فيلم The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2016: Live Action

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2016: Live Action

Collective screening of the 2016 Academy Award nominated short films from the Live Action category.

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2 hours 21 minutes
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Jeffrey R. photo
Jeffrey R.

This film has received many awards and has made a name for itself as a documentary. I was hesitant to watch this because I am not a fan of documentary films. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The story is compelling and the first half of the film is extremely moving. I am very proud of this film. I am looking forward to seeing more films from this film crew.

Billy J. photo
Billy J.

Watching this film you realize the brilliance of it. I am a fan of the director's previous work and felt it was going to be a let down, but this film was so much more than I expected. A gripping story and well acted. This film really captured the essence of cinema. It is a must see for any fan of film. The film itself is a masterpiece of its genre.

Margaret E. photo
Margaret E.

The film is really wonderful, it gives you the feeling of what it was like in the cinema with people watching you. The film is well acted and there are some scenes that will make you think, but it's mostly an incredible journey. What makes it so great is that the film is told in an original way, without words, without effects, just a slow storytelling, what it feels like to be there. The performances are wonderful, especially the actors playing the role of the characters. The film is an amazing journey and has a strong emotional content. You feel like you're watching it, it's really worth seeing.

Alice photo

This is my first ever film and I was really impressed. The first two minutes were very slow but after that it was amazing. I thought it was a movie about the isolation and loneliness of Japanese people. The movie was about the loneliness of the youth and the loneliness of the adults. I was so touched when the director and the actor of the film fell in love with each other. The way the two actors fell in love was the way I felt in the film. I don't think that there is any other film about loneliness. There is a lot of other things about loneliness but the loneliness of youth is the main thing.

Angela M. photo
Angela M.

The story of a film festival which turns to film production, with the necessity of acting the very nature of the time. Through it's first night, with many actors and writers, the festival was a great success and so much light was shed on the culture. The films were all amazingly executed and the editing and costumes were beautiful. The play-in-the-making was extraordinary. The editing, characters and script are all engaging and make for a strong movie. The costumes are stunning and the photography is beautifully done. The cast is amazing and the scenes are realistic and show the time very well. The performances are all very good and they are all very good. I think this is a movie to see with your family and friends.

Barbara photo

You could be forgiven for thinking that with the lack of any substantive amount of original material in a film of this nature, the lack of creativity is a testament to the inability of the writers/directors to adapt a story from a novel and turn it into something that is both visually and emotionally engaging. In this case, the lack of original material was on the writers and directors' shoulders. That's why it's so hard to really evaluate a film like "The Artist". There's so much that's new and inventive in this film, but the amount of things that are new and inventive is so small that it's hard to tell if the film is as good as the writer/director makes it out to be. For the most part, the film was interesting, but the only thing that made me care about the story was the fact that the story is about how people are affected by the death of their beloved mother and the amount of emotion that it caused me to feel. However, the story did have some issues, some of which were extremely predictable, and the movie did overdo the "death" scenes. It would've been far more effective to leave the viewer with a bit more uncertainty as to how the story would go, and it would've given the story a bit more depth. It was also very predictable as well. If you want to know what happens in the end, you should just watch the movie. It's not supposed to be a deep, thought-provoking, emotional story. It's supposed to be entertaining. However, I have to say that the fact that the film was entertaining is a testament to the quality of the story. It's an interesting story, and the fact that it was entertaining is what made me want to see the film.

Harold Montgomery photo
Harold Montgomery

The film opens in the late 1950s. In the year 2015 the war between Israel and Gaza, Israel, is at an end. They are all at peace now, and have built a new settlement in the hills of the West Bank. It is an attempt to end the conflict, but their efforts are not accepted by the Palestinian people. An Israeli who thinks he has won the hearts of the people, but is deeply troubled by his actions. The film traces the fall of an Israeli soldier. We are not told what happened. He is shown as a very troubled individual, and his actions are not explained. We don't know if he committed a crime, if he was wrong, or if his actions were wrong. We are shown his wife, his daughter and his son, all of whom are confused. The film is very thought-provoking. There is no hero. The main character is a man who is deeply troubled, and we learn a lot about him. We also see that there are many people like him. He is the polar opposite of the political establishment. We see him to be a father and a husband, a man of the people, a man who is determined to work for peace. The film is extremely well done. The dialogs are very interesting. The documentary style is very effective. I liked it very much. I think that the film is a great achievement. If the film had a different title, it would have been much more successful. I am not sure if it deserves the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. I am surprised that it didn't get a nomination. It's a great film, one of the best films I've seen in years. It's the best foreign language film I have seen. It's difficult to believe that a film such as this could have been made in 2015. I don't think that it is a perfect film. I think that it could have been better, but I don't think it is the worst film I have seen in 2015.

Andrea B. photo
Andrea B.

I was pleasantly surprised that this film was so well-received, especially by the audience I was with. I agree with the reviewers who say that the film is visually stunning, and that it was clear and powerful, as well as funny, but I found the story and the acting to be more interesting. We learn more about the characters, and their personal issues, and they really get better at their acting throughout the film. I also thought that the film was slightly depressing and sometimes hard to watch. The actors were all very good. I would definitely recommend this film to people who enjoy a good drama, and want to see some great acting. I was also surprised to see how many people had no idea what the film was about. I think it's a good starting point for someone who doesn't know much about the subject.

Joseph V. photo
Joseph V.

This film is based on a group of people who have an uncanny ability to see "ghosts" of their deceased relatives. The director, David Ayer, has written a terrific screenplay that deals with this phenomenon in a matter-of-fact manner. While it is often hard to understand the logic of the plot, the film is still very effective in shedding light on this mysterious phenomenon. The film is about this group of people who live in a big house. They have an extraordinary ability to see ghosts that have gone to their graves. Some of these ghosts are very advanced, while others are very simple. What's more, the ghosts are not just "seen" but they are "heard" and "smelled" as well. Although some of the ghosts can get very annoying, the film does not rely on annoying music to get the point across. Although some of the actors may not be the best in their roles, their performances do not need to be great to convey the sentiment of the film. The film deals with the ghosts in a very natural way. For example, the people who have this ability may have relatives who have died during a recent storm and the spirits of these relatives will be there to greet the people as they leave. This movie was very original and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Lori Hernandez photo
Lori Hernandez

While the short films were not as inventive as the feature, they were equally beautiful. This is a work of art that is fully deserving of the Oscar it received. We all have to face the fact that the Oscars are based on content, not style or acting, and this film won the best foreign film Oscar. The artistry that the film produces is almost undeniable, with a difficult plot, but it is the art that makes it beautiful. One of the most original films of 2016, and the best film of the year. With its brilliant ending, I was speechless. This is a beautifully animated film with a story that goes right on with the style of a great film. I am completely happy to have seen this, and I hope that you are too. I hope that you will be as moved as I was when I saw it. You will be hearing from me.

John photo

This is a great way to start off your year, by watching the short films of 2015 and 2016. I don't know what it is about the 2016 Short Films, but I love them so much. I have never seen a Short Film this long, at nearly 4 hours! This is a documentary on short films, by each film director and their approach to their work. It's a must watch for people who enjoy this sort of documentary. I've watched a lot of documentaries, and this one is just good fun. It's one of the best I have seen, and this is why I give this film an excellent rating. The sound quality is the best I've seen, and the acting is top notch. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys these type of documentaries. One of the best documentaries I have ever watched.

Doris Schmidt photo
Doris Schmidt

FAN'S REVIEW: Just in time for the holidays, director Josh B. Lee's "Just My Luck" is a must-see feature debut for budding film director and "American Beauty" superfan Josh B. Lee. It's a bittersweet coming-of-age tale that's even more meaningful in the wake of its controversial release as a short film in 2013. Josh Lee's film is nothing if not unique, and a bit difficult to watch at times, but the narrative is engrossing and the film's narrative is compelling. Lee (whose son is a toddler) is a successful, privileged man in his mid 20's. His sister Dora (Selby) has recently passed away from cancer, and Lee is a father figure to his younger brother Jonathan, and even his own little sister Nina (Jenifer Aubrey). He's a man who has achieved much, but doesn't have much time for his sister, whom he still cares about dearly. When Jonathan suffers a major car accident that leaves him disabled, his mother (Caroline Dhavernas) tells him that he is going to lose his home and his job. Without knowing what else to do, and knowing that Jonathan's mother (Kristen Wiig) will have to be sent away if she does not pay the insurance money, he chooses to turn to a group of college kids for help. It's one thing for these college kids to show up at his house, but another thing altogether for a car accident survivor to turn to a group of kids for help. With the help of these kids, he realizes that he is not alone in his situation. It's not just that his family is full of anger and sadness, but that he is a victim of his own circumstances. When he is unable to be present at his sister's funeral, he decides to make her last wishes come true. He makes it to his sister's apartment and is reunited with Dora, who has decided to move out of the house. He is then greeted by his brother, who is both angry and sad to see him. He decides that they can always meet up again in the future, but Dora does not want to see him again. "Just My Luck" is a film that tells a story that's not entirely consistent with the rest of its narrative, but that is ultimately well told. Josh Lee's narrative is told with both humor and melancholy, but it's told with both humor and sadness. The film's tone is light and breezy, and the plot is both heartwarming and sad at times. The film is also the film's weakest point. The film has a number of problems, but a lot of them are tied to its musical score. There's no doubt that Josh Lee's score is a major part of the film, but there are times when the score feels out of place. The film's musical score doesn't fit the film's tone, and it takes away from the film. It also doesn't fit the tone of the film. The film's strong points are its performances. Kristen Wiig is simply sensational in this film. She's a comedic actress who was so good in "How I Met Your Mother." It was no surprise that she went on to do the romantic comedy "Up In The Air" with Jennifer Aniston. When you have a talented actress

Randy photo

The fourth episode of the new short films is an anthology of almost 20 short films and is divided into two parts. The first part is on "The Magician", the second part is on "The Master of the House". It is edited with a clear explanation of the audience, their journey, and the different moods they feel when watching the films. I really liked how the narrator narrated the story and talked about different emotions each time they watched it. The themes of this anthology are very strong and are something that you would like to experience and analyze on your own. The moods, the characters, and the story are all really nice. There are some parts where you would want to watch the film again, because you can't take your eyes off the screen.

Frances Dixon photo
Frances Dixon

The performance by the actress is the best I've seen in a while. It was a pleasure to watch her emotion through a movie that I had not seen in a while. I was extremely impressed and we need more of such amazing performances like hers. The Story was beautiful and the direction was superb. I am not sure if I can call this a Movie, but I think it is deserving of a nomination. I also really liked the scenery and the film was very very beautiful. I would recommend everyone to watch this film, and also be sure to read the book that it is based on. It is a work of art.

Ruth photo

This film is a social commentary on the nature of greed and how it effects those who have it. A very well written and beautifully photographed film that focuses on the important art of photography. There are plenty of funny moments as well as a lot of graphic images that would be hard to miss. The soundtrack is also a plus, which is pretty impressive considering the budget. I give this a 9/10.

Christine R. photo
Christine R.

It's a masterful, inspiring film, and although the storyline is a little simplistic, the camera work and music score are awe inspiring. We get to see some of the amazing cityscapes that are breathtaking. It's quite a shock to see a film that is supposed to be Oscar-worthy go off-the-charts with so many beautiful scenes that are so impressive that you have to wonder if you are watching it. Also, the scenes in the world of nature and nature's destruction are pretty impressive, and have the power to make you feel sorry for the creatures that are being cut down. It's a terrific story that works perfectly. If you love nature and enjoy the great shots of nature and the various animals, you should definitely give this film a chance.

Hannah photo

So I watched this movie after the American Film Institute's 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards and I must say I'm impressed. I have been hearing for quite some time now that the Best Animated Feature is in the works and so I decided to go to see it. The story was very different from most animated movies and it was pretty impressive. It was different in the way it was told and it was a good blend of voice acting, animation and reality. I loved the perspective the story was put in and the way it was told. I was drawn in and amazed by the real life that was portrayed. The actors were good and the music and cinematography were great. The film was about relationships and a lot of that was conveyed through the dialogue. I believe the cinematography was really good and the overall style of the movie was excellent. It had a lot of emotions and really flowed smoothly. I'm happy that it was nominated for Best Picture and that is really something to be proud of. My one question is this, could we see this movie again?

Heather L. photo
Heather L.

One of the best short films in my opinion, Lilies of the Field is a story about a mother's struggle with her daughter's death and her love for her daughter. She lives with her daughter in the same house and tries to make it happen that her daughter will be happy. Although it is not a short film, it is well thought and very interesting. Some people say that it is a typical Hollywood love story, but that is just a personal opinion and is completely subjective. I think that this short film is good, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Diane Ramirez photo
Diane Ramirez

I enjoyed this film immensely. It was sweet and humorous at the same time. It also had some surprising, touching scenes. I thought it was the perfect example of how to present a film. I hope this film is shown in film festivals. It was beautifully shot and the pacing was perfect. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes an emotional film with a happy ending. I think this film had it all and I loved it.

Sean Dixon photo
Sean Dixon

I saw this film at the SXSW Film Festival, and I think it was an excellent presentation of the power of language to influence and shape our lives. Using the approach of a documentary, the director takes us on a journey of exploration, confrontation and learning, exploring how language shapes our thoughts and behaviors, the implications of the use of language in our everyday lives. The audience is asked to analyze the characters, their behaviors, thoughts, and decisions, and then the Director's commentary focuses on how language shapes our interactions with other people, our interactions with the environment, and our interactions with the language itself. The Director is good at exploring the implications of language, but he is not the only one who uses the language. The audience is asked to analyze the audience members, and to find out why the people they encounter are reacting the way they are. In an excellent documentary, we are given the opportunity to analyze what people are thinking, feeling, and doing. Language is a powerful force in our world, and it is up to us to use the power it gives us to improve our lives and improve our relationships with others. The Director's commentary offers the audience a different way to think about how language influences our thoughts and behaviors. This is an excellent film, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in how language shapes our world. This film explores how language shapes the way we think and communicate, and how language is shaped by the environment in which we live. The Director is good at exploring how language affects our thoughts and behaviors, and we learn about what our own thoughts are trying to tell us, and how we are thinking the thoughts of others. I highly recommend this film, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Samuel H. photo
Samuel H.

Well-shot and well-acted. This documentary is about the silent horror film of its time and about the influential people, films, and ideas that shaped the world of cinema in the late 1920s, the 1920s, and the 1930s. The subject is not only a story of film but a story about the environment of film, a story of the environment of filmmaking, and a story about the environment of film and its effects on the creation of a work of art. The silent horror films are works of art. They exist because of the intellectual influence of the Fascist "new" cinema of the 1930s and the artistic genius of the great Hungarian-American cinematographer Edzard Ernst. The silent horror films are not only in the technical sense (making and editing) but also in their influence on the lives of people. We know that the films were directed by the most important filmmakers of the time, but the influence of the films on cinema in general and on the lives of people in general is a story that still has not been told. The film by Hungarian director Istvan Kulesza, "The Secret Cinema," is the film I've watched the most. In fact, the film is so good and so well-shot that I had to watch the whole thing again. The film was adapted to English by the celebrated British director Nigel Kneale, who also directed the Oscar-nominated documentary, "The Making of 'The Secret Cinema.'" Kulesza and Kulesza's film both involve much of the same subjects as "The Secret Cinema," such as art, culture, cinema, and influence, but the films are very different. Kulesza's film is a fascinating study of how film-making was influenced by the Fascist "new" cinema of the 1930s. The film has a feel of the 1930s that is not present in "The Secret Cinema." While Kulesza's film is wonderfully shot, Kulesza's film has a more melancholy quality than Kulesza's film. "The Secret Cinema" is a fine film. It is not the best film ever made but it is a good film. "The Secret Cinema" is important because it tells a story of the impact of "the new" cinema on the cinema of the 1920s and its effect on the culture of film-making, art, and life. I recommend "The Secret Cinema" for those who want to know more about the silent horror films and about the culture of film-making in the 1930s and the early 1930s.

Bobby Vasquez photo
Bobby Vasquez

The movie is amazing. It's a shame that this movie got lost in the shuffle, it has a great story. I don't want to give away any of the story, but the movie is worth watching. One of the things that really helps make the movie so amazing is the acting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He is absolutely incredible in this movie, he has never been better. His performance is amazing, I can't think of any actor better. I am so surprised that Aaron got the Best Actor Award for this movie. Everyone that I know who has seen this movie has also said that Aaron did an amazing job. I was impressed by this movie. It is a must see.