فيلم American Dharma

American Dharma

American Dharma is a movie starring Steve Bannon, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. A portrait of controversial political strategist and former Donald Trump advisor, Steve Bannon.

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Errol Morris
Bill Clinton, Errol Morris, Steve Bannon, Hillary Clinton
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A portrait of controversial political strategist and former Donald Trump advisor, Steve Bannon.

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Pamela photo

If you've ever enjoyed making tea for your mum or father, then this is the film for you. It shows how the tea industry in China, especially in the countryside, was introduced to the West and it was not as good as the tea it replaced. The film is fantastic. The scenes are all great, some being really emotional and moving, some not. The characters are very well written and the documentary style of the film is fantastic. There are lots of characters, the ones we actually care about are all played by people we really care about. The film is basically a story of the teas of China and how the tea industry changed the world. The story is interesting and entertaining. If you like history documentaries, or if you like tea and tea culture, then you should watch this film. It's well worth it. I give it an 8/10.

Gerald T. photo
Gerald T.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Robinson at the Venice Film Festival a few years back. He was speaking on a panel about his life and his work, and we had a great conversation about life and relationships. He said that the film "Dare to Dream" was his first feature film, and that he felt he could show the film for the first time in a few years. And so, he did. It was a wonderful experience, and he is the epitome of a filmmaker. His films are always entertaining, even if they seem a little strange or unrealistic. I highly recommend watching it, and watching the others as well.

Bruce photo

The 10 year anniversary of "The Deer Hunter" is one of the most celebrated moments in the career of Steven Spielberg. The film is one of his most popular and critically acclaimed movies and it still evokes strong feelings for many audiences. But Spielberg's failure to really make a film that would represent the events of the Vietnam War is what sets this film apart. While the story itself is based on true events, the lack of depth to the character development is what prevents this film from being the classic it could have been. In order to create depth, Spielberg had to include numerous subplots, including his personal and professional relationships. His personal life is basically a series of separate stories that show how he became the man he is today. He includes the story of his family, his friends, his religion and his love life in this film. But while this is a very interesting story, this film has very little to do with Vietnam. We never really see the soldiers in Vietnam and the most memorable part of this film is the ending. The conclusion of the story is one of the most important and moving moments of the movie. The narrative is very well-done and it is a great watch for anyone who has seen the film or is interested in the Vietnam War. The narrative follows the characters of John Cusack, Peter Boyle, and Roy Scheider as they are involved with Vietnam. The story of how these men began their journey to becoming successful artists, writers and even filmmakers is a well-told story. Steven Spielberg's direction is also very good. While this is an important story, the director doesn't feel the need to include all the action sequences. He mostly concentrates on the everyday moments that the characters experience. He also focuses more on the characters and less on the action sequences. The style of this film is very stylized and the scenes are very well-made. The shots are fast-paced and the dialogue is very interesting. The soundtrack is also very good. While this film is full of great performances, the performances from some of the actors are just not that great. This is a good film for anyone interested in the Vietnam War. But I think the story is much more important than the film.

Carl McCoy photo
Carl McCoy

The idea of "The Dharma Initiative" is intriguing enough, but it's presented in a documentary fashion that leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions. This is not a good sign for an organization that has raised millions of dollars in voluntary donations, and it's a wonder that no one has been able to find answers for the people who have given money. What do we do with the money? The film ends with a very strong question, and that question could have been a potential season finale. It leaves a lot to be desired, and leaves me with questions I haven't been able to answer.

Rachel Lewis photo
Rachel Lewis

If you want to understand the world's media, this documentary is for you. It is not like other movies that try to teach you something in a lot of words, but just a story. As a documentary, it has a very strong message. It is the story of the media, and the fact that if you want to know anything, you must be a media professional. The filmmaker goes back and forth to various people in the media, and you can see how much they have accomplished. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the media, or the media profession. It is definitely worth the time to watch.

Marilyn photo

It's the story of how "the poor and the working class" have been economically oppressed and oppressed, for years. With few exceptions, even the poor who are "working class" are doing the best they can with what they are given. This film is an excellent depiction of how the poor have been treated for years and this film is able to portray that reality without being too harsh. I found this movie very interesting, and I hope to see more movies like it. I was surprised to see that the people interviewed in the film were all actors, which I thought would be a waste of time. It's true that some of the people in the movie were just actors, but the other actors did a very good job. They portrayed the people they were interviewing very realistically and I believe this was the most realistic way to portray the story of the movie. The only flaw in this movie was that it went a bit overlong. There were several things in the film that I felt should have been cut, like the introduction of the people interviewed by the film and the film director's personal story about how he first came to work in Haiti, which he wanted to include in the film but was overruled. Also, the interviewees were so boring that I wanted to leave the theater and never return. I recommend this movie to anyone who has been interested in the history of the poor, or anyone who has a good interest in the class system in the United States. I would highly recommend this movie to people interested in social science studies, especially if you are a student or teacher. It is interesting and challenging, and has a good story line. I would highly recommend this movie to any person who has ever been interested in the history of the poor and the class system in the United States. Overall, I highly recommend this film, and I hope it does well at the box office.

Mildred photo

I have just watched this docu on PBS. I don't know why it has been put on cable so often lately. If I had known it was a documentary, I would have gone to see it. It is based on the bestselling novel, and the documentary is filled with characters that the main character has encountered. This is a very strange film, filled with slow moments, often times people you would never meet in real life. The story is told in a series of stories that are sometimes told in a slow and detached way. It has a very realistic feel to it. In a way, I felt that this film was like a documentary about someone's life. It takes a very slow, but very interesting, and different approach to telling a story. The first story was about a guy who was a doctor. He is very nice, but he is also very introverted. I feel like it is a story that many people could relate to. I really enjoyed it. Then there was a woman who is an artist. She had a difficult relationship with her mother. Her father would just not let her work out. Then there is a girl who is a nurse. She is very smart, and she is very manipulative. Then there is another girl who is a gymnast. I feel like there are several stories that the main character could relate to. I recommend this film to people who like documentaries. It is a little hard to watch at times, but I feel like this film has a very realistic feel to it.

Barbara Stanley photo
Barbara Stanley

Just recently saw this film and I thought it was very important and interesting. The film follows a group of individuals who have experienced some form of spiritual experience. They are treated very well by the local clergy who are very supportive and love them unconditionally. They are also treated like very important people and are given good advice and support. This is a film that shows what happens when people are asked to take control of their own life and do what they want to do. This film is very uplifting and very well put together. It is very powerful and I recommend this film for anyone who is interested in seeing what can happen when people take control of their lives. It is an amazing film, one of the best I have ever seen. If you like this film, then I would highly recommend Finding the Light: Freedom and the Power of Belief by C.S. Lewis. It is one of the best books I have ever read and is very similar to this film. It is also very interesting and enlightening. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in spiritual enlightenment and not just focusing on the material things in life.

Karen photo

In this documentary, we follow three Buddhist monks as they travel to Japan in order to find a rare copy of the original English translation of the Dhammapada, a collection of Buddha's teachings that was written in Sanskrit by a monk in India sometime in the 6th Century. Their goal is to retrieve this text and return it to the original language for the sake of all mankind. The film captures the stories of the monks as they travel and share their experiences along the way, as well as various other thoughts and reflections as they travel to Japan. Each of the monks has a different story to tell. One says he had a difficult childhood and is very afraid of the dark. Another says he is very interested in Buddhism, and wants to help other people with the practice. The final monk, who speaks of himself as a contemplative, says he is afraid of the darkness, because he knows that darkness is going to come. He also says that he has never been able to talk to a woman, and that he cannot relate to a woman's feelings. The film is very informative. Each of the monks has a different perspective on the practice, and the film explores this point in great detail. The interviews are funny, interesting, and informative. It is also interesting to hear what the monks say about other topics. The film is well made, and the content is presented in a very informative way. It is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Buddhism.

Nancy photo

I really enjoyed this documentary. It was very compelling to watch. It is definitely worth a watch. I liked it a lot. I think it is about what the Dalai Lama wants to bring out from us, not what he actually thinks about Buddhism. It is a great example of a great documentary. I recommend it. I thought it was a good follow-up to the documentary that was "Nuns on the Bus". I think this documentary will show you the difference between what people say they are and what they actually are. I think you will agree with me. The film was well shot and well edited. The sound quality was great and very pleasing to the ears. I highly recommend this documentary.

Crystal photo

At times, this movie can feel a little "Bobby Darin-esque". And as I said, the opening scene is pretty "softer" than you might expect. But after that, it gets pretty hard to take it seriously. It's really a good thing, though, that the filmmakers are so candid about what they did, so we don't have to. And once they got past the artifice, the film is actually pretty good. But it just feels like the filmmakers took all that footage and simply made it look like what they wanted. There's some really great, dramatic music in there, and the sequences are very well shot. The movie has a very unique style, and is much better than I expected. But, it's also pretty much a performance-driven film, so it can be a little hard to sit through sometimes. It's a solid documentary that's not as good as it should be, but is still very good. It's not one of the best movies I've seen, but I think it's a pretty good watch.

Brenda B. photo
Brenda B.

I can't remember a documentary about spirituality ever like this. It is an eye-opening look at the philosophies of many different religions, including Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc. I saw it twice, and can't get enough of it. From the very beginning, this film covers many different perspectives. One of the most interesting is the role of spirituality in the lives of many people who are atheists, agnostics, or non-believers. The film shows how people live in each religion. It also shows how the beliefs of the respective religions can be inconsistent, and how people can become involved in different religions without being consciously aware of their different beliefs. It also shows the attempts of each religion to control and dominate the beliefs of the other religions. The film's characters are very well chosen. The different religions are all portrayed as people who are in different stages of their lives. The characters are varied and interesting, and the interviews with them are very interesting. It is not always easy to watch, as there are so many religious and nonreligious people in this film. It is a wonderful film, and I recommend it to anyone.

Michelle B. photo
Michelle B.

The Bowery Boys are one of New York's finest rock bands. They have a history of showing up late, missing gigs, and leaving behind all their recorded material. This documentary follows them through their road trip from New York to the Philippines, in search of their albums. This is a very insightful film, but at the same time, it's a bit of a letdown. At one point, I found myself waiting for the Bowery Boys to play some new music. This movie is a very good history of the band, but not a great documentary. The music is great, but it's not that great of a documentary. The film is a bit slow in places, and it lacks the punch of an interesting history of the band.

Kathleen Robertson photo
Kathleen Robertson

This is a very well made documentary on the life of Reverend Jerry Falwell, a controversial televangelist and a far-right conservative Christian who was extremely influential in the development of the Moral Majority. It's a fascinating look at Falwell's life and his impact on the Republican party, but also his political leanings. It's also a look at Falwell's fight to be taken seriously, and what he thinks the government will do when he isn't being taken seriously, including the 1968 riots in which the Reverend was a part of. Falwell was the most popular televangelist of his time, and was very well-known and respected. He was often seen as a major figure on television, and was usually at the top of the ratings. Falwell wanted to make a statement, and didn't want to be taken seriously. He was also known for his outrageous rhetoric, and his bold statements were a major point of controversy in the 1960s. One of the main topics discussed in this documentary is the 1968 riots that happened in the town of Birmingham, Alabama, which was the site of the segregated South. The riots led to an uproar, and Falwell was accused of racism for saying that it was not the blacks' fault the riots happened. The riots started after a black man named James Meredith was beaten by a white mob in a town park. The riots spread to other cities, and the media picked up on Falwell's statements and his controversial speeches. Falwell was also known for his anti-Catholic statements and his stance on women's rights. He was also very vocal on what he thought of homosexuality, and had many controversial statements on homosexuality. This is a very good documentary that covers many interesting aspects of Falwell's life and career. It's also interesting to see the transformation of the Reverend from a charismatic man to a person who was not as popular as he had been in the past, and the way that his views have changed. It's also interesting to see how much of his life was spent in the south, especially during his career as a minister. I think it's one of the better documentaries that I have seen on Falwell, and I think that it's very interesting and worth seeing.

Keith photo

The first half of this documentary is quite nice and interesting. I love the conversation between the two men and I thought it was funny. The second half is also quite interesting and interesting, but it gets a little bit boring. I liked the idea of the documentary because of the funny parts, but I really wish the second half would be a little bit more interesting. But I still liked the second half of the documentary very much.

Carol Armstrong photo
Carol Armstrong

This film has a cast that includes such stars as Morgan Freeman and Jeff Daniels. It also has a subject matter that is very difficult to ignore and yet that the characters go through is extremely engaging. It is difficult to say whether this film will make any money. It may be the ultimate cinematic lie. I have no idea if it is true that everyone sees the same film or not. This is a subject matter that is so uncomfortable and yet so popular that it is difficult to watch it without a sinking feeling. The main character in the film has some really amazing insights into the nature of our beliefs. As someone who has watched a lot of religion documentaries, I found that I understood why they are so important to some people. This is one of those documentaries that I hope will get a lot of publicity. It is a film that will be seen by many people and not by many others. The film was entertaining and moving, but it left me with a feeling that I didn't understand or understand how it was going to end. It was too bizarre and too off-putting. I am not sure what the director was going for in this film, but I think that he could have done a better job.

Paul photo

I'm just amazed by the number of people who have said "hey, that's not how it was." The show doesn't take the American Civil War in the way that "The Civil War" did, but there are some very important points that are addressed. It's not perfect, but there is a huge amount of detail that is included. It's a story of a time in history when people were so blind to the true nature of slavery that they did not see the conflict between the black and white races for what it was, that they didn't see the other side of the issue. The main focus of the film is to show that the Northern Union wanted to preserve slavery, but it wasn't just that. It was about the conflict between the slave owning states and the Northern states. And it's a story that needs to be told.

Marilyn O. photo
Marilyn O.

I'm not a fan of radical Islam, and the documentary was only partially entertaining. I'm not sure what the film was trying to prove. However, the idea that this could be a possible path for people to Christianity was interesting and made for good arguments. I would have liked to see more of the "soul searching" process. I would have also liked to see more of the discussion and debate on the matter. I found the voice-over to be pretty boring. If I had known more about the debate, I would have seen a more convincing story. However, it was still interesting. I would recommend watching the film. The presentation and the conversations are interesting and make for good discussion.

Karen Stevens photo
Karen Stevens

I am a Buddhist and I have been for a long time. I have been searching for a good way to talk about Buddhism, for a while. I searched high and low, but couldn't find a good approach. The only thing I found was "Stir of Echoes". In a nutshell, the main theme is the paradoxes in life. I do not like to talk about this topic too much, but I have a feeling that the subject could be a bit more useful to Buddhists. This film is very long, but it is a very good way to get the point across. It is not very often that a film can get so deep, and so engaging, from so simple a topic. I would recommend this film to anyone, Buddhists or non-Buddhists. The idea is not very original, but the execution is very good. I would recommend this film to anyone, especially Buddhists. I also think that people who have been searching for a good approach to life, or to Buddhism in general, will like this film. I think that it is very valuable. I wish that this film had been a little longer.

Jesse photo

This film tells the story of the War on Terror and the people who live with it every day. As the saying goes, 'we don't live here' but rather we live in the way of war. In this film, a variety of different people are portrayed as the soldiers, 'the people' or 'the people who do not live here'. They talk about how they got into this war, how they were there, how they lost their loved ones, how they were misled by the government, etc. I would say the film is more about the consequences of war and the people that live in it. If you like documentaries and want to see a good documentary that really does not do anything but tell you about war, you should see this one. It is a must see.

James Myers photo
James Myers

I have watched this film twice now, and I still think it is an excellent documentary on the subject of corruption in the movie business. This film should be compulsory viewing for any and every movie lover. The interviews are the most fascinating part of the film. Some have asked me what I think of the film. I have to say that the performances by many of the actors are fantastic. As a former actress, I can say that many of the actors are much better than what I have seen in many of the films that I have ever seen. I really do hope that this film becomes more popular because I really do believe that it should be. The only way to stop this corruption is to send our executives to jail. I would hope that the US Senate will pass a law that would make it a crime for executives to pocket more than they are paid. I have not seen the German version of the film yet but I am sure that I will be watching this one. I hope that all of the actors, directors, and executives involved with this film are given the courage to come out and speak out about their experiences.

Mildred C. photo
Mildred C.

The film was made by Pulitzer Prize winner Ta-Nehisi Coates, who does not feel the need to say anything about this great man's life. He just gives the viewer a window into what the average African-American man goes through on a daily basis. As he stated, "I don't think this movie is a documentary." He certainly had many documentaries that are highly influential. These include Selma, We Were Soldiers, and To Kill a Mockingbird. I think I know what it's like to have a high school-aged black kid in my neighborhood. The best way to see this movie is to listen to his music. If you don't like his music, you can always buy his CD. All his songs are great, and his lyrics are very real. This movie will make you feel like you are on his side. It will make you think about your life and see yourself as a strong, independent, and determined person. This is a must see.

Jeremy Pena photo
Jeremy Pena

If you have an interest in Buddhism and/or faith in miracles, this film will blow your mind. It's more about the miraculous than about the religion itself. It will make you think about religion and how it impacts people. I saw this film at a Buddhist conference and heard a lot of people say how impressed they were with the visuals and the research that went into the film. I can see why, as this film is well worth your time. It's a great story of faith and faith in miracles. And it's all done with very few plot holes.

Bruce Y. photo
Bruce Y.

This is a very well-done documentary about the inspirational teachings of the Dalai Lama. I have read several articles about his life and this was one of the best. The interviewees were inspiring, even the monks, and the film was very inspiring. It was a very well-rounded documentary that showed the life of the Dalai Lama. I highly recommend it.