فيلم The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is a movie starring Brett Dalton, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, and Neil Flynn. A washed-up former child star, forced to do community service at a local megachurch, pretends to be a Christian to land the...

Other Titles
Die Auferstehung des Gavin Stone, A Ressurreição De Gavin Stone
Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
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Romance, Comedy, Family, Drama
Dallas Jenkins
Andrea Gyertson Nasfell
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, Neil Flynn, Brett Dalton, D.B. Sweeney
USA, Mexico
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A washed-up former child star, forced to do community service at a local megachurch, pretends to be a Christian to land the part of Jesus in their annual Passion Play, only to discover that the most important role of his life is far from Hollywood.

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James Walters photo
James Walters

This movie has the power to put you in the moment. It's a little under time too. It's full of the moments you won't forget. It's a story that we can relate to on a lot of levels. Gavin Stone is a very good actor and manages to stay at the top of his game, playing both a teenager and a middle aged man in this very touching movie. He has some scenes that you'll recognize immediately from his work in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, where he's clearly the leader of the pack. His presence is obvious, but it's not just him. The others are believable. I'm sorry to say that I don't know of any film that is better or even comparable. The film-makers have done an excellent job here. They've managed to convey the feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, loneliness of love and loneliness of a loss. The writing is brilliant and well crafted. The direction is clear. The camera angles are artistic. It's never flashy or that boring. It's a good representation of the emotions that can happen when you lose someone that you care about. The movie is very touching and you feel the emotions of the characters. Even though they have families and friends, you can see that they are still in love with each other and are still hurting. It makes you feel their pain. I'm not a movie critic, but I am a very big fan of films. My favorite films are Oliver Stone's JFK, the Shawshank Redemption, and this movie. My favorite director is Roman Polanski. I love his work. I'm not saying this movie is one of his best works, but I am saying that it is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. It has a sense of beauty to it that is very difficult to describe. This is definitely one of those films that is unforgettable and that you will be able to tell someone about. It will be difficult not to want to share this movie with someone you care about.

Emily Mitchell photo
Emily Mitchell

This is a movie which is based upon the life and times of The Duke of Devonshire, Thomas Wyatt. There are a lot of people who are only familiar with the Duke's life as a young man through his work in Parliament and his leadership of the English army, as well as his personal life, which would make them pretty familiar with the story. So what makes this film different? First of all, it's not just about Wyatt's life, it's about his life as a person. There are a lot of themes, both personal and political, that this film deals with, and it's both well written and acted. Also, the story is told from a different point of view. First of all, the movie is made entirely of narration by the Duke's wife, and it is narrated from a female perspective. It is the wife, instead of the Duke himself, who is telling the story. Secondly, the Duke is portrayed as a very sensitive person, even though he had been a general in the army. So as an audience, it makes it a little difficult to get a sense of what exactly is going on in his head. In fact, many of the scenes are presented from the Duke's perspective, which makes the narration from the viewpoint of the Duke a bit hard to get a handle on. It also makes the movie a bit disorienting, as one might think it would be. However, this does not hinder the story at all, as it is simply presented from the perspective of a married couple, and is presented from the perspective of the Duke's wife. Finally, it is an important movie, and it is told from both the Duke's and the wife's perspectives. The problem that most people have with the movie is that it is not based on the actual life of the Duke of Devonshire, but rather on a fictionalized version of his life. However, as a piece of historical fiction, it is pretty accurate. It does not try to be anything other than a drama, but it is an interesting character study of a man who lived a very unusual life. My favorite scene in the movie was when Wyatt, who has been home-schooled all his life, is finally allowed to go to school and get an education. Even though he does not like being educated, it is still a great scene, as Wyatt is finally able to be educated. As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons the movie is so well-done is that the actors were chosen very well, particularly, none of the actors can seem to do a bad job at anything. So it is quite a pleasure to watch a movie, like this, where you know the actors and the director are going to be all right

Henry Thompson photo
Henry Thompson

I'm a fan of the X-Men and they had a few good movies, but I can't say the same for this one. In a way it's much better than the original which I did not like. The movie is about a man named Gavin Stone who takes on a new job as a waiter in a hotel in New York. He is obsessed with Jennifer Connelly and wants to impress her by becoming a waiter. After Gavin sees Jennifer on TV and he's trying to make some friends. He finds out that there is a great restaurant in the hotel where all the waiters and waitresses eat there. Gavin sees this and after he finds out he is a waiter he decides to join the restaurant. And is in for a surprise. The movie was okay but it did have some weak parts. The jokes were a bit weak and the acting was a bit over the top. But overall the movie is good.

Keith Contreras photo
Keith Contreras

Some of the reviewers below have not seen this movie. I hope that they can understand the reasons why I like this movie and why I have given it an eight, as the movie is a little bit long and also it is a bit boring at the beginning. And there are also some inaccuracies. The acting is good, and the story is really heartwarming. The director was able to let the actors do what they want, without worrying about any sort of political correctness. The plot is simple and the lead actress is extremely beautiful. Not a great movie, but at the end I was happy to see that the girl who was crying at the end was so beautiful and so cute.

Bruce photo

I saw this movie with my parents on the TV. I loved it. The characters were interesting and it was well acted and filmed. I particularly liked the scene where Gavin and Caroline go to the bar with their family, and Gavin's dad tells the other guys that he is his father. I think the whole cast did an excellent job. Gavin's mom was very good in the scene where she is trying to talk Gavin out of using the in-joke on the mailbox. Caroline was well played as the goofy wife. The only thing that bugged me was that when Gavin comes back to the family, he has changed so much that you can't tell that he ever lived in the first place. In my opinion, this is a good movie.

Mary Bowman photo
Mary Bowman

You cannot see this film and not be moved by it. It is a film that will touch your heart in one way or another. The acting is terrific by all characters, and it is difficult not to be moved by some of the scenes. The story is heartfelt and touching. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for the writer and director to create such a masterpiece. This movie, in my opinion, deserves many more awards for it's amazing acting, cinematography and beautiful music.

Bobby Estrada photo
Bobby Estrada

The movie gives a very good insight into how human feelings should be treated. I saw this movie, thinking that it would be the same movie with the same name. I saw it and enjoyed it a lot. It is a movie for the children, it shows very well the world, and the kids may find a lot of things in this movie to relate to. The movie is well made and with a good acting. It is a great film for the children to enjoy.

Austin Fox photo
Austin Fox

I really liked the movie, though I felt like it could have used some editing. The story is a little complex, but it's still a good story with great acting. I like the idea of the father not being able to see his son for so long, and how he turns to a father figure. The parts with Gavin and Eva were great. I enjoyed how they gave them some backstory and the fact that they ended up working together. I felt like it was kind of a personal story, and I thought the actors did a great job. I also thought the scenes with Jada Pinkett Smith were great. The scenes with John Cusack were great. I loved how he took his time with each character, as he seemed to really love working with them. I'm not a big Eva Longoria fan, but I thought she was great in this movie. She's a very talented actress, and her character was amazing. I love the role, and I really hope to see her in more movies. I also thought the ending was a little "surprising". I know that people usually get attached to their characters very quickly. It's one of the things that I like about the film.

Frances M. photo
Frances M.

I have to say that I enjoyed this film a lot more than I thought I would. I had been expecting the usual teen drama for awhile and I think that this movie was much more emotionally involved than I had imagined. I love the movie because it keeps you on the edge of your seat and doesn't let you down. It doesn't have a lot of jokes and the whole movie has the same kind of beauty that was in the opening of a Swan song. There is really something for everyone and that's what this movie is all about. I recommend this movie to all kinds of people, it doesn't matter if you're a fan of the original. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes a romantic movie.

Amy H. photo
Amy H.

I saw this film for the first time last night, and I loved it! I wasn't expecting to like it, and I was totally wrong. I was laughing, and I was crying. I didn't see this film for a lot of reasons. I am not a fan of family films, and I am a big fan of British comedy. I don't see this film as a comedy, I see it as a film that can be enjoyed by anyone. The performances are excellent, the characters are great, and the story is amazing. It is a film that you can enjoy for the story and the performances, but also for the humour, and for the people involved. I would recommend this film to anyone, I think it is a film that anyone would like to see, and that would be a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Katherine K. photo
Katherine K.

The life of Gavin Stone, a struggling writer from a small town, was turned upside down when his character, Gavin, was transformed into an intergalactic hero. It's a film you'll want to watch again and again, for the story and the characters. It's just great story telling. The cast is excellent. Just watch this movie.

Lori Reed photo
Lori Reed

This movie was certainly the most pleasant surprise of the weekend. It was enjoyable to watch. For most of the movie, you can tell that the kids have plenty of fun, as they make jokes and participate in their roles. However, in the end, the kids are told that they were unable to find another option that would allow them to remain with their old school. This reminded me of the storyline from Little Miss Sunshine, which I loved. There were no silly ideas at all in this movie, and the whole message of the movie was conveyed with some style and subtlety. The story line has the potential to appeal to all viewers, and that was what I enjoyed most about this movie.

Laura photo

The story of the revival of a man in his late forties from a terminal illness who becomes a powerful force in his small town is really interesting. There are many stories like this one and I think this one is the best. It is a family movie with some humor and some tragedy. I like the actors and the acting is very good. I really liked this movie.

Victoria Sullivan photo
Victoria Sullivan

I am a huge fan of the first film and would be thrilled to see a third one. This is the perfect companion piece to the first film. It shows the different personalities of the characters and how they deal with life. There is a great chemistry between Sam and Gavin. The film is very funny. It is a little slow at times but is a great family film.

Tiffany photo

This film presents an easy-to-understand and entertaining story about a young boy who learns from his famous uncle that he has cancer. There is a lot of comedy in this film, which helps the film to be uplifting and funny. The movie shows how Gavin tries to find peace from his illness. As a young boy, he is able to express himself through writing. Through his journal, he learns about himself and his family. Through this journal, he learns about the cancer, and how he can live through it. Gavin chooses to write about his battle with cancer and wants to make the disease go away, instead of hiding from it. This helps Gavin to become a better person and more patient. In the end, Gavin chooses to keep his journal, knowing that it is going to affect his family. In the end, he shows that cancer is not something that can be fought and that you cannot change it. He chooses to be a brave person and fight through his illness. Gavin is a great character, and I have a lot of affection for him. He is able to learn from his illness. This movie also helps Gavin's relationship with his uncle, and he is able to show his love to him. I have been a big fan of Gavin since I was a child. I really want to see him grow up to be a strong and powerful man. He learns that cancer is not something that can be beaten. The movie also teaches Gavin to not hide his illness and that you cannot hide from it. The movie also teaches Gavin that you should not try to change something that can't be changed, and that you shouldn't try to hide from something that can't be hidden. In the end, I felt that the movie was able to be uplifting and funny. Overall, the movie was an excellent film. I give it an 8/10.

Amber Jenkins photo
Amber Jenkins

I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago, and it has already become a big movie among me. I will have to see it again on Thursday. I give this movie a nine out of ten stars. I have seen it three times in the theaters and again on DVD. I have always enjoyed this movie, but on the third viewing it was not as good as the first time. In some places the script is more annoying, which I can forgive. The performances are good, and the story is interesting. The movie has a good message, and is well worth seeing. It is one of those movies you can watch and think about after you leave the theater. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Stephanie Brooks photo
Stephanie Brooks

Gavin Stone is just a normal guy. He's a guy who loves his family. And he's always thinking of how he can make them more happy. And that's the basic idea of this movie. Gavin is a normal guy but doesn't believe in Santa. But the father-and-son team of schoolteacher-in-training Toby (Danny McBride) and Gavin's girlfriend Chloe (Renee Zellweger) convinced him that Santa is real. So Gavin goes to the North Pole and is Santa's aide-de-camp. And the real Santa, Dick Stone (Dylan Baker) is the best person in the world. But Gavin isn't in the best of luck. The North Pole's icy cold environment is wearing him down. And the fact that he can't remember what he did all Christmas Eve is just too much. So Gavin goes back to New York City and decides to find his best friend Ben (Ben Stiller). Together, they try to find a way to make their relationship work. This movie is a very sweet movie. It's very romantic and sweet. There's lots of laughs in this movie. The movie is also very touching. And, of course, it's a sweet movie. Even though the movie is not particularly exciting, it is a good movie. It has a happy ending and a great message about Christmas and Santa. It's just a great movie! And it's also a very good film. And it's a movie that you can't miss. 8/10.

Billy J. photo
Billy J.

I liked the movie and was really impressed with it. I thought it was a really good story. It was very well acted. The movie was good because it was not full of sex, violence, or even blood. It was very enjoyable. It was also really nice to see the main character, Gavin, alive again. It was very funny, and I thought that it was very well acted. I loved the fact that it was not a very dark movie. I thought that it was really good because it was a light hearted movie. It was also very good because it had a very good story. I think that it was a really good movie.