فيلم Mei hao de yi wai

Mei hao de yi wai

Mei hao de yi wai is a movie starring Lun-Mei Kwei, Jingchun Wang, and Na-Na OuYang. Dying prematurely in a car crash, a woman first returns as a wife and mother of 2 for a week, before returning to be the single lawyer again....

Other Titles
美好的意外, Beautiful Accident
Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fantasy, Comedy
Wi Ding Ho
Harry Segall, Jialin Zhou, Je-Yeong Kim, Zhichao Ha
William Wang, Na-Na OuYang, Lun-Mei Kwei, Jingchun Wang
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A female lawyer had lived a very apathetic career until she had a terrible car accident. She died in the accident but when she reached the afterlife she learned that she came earlier than she was supposed to. That is why now she has to substitute for another person for a week and live an alternate life. Now or an entire week she is stuck with a family that she didn't want to be a part of. Will this experience change her or not?

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Martha Green photo
Martha Green

I have been in love with Kung Fu since I was a little girl and this movie is just one of the greatest to me in all my years. It is a true masterpiece that keeps you on the edge of your seat and never loses sight of it. It is a timeless classic and I think all who have seen it should see it again and again, as it is a great mixture of fantasy and drama. I cannot wait to see what other martial arts films she has in store for us in the future. It has been a long time since I have seen a good movie and this movie is really a treat to watch.

Emma photo

I watched this film and my expectations were way too low. I mean, it has some of the most poorly written characters in the history of movies, a plot that doesn't make sense, and a big turnarounds that don't make sense. At times the story seems to be following a cliche, or a basic formula that should never be followed, especially not in this kind of movie. But I think it's still good and deserves an 8/10. When I was in high school I took a movie class where we got to watch a documentary. All of the student in the class saw the movie and was shocked at how similar it was to a school in the future. The student said it was based off of a book but no one really knew where it was based. At the end of the movie the student was amazed that they couldn't tell the book was based off of a story in the future. I think the movie is really powerful, the acting is bad but it still is good, and the plot is good, but it could be better. Overall, it is a watchable movie, but it could have been better. I would suggest it to anyone who doesn't like drama/comedy films. I say "Homo Fanatic" to reference the way they treat the fans. Anyways I really recommend this movie, but you may want to wait until it comes out on DVD or something. I think I would rather see it on TV than have it in the theatre.

Barbara Curtis photo
Barbara Curtis

The comedy in this movie is pretty well done. The jokes are simple, and yet memorable. It is the perfect time filler. All the parts and characters fit together to make a simple, yet memorable plot. It is a film that is exactly what it is. A simple story and the direction of the film is exactly what it is. The acting is great. All of the characters are played very well, and feel like a small film. The story isn't really what is great about this movie, but the comedy in this movie is. This movie is probably one of my favorite comedies of all time. I would recommend watching this movie if you haven't yet. I think that you will like this movie very much. This movie is perfect for people who want to spend a lazy day on a Sunday afternoon watching a good movie. I love this movie, and I recommend that everyone should watch this movie. It is definitely a must watch. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. Give this movie a chance. You will love this movie.

Ann Howell photo
Ann Howell

When I first saw the trailer I thought this would be some kind of pointless comedy movie, but when I watched it I was very impressed. The script was fantastic, the music was awesome, and the comedy scenes were pretty good. It's hard to make an intelligent comedy when you're trying to make it seem that way but this movie managed to pull it off. The jokes were also pretty funny in the scene where she's talking to her mom and her mother is getting mad. The scenes where the party turns out bad were pretty good. It also does a good job of being serious which is good in a movie like this. Overall I loved this movie, it's not like any other comedy movie I've ever seen and it's a lot better than some of the comedies I've seen so far. 9/10

Ethan George photo
Ethan George

PANAS and PRISTINA, two Chinese hybrids, are released by the Public Broadcasting Service of the Communist Party of China, Central Television. It is clear they are meant to be viewed by non-political, anti-communist viewers as both are intended to challenge the state ideology. These films are about real issues of the day. Both films, in their approach, speak about the Communist Party and its "yellow peril" in China. Both films are obviously ideological films. It is clear they are meant to be viewed by viewers who have a strong anti-communist agenda. The use of music in these films is not accidental. Both films contain "moralizing" music. This is not to suggest that this is necessarily bad, it is just an obvious part of the movie, and part of the message is to highlight the state ideology and their "yellow peril" in China. They also feature music from the 1970s. They have the same content. They are just different films. The music is seen as necessary in this context. The reason the main character thinks so is because they are part of the world that he and his family have become familiar with. The stories were apparently meant to be seen by non-Communist viewers, but those who cannot appreciate the double meaning of the state ideology, will find it hard to see the point. Their ideological content is not easy to understand. I recommend the films, but I will not recommend the films to people who are politically neutral. The films may not be the best "political" films that I have ever seen, but they are certainly political.

Katherine Obrien photo
Katherine Obrien

I thought this film was good, and it is pretty much the reason I've decided to watch the martial arts movie of the year. If you haven't seen it, go to the video store and rent it. Just know that it is not for everyone's taste. It was so funny. Now I'm not sure why I only liked it for its humor. There was a lot of serious humor in this film. I like it and it's certainly not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it. It's definitely not for the masses. It's something like Kung Fu Hustle, just in Chinese. You may think it's not for you, but if you're into that kind of film, it's definitely worth seeing. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I really liked this film.

Hannah Spencer photo
Hannah Spencer

Good movies are hard to find. It's like you can't find them. They are so rare that I can only remember one that I've seen in years. And that is Dark City. It's a cute and quirky little indie that reminds me a lot of The Big Lebowski. The story is about a surgeon (Bruce Willis) who is creating a time machine and learning how to use it. As he does so, he discovers a mysterious woman (Maggie Q) who is slowly making him jealous. At the same time, he meets a beautiful blond telepath (Yvette Vega) who goes on a journey through time to get revenge on the woman who nearly killed her and so helped him. I'm not going to give away much of the movie, but trust me, this is a different movie for the action movie genre. Not only is this a cute movie, but it also has some great comedy moments. I particularly liked the scene where the telepath tells Bruce Willis that he just sent her off on her own and that she is leaving him because she's "not a very nice girl." Oh, how I laughed. I thought that was great. And the funny thing is, I thought the same about the movie in general. It's also a rather scary movie. There is a scene where the telepath is talking to the man who accidentally drove her insane in the car. I laughed so hard I had to stop the movie and check to make sure there were no body parts that had fallen off of the car. I wasn't kidding. This movie is also one of my favorites because it has a great story that is often funny and sometimes scary. My favorite scene would have to be the one where Maggie Q says that it's a "five minute conversation." I love the scene. The movie is not perfect though. The story does drag at times, the end is a little weak, and it's only 93 minutes long. But I'd say it's a nice movie. This movie is so good it's hard to decide whether to give it a 10 or a 9. Because it does have it's problems, but it's also so good that I still give it a 9.

Denise Hansen photo
Denise Hansen

Huo de yi wai is definitely a Korean import that shouldn't be ignored or dismissed. Having lived and worked in the country for some years now, I can definitely say that I've seen this movie several times. But I can't remember ever having seen it so much, and with such a fresh twist on the 'dungeon' genre. Overall, the plot of the movie is very straightforward and straightforward. In my opinion, it's also very well made. From the beginning to the end, I never felt bored and would definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a unique Korean movie that you won't see anywhere else.

Ethan Clark photo
Ethan Clark

a comedy, with a good cast, where the laughs come out of nowhere, and are at the right time. the characters are not likeable, the characters are not predictable, and the story is actually great. all you have to do is enjoy the movie, and you won't even notice. i think that this movie was just made to make a fun comedy. i don't think it will be a great comedy, but i think that it is the right movie to make you laugh, and to appreciate good humor.

Sharon photo

This is one of the most underrated and underrated movies I've ever seen. It was brilliant and it has everything one could want from a movie. This movie is also very dark and twisted. And also very beautiful. "Neroid" is a movie with great plot, great story, and great acting. Some parts were not really clear or explained and sometimes I could not really understand what the movie was saying. I think it is very important for a film to be very well explained to the audience so they can follow along with the movie and can understand the plot, but at the same time, the movie should not be just plain confusing. I think some viewers could get lost in the story, but I think the creators did a wonderful job of making the story and its meaning very clear and easy to understand, as well as also giving us a lot of action and drama. A lot of people are saying that this movie is a rip-off of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", and some of the jokes and jokes were very obvious, but I think "Crouching Tiger" was actually more of a comedy and "Neroid" is a movie where everything is very serious and dark. I think this movie is definitely a must see for all lovers of movies and also all Chinese people who watch foreign movies or watching foreign movies. This is a very good movie, and is also the best movie I've seen in my life.

Adam Cole photo
Adam Cole

This is the best Chinese movie of the decade. I was seriously surprised, because I didn't know it was in this generation. It's almost hard to find, but definitely worth it. I wouldn't say it's flawless, but it's well above average, and I feel that if they would make another film like this, they could be in for something big. It has a very dark and ominous mood to it, and I felt very sorry for the characters that were in it. When the trailer was announced, I was scared, because I didn't know whether I would enjoy it or not, but I was utterly overwhelmed by how much I liked it. It's about a prostitute that runs a brothel, but she has to do some things that are considered taboo in the current society. But she's a very strong and resilient woman, and she was easily able to make it through, and even become a star. I'm also a big fan of Hong Kong's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" trilogy. For those of you that didn't know, it's the story of a society with no heroes. The hero is a very popular young man, and his life is a mess. He's usually seen asleep and moody, and he usually doesn't do anything. However, he gets a break when he gets the opportunity to work for a secret organization that wants to help to keep society in its current state. It's a twisted tale, but it's hard to watch, because it's so brilliantly written and directed. It definitely shows how easy it is to slip into a role that is too dark and grim, and how hard it is to be able to be someone that people can admire and look up to, when you're just a normal person. The characters are definitely unique. They're not just normal people, and they're not like people that we see everyday. They have the ability to achieve greatness, and it's hard to imagine them to be so hard to be. The director also plays the character of his brothel. The director is known for his movies, but I don't think he's the best in the world. Some movies you'll remember from his movies, but for me, he's just another director that has to do his own work, which can be sometimes a bit slow to get started. The acting isn't top-notch, but it doesn't matter. It's just about writing something that is so convincing that you can't tell it's fake. I love the style, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the fights, the songs, and the story. I also loved the fact that I didn't know what to expect, and all I had to do was go watch it. This is definitely not a movie for everyone, but if you're a fan of Hong Kong, I think you'll enjoy it.

Mark H. photo
Mark H.

Now, you know exactly what I am talking about.but not how. This movie is excellent. It is much better than in all of the prior versions I have seen. In the original, you can tell that they had to make a lot of artistic changes to keep things consistent with other sources. In the sequels, I haven't seen all of them but they are just as good, if not better, then the original. And for me, it is much more enjoyable. The music is also superb. Also, I enjoyed the very romance that the original had. However, I think that this movie has some differences in terms of the characters. Overall, I think this version is much better than the original.

Virginia photo

I've seen my share of kung fu movies, and I've seen a lot of kung fu movies, but I've never really seen one that is so thoroughly enjoyable as this. You can see all the principals, but the film belongs to the more obscure members of the cast. It's basically a Japanese prison camp flick, and there are many perfectly subtle references to Japanese kung fu movies. The best ones are obvious ones, like the bamboo and the hanging of the swords. There are also some hidden references, like that half of the cast is one of the idols of that one character. The writing is spot on, and the acting is so so. It was actually kind of amazing how well they worked together. I've heard that the film is kind of difficult to see in certain countries, but the DVD is very well-distributed and widely available. I recommend it to anyone who is into kung fu movies.

Samantha C. photo
Samantha C.

The Chinese film makes a huge impact on the western audiences. The trailer gave a huge impression of this film. "Tai Hsien Lung Kung Fu". It tells the story of an old woman who is famous in the town. Her grandson Ji Ying (Miao Hui), a student of a Kung Fu Master, believes that the old woman is the "Lan Shen" (Lan Shan) of old and wished to become her disciple. Ji Ying also befriends a girl named Yung Wen (Miao Hui) and they go out for a trek in the mountains to a temple called "Lan Feng". The girl gets rescued by another woman named "Ji Ying Ling" (Ji Wei). Ji Ying Ling is a warrior who is famous for her ability to fight with a stick in hand. She wishes to find the place that the old lady of the town is. Ji Ying Ling then meets many people, including the old lady who teaches her Kung Fu. The new character in the film is Miao Hui. Hui's character is played by Hong Kong born actor Joel Hsu. Hsu is very entertaining as the character. He is good at laughing with the audience as well. Miao Hui is a great performer who also sings. The film also made a huge impact on me because of the theme of peace. Peace is depicted throughout the film with the whole family looking at the camera. It tells us that there is no need to fight or kill for power. We are all created equal. It also shows us that the only true good people are those who work hard and have the love to fight. The film also emphasizes the importance of education. The character of Yung Wen teaches the children that if you want to get to the top, you need to earn the respect of everyone. The film also shows that family is very important. The characters also learn from each other, thus showing that there is a great sense of trust in the family. The characters in the film are also very popular among the children. Even the Kung Fu Master himself believes that everyone should be in the family. The film ends on a good note. The final scene in the film is also one of the best ever in Chinese films. It shows that both sides have an equal share of the responsibility to protect the family. A very interesting film. I give it a 9/10.

Carol photo

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this movie, but after watching it I was really surprised. The plot is sort of a comedy, but it's really good. The scene where the two men are walking back to their hotel, is what made me laugh the most. It's very well done, and the action scenes are also very well done. There's really not much to criticize about this movie, but some scenes are not so funny. I would recommend this movie for all ages, and even if you are not a fan of Asian films, the story will still be interesting. This is a must-see.

Kimberly photo

I have never seen a movie before this one. This movie just so happens to be one of the most hilarious and touching movies I've ever seen. A movie that makes you laugh so hard, you can hardly breathe. I laughed so hard the entire movie. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. It's like no other movies. A wonderful movie. A movie that makes you cry. It makes you feel so much, that you almost can't control yourself, tears are falling. The movie is just so good, so different from other movies. A movie you can watch over and over. I don't know how many times I've watched it, but I really do want to watch it. I can't get enough of it. You can't take your eyes off of it. Even in this review, I still don't want to leave the theater, it just doesn't seem right. I'm just so thankful for it. I don't know if I can ever stop crying. I wish there would be more movies like this. I know I will. But I hope to see more of it.

Laura Weber photo
Laura Weber

This is a story about a painter named Zhen Yin and his wife who are married to two ladies named Qiao and Zhen who had a looong relationship. One day when their daughters and Qiao's daughter are away from the house they have a meeting where Qiao's daughter asks Zhen Yin if he is her husband. Zhen Yin says he is only a husband. This makes Qiao very angry and she takes her daughters away. Then Zhen Yin is left with no choice but to set off in search of them. Zhen Yin goes with his friends who also went to search for the daughters. They stay in a hotel but Zhen Yin ends up meeting his wife at the same hotel. This film shows the struggles Zhen Yin has with his marriage and it also shows the many things he was able to accomplish in his life. It is definitely a movie worth watching. It is about self-sacrifice and about the old men in the crowd who will do anything for the sake of their wives.

Grace Walsh photo
Grace Walsh

I really liked this movie. It is a cute, charming, funny film, set in some sort of Chinese folklore and fantasy world. I really do not want to give too much away, so you will have to see it for yourself. My favorite character was the "son". He was absolutely hilarious, and I think he was the highlight of the film. I also really liked the subtle color changes in the movie. It's also very well made, with very nice camera angles. So, for me, this film is a "10".

Megan Sanders photo
Megan Sanders

This movie has a lot of good points, and the story is enjoyable for all ages. It has an atmosphere and humor that the entire family will enjoy. The characters are funny and the background music is really good, like the main theme song. There is some romance that is good and interesting. The story is good for ages 10 and up. My daughter's two favorite characters are the brother and the sister. My oldest daughter likes the gay boy, he's fun to watch. My youngest girl liked the brother and the main girl from the neighborhood, she's not sure why, but she liked the boy and the art that she makes. She's seven, and loves the little boys in the neighborhood, they are so cute. This is one movie that can be watched with the whole family. I give this a 9 out of 10, and it is worth every minute of it. You can find it in the video section of your local video store or you can rent it. It is the second to last film by Eric Hirshman, and it has some very good elements, I recommend it.

Patricia photo

This is a rather funny comedy. The people who have complained about the plot and the change in tone from a horror/thriller/comedy are just missing the point. I don't have to go into details of the story to make this point. Basically, once upon a time, there was an evil doctor named Emperor Yu. She made all the people (aka the humans) look like animals and had her evil twin-brother Prince Yu (Robert Fu), the puppet master, who beheaded innocent people. Then, a bunch of powerful wizards and witches known as The Desians came to fix the world, and thus, turned the evil twin-brother into a lamb and made him love the Desians. Prince Yu grew up and decided to love his whole family, and therefore, became a hero (like Batman). The Desians ruled the world, until they were told they could not rule anymore. In a revolution, Princess Da is suddenly found in a room with a mysterious woman, who she then felt guilty about, and a magical lamp (me and my sister have used it more times than we care to admit). This lamp goes into a room in the palace, and this room leads to the descendants of Emperor Yu (a black knight in disguise who looks like Emperor Yu, and a brave woman who looks like his mother), and their descendants (a monkey prince and his women who resemble The Desians) who then have to fight the Desians for the world. Like the end of a movie, they fight until one side or the other wins, and the movie ends. The only problem is, nobody knows who the people in the movie are or why they're doing what they're doing. Therefore, there is no ending to this movie. It's just like one long movie where nobody can know who the good guys and the bad guys are until it's over. I'm not saying that the movie is boring, but it's kind of like seeing something in a car, you're not sure what it is, until it gets on the screen and starts to drive away. Like a movie going off the road. I'm pretty sure that if someone was to make a movie like this, the world would be very different. Some people might like the plot, but most people would find it boring. So if you're looking for a movie that you can go to a random theater and forget about, skip this one.

Austin photo

This film is an example of the best ideas from Taiwan. From the beginning, I knew I was going to love it. This film is a light and funny comedy with cute characters. The story is very original, and the characters are also very original. I found myself trying to guess what was going to happen next. There are some scenes that are very graphic, and other parts that are light and sweet. The director is really talented, and I would recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in the Taiwanese cinema. I definitely would recommend this film to anyone who wants to have a good laugh and is a fan of Taiwanese cinema. Overall, I give this film a 9/10.

Jacqueline M. photo
Jacqueline M.

There are a lot of Hong Kong films where most of the jokes are about dogs, but this one makes you laugh every time. The problem is that there's a lot of bad jokes and some of them are really bad. The cast is also great and really it was just a great movie.