فيلم Powerbomb


Powerbomb is a movie starring Roni Jonah, Matt Capiccioni, and Wes Allen. Powerbomb is the story of an independent wrestler on the verge of breaking into the big time, but he's contemplating leaving it all behind to spend more time...

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R. Zachary Shildwachter, B.J. Colangelo
B.J. Colangelo, R. Zachary Shildwachter, Wes Allen, Wes Allen
Britt Baker, Wes Allen, Matt Capiccioni, Roni Jonah
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Powerbomb is the story of an independent wrestler on the verge of breaking into the big time, but he's contemplating leaving it all behind to spend more time with his family. When our wrestler's biggest fan hears the news, he decides to take matters into his own hands to ensure that his champion gets to the top by any means necessary.

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Janice M. photo
Janice M.

I thought the movie was very well done. I liked the fact that there was no hollywood style special effects in this movie. That way you could see what was going on without the need to know how the hell they did it. It made the movie feel a lot more real and more like a true story. I felt like I was there. That is the thing that really made this movie for me. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story that really doesn't rely on CGI and cheap special effects. You'll be happy that you went to see it. I would definitely recommend it.

Teresa B. photo
Teresa B.

This movie has a lot of tension, and the plot twists are all too believable. The ending is very sad, and yet the message of the movie is never lost. If you're looking for a well written thriller, and don't mind a bit of sex, then this is the movie for you.

Martha P. photo
Martha P.

I was thoroughly entertained by this film. It is entertaining to see a film that is unlike anything I have ever seen. This film has a very slow pace to it, but it is not slow, it is just slow. There are no "actors" in this film, so the viewer has to go into it with an open mind and not expecting to see much. It is also a story that is very serious, so if you are squeamish about anything, don't watch it. I think that this film would make a great one to see on the big screen, or even on the small screen. If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend you give it a chance. I think it is worth seeing, but don't expect to see a lot of action.

Christina Banks photo
Christina Banks

This film is just a really good movie. The story is very good and the acting is very good. It has a very good ending and it makes you think about life and death. This movie is a must see. I give it a 10/10.

Jonathan P. photo
Jonathan P.

This movie is really a really good movie. It has a lot of fun and very interesting scenes. It's very well shot and I was not bored in the whole movie. I like how they got the movie from one place to another without any boring scenes. The movie is also very stylish and has a great score. It also has a good cast. I like all the characters in the movie and they were very well played. I liked that the story was very well developed and all the characters were very different. I also liked that they showed how some people from different places in the world deal with the situation and how they have to survive in this situation. Overall I really liked this movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I think this is a very good movie and I would recommend it to everyone.

Bruce Sims photo
Bruce Sims

The film is based on a true story, I can't find the time to go back and read the book, but it was good to see this one from the perspective of a young girl, and that is what really helps to make this film a successful one. The film has a great story, and good acting, and the ending is a good one. I highly recommend this one.

Randy W. photo
Randy W.

I have watched this movie on DVD many times and I still love it. It is an extremely well made movie. The story is good, the actors are good, the music is good and the plot is very good. The movie does not take itself too seriously and it is a very good movie to watch with friends and family. I like this movie because I love the cast, the music and the plot. If you like this movie, you will love the film ''The Break-Up''.

Patrick W. photo
Patrick W.

I have seen this movie a number of times and each time I watch it I am amazed by it's brilliant plot and the way the actors pull it off. It is a true gem. I have seen it on TV so I am not surprised that it has been released on DVD. It is the most underrated movie of all time and I hope that this movie gets a good release. I have always thought that the actors in this movie have the best chemistry and it shows in the movie. The plot is brilliant and the way it is told is brilliant. I think that it is the best movie of all time.

Alan photo

I really enjoyed this film, I love the ending. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the film was very violent and if you don't like that you should really stay away from this film.

Kenneth C. photo
Kenneth C.

This is an excellent film, and I must say it is one of my all time favorites. It's a very low budget movie with a great script. It's a shame that some of the actors who are in it are not in the film, but that's the only problem I had with the film. I thought the film was very well done. It had a great cast and a great script. It's an excellent movie to watch. My only criticism is that the film is a bit long, but that's probably the only reason why it didn't win Best Picture of the year. The film is really worth seeing.

Adam W. photo
Adam W.

This movie is definitely not for all people. I like that they did a great job of showing the bad things that happened to women during the war. The only thing that I found that was a little bit of a letdown was the ending. I mean, I know that it was supposed to be a family movie and all, but it just seemed like they were going to end it with the dad running off with the girlfriend. The mom and dad should have been in a much better mood to get through it. But overall, it was a good movie to watch with your loved ones. It is definitely a movie that should be watched over and over again.

Wayne A. photo
Wayne A.

This is a really cool movie that has a lot of twists and turns. I would have given it a 9, but it is not for everyone. There is a lot of swearing, and some nudity. It is not for everyone, but it is definitely worth seeing. I highly recommend it.

Russell K. photo
Russell K.

A very well made film. Great performances, good filming, and great story. A great piece of art.

Diane Wong photo
Diane Wong

I didn't expect this film to be great. I expected it to be silly, and it was. It's a simple, entertaining film with a good plot. I'm surprised that this movie didn't get nominated for an Oscar. I also think that the film deserved more credit for its production and set design. I like how the film was filmed and the sets were well-done. I was also impressed with the special effects. It's hard to explain what I like about this movie. The acting was solid, and the movie had an interesting storyline. It was enjoyable. I recommend this movie to people who like silly, harmless films. I also recommend it to people who enjoy romantic comedies. This film is a must-see.

Randy photo

The two starlets were really great, although I did enjoy the music. It was a very realistic and believable movie. It was very good! It was definitely a movie I would recommend to anyone, I was very surprised at how good the actors were. The characters were realistic and the way they acted was very real. They did a great job with their characters. They were very good at showing how a person's character would be. The way they acted was very real, very realistic, very believable. The story was very good, the acting was good, and the music was great!

Ann N. photo
Ann N.

I am surprised to see that many people are giving this movie bad reviews. I have watched this movie several times and it still remains as an excellent movie. It has a great cast, great script, great direction and a great story. The movie is about an ex-cop who is now a private investigator and has been given a new case. He finds out that the woman he was hired to investigate, is a known killer who is out for revenge on the people who hired him. He has to find out who is doing the hiring. I think that the director did a great job with this movie. It was an interesting story with good characters. I give this movie a 10 out of 10. I really hope that this movie is available on DVD. I would buy it and watch it over and over again. It is a great movie.

Albert Guerrero photo
Albert Guerrero

The Devil's Rejects. A movie about those who are, for whatever reason, truly despicable. Some are the more visible, others the less obvious, but all of them deserve to be shunned and shunned, not praised. In the words of one character: "Who are these people?" These are not some justifiable vigilante-like group of people, but those who have no sense of decency, justice, or morality. A group of people who are completely unrepentant and will do anything to stay in power, no matter what the cost. They are the evil and corrupt-some of them even going so far as to use a cell phone to lure their victims into their clutches. They are a perfect example of what is wrong with society today. These are not some nameless group of people who would never harm or even consider harming anyone, but those who do exactly that, to a great extent. They are the ones we should be fearing. They are the ones who can do the most damage to our society, and the ones who should be shunned. These are not the characters we want to be associating with. These are the ones we should be terrified of. These are the ones who are capable of destroying what is good about our society. The Devil's Rejects is a great movie, and it should be seen by anyone who is able to appreciate a good movie, regardless of what their age, gender, or religious affiliation. There is nothing wrong with seeing this movie. It is well made, and has a great soundtrack. But I strongly urge everyone to see it. It is a very strong movie, with very strong characters, and very strong message. It is a movie that can really make an impact on you. It is a movie that should be seen by all. It is a great movie, but it is not just a movie. It is a movie about what is wrong with our society, and what is right. I cannot recommend this movie enough. Go see it now, and then see it again.

Megan photo

This film is my favorite of the new wave of John Woo movies. It has everything you expect in a Woo movie: lots of action, great acting, an awesome villain and a twist at the end that leaves you satisfied. A great and memorable film.

Beverly W. photo
Beverly W.

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie in the theater and it was great. The movie is a little bit predictable but it still keeps you on the edge of your seat. The story is very good and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The acting was good as well. The director was very good at making the movie look real. I hope that he makes a sequel to this movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good action movie.

Russell Lucas photo
Russell Lucas

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I am a big fan of the horror genre and I think this movie is one of the best I've ever seen. The acting is superb, the special effects are great, and the story is intriguing. I think that this movie will become a cult classic. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies, and anyone who likes to see a movie that will stay with you long after you leave the theater. I think that this movie will be a success in the horror genre and I hope that it will be. I am sure that it will be. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Carolyn photo

I first saw this film when it was first released on VHS in the early 90s. I was hooked and have watched it countless times since. The story is great, the acting is great, the special effects are great, and the special effects are amazing. This is a must see for anyone who likes films with a lot of action and explosions. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes action films. It is a perfect blend of action and romance, and is a great way to spend 90 minutes. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did. -Bud

Marie Alexander photo
Marie Alexander

This is a fantastic movie, and it is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen. The acting is amazing, and the story is one of the best I have ever seen. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a great movie, and is looking for a great movie to watch with your friends. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Alexander photo

This movie is about the most intense and thrilling movie i have ever seen. i have watched it twice and i still can't stop watching it. i was thinking about it when i got home from work and i said to myself, " i can't believe this movie is that good". i couldn't believe it. i was like a kid who was playing a video game and he was like " what the hell is going on?" i was like " what the hell is going on?" i had to watch it again because i have never seen anything like this movie before. i think this movie has something that most movies lack, something that makes it so good. the main character is so cool. the special effects are so cool. the story is so awesome. i love this movie. i think this is the best movie ever made. i recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen it yet. i think this movie is the best movie ever made.