فيلم Beauty & the Beholder

Beauty & the Beholder

Beauty & the Beholder is a movie starring Ruan Martins, Louisa Torres, and Arabella Ruby. A narcissistic plastic surgeon prefers women of a certain high quality, but meets an every day woman who questions his morals, his methods and...

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Beauty and the Beholder
Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
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Romance, Comedy, Drama
Laron Austin
Eddie Davis Singleton, Laron Austin, Laron Austin, Bennie Swint, Martin L. Kelley
Candace Mabry, Arabella Ruby, Louisa Torres, Ruan Martins
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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"Beauty & the Beholder," an indie dark romantic dramedy about a narcissistic plastic surgeon with a God complex for artificial enhancement over natural beauty for the female body, but his desires to no longer be single may alter his warped philosophy when he has to choose between two women who represent each to the fullest.

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Joyce photo

I am a big fan of Reese Witherspoon and this is her first film I saw. I thought it was amazing and I am a fan of her. It was such a beautiful film and it shows just how much talent they have. I love the chemistry between Reese and Sean. I love Reese's love scenes and love the way she looks in those clothes. It was such a refreshing take on love and romance. They had me going all the way and the movie was great. They had such a great relationship and they were happy for each other, but in different ways. They were both young and did not know each other yet. There were lots of silly jokes and references to things that people already knew. The music was great, the actors were great and the setting was beautiful. I love the innocence and innocence of her character. I love the way she wears her wedding ring. I love her freaky laugh. And I loved the way she makes "honey traps" for the criminals she can help. There were a few things I liked about the movie but it didn't seem to go all the way to the end. I could have done with more of her ex-boyfriend coming to a happy ending. But I think they did enough for a sequel. I think they have more fun doing a sequel than a regular movie.

Samuel Wagner photo
Samuel Wagner

It is a rare occasion when I go to a movie and have such an enjoyable time. In this case I did. No spoilers, but you get a sense of who the characters are before the movie starts. Overall, it is a movie that will appeal to everyone, regardless of age, gender or race. A great movie, beautifully photographed, well acted and with a message that works to overcome prejudice and misunderstanding. The beautiful scenery, with a few nice scenes, really made the trip worthwhile. It was wonderful to see the original songs in this version.

Richard photo

The film is a coming of age story about a boy and girl who's childhood is spent in an orphanage. The writer who wrote the screenplay has a sense of humor and has written the movie in a fun way. I really enjoyed the movie. The casting was perfect. I also like that the actor who played the female lead was the same actor who played the boy in My Little Pony: The Movie. Overall, the movie was very enjoyable. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Kathleen C. photo
Kathleen C.

I love this movie. It is both funny and sweet. I like watching it again and again. I really want to see this movie again. It is one of those movies that you just keep watching because it is just too good to miss. I saw this movie last year and it was just awesome. I can't say it will be as good this year. but still I am sure that you will love it this year. I loved how this movie tells a real story. The story line is very believable. The characters and the story line are very well done. I loved how the entire movie was different. It didn't look like a movie that you have seen before. I don't want to give anything away. I loved how the whole movie was different from anything that has come out lately. I think this movie is going to be one of those movies that will be missed by many. I really liked it!

Christine W. photo
Christine W.

For the last couple of months I've been able to watch this film without getting a pop of worry. There has been nothing I could ask for in a film that has the face of the American dream (literally and figuratively) with the aching heart of depression, yet you could be so much further away from happiness. It has a great musical and the acting is so natural and credible that I would not be surprised if this film takes home best actress Oscar. It is one of those films that is so true to life that it makes you reflect on the greater picture of life and the power of friendship. It is not the movie of the year, but it is a film that should be at the top of your list. Go watch it!

Joyce Vargas photo
Joyce Vargas

Loved this movie! I'm getting the whole love the girl thing again. I am not a girl guy but I do like girls. The movie was so very well written, the cast was brilliant, I don't think I have ever had such a great experience with a movie. I felt so completely involved in the characters, the whole family was just perfect. It's a wonderful movie, one that you can watch again and again, and still feel good. I just can't get enough of it. The directing was great, the cinematography was perfect, the score was perfect, everything was perfect! I don't want to give too much away but I must say this movie is very heart warming, there is a lot of laughter, love, and happiness in it. I would recommend this movie to anyone that wants a really good movie, I have seen it 3 times already!

Ralph S. photo
Ralph S.

Truly excellent movie. Anyone who has seen or will see this film, PLEASE go out and see this movie immediately. I am not going to spoil anything, but this film shows the grace and compassion of all the characters. There are some scenes that are beautiful and touch your heart, and the emotions shown are powerful. I have never been so touched by a movie, in such a way. If you haven't seen it, please do so immediately!

Jordan B. photo
Jordan B.

I have seen it 3 times now and each time I love it so much I will watch it again. An amazing film, I don't understand why it is not more popular, it is definitely worth your time and money. The two lead actors are amazing, all of the characters are not only interesting but realistic. Also the cinematography is excellent, I hope there will be a sequel.

Dennis T. photo
Dennis T.

I thought the movie was wonderful. When I read the synopsis, I thought that it was going to be like a love story. I was wrong. This is the type of movie that you watch, and then have to live with, for the rest of your life. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Carol photo

I always thought that the most important things in life are life's little pleasures, and that is exactly what this movie is about. It is all about "stuff" and "stuff" of the mundane (nursery things, art, music, books, socializing, etc.), but is never dull. It is clear that this movie had an actual life. And the characters are even real. But even with all the mundane, there is a lot of interesting stuff in this movie. I didn't know anything about this movie before I saw it, but I want to thank all of those who are involved in it, because I believe in the world they created. It shows a lot of poverty in a way I haven't seen before, and I believe it is a very hopeful message. I highly recommend this movie. 10/10

Martha Chen photo
Martha Chen

I loved this movie, it's great. I've seen it twice in the theater and can't wait to see it again. I'm impressed at how good this movie is. The story line is great, the acting is great. I just can't get enough of the movie. I can't wait to see it again.

Gerald Reynolds photo
Gerald Reynolds

I have to say that this was the best movie of the year. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was, and this is the movie that got me all psyched for the year. The acting was superb, the story was great, and the scenery was so beautiful. I cannot wait for the DVD release. You must see this movie if you haven't seen it already. 10/10

Wayne photo

I saw this movie because I am a huge fan of Josh Hartnett. I am also a fan of Patricia Arquette, so I saw the movie as a bonus. This movie was great. I thought the entire movie was great. I think the movie is great because of the casting of each character. Every character in the movie was great. The acting was great. The dialogue was great. It was an amazing movie. If you're looking for a movie to just relax and laugh and have a great time, then this is it! I was happy when the movie was over.

Rachel T. photo
Rachel T.

I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings series. I haven't read the book so I didn't know what to expect from the movie. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't too disappointing. The movie doesn't compare to the book. It has a great beginning, middle and end. The main characters are well-developed and the story has several surprises. You will definitely be on the edge of your seat the whole time, wondering what will happen next. The actors are excellent, the characters were fleshed out well and the special effects are very realistic. This movie is really something special. In short, the movie deserves a very high rating from me. I would certainly recommend it to everyone, but I suggest that you read the book first. I hope you all enjoyed the movie as much as I did. I hope that you have as much fun watching this movie as I did.

Mildred photo

This is a great movie, the acting is amazing, the story is great, and the movie is just a blast. When I first saw this movie, I thought it was going to be an epic film that was going to change my view on Hollywood. I was wrong. This movie is a really great example of how people can love a film because of the writing, and the directing. It is an emotional, moving, funny, realistic, and it's a blast to watch. It is the perfect film for a cold night at home with a cup of coffee. It's like a big, warm bowl of popcorn that you put your feet on and relax into. All I can say is just watch it. It's a lot of fun, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Donna Burns photo
Donna Burns

It's a pity that people who haven't seen it can't find the words to describe this movie. It is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. It is just amazing. The plot is very simple and to the point. The acting is good as well. The cinematography is superb, and the editing is really cool. This is a film that must be seen by everyone who is curious about movies or like romantic dramas. This is just a movie that you should see. The songs are also amazing. 10/10

Martha photo

I was really surprised by this movie. The first time I saw it, I felt that I had to go to a good movie in order to enjoy it. But then the second time I saw it, I realized that it is a masterpiece. For that reason, it is not surprising that I would give this movie a 10/10.

Jonathan M. photo
Jonathan M.

This movie was a surprise. A wonderful mixture of comedy and drama that kept me on the edge of my seat. There are times in this movie that I just can't help but laugh. It was so well done. I especially enjoyed the playfulness and sincerity of the director, Renny Harlin. I also loved that the story was so much about how our lives are important and how we keep ourselves from falling and getting a bit depressed. I enjoyed this movie a lot and I hope that it makes it to theaters soon. I hope that this movie gets an Oscar nomination and a lot of other awards that it deserves.

Kenneth Lucas photo
Kenneth Lucas

I was very impressed with this film. The story is exciting and the acting is very good. The musical score is haunting and hypnotic. When I first heard that Will Farrell was playing Eddie I didn't want to see it because he is my favorite actor, but now I am glad that he is playing this role. He is very talented and if you liked this film then you will love his other works, but I would definitely say that you need to see this film. You will laugh and you will cry.

Keith photo

This was by far the best film I have ever seen. I've watched it 5 times now and I still love it. I really don't understand why critics are saying it is bad, it's so good. Anyways. I don't think anyone can ever hate a movie as much as me. I think this is one of the best films ever made. This is the movie that made Tom Cruise a star, it is the movie that made all the young action stars want to be a movie star. The plot is really simple. A young man named Tom Cruise (Tom Sizemore) has an accident in the mountains that ends with him dead. The movie follows his recovery and how he becomes a millionaire after his first year of being recovered. We meet a beautiful girl named Grace (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Grace is the love of his life, and is a con artist. Grace is so happy to meet Tom Cruise. Grace tries to con Tom and help him to move to California. Grace does everything she can to help him, even stealing from the bank. She then goes to a party with a rich boy (Derek Luke) and an old friend (John Malkovich) of Tom Cruise. Grace decides to help Tom get rich. Tom wants her to be a good person. Grace turns out to be very good at playing the evil con artist. I really like the movie. It's a very good romantic comedy. If you haven't seen this movie, see it now. It's a must see.

Beverly photo

This was a great movie. I was amazed at how the story was done. The actors were amazing. My favorite character was Angela. She was so sweet and innocent. You can tell she has a very good heart. My husband and I both thought this was the best movie we've ever seen. The music was great too. Overall, a very good movie. One of my all time favorites. It was very sad at the end but you will never forget this one. I was a little sad at the end but it's okay because I still love this movie.

Justin photo

I love this movie and i can't wait to watch it again. I saw the trailer and knew that i had to see it. I was very pleased with this movie. The cast was perfect. Nicole Kidman played the role of Emma so well. I thought that it was very good to see her playing the character of Emma. I really liked the scenes when Emma is with Simon. Both actors were very convincing and the chemistry between the two characters was very good. I really liked how the actors portrayed the bond between Emma and Simon. I loved all the scenes that showed the relationship between Emma and Emma. It was so realistic and it kept my attention the whole movie. It was very touching and very interesting to see how the two lived and the feelings they had for each other. I thought that the scene when Emma leaves Simon was very good. I loved how Emma said goodbye to Simon and told him that she had to be alone. I loved that scene. I also liked how the scene was sad when Emma dies. I thought that the scene when Simon asks Emma if she needs a moment for herself was very sad. I loved how he said that to Emma. I think that Emma died because she needed to be alone. I think that Emma needed a moment to think about how she felt about her life. I also liked that the movie had a happy ending and it ended with Emma thanking Simon for the first time. I thought that that was very sweet. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I recommend this movie to anyone and especially to anyone who is romantically or sexually in love.

Jesse Franklin photo
Jesse Franklin

A beautiful film that I've wanted to see for years. I've seen a lot of reviewers who compare it to Eternal Sunshine and have labeled it a "sequel". They're so far off the mark. This is the first film that I've seen to compare it to the first movie I saw. It's a love story that has been brought to life by John Hawkes, an actor with a few big moments that make it work. The story, though mostly light and humorous, is actually a thought provoking drama. The themes are kept in the film well, not overdone and not overdramatized. It takes the focus of how to balance two lives, and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with the twists and turns of the story. The soundtrack, especially the music of James Newton Howard, is beautifully done and evocative. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking for an interesting and enjoyable film that can reach them as well as the older audiences. A must see!