deserves to be on the top 200 most popular movies in the world. I love martial arts movies and this is one of the most popular ones. I would say this movie is one of the best of 2005.

Bryan Richardson photo
Bryan Richardson

There was a time when Hong Kong's Best Film of the Year competition was represented by two films of similar genre. But now that the winner of the last of the Best Film categories, "The Big Chill" (1989) was apparently the true winner of the award, the competition was more like a "tie-breaker". But "The Big Chill" was so much more than a "tie-breaker", because it was the only film to win the award in both categories. "The Big Chill" is the story of an aging, but very funny, Vietnam vet who attempts to help an old friend and find a missing photo from his service. This veteran is known as "The Champ" because of his ability to have one-liners and his ability to make his way through life. The film itself, of course, was the film that broke the tie-breaker. "The Big Chill" is a masterpiece in the movie genre and its influence on the movie genre in general is almost unimaginable. The movie was not only a cinematic masterpiece, but also a classic. I am not one who is easily impressed by a film. I often don't like to pay any attention to a film when it comes out, and I find myself completely lost at times. I don't really care to know what the movie was about. I think that was the case with "The Big Chill". I had no idea what it was about. I don't think that was the case with "The Big Chill" though. I am sure that everyone who saw this film would be able to tell you that it is a film with very memorable and unforgettable scenes. And to be honest, the scenes that stood out most to me were the scenes that were used as the film's main selling points. The biggest selling point of the film was that of the character "The Champ", and also the characters' relationships with one another. All of the characters were highly likable and the relationship between the two main characters was the one that made the film work the most. Another selling point was the main actor, John Hurt. I have to admit that I was very impressed with him. I didn't know much about him or his work before I saw him in "The Big Chill". But seeing him in the film really impressed me. But the biggest selling point of "The Big Chill" was the director, Sidney Lumet. "The Big Chill" was shot in a black and white style that I have rarely seen in a movie. That is something that I have rarely seen in a movie. And I have to say that Lumet did a very good job with that style of movie-making. The way that the movie was shot was very interesting to me. And there were so many interesting shots in the movie that I would be willing to see them again just to see them. I think that Lumet was the most important person who made the movie "The Big Chill" to be as memorable and memorable as it was. The other thing that I really liked about the movie was that it had a very interesting story. I really didn't know what the story was about, but the story was very interesting. It is also very unusual for me that a movie is not completely perfect and that there are some flaws. But I can say that the flaws that I can find in "The Big Chill" were only minor flaws. The acting in "The Big Chill" was really good. The two main actors, John Hurt and Kevin Kline, were both excellent. I found that the chemistry between the two actors was very good. But what I especially liked about the acting in "The Big Chill" was that the two main actors were both so likable and so funny. Kline was very likable, which was very unusual for me. I never liked him that much. And he is my favorite actor from any genre. I found his performance in "The Big Chill" to be very good. So was Hurt. I find that the chemistry between them was very good. And I have to say that there were some scenes that really stood out to me, especially when