فيلم Revival!


Revival! is a movie starring Mali Music, Harry Lennix, and Dawnn Lewis. REVIVAL is hybrid of every film idiom: Broadway musical, Hollywood musical, animation, green screen technology, and sound stage. Revival is the hippest...

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1 hours 45 minutes
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Danny Green
Harry Lennix, Holly Davis Carter
Paula Newsome, Harry Lennix, Mali Music, Dawnn Lewis
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REVIVAL is hybrid of every film idiom: Broadway musical, Hollywood musical, animation, green screen technology, and sound stage. In its meta-theatrical stylized bridging of the theater and the audience's everyday experiences, REVIVAL is a mixed media virtual experience of the gospel according to John the Apostle. The presentation of this timeless story is told by dramatizing supremely constructed gospel music that helps recount the mission, ministry and miracles of Jesus. REVIVAL is a concert film. Nothing close since JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. ...and served up with a splash of THE WIZ. It is a gospel/funk fantasia that speaks to all throughout the world; either as a film or as a live-action musical. Every element is designed to deliver a clear, comprehensive, and compelling entertainment experience-from the vibrant wardrobe to the irresistible music; from the craft of acting and the gift of song and dance. An amazing an uniquely modern and authentic approach to the Christian narrative. Leading a world-class ensemble of excellent performers is Mali Music, who plays the central figure of Jesus in REVIVAL. Mali is a bona fide music star and verifiable musical genius. He is also one the chief composers of the film's score, and will amaze a new generation with his refreshing and profound interpretation of The Scriptures. Collaborating in this effort with Mali is Abdul Hamid Royal, an exhaustively accomplished musician and Broadway music director.

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Michael P. photo
Michael P.

This is a wonderful, fun movie. It is not too gory, and the sex is totally inoffensive. The movie is great fun and a must see! There are a few things to keep in mind about this film. This movie is only for adults (or even adults that have never been to a young adult book store). The other people are for adults, but are not too obscene or graphic. The sex scenes are kept to a minimum, and the movie is just enough for the adults to enjoy. It is also a great movie for teens. Most teens have not read a single Stephen King book. So, for this movie, just go into the bookstore and find one of the books. Then read it! I recommend it to everyone. This is a great movie for parents. The book is better than the movie. It is a great film for teens to watch together, and adults to enjoy.

Dylan photo

I saw this movie in theaters in 1978, and I never forgot it. And now I saw it on DVD. It is so good that it is almost impossible to forget. The theme of the movie is that you can do anything if you just give it a try. How can you not give it a try?. I would also like to say that this is the best movie in the history of movies!

Madison Castro photo
Madison Castro

With "Reprise" (aka "The Dream Team") this time around, director Simon West was able to use his source material to take us a different direction. Here, George Kennedy is reunited with the original cast and they are the only ones who will be allowed to reprise their roles in this movie. So what better way to do that than to have the original players talk about the script and go through the script for the first time in ages. What follows is a very, very funny movie that will be hard to top. The cast is so great that one would have to be very lucky indeed to have a chance to see this cast doing any other movie. I give "Reprise" an 8 out of 10 and would say that if you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out, it is a lot of fun.

Maria photo

I have never been a fan of the musical. But I was glued to my seat for this. The musical elements were brilliantly done. I loved how the song titles were put together. I thought the fact that the characters were old fashioned was a nice touch. The story was even better. It was a good story with a good message. The lyrics were good. I think the original text was just a little too long but it was still a nice song. I liked how this movie ended. The message was good and not too preachy. Overall, it was a good movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes musicals.

Katherine F. photo
Katherine F.

This is a movie that i was always hoping to see when it came out. It was a very good movie, but it was missing something, and i think it was that it wasn't bad at all, the actors and actresses were great, but there wasn't anything new. I didn't have a problem with the fact that it was a remake. I was hoping for more to be changed. The main thing that i really enjoyed about it was the soundtrack, which was very well done. It added to the movie, and it made it more fun and entertaining. Overall, this is a good movie to watch, and if you like original movies, you will enjoy it. But you won't be bored. 8/10

Megan photo

This is a fun-filled tribute to the late, great Paul Williams, and the career of his son Steve. As Paul Williams himself wrote, "It was the perfect place to start the program" for Steve. This is the first of many great films that will follow. I loved this film, it was a joy to watch, and I have seen it several times since its release. All of the cast members are very talented, and some of them have won awards. This film is a fun-filled film that doesn't just care about the actors, but also the people that are involved in the film. It is not the family films that we have become accustomed to, but a film that is very engaging, and with many moving scenes and surprises. I am looking forward to the next Paul Williams project, and I can't wait to see this film again.

Nancy M. photo
Nancy M.

The opening is wonderful, the music is perfect and the movie has a great concept. The main character is quirky, but that is good, because the film is a comedy and not a drama. It is a little slow at times, but I guess the whole point is that you can't have all things and it is a great statement on how life can be. The music was perfect and you can tell that it was played in a place and time that is special to this movie. I had a good time and I loved the characters and I loved the music. A lot of times the music is so good, I can tell by the screen shots, and the first scene when the music is playing is great. I highly recommend this film.

Roy Collins photo
Roy Collins

A nice piece of work from veteran film-maker, Al Pacino. As he is always up for a good laugh, he gets one here. While this is certainly not the best film I've ever seen, it is a nice, entertaining film that is definitely worth seeing. I'd say that the acting is very good from all the actors, but for me the stand-out performances were from Tommy Lee Jones as the Father, John Cusack as the Brother, Peter Sarsgaard as the Brother's Father, and Vera Farmiga as the Sister's Sister. All of them were very good, and their performances definitely added to the film. This movie is definitely a movie to watch when you need a good laugh. It's also a movie to watch while you're enjoying a nice movie meal. Enjoy!

Bobby S. photo
Bobby S.

This film has the quality of a real life story and more. The actors are not for nothing. They were given the most of a very big task and in doing so they've succeeded with a marvelous performance. There are so many scenes of the characters playing themselves in the past, present, and future. This is the best use of flashbacks in the cinema. And when you see it, you'll forget the boring and repetitious stories of the present and the future. The acting is at its best. Every character is played with great complexity. We see the pain of the characters, but we also see the pain of their love. What's the connection between these two? How can you feel more for the protagonist than the antagonist? Why is the protagonist so cruel, when he tells the story? How could the antagonist be so cruel? The film is about love, but it also deals with family and that can be a hard topic to depict. This is one of the best films of the year.

Eugene Schultz photo
Eugene Schultz

One of the better Tango remakes. There are scenes where the direction is very energetic. It's very funny, as you know that the beginning will be very funny. The actors are very good. A lot of fun. It is definitely a must see! It will make you laugh and it is very entertaining.

Gloria W. photo
Gloria W.

A very intriguing, and at times disturbing, film. If you're into punk rock, it's well worth a look.

Craig Duncan photo
Craig Duncan

I actually saw this movie on cable about three years ago. I thought it was really cool and I loved it. The music was great, and the acting was great. I remember I was really into this movie. I love this movie. It's one of my favorites. I also love the music. I think the music was very unique. It wasn't really used much in the movie, but it really made the movie. It was very cool. I have never seen the play or the movie, but I do know that the movie is good, and I also like the acting, and the music. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies, and the music is very unique. I give it an 8/10.

Joan Medina photo
Joan Medina

One of the most impressive films I've ever seen, "The Resurrection" is a rare find in its independent vein. Raimi and company have crafted a seriously disturbing and eerie horror-comedy. Not a film for everyone, but if you can stomach it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. "The Resurrection" tells the story of a man who is tired of his life as a lonely, depressed and unproductive alcoholic who has been granted a cure by a mysterious stranger, and is now on the road to redemption. The film is not a straight comedy, but it is a dark comedy with an interesting plot. It is obvious to see how the film would go wrong in some situations, but I have to give the film a chance, because if the film were not so heavy, it would be one of the best films I've ever seen. The film is not as depressing as some people would like to make it out to be, and is a nice counter to the very obvious mainstream horror films. This is not a film to watch with kids, and I do not recommend that people under the age of 14 watch this film. The film was nominated for several Academy Awards, and was very well received by critics and audiences alike. I give "The Resurrection" an 8/10.

Jacqueline Long photo
Jacqueline Long

A super powerful musical epic with Oscar-winning acting performances, which tells the true story of Francis' crusade for peace in Africa and the region surrounding Africa, making the film all the more powerful. Its a story of two important men, whose lives were intertwined with the struggle of the civil war in Africa and of the evangelism of Martin Luther King, Jr. The film has a powerful message that resonates throughout the world. It is a must-see.

Peter Nguyen photo
Peter Nguyen

All the great stars in one movie is always a good choice for me. And it's always a good movie. It's a sad world we live in, and what we watch and listen to. So it is very difficult for me to watch a movie about depression and not feel like it's going to be an awesome movie. And that is what happened here. We were all really into this movie. I am a huge fan of Sharon Stone, but I have to say this is the best movie I have ever seen her in. I didn't think it was going to be that good but it was. Her voice was so good and her acting was just amazing. All the actors were just as good as they were in the original and that is saying a lot. So I highly recommend this movie, you will not be disappointed. And I don't think this movie is going to be a masterpiece, but it will be a great movie.

Bruce Davidson photo
Bruce Davidson

I just saw this film last night and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the special effects and effects in general. I never really cared for these things when I was a kid, but I really enjoyed this film. I have been waiting to see this film since I was 15, but I thought it was a bit of a gamble that it didn't have anything in common with my favorite films of the past. It was actually really cool and I can see why people would be disappointed that it didn't have anything in common with the original films. The animation is very good, and the pacing is very nice. The story is also very good. It's a very well written story, and the way that it's put together is very good. The only thing I found was that I never really found myself rooting for any of the characters or the situation. The characters are well written, but I didn't find myself liking them. I also thought the way that the story was told was very average, and didn't really strike me as something that would make me feel a connection to them. I really enjoyed this movie and I'd say that it is definitely a film worth seeing.

Jose H. photo
Jose H.

Well, I got this movie because of the rave reviews it got here on IMDb. And I must say I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed it. The whole story was pretty interesting. The ending was a little cliche, but all in all it was quite a fun movie. I recommend it to people who are into their cultural archetypes, that is, one who is interested in their own "inner child".

Dorothy photo

I loved this movie. I can't believe that I'm not a big fan of the first two, but I'm glad that I watched this one. It was very realistic, and I was impressed with the characters. It is definitely a well written movie. The best part of this movie is the action. Although it is not the most intense, and there are a few times when it gets a little silly, but it is enjoyable. The acting is well done, and I think that the character of Chip is one of the best ones. I don't like "bad guys" in movies, but Chip is definitely one of the best villains. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie with action, and realistic characters.

Roger Warren photo
Roger Warren

I had a friend who was a big fan of the show and he told me about the movie before I saw it. And after seeing it, he said it was a good movie. I would agree with that. It is not a great movie. I like it better than my friends did. But the music is great, it is nostalgic. I have a lot of songs that I have memorized and I am going to buy it on CD and play it over and over again. My friends always compare this movie to The Godfather but I really liked The Godfather and I don't think this is a very good comparison. This is a good movie that is not nearly as good as The Godfather but it is good enough. It is better than American Beauty or Any Given Sunday. It is not great but it is good enough to watch once.

Cheryl photo

Saw it at the Boston theatre last year, where I was introduced to the film by a friend. This is a solid, well made film that is very well directed and acted. The performances are all good, particularly Cher, but the three leads are as good as they can be, and even the villain is surprisingly good. The plot is extremely well thought out and kept me guessing the entire time. The film has a good message and is based on a true story. If you like films with good, strong, well made, interesting and often poignant stories, this is a good choice.

Donald H. photo
Donald H.

It's about time I finally saw this movie. I read the book in college and it was a real treat to see the movie. All the characters are here in the movie. Even the side characters are here too. The plot and the story line are all here. It is an original story and is a must see for anyone interested in history, music, and great acting. The actors are wonderful. The movie is funny and will make you laugh at times. I saw it on the road with a friend and both of us fell asleep. I saw it again the next day and it was just as good. There is some drama and action in this movie. It is a great movie. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever loved the Beatles. It is also a good movie to watch if you like music. The music is great. The movie is very enjoyable. It was nice to see the Beatles again. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in history, music, or just wants to see a great movie. The movie is worth it.

Edward Knight photo
Edward Knight

*Spoiler/plot *Spoiler/plot The movie tells the story of a man who is no longer a doctor, but instead a young adult whose most memorable experience is watching his friend die in a car accident. The movie was made in the mid 90's and shows the rise of the film industry and the resulting rise of the M.D. (medical student) industry. I think that this movie is amazing because it shows the ups and downs of being in a medical school, the highs and lows of being a doctor and also shows the successes and failures of being a doctor. For example, the death of his friend and the success of his medical school. The movie does not have a negative message, but is still very relevant to today's society. There are a few bad things about the movie. 1. The film is filmed very badly. Some scenes are very dark and some are very bright. It is not easy to see what is going on and it is not very clear whether the people in the movie are saying what they are saying or just making up stuff. 2. The acting is not very good. The main character is very quiet and shy and the main female character is also very quiet and shy. I think that this was a problem because it is not very clear whether they are saying what they are saying or they are just making up stuff. 3. The movie was filmed in my home town. I do not know if the acting was good or not because I do not know the people involved in the movie. It was filmed in my home town, which was the other thing that I did not like. It made it hard for me to understand what was going on because I do not know the people involved. The final thing that I found very bad was that the movie is not very clear at all. I think that if the movie was more clear, I would have been able to follow it. The movie is still a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good medical film. I give the movie an 8 out of 10.