فيلم Matthias et Maxime

Matthias et Maxime

Matthias et Maxime is a movie starring Xavier Dolan, Harris Dickinson, and Anne Dorval. A drama focusing on a group of friends in their late 20s.

Other Titles
Matthias i Maxime, Matthias & Maxime, Matthias and Maxime, Matthias ve Maxime, Matthias & Maxime (2019)
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan, Anne Dorval, Harris Dickinson, Marilyn Castonguay
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A drama focusing on a group of friends in their late 20s.

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Martha W. photo
Martha W.

I saw this movie in the theater, and I was moved by the movie. It is a very moving movie, because it is about love, and about how people can overcome their issues, and get over their issues. It is a movie that you can watch with your family, with your children, with your friends, and you can still feel the love of the movie, even if you are not the one that it was about.

Kathy Pena photo
Kathy Pena

I saw this movie in Paris and it was a big disappointment, I'm sure I'll go back to the cinema with a bigger sense of hope. The movie is based on the book by Christian Burt, which tells about the life of a young girl named Matthias and her new family. The movie is about Matthias and her family, but I think it's much more about the young girl's struggle for independence, her search for a new life and her identity, and her ultimate victory. The movie is about Matthias, but also about her family. And I think that the acting of the whole cast is brilliant, I don't know if it's the best thing of the movie, but it's a great story that will bring you to tears. If you are a big fan of French movies, you will not be disappointed. If you are not a big fan of French movies, I recommend you to see this movie, it's a great movie, you won't regret it.

Mark photo

The movie has a very good script, but the movie is very slow. The movie starts with a good message about how it is difficult to survive in an accident, but then it goes very slow, and it gets boring. There are many interesting characters, but the movie is very slow. The main character Maxime is a very smart guy, but his character is very weak. The movie is very good, but it is not that good.

Christopher photo

I was amazed by this film. I expected it to be very "graphic", but it was not. The story was good, the direction was very good, the actors were wonderful. It is very difficult to choose a movie that you can watch again and again without becoming bored. This is one of those movies. I recommend it to everyone. It is a very good film. The only criticism I have is that there were too many characters, but they were enough to make the story interesting.

Debra S. photo
Debra S.

If you liked Selleck and Jarnac, you will love this film. I have seen a few films about the war in the Middle East but this is the best. It's a must see. It's really hard to describe how this film makes you feel. You want to hug the characters and make them happy. You want to hold them close and tell them you love them. You want to tell them you love them. You want to scream at them for being selfish and selfish. You want to scream at them for being hypocrites. It's not easy to do that. It's hard to do that. This film shows that you can't hate your enemies. It's so true. I can't recommend it enough. I give it a 9/10. It's that good. I recommend it to everyone. It's the best film I have ever seen. This is what war is about.

Steven Patel photo
Steven Patel

I am one of those people who cannot watch a movie without commenting on it. I am not saying that you should never watch a movie, I am saying that you should watch a movie with the intention of reviewing it. I cannot believe that the film industry has not had a film of this caliber in a long time. I have always thought that Aimee Mann was the best actress in Hollywood, but I do not think that she was ever on screen enough to show her true talents. Here she plays an older woman who is very much like herself. She has a lot of stories to tell about the real life women she has known and the women she has known. The film is very well made and the performances are great. The film does not preach, it does not tell the viewer that they are not worthy of their own existence, it just gives them the opportunity to do something for themselves. The ending of the film was very touching and I will never be able to watch it without thinking of it. It was a perfect ending to a perfect film. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Jean H. photo
Jean H.

It is hard to imagine that this film is coming from the same hands as "The Thin Red Line", "I Spit on Your Grave" and "The Green Mile". "The Pursuit of Happiness" is a great movie, and it will stay with you for a long time. This film is about a woman who is trapped in a life that she doesn't like, and she does not know what to do about it. She can't go back to her former life, but she does not know how to get out of it. It is a great film, and it is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. I recommend it highly.

Alexander G. photo
Alexander G.

I first saw this movie on the Sci Fi channel in the late 70's. I was not a huge fan of the movies, but I found this one to be interesting. I had seen a few movies by Matthias Kader, and I think this was his best movie. I think it is a classic of German movies, especially from the 70's. It is full of little and big characters, and the way the movie is shot is beautiful. This is the best movie by Matthias Kader I have seen.

Jessica L. photo
Jessica L.

For the first time, I saw a movie with a purpose. It has a message of a good ending and a good message. It's about the relationship between a father and a son, that is with his son and a beautiful woman. I like the movie a lot, because it's about an "other" story, with a different look. I like the message of the movie and I like the atmosphere. The director has a good vision and I think that this is a really good movie. The movie is beautiful and the actors are great. You can't forget the beautiful soundtrack and the background music. I hope that the movie will be seen with a big audience and it will be a great success.

Walter M. photo
Walter M.

It's just a little weird that in the current political climate, so many people would rather be "cool" and not "liberal" than to take a stand for a better world. In France, they are telling us that they are so progressive that they are willing to kill people for a better world. In America, it's the other way around. The most powerful country in the world is telling us that it's ok to kill people in the name of "freedom." What's wrong with that? This movie was very well done, the acting was superb and the story was told well. The movie was a very good allegory about the state of the world today and how people are controlled by corporations. You just have to watch it and decide for yourself.

Joan T. photo
Joan T.

The plot in this film is very interesting, and it keeps you guessing. The ending is just so beautiful and sweet, that I would have never expected that, and it makes me cry! I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a wonderful film about love. This film is great, and it's very emotional. This film is about love, and it's about the love between two people, and that's what makes this film so beautiful.

Jesse photo

It's not a masterpiece, but it's one of the best movies of the year. It's so intense, it makes you want to cry, it makes you feel angry, and it makes you laugh. It's one of those movies that make you feel like you're not just watching a movie, but a movie you're watching. It's so well made and so very original, I don't think it will ever be surpassed. The actors are excellent, the script is amazing, and it makes you feel like you're part of the movie. It's not only a movie about a couple of young Frenchmen trying to figure out their life, it's a movie about the life of a single man who can't decide what he wants. It's a movie about the life of a single man who is trying to figure out what he wants, and what it is that he wants to do with his life. It's a movie about how you become what you want to be. I love it. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Gerald Baker photo
Gerald Baker

I was quite surprised by this movie, which was very well acted and the story line was very well done. It is a film that you will want to watch again and again. It's a good film to watch and see how things work out in the end.

Benjamin Knight photo
Benjamin Knight

The Best Comedy Film of the Year. At the very best. With the very best Actor, Actress and Actress in a supporting role. A Must Watch!

Scott Howard photo
Scott Howard

I have watched this film with a friend, and I have to say that I did not find it all that entertaining. The story is about a young man who is constantly bullied and humiliated by his classmates. He is also being bullied by his teacher. The film is quite slow at times, and it is difficult to follow. The acting was not very good, and the story seemed to be a bit rushed. However, I did like the film. I think that it is worth seeing, if you are a fan of Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Dorothy Kennedy photo
Dorothy Kennedy

I am a big fan of Claude Chabrol, and of this film. I read the book before seeing the movie, and I loved it. The movie is excellent, though, because it really captures the book. It's a great book, and I loved it. I don't understand why some people don't like the movie. I'm French, and I'm very familiar with the story. I don't think the movie is a step down. The movie is much more faithful to the book, than to the book's interpretation. I'm glad they didn't cut any scenes, because that would ruin the movie. The book is a great book, and I think the movie captures the story very well. I think the movie is a great movie, and it deserves more attention. I hope this is the last Chabrol movie, and I hope the next one is better.

Aaron H. photo
Aaron H.

I have never seen a movie so beautifully portrayed on the big screen. The casting is perfect, the scenery is beautiful, the actors are all fantastic, and the whole movie is beautifully directed. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful, fresh and original film. It is really worth the money, and I hope there will be more movies like this one.

Sara R. photo
Sara R.

This is a beautiful film. It's hard to explain, but it's about two people, Matthias and Maxime, who are completely in love. Matthias is a young man who is a little slow, but he's just as pure and perfect as Maxime. They meet at a party, and they immediately fall in love. It's an interesting story, but it's not what I'd call "artsy". It's not a film that will make you think about the things that happen in your life, but it will give you a really good feeling. It's also a film that will make you think about the things that you do in your life. It's a good film, and I would recommend it to anyone. It's a little slow, but it's also really beautiful.

Gregory L. photo
Gregory L.

I saw the movie today and I was really impressed by it. It is a wonderful film and I'm glad I saw it. I think the main problem that the movie had was that it was too long. The movie is too long and the actors are just not convincing enough in the role of the main character. I don't know why, because the movie is worth seeing. The main problem is that the movie is too long and the acting is not convincing enough. However, I really enjoyed this movie. It is a very well made movie. The actors are not too bad and they are convincing enough. I think it is a movie worth seeing.

Sara Curtis photo
Sara Curtis

The movie is about a relationship between two characters. We see how they are different and how they become one. The story is told through the eyes of two people, so it is not like the movie is talking to you, but to you. I love this movie and I think everyone should see it.

Lauren Anderson photo
Lauren Anderson

The film tells the story of Matthias, an immigrant from East Germany who works in a bookshop and has a deep affection for his young daughter. Matthias is involved in a civil war in which he and his family are a target. Matthias is forced to flee from East Germany to West Germany. In West Germany he finds himself in a new family with his daughter and tries to adjust to a new life. Matthias is not a happy man and he does not feel like he belongs to his new family. The film is based on a true story and it is a moving story of love and loss. It is an interesting film to watch and I recommend it.

Nathan Washington photo
Nathan Washington

I saw the movie the other night and I was totally impressed by it. The cinematography, the music and the story were all superb. I think that this movie could have been a lot better. I think that the story is very good and the actors are good as well. I think that the story is very simple but the acting is very good. I think that this is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. I think that the actors did a very good job and I think that the film is worth watching. The only thing I would change is the music. I think that the music was very good but I think that the music could have been more. I think that this is a must see movie for everyone.

Judy photo

I don't understand why there is such a huge difference in the ratings of this movie. I thought the movie was amazing, it was a good story, the acting was great, the characters were amazing. But I can not understand the scores of 10 and 10. I just don't get it. Maybe it's because it was not that well known? I really liked this movie and I hope to see it again, but I think it is a movie that should be seen by everyone. I hope the movie gets the best rating possible and people will start to see it. The movie was very good and I am very surprised at the low rating of this movie.

Gerald photo

I think it is an interesting film. It is well acted. It is interesting to see the relationship between the two men. The main character is very interesting and the film is very well directed. I think that it is a film worth seeing.

Carol photo

I am a big fan of the novel and this movie. I think it is very good and the direction is great. I am not a fan of the way the characters were portrayed. I liked the way the director put the emotions in the way the characters were feeling. The cast was excellent. The direction was fantastic. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes films about real life. If you are interested in the book, you will like the movie.

Philip J. photo
Philip J.

I have just seen this movie in a movie theatre in France and I was very impressed. The movie was very well made, the actors were good, the story was very well done and the actors all had their parts. There were a lot of scenes where I was reminded of "Sophie's Choice" and "Fight Club". It is a very rare thing that I can say that about a movie. It is worth seeing. The movie starts with a very important scene that gives a very important message to the viewer. A lot of people think that this is a movie about sex, but it is not. It is a movie about a woman who has just lost her son. She is a very strong and independent woman, and she doesn't know how to deal with the death of her son. She is a very strong person, and she does not accept that she has lost her son. She tries to make her life look better, to make her life look like a good thing. And she does not want to accept the fact that she has lost her son. The whole movie is about that. The ending is very powerful and it is something that I have not seen in a movie before. I hope to see more movies like this one, because it is a very good movie.

David W. photo
David W.

When I saw the movie in the cinema I was in shock and awe of the story. I had to see it again. This is a story of love and sacrifice. It shows how one man's love for another is strong enough to make him willing to die for him. This is a story that everyone should see. The acting is top notch, and the story is so deep that you will never forget it. I am giving this movie a 9 because of the violence, but in my opinion it is also the best movie ever made.

Marie photo

I read the book, and I was not disappointed. I have to say that I was surprised at how much I liked this movie. It's a very good movie, and I was glad I got to see it in the theater. The acting was great. I was very impressed with the acting by the two leads. The story was good. I liked the way they handled the plot. I think this is a movie that I would watch again. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies about the early 20th century.

Randy Hernandez photo
Randy Hernandez

This is a movie about a young man (Maxime) who is on his way to get married. He has no idea that he is the most wanted man in the town. But he is willing to give up everything for his fiancée. The movie is well written and directed. It is not a very graphic movie. I don't think it would be appropriate for children. I think that the movie is worth watching. It is not a movie for everyone, but it is a good movie. It is worth seeing.

Benjamin photo

The only film that I've ever seen that had me crying like a baby. I can't say I'm a big fan of David Lynch but I can't say I hate this film either. The story is about a man who is totally lost. He's in a drug-induced coma and can't remember anything. His wife (played by Juliette Binoche) tries to help him out and get him back to his old self. The movie is also about a mother and daughter who is in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere. The mother is the one who is the most responsible for this man's condition. She has to take care of him while he is in a coma. The daughter is the one who has to look after her mother while her mother is in a coma. The mother is a very beautiful woman who is extremely depressed. I don't think I've ever seen a woman play such a great role in a movie. The acting is great. I thought the actress playing the daughter was very good. I think the mother is also very good. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It felt like the movie was a little too rushed. It was a little too rushed to the point where I was like, "What the hell did I just watch?". I don't think I'm going to go see it again. I can't recommend this movie to anyone. I'm giving it a 7 out of 10.

James Davis photo
James Davis

This is a great film that I have watched many times and it is a great film for anyone. It is a story about a young man who is a writer. He is not very good at it and is not very well-liked by his family. One day, he meets a woman who seems to have a very nice personality. He becomes very attached to her and he writes about her. Soon, the woman begins to fall in love with him. However, the story is about how this man gets involved with a woman who is not his wife. I think this is a great film. I also think it is a great film for people who are in love. The film has a very good story and I recommend it.