فيلم The Jazz Funeral

The Jazz Funeral

The Jazz Funeral is a movie starring James Morrison, Bobby Campo, and Maiara Walsh. A father and son head to New Orleans to overcome their women trouble.

Other Titles
One of Us Must Know, Out of the Blues
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1 hours 14 minutes
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Jesse Rosen
Jesse Rosen
Maiara Walsh, Bobby Campo, Dee Wallace, James Morrison
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A father and son head to New Orleans to overcome their women trouble.

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Jason Alvarado photo
Jason Alvarado

I've seen this film about 5 times. I'd seen the first time when it first came out. I rented it for the DVD.and when I was watching it again recently, I realized that it wasn't a bad movie. It's just not a great film. I wish that I could praise it more. The first scene with the dog is the best part. The acting is great, and the direction is brilliant. But, the film takes itself too seriously. There are parts where the pacing is really off. The script is really weak.and not to mention, the story isn't very original. The music is excellent, and the camera-work is amazing. But, the characters are just not very well developed. I feel like they've got so much to say about their lives, that their lines and dialogues don't stand out that much. And the relationship between them just seems weird. There are so many themes in this film, but they don't flow very well together. And the ending is predictable and one-dimensional. I'd give it a 7/10.

Kathryn B. photo
Kathryn B.

Nolan made a two-hour TV movie about the Jazz Age of 1945. It was extremely long and not well-made, but the tone of the story was that of some kind of nightmare. These movies aren't meant to be taken seriously, but there is some humor and some melancholy in them, and some sad moments in them, too. The film is well-made. It's not perfect, but it's not bad either. The cinematography is beautiful. If the time you see it is sometime in the 1960's or 1970's, it's worth watching. A little too long, and it drags on at times. The music is interesting, and it's wonderful to hear songs that are from the Jazz Age of the 1950's. It is not a great film, but it is well-made and well-acted.

Roger Dixon photo
Roger Dixon

There is nothing that the original "Jazz Funeral" had that the latest "Jazz Funeral" doesn't. The characters are more developed, the plots are more complicated and the acting is more natural. The thing that has to be remembered, is that the original film was a comedy. It wasn't about showing the misery that the main character experienced in the Holocaust. It wasn't about giving a simple message about how bad things are in life. It was about showing the horror of it all. In "Jazz Funeral" it was still trying to convey the fact that nothing can be done for the guy that lost his family. In the same way that the modern "The Odyssey" was trying to convey the idea that the main character is living an isolated existence, making a movie about it is a bit more challenging. It's not always a good idea to put a bunch of actors together and try to present the same emotions over and over again. Some people find this movie dull and boring, I'm more in the same feeling. "The Jazz Funeral" tries to express the concept of it all and at the same time not let anything go to waste. I loved the fact that it didn't try to be more serious than it had to be. Sure, it tried to be realistic, but at the same time it wasn't trying to be too serious. It tried to convey that some people don't see things the way that they're supposed to. They don't see things in a way that they think is right. They don't see things the way they're supposed to see them. They see things in a way that doesn't allow them to have a valid view of things. I think the movie is very successful in this regard. So many other films try to be too serious and too realistic. In "The Jazz Funeral" you get to see things that you don't see in the movies and it is not at all meant to be realistic. In fact, it is meant to be realistic as it's not meant to be one of those "Passion Projects" that is made only for the sake of being realistic and funny. The characters in "The Jazz Funeral" are meant to be people. They're not supposed to be in one place, having a passion for something, to be realistic and to be funny. They're supposed to be real people with real problems. That's what it's all about. The ending is also very interesting and unique. It ends in a way that it doesn't seem to be a real ending, but it's all in the right places. You don't have to guess what's going to happen. The plot doesn't force you to see the ending coming, you see it coming already. You see it coming and you don't think about it. This is one of the great things of the film. "The Jazz Funeral" is a very unique movie and in my opinion, one of the best things that the 90's had to offer. I don't really think it is really good, but it's definitely a very unique movie. "The Jazz Funeral" is one of the most unique movies of the 90's and that's the reason why I think that it is a very interesting and original movie. I give it a 7 out of 10. "The Jazz Funeral" is a very unique movie and you shouldn't miss it. I give "The Jazz Funeral" a 7 out of 10.

Nicole N. photo
Nicole N.

An excellent movie that tells an interesting story. There were times that I felt sorry for Marley, but I just couldn't help it. On a level, it was sad to see how the people of North Carolina lived without help. I know Marley had a wonderful heart and he really needed that help. He'd always said he'd never go to jail but then went and did. I just felt sorry for him. I know he loved his sister and then had to kill her. I know it was hard for him and his sister. It's hard for him to live in that kind of a town, so I hope Marley wasn't a hick like most other hicks in North Carolina. I thought he did an excellent job with his portrayal of the character of Marley. If you like true crime, I recommend this movie.

Daniel Munoz photo
Daniel Munoz

The Jazz Funeral is a great movie that I wish I could see more often. It's interesting and it feels very true to life. Although I enjoyed the movie, I think it was a little too slow at times. The movie would have benefited from a bit more action, but it wasn't that bad. In the end, the movie was a good movie and you should see it. I have seen it over a hundred times and it still holds up very well. If you liked the movie I recommend you take a look at the documentary "The Jazz Funeral: A Musical Biography." I really enjoyed this movie and I'm going to watch it again soon.

George Garcia photo
George Garcia

Michael Lange's "Dead Man" will be among the best films of the year. I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It's a story about the true story of a man's suicide, which is also an interesting and informative story. It's more a discussion of morality and religion than the average film. That's why I thought it would be best to start with this film, because the first part of it's story is more interesting and "scary" than the second part. If I had to give a rating for it, I'd give it a 9, because of the first part. It had a good ending and a good moral. But then the second part is too fast, too short, and doesn't add any content. The third part is OK, but not as interesting as the first part. Overall, the film is more of a discussion of morality and religion than a story about a suicide.

Judy photo

I think that Juknay, even though she is not the most attractive woman in the world, is a very smart woman. When she tells her "friend" Nitya that she knows everything about the inside of a family. She is not the most attractive person in the world but she knows everything about the inside of a family. Although the movie has a good story and no bad points, i think that the ending was a little to exaggerated. I liked the use of rain as a metaphor. I think that it should have been more subtle. I know that the director is a very talented person and i think that i am very glad that he decided to do this movie and i hope that he will come up with something good and not just another story about the inside of families.

Jeremy Ferguson photo
Jeremy Ferguson

This film seemed to me to be one of the highlights of the Cannes Film Festival. The plot is quite well written and the movie certainly does not disappoint, the characters are well developed, and the photography is wonderful. I especially liked the story line, the acting, and the setting. The young lady at the start of the film looks very sweet and innocent, and that is what I pictured the whole film in my head. The film does not seem too long, yet I am afraid to say it is not too long. I would like to see the film on a larger screen, maybe with surround sound, as I thought it could be much better. However, I would be very interested to see it on video as it was not on the cinema. All in all, I found this film very entertaining and I am glad to have watched it.

Keith Day photo
Keith Day

I saw this film recently and I must say that it was one of the most pleasant surprises that I've had the pleasure to see. If you have not seen this film yet, go get it. It will be worth it!

Judith W. photo
Judith W.

A gritty tale of a woman whose husband dies. After her boss who has some financial backing on her gets an unexpected funeral from an eccentric benefactor, she goes to his home and is introduced to his friends and family. I think this film, although maybe a little slow in parts, actually did a good job of portraying the difficulties that a woman in a position of influence has to go through. I think this film would have been much more powerful if it had focused on the woman's problems at first. Instead, we go from the husband's death to the funeral. I think we were just shown the problems and not the person. The final scene, when the woman tries to help her husband, was quite weak and awkward. It was a shame because I think it could have been great. Maybe I should have listened to the critics and only gave this film a 7.

Roger H. photo
Roger H.

This is a film from the eighties. About three years later, two young black men, Jake and Nate, discover they are all supposed to be going to a funeral, but their invitations went to a hundred white people. They feel they are being treated differently. When Jake is asked why, he says "You're supposed to like me, but you're not supposed to like me." The funeral takes place, and Jake and Nate find out that they are being refused the right to attend the funeral because of their race. This turns into a series of confrontations between Jake and Nate. After a couple of confrontations, Nate finally feels that Jake was right and Jake was wrong. This leads to a confrontations with the townspeople, who are unhappy with the fact that the black people have the right to be there. One of the townspeople (Bobby) says, "A lot of the people who worked hard for their communities would like to be an exception. They would like to be excluded from the program." This is one of the problems with this film. While this movie was written and directed by W. G. Sebald, the film's themes are not the point. Sebald is black, so there are very few black people in the film. But the blackness of the movie is not for the benefit of the black people. This is an excuse to show white people in a negative light. Jake is almost always portrayed as white, and Nate almost always is black. This is not a good thing. In the end, Nate chooses to make his relationship with Jake his own, and he doesn't feel that the white people were treated differently because of his race. It is the white people who are the victims. It is not the black people who should be the ones victimized. At the end of the film, when Jake and Nate are standing outside the funeral, the white people all start laughing at them. This is the point. The white people were not the aggressors. The white people are the ones who are being punished. And this is also the point. Because this movie shows white people as the aggressors, it becomes racist. I think that even though Sebald is black, he has an excellent point. This is a movie about racial discrimination, and we see it through the eyes of a minority, and I think it is a good film. It does not have a happy ending, but it does have a good point.

Jane Reyes photo
Jane Reyes

I admit it, the Jazz Funeral didn't really grab my interest, especially because I had no interest in the film itself. It is a real shame, because the film is quite good, but it isn't the best of its kind. I think the one main reason I don't like it is because the film is a little too slow. It may be too slow because the film is pretty slow. I like the dialogue in this film. The dialogue in this film is written and executed really well, and it shows. I have never been a fan of "textbook" dialogue in movies, but I found it to be the only saving grace in this film. The dialog in this film is what kept me interested. The performances are fine, but the script is a little underdeveloped. This film is not as good as one of my favorites, "The Stepford Wives," and I certainly hope that I'm not the only one who is disappointed in this film. I thought "Pineapple Express" was better than this film, and I was expecting a lot more from the film. I know the film is based on a real person and is not just a product of the imagination, but the script is still not that good. I will say this, though: the acting in this film is great. I liked Tilda Swinton's performance very much. I think she is one of the best actresses working today, and she was a good choice for this role. In the end, this is a great movie. I gave it a 7 out of 10. It is certainly not a masterpiece, but I would recommend it to people who want to see a film that is not too slow. It is still a good film, just not great.

Albert L. photo
Albert L.

A good film, but certainly not as good as you might expect given the title. I did not particularly like the atmosphere, and the reason for that may be due to the trailer and what they showed. The trailer is a good explanation of the plot and the atmosphere that exists. It is not very detailed, however. I think the first one had a better story line, and I am a fan of this film (so I was thinking it would be better), and I was wrong. Although the characters were interesting, I felt there were too many, and for me, that took away from the plot. I was also very surprised at how complex it was, and when I read the previous reviews, I can see why some people would feel that the film is too complex. I was also expecting a lot more with regard to the music in the film, especially the past themes. I also would have liked to have seen more of the psychos (with the exception of the last scene, which is a bit of a spoiler). All in all, I think it was a good film, but it is not one that I would recommend, and will probably be a little disappointing to some people. I think it is definitely worth seeing, however. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Kathryn Greene photo
Kathryn Greene

A movie about a drug addict, one of the most frequent subjects in the United States. Basically it deals with the life of a drug addict and the inner struggles he faces and the obstacles he has to face to get a clean life. First thing we know that this movie is going to be about drug addict. Because this is the first movie dealing with the subject of drug addicts. When it comes to the acting it is really good. You will not see another movie with such an excellent performance from Aaron Eckhart. This is the kind of performance that you would expect from an actor. On the other hand there are a couple of scenes where he is not so good. I am not going to talk about that as I don't want to spoil anything. But those are very few scenes and most of them were very good. But there are still some points that you should point out. Because if you don't see those, you won't get the point of this movie. But for the rest it is a very good movie. It is definitely worth a watch.

Patrick W. photo
Patrick W.

In the opening scene, we see what is apparently a scrapbook of some people's life and death, which is broken up by flashbacks of the women's lives, as we learn that the lead character in the scrapbook is an adopted African-American woman. She is not seen at all in the movie, although we later learn that she is the mother of Will, and the grandmother of Maggie, who is played by the brilliant Ellen Burstyn. As the film progresses, we see that Maggie's (Elle Fanning) life is far different from the woman shown in the scrapbook. She has been adopted, and grows up in a home, where she is abandoned by her biological mother, who is unable to take care of her. She was even sold to an abusive family, as she is kicked and hit. She is picked up by a street-walker and found by a family who accepts her as a mother, not as a member of a family. As she gains experience and learns to cope, she gets involved with the family of her grandmother, whom she later learns is dying, but is there to help the mother-in-law who is dying of cancer. The mother-in-law dies as a result, and is soon cremated and buried. After that, the lead character is brought into the family, where she learns more about her ancestry and begins to become more comfortable with her heritage. Will is brought into the home as well, and is not like the woman in the scrapbook. She is more of a teenager, who is much more involved with her friends, who seem to take the situation with child-like care, rather than taking her with the assumption that she will be sold and then deported. This is not the norm in modern day America. As she gains experience, she is in love with her new family, as well as her grandmother, whom she has a bond with. The relationship between Will and the grandmother, is one of the strongest in the movie, and is what really makes the film for me. This is a very poignant film, as well as having great acting, as I said before, by the wonderful actors who play the characters. If you're looking for a film with a message, this is not the film for you. It's just a movie, that you can watch and enjoy. You may not agree with everything that happens, but it is certainly not one of the most political movies I've ever seen.

Melissa W. photo
Melissa W.

The Jazz Funeral is an interesting tale, both in its form and its characters. The film takes place in an unnamed Midwest town during the late 1970s, after the death of a poor, black man, who suffered from severe drug addictions, and the drug dealer John Huston (James Coburn). Three year old Michael King (Teal Burwell), an orphan, is the only living relation to the deceased man. A few days before his death, Michael was taken by the world of the hustler and was forced to sell all he had to earn enough money for drugs. Four days before his death, he has a violent confrontation with a thug and is found dead on the street. Michael's mother (Marlene Landers) lives in the rural area and quickly gets involved with the scandal. Her life is never the same again and she begins a relationship with a young boy named James, (Earl Boen) and a local bartender named Walter (Roger Hunter). When the death of her son starts to be investigated, she also begins to focus on the murder and she gets more and more involved in the investigation. The story itself is rather weak. It is a strange tale about a mother, who is a weird old lady, who is determined to find the truth about her son's death. I think the director and the writers did a pretty good job on the script. It is a very odd story, especially for a film about drugs, and there is a lack of any big themes to this film. However, the actors did a decent job in portraying their characters. James did a pretty good job and the performances were well done. Teal Burwell was a little different than I had expected, but she did a very good job. Roger Hunter was good too. As far as the plot goes, it is a very strange and weird tale. The film is not exactly a dark film, but a rather strange and bizarre one. However, it is not a boring one either. The climax of the film, which is supposed to be the most disturbing scene in the film, does not end the way I would have liked. It is one of the most depressing scenes in the film, but the scene is too long. The film is not for everyone, but it is certainly interesting, and I think anyone who likes films that take place in the rural Midwest or anything about the American South, should see this film.

Nancy D. photo
Nancy D.

I felt it was great. Many people don't like the ending because it's supposed to be mysterious. This movie has a good story and characters. It's just a shame that the ending was a little to rushed. But overall I was satisfied with this movie. My son really liked it, and my friends really liked it too. The guy in the kitchen kept saying that he liked that scene. I don't think that was the right way to do it. He just kept saying how nice it was to see the family finally see each other after years of separation. I thought it was great and well done.

Terry Elliott photo
Terry Elliott

A year ago, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. This was because of some very bad acting, some very bad directing, and a very disappointing story. It didn't help that I was, for the most part, unsatisfied with some of the other films I'd seen. However, this one was different. The acting was very good, the directing was decent, and the story was good. I loved it. It was light and breezy, but not dull, and the characters were memorable. I felt sorry for the poor guy who played the "crazy old man" and he did a wonderful job. I also really liked the three children. Their reactions were all well executed. However, as with all films that deal with addiction, some of the plot devices could have been better done, or the film could have been more complete. For example, when the father dies, there is no grieving or closure, and the good guy goes to the mortuary to get a casket. But the funeral is so fast that we never get to know what happened to the father. I also could have used more of the "real" music. At the end of the movie, you see the score but don't get the background music, but I don't know if I would have seen the movie the same way. Overall, I loved this movie. I wish the story had been better. I really enjoyed it and I know others will too. I rate this film 7/10.

Philip photo

At first I was too skeptical to watch it, but after I had time to think about it I really liked it. Definitely different from the usual grim thriller genre. I enjoyed the acting, especially by the lead actor (Derek Grace). It's not really about the plot, but more about the characters. As a result, it's hard to get into the characters' minds. It was easy to see what they were feeling, but also hard to find out what the characters are thinking or feeling. When the story is very action packed, it can get repetitive. But when it's about relationships and trust, it's a great plot. The relationship between Derek and Caroline is shown very clearly, which can be too clear at times. It's a shame that there are few roles where this does not happen, because the film deserves better. For example, I really liked how they made it a bit like Inception. They make it so believable that even if you don't understand the plot, you have to see it from the actors' point of view. And they are so good that it's hard to not understand it. I also liked how the movie shows the progress of Derek and Caroline from the first date to the wedding. And the way they show how they bond during the wedding. I think it was very well done. The story keeps you interested, and you find out what's happening in the end. I also liked how they made the characters more real, and how they manage to look so different from each other. I liked how the characters looked at each other, especially the one who Derek is dating. And I liked how they showed their differences. In addition, I liked how they made it seem as if Derek has to trust Caroline when she finds out he's having an affair. That was a nice touch. It's hard to not feel sorry for Derek after he meets Caroline. Overall, I liked it. I think it's a great movie. I can recommend it to people who want to see a film that's different from the usual. I think that's why the film's a little different from most of the other films out there.

Adam Stevens photo
Adam Stevens

I think you can use the same analysis to what happened in this movie.First of all,the movie tries to compare real to this movie,and to compare it to real life. To me,this movie is about making a positive and an objective judgement about life and the people who live in it. For the most part the director and actors did a good job, but I do think this movie would have been better if there was a more balanced point of view and analysis. On the other hand,if you are looking for a documentary to watch on a rainy afternoon, you will probably enjoy this movie more. A great cast and excellent photography made this movie something I would recommend to most.The movie is worth watching and I would give it a 7/10.

James H. photo
James H.

This is the kind of movie that I would pay for. Even though the story may be unbelievable, and the acting is not that great, this is still a great movie. I can't tell you how much I liked this movie, it was so moving. I also noticed a lot of the cast were returning from the first movie, and I was really looking forward to seeing them again. I believe that this movie is not as good as it first seems. This movie may be more a documentary than a movie. I do like the fact that it was shown in 2 parts, one was the funeral and one was the post-funeral. I do believe that the whole movie was filmed in a city that I am familiar with, which may explain some of the differences from the first movie. The second part of the movie is very emotional, and I believe this part of the movie was about the family who was missing. This is a very good movie, and I believe you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Ann F. photo
Ann F.

Films with a straightforward story are tricky, and this film is no exception. Yet it's a wonderfully odd, and almost wholly atypical film. The story of a musician's transformation from a celebrated musician to a single-minded, yet strangely sincere, drifter is a fascinating tale, and it's not hard to figure out what the filmmakers were aiming for. The story isn't about a musician trying to work a gig, it's about a musician trying to work a gig. However, the story is not told in the traditional way; the director and the writer, David Webb Peoples, use the tropes of the genre very explicitly, and the film is filled with gorgeous and incredibly authentic locations, cinematography, and sound. The music is great. The performances are terrific. And the story is just damn interesting, with many twists. Worth seeing.

Brittany Shaw photo
Brittany Shaw

A movie with a very high status, then the film does not manage to find a point or an identity, but is clear to look at. One thing I wanted to say about this film is that this is not a film to watch as a school boy, because I was not able to find any points in the film to be found in my school days. The thing that got me the most, it is that, because of the start, I expected more from this film. The film has a very high level, with a lot of rules of action and a very dark vision. But the problem is that, from the very beginning of the film, you see that everything is not clear to you, because it is not clear how the film will end, and that makes the film very confusing. The film is good, and I have to give this movie a 7/10. But, then, the film is so unbalanced, that, it is very hard to think about the film, and is much more difficult than, for example, The Long Goodbye.