فيلم Gwi-hyang


Gwi-hyang is a movie starring Su-ryun Baek, Soon-Hyoung Cha, and Park Choong-Hwan. Two Korean girls, Jung-Min (14) and Young-hee (15) are kidnapped by the Japanese Imperial Army and taken to a 'Comfort Station' in China. There, they...

Other Titles
鬼郷, Spirits' Homecoming
Running Time
2 hours 7 minutes
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Cho Jung-Rae
Jung-a Jo, Cho Jung-Rae
Park Choong-Hwan, Soon-Hyoung Cha, Su-ryun Baek, In-gi Jeong
South Korea
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Two Korean girls, Jung-Min (14) and Young-hee (15) are kidnapped by the Japanese Imperial Army and taken to a 'Comfort Station' in China. There, they join other kidnapped girls in serving Japanese soldiers as sexual slaves known as 'Comfort Woman'. By the end of the war, only one of the girls survives. Decades later, an elderly lady attempts to reunite with the spirit of her lost friend. Inspired by the testimony of Kang Il-chul.

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Walter S. photo
Walter S.

I've read a lot of negative reviews about this film, and it's obvious that they've watched it with an open mind. In the end, I believe that the negative reviews are based on preconceived notions about what a Korean movie should be, and not on any particular preference. I am very grateful to have been introduced to this film by a friend, and have been able to watch it several times. I really hope that this movie is able to open up the eyes of the rest of the world to the great work that Korean filmmakers are doing. In my opinion, it's one of the most important movies of our time.

Jacqueline photo

This is a very interesting film. The story is based on the story of the Gang of Four who terrorised the people of the city of Seoul. It is a story about the hatred between the Korean and the Chinese people, the attempt of the Korean people to take revenge and the friendship between the two. The film is well made. The actors are great. The direction is good. The cinematography is very good. The music is good. The cinematography is good. The acting is great. The film is very good. It's a very good film.

Stephanie P. photo
Stephanie P.

I don't know why it is so difficult for people to appreciate the dark comedy of this movie. In fact, it is so dark, that it is almost unbearable. The story of the movie is quite simple, but that doesn't mean that it is a bad story. The characters are quite interesting, and the whole movie is really quite funny. It is a little bit difficult to understand why the main character is so dark. Maybe it is because he is a bit of a psychopath. I don't know, but it's not really a problem for me. I think it's a very funny movie, and I really like it. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Jessica Reid photo
Jessica Reid

I watched this movie when it was first released and I am glad that I did. The movie is about a boy who is really bullied by his classmates. It is a very good movie for the first time. It is very sad and I think the best thing about this movie is the acting. I think that the acting of all of the actors was very good and believable. It was very nice to see this kind of movies. I also think that this movie was a little bit of a Cinderella story. It is a very good movie to watch with the family.

Jack photo

I think it is very important to understand that the point of this film is not to "prove" anything, but rather to make a statement about the current state of Korean society. It is an observation about a society that is very far from what we would like to believe. I think the film tries to be a message about how Koreans can be "victims" of their own society. The film is very well done and is quite a bit different from the usual Korean movie. This is definitely worth seeing.

Danielle S. photo
Danielle S.

The movie is very interesting and its story is not easy to follow. There are some scenes that are not clearly defined and it is difficult to follow. It is not that you don't understand what is happening, but you can't really figure out what the hell is going on. I think that this is a film that is worth watching, but it is not something that you should see again and again.

Ethan photo

I saw this movie when it was first released, and was amazed at how it dealt with the issues of the Korean War and the Korean people. The movie is about two friends, who are in love, who decide to leave Korea. The movie has many great scenes, and the director has managed to capture the feelings of the Korean people and the war. The movie is definitely worth watching.

Larry Peterson photo
Larry Peterson

This is a very interesting movie. It is a story of a family who is constantly at war with the government. It is a story of the American people who have no idea what is happening in Korea and the Korean people who have no idea about what is happening in America. The characters in the film are very well portrayed and the film is a very good film. It is not a perfect film but it is a very good film.

Hannah photo

I must say that I did not enjoy the movie, it was quite slow. There were some scenes that were very disturbing and disturbing scenes were used in the movie. The plot was very simple. It was not scary or suspenseful. The acting was good. I like that the acting was not made by the actors. It was done by the director. I think the movie was very good and I recommend it. I am not a fan of the Korean movies but I have seen them all. The actors in this movie were good.

Anthony photo

After the success of their last movie, this Korean team of actors decided to create another movie, this time with a different theme and with different actors. I like this movie because it's a mix of all the other Korean movies I've seen and a combination of the kind of movie that I love, which is a mix of comedy and drama. I really liked the way the movie was shot and the way it was edited. It was also very well acted. It was also a very good story. It was very interesting and it was very fun to watch. The only problem I have with the movie is the actors. I don't know what the director was thinking, but they were just a little bit too much. I guess that they wanted to create a movie that had more substance and they ended up with a movie that is just a little bit too much. The actors were very good in the movie and I like them. The movie is very interesting and I think it will be a good movie for people to watch. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give it a 7/10.

Amanda T. photo
Amanda T.

If you are a student of cinema, then you must have seen some of the most famous Korean movies. Some of them are best known for being the best in their genre. It is not really surprising that some of the best movies are the ones that are made by Korean filmmakers. But, there is no denying that they can be quite unpredictable and sometimes not even for Koreans. This is the case with Jia-Hwa. In a way, it is a typical Korean movie that has been made by Koreans. It has a lot of humor and it is even more predictable. However, it is still a good movie and it is well worth seeing. It is a movie that you can watch with your family and friends and that is something that you cannot find in many Korean movies. It is a movie that is well worth seeing.

Stephanie Gordon photo
Stephanie Gordon

I was surprised to see that this movie was not rated by IMDb. It is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I watched it as a freebie on Netflix and I'm glad I did. I have a big question to ask the people who made this movie: What happened to the movie that was being released? If you know, please tell me.

Martha B. photo
Martha B.

This film tells the story of a man's search for a lost love, and the consequences of that search. The film is beautifully shot and written, and is very well-acted. I recommend it highly.

Brenda photo

I would not call this film a masterpiece but it was a good film. The story is about a Korean father who is a widower who loses his wife and his son and his daughter. He starts a new life with his daughter. He has a girlfriend and a job in a hospital. The film has a story which is very touching. The acting is good. The music is very nice. The director and the actor deserve the best film awards. The director made the film in a very good way. I recommend this film to people who like drama and drama films.

Marie C. photo
Marie C.

I've just watched this movie again, and I am now a little more aware of the events that occurred in this movie. I am going to keep this review short, as this movie is a must-see for any Korean film fan. I will start by saying that this movie is not as good as "A Touch of Class" or "My Life As A Dog". These movies are well-made, well-acted, and they also have a very deep message. However, this movie is not as good as "The Life Of David Gale", but I would say that it is better than "The Unbearable Lightness Of Being". This movie has more depth and more significance than "The Unbearable Lightness Of Being", but it also has more sex. This movie also has more sex, and it is a great movie, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to see a great movie. I give this movie an 8/10.

Susan Kelley photo
Susan Kelley

I like the movie but it is a bit too long. I also like the songs but I was confused by the lyrics and also the theme of the movie. It is a story about a poor woman who is trying to save her daughter from a local gangster. But there are many things which I didn't understand. First of all, the story is very long. I didn't understand why the woman wanted to save her daughter but she has to go to the hospital because her daughter is in a coma. I also don't understand why she would go to the hospital but the hospital didn't even have a doctor. And why would the gangster want to kill her daughter. I also didn't understand how the gangster was a doctor. The only thing I understood was that the woman is very rich and the gangster is poor and that she would like to be rich. I think it is a good movie but I think it is too long.

Eugene Morgan photo
Eugene Morgan

I was a big fan of this movie when I first saw it, and still am, as it is a very good movie. It is a movie that is really enjoyable to watch. There is a lot of drama, a lot of action, and a lot of drama. But what I really liked about this movie was that it is not a "happy ending". You really feel sorry for the characters, and they are all different from each other. It is not a simple story, and I think this is one of the things that made the movie good. I really recommend this movie.

Margaret R. photo
Margaret R.

The relationship between the main characters was really nice. The story was great, and I liked the music. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Megan Cole photo
Megan Cole

I watched this film in a cinema and I really liked it. It was the best film I've seen in a while. I think that the best thing about this film is that the story is really good. I really liked the way that the film was told. It was very well thought out. It was also very well written. The actors were very good. It was really a shame that this film was not nominated for an Oscar, because it deserved it. It was also really sad that the film was not nominated for the Academy Award for Best Film, because it deserved it. I really liked this film. It was really good.

Russell A. photo
Russell A.

The film "A Tale of Two Sisters" is based on a novel by Jee-woon Lee. It is a psychological drama about the journey of two sisters who are the first in their family to be divorced. The film is a drama about the lives of two sisters who are separated by a long period of time. The film is about their lives and the changes they go through. The film is very well made, and the performances are excellent. I give the film a 7/10.

Stephen B. photo
Stephen B.

I think this movie was better than the first one. The first one was a bit slow but good and exciting. This movie has a little more action and a little less comedy. I think the one thing that is missing is the love between the two main characters. They are very good friends but they seem to have never been in love. I think this is the most disappointing thing in this movie. It is also the thing that is most important. The movie has a great soundtrack, especially the ending theme. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves Asian cinema. This is a must see movie for all Asian film lovers.

Judith R. photo
Judith R.

I saw this film in a free preview screening and was pleasantly surprised. It was a good film. The acting was excellent, the cinematography was good, and the directing was good. The story was interesting and not just a mindless action film. The story is about a former Marine who is now a minister in the government. He is brought back into the military by his old commanding officer, who decides to take him back to his old unit, but has other plans. I didn't know what to expect from the film, but I thought it was good. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good action film. It is a good story, the acting was good, and the cinematography was good.

Nathan Flores photo
Nathan Flores

I had heard of this movie for a while, but never really got around to watching it. I finally got around to watching it tonight, and I have to say that it is a very good movie. I have to say that I have not been a fan of Yang Yeong-Jin since her debut, but she is so talented, I was impressed with her acting ability. The story is very intriguing, the setting is very beautiful, and the music is very haunting. The movie is a little bit predictable, but still very entertaining. I recommend this movie to anyone who is into Asian cinema. I rate this movie 7/10.

Dorothy Graham photo
Dorothy Graham

This movie is really good. The story is really good, the cinematography is really good, the acting is good, the direction is really good. And I can't say anything bad about this movie. If you're a fan of Korean cinema, this movie is a must. If you're not a fan of Korean cinema, this movie is not that good. But I still think it's a must.

Roy Stewart photo
Roy Stewart

I had the good fortune to see this film on a free preview day, and I must say that I was not disappointed. This is a very well made film about the lives of a group of people in a small town in Korea. The film is not as slow as one might expect, and it has some very beautiful images. The acting was good, and the movie was very interesting. This film has a lot of emotional moments, and it is a very interesting film. The only thing that I would have done differently is to have had a little bit more character development, and less dialog. This is the type of movie that I think will make you think, and it will leave you with a very good feeling.

Mildred Woods photo
Mildred Woods

This is a very good Korean film, and it is very difficult to find in the United States. It was released in Korean in 2003, and was first released in English in 2006. The movie is about a Korean man, who is a chef, and he falls in love with a Korean woman. He starts to work for her, and he finds out that she is an American. They have a long-term relationship, and the American woman's family is very nice. In the end, the Korean man realizes that he has feelings for his Korean wife. There are a few scenes where he finds out that his wife is having an affair with another man. There are a lot of scenes in the movie where the Korean man has to take responsibility for his actions, but he is the one who has to suffer the consequences. In the end, he decides to live his life as he wants. He has to take responsibility for his actions, and he has to face the consequences. I think that this movie is a very good film, and it is very difficult to find in the United States.