فيلم Massacre on Aisle 12

Massacre on Aisle 12

Massacre on Aisle 12 is a movie starring Chad Ridgely, Michael Buonomo, and Jim Klock. A hardware store employee's first night on the job is disrupted by the discovery of a dead body and a duffel bag full of cash.

Running Time
1 hours 23 minutes
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Horror, Comedy
Jim Klock, William Mark McCullough
Chad Ridgely, A.J. Via
Doug Burch, Jim Klock, Michael Buonomo, Chad Ridgely
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A hardware store employee's first night on the job is disrupted by the discovery of a dead body and a duffel bag full of cash.

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Karen S. photo
Karen S.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous movies I've seen since Scream, which was already completely ridiculous at the time of its release. The title of the movie could have easily been set off with a disclaimer. "This is a parody, not a true story". It would've been more successful. Instead, we get a poor man's "Revenge Of The Nerds", and it's the perfect title, don't you think? Nevertheless, I enjoyed this movie, because it's a nice mix of slasher movie, weird science experiments, and all the lesser known special effects. The death scenes are shot in slow-motion, and I really like the characters in this movie. I have to say that the music and the people screaming at each other in the back of the theatre must've been a huge inspiration to "Species", a movie about a man that goes insane because of a cockroach that accidentally enters his luggage. Anyhoo, The AIs are probably the coolest, because they're the only people who know exactly how to do their job. Overall, this is a good movie for those who just want to see lots of blood and guts. If you're in for something different, check it out.

Mary Arnold photo
Mary Arnold

Almost exclusively made for TV in the 70's, this obscure movie was certainly one of the most obscure movies of the time. There was one day this kid took his friend's car and drove out of town in a blizzard. The movie opens with the two teenagers driving their car to their father's car factory. The dad asks them if they can find a way to get there safely and explains the blizzard has broken out and people are turning into ice zombies. Before they realize it the car breaks down and they end up stranded on an icy road. The next thing they know they're in the snow, freezing, and struggling to keep warm. Over the course of this 1 1/2 hour movie they're woken up by a strange noise coming from a nearby cave. As they run out of oxygen, the two decide to stay in the cave and take shelter. Their friend then wakes up, tells them his girlfriend has been taken by the zombies, and that they need to go to the gas station. The two head out to the gas station to try to find the location of her girlfriend and the gas station. I found the movie very confusing, but had an interesting plot and cast. While not the best horror movie ever made, this was definitely one of the best mystery movies ever made, making it worth a watch. 7/10

Jordan H. photo
Jordan H.

This is my first review, so excuse the short review. It's too late to correct a mistake when I make one myself. I liked it, though, and I'm sure that some others will find it interesting. It's a good movie, and it's worth watching, if for no other reason than for a strange juxtaposition of disturbing images and good music, and for an actual movie that is just downright unnerving. (OK, that is saying something.) The story, about a pair of former playmates who meet in an apocalyptic New York that's about to be overrun by a bloodthirsty, hooded gang of vampires, has a few interesting twists. These include the idea that, while they are all dead, the girls are still alive and looking for each other, and that they are somehow trapped in this alternate universe in which they are still in school and play together. This does not prevent them from finding each other again, as they both have some form of supernatural power, a fantasy dimension, and the ability to communicate with the dead. The rest of the movie is a good mix of genres: horror, drama, and social commentary, all revolving around a common theme of bad voodoo priests and sorcery. The most horrific scenes are the ones in which the vampires are being killed in gruesome, unexpected ways, and where the two girls are in danger of being swatted by supernatural forces. If you're interested in vampire movies that aren't for the squeamish, this is a good one. Of course, the dead friends are there to perpetuate the fiction that they are still living, and any evidence of their original existence is mere screenwriting padding, and of course a staple of the genre. This is one of those movies where you can't believe what you're seeing. Sometimes, even the best movies suffer from what I like to call the "see what happens" syndrome. You can see what happens, but you never can predict what happens. It's a sort of echo of film criticism, where critics often criticize a film simply because they see what's happening, but can't predict what's going to happen next. Well, this movie does exactly that. It does so because the dead friends are in the movie, but it's not simply because they're in it. That's fine, though. I'm sure there are more people who saw this movie than who didn't. This is a movie about good dead friends, about the very notion of good dead friends, and about being good dead friends. It's a nice mix of the supernatural, the supernatural, the supernatural, the supernatural, and the supernatural. And it does it very well. I liked this movie, and I like it because it has some good music. It's very, very good music. What do you think?

George Keller photo
George Keller

This movie was a lot more realistic than you could expect. Like I said, it wasn't a crazy twist ending, but a real 'what would you do' scenario. Also, the fact that the zombies only only attack at night. This made the movie even more believable and scary. The acting was good and realistic. The story line is a little repetitive but it's not a bad thing. I think this is a great movie to watch if you don't know what to expect. I definitely recommend watching this movie and I would like to see more zombie movies like this. But it's probably not for everyone. 7/10

Randy photo

The Girl in the Video with the Dragon Tattoo tells the story of Klaatu, a crazed killer who gets away with his crimes because his victims are protected by the shortsighted belief that the identity of their killers will remain hidden forever. As the film progresses, the story becomes more and more complicated, but as usual, there is a twist of the proverbial knobs. I think I have covered most of the points that this movie has to offer. The cast is perfectly cast, and they all play their parts very well. The story is actually quite a good one, and is enough to carry the movie. But the best parts are in the direction and cinematography of the film. The sets and the locations are the best part of the film, and the lighting is perfect for all the scenes that are happening. The direction by David Twohy (who directed my favorite horror films like Evil Dead, Halloween, and I Know What You Did Last Summer) is very well done, but he was most effective in creating the mood of the film. I think the movie should have been better. There are parts of the story that are very confusing, but the ending was quite amazing. I don't like horror films that end with the killer at the end being about to be killed by the girl in the video. It doesn't make sense, and you don't see why she would do it. The killer could have easily killed her at any point during the movie. It was very well done, but I think they could have ended it a lot better. The ending wasn't what I expected, and it wasn't a total disaster, but it was a little too simple and dull for my taste. Overall, the ending was a little disappointing, and I think it could have been much better. But the ending was a good one, and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad that they had an interesting ending, it made the film seem more realistic. I think this movie will be a bit underrated, but I think it is a great horror film that is not only good, but is also a great dark comedy.

Michelle C. photo
Michelle C.

Lily Alden is a new beauty shop owner who, along with her assistant, is murdered one day in the night. When the mystery surrounding the murder is solved, the real culprit goes back to work at her business, only this time, it's in the guise of her son. That was the basic plot of this gory, sometimes hilarious film, released by Hammer just before Halloween. The film is filled with plenty of hilarious gags. But, it is also filled with moments that are absolutely terrifying. This is definitely a film to watch with the family, especially the kids. This one will be a classic in the genre. 7/10

Julia Wood photo
Julia Wood

I just watched this movie for the first time in a year and it was such a great move. Every scene had that "drama" about it. The cast was fantastic and everybody was really great. I've watched this movie every single night since it came out and it just kept getting better and better. I'm not going to spoil anything, but this movie has no frills or cheap effects. It's a horror movie in a good way. It's also great that the director didn't try to use CG or special effects for the whole movie. That's something that this movie just does for its own sake. The storyline is great and it actually got me scared. It's not very scary in a normal way, but it got me very scared. And it had a very dark feel to it, that's something that I definitely like. I've only watched it once, but I want to watch it again. If you're looking for something that's genuinely good, I definitely recommend this movie. I also suggest the "Paycheck" movies, because they're even better and more creative. I gave this movie 7 out of 10 because it's a very good movie, but some people might not like it. But if you like this movie, I recommend the "Paycheck" movies.

Sean S. photo
Sean S.

I thought that it was really good! It had a good story, great acting and a good twist at the end! I didn't expect it to be so good, I thought it was really stupid! but in the end it was good!

Crystal Schultz photo
Crystal Schultz

I think the movie was entertaining. I especially liked the fact that it was not an exact copy of the book. However, that did not make it any less of a zombie movie. For a non-reading audience, it was hard to differentiate zombies from the real deal. It was mostly a slice of life type story. Some might be disappointed that it didn't have more gore, but it was still entertaining. I especially liked the way it moved a little slowly at times. Overall, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to those who are into the zombie genre.

Janet photo

A gang of Mexican and Latino killers have some old and dead victims in their possession that they are hoping to sell on the black market. The white and rich owners of the old whores' club don't like that so they have them murdered. The rich club owner - who was just after the police for some simple injustice - has to arrange the murder of the villains. The cops are called in but they can't do anything for fear of being killed themselves. The hotel-dorm owner and his sweet but nasty daughter are going to get their revenge when the white and rich club owner intends to blackmail them. I think this is an under-rated and underrated movie and is definitely one of the best horror films in the 1980s. The theme is important, especially in a context of Los Angeles gangster films like Night of the Demons and THE HUNTER. You may have seen this film before but I don't think it's as fresh as you might think. It's a bit too slow for my taste and the film tries to cram in a lot of subplots. The two stories are connected by the murders, but their impact on the two main characters (a ruthless gangster and a slightly sweet but manipulative girl) isn't well-developed. The movie just doesn't have much of a plot. It's quite obvious that the white and rich club owner is going to kill the three but the audience doesn't know why. It's also not clear who's going to get killed next. This is the reason the movie didn't really have much of a plot. The movie's secondary theme - revenge - is effective but not particularly compelling. I think a better film of this genre could have been made. Still, it's very watchable, so it doesn't deserve much criticism. The cast are all decent, especially Sean Astin as the gangster-killing psychopath. I give this an excellent recommendation.

Amy G. photo
Amy G.

I really think this movie had a lot of potential. I liked it. The parts that were good were the parts in which it was supposed to be "dark" (not meaning that it was a bad movie). The way that it was written could have been done better. The movie was entertaining and the acting was great, and it had some good action scenes. Overall, I think it's a good movie. I liked the book, but I don't think that it's a good adaptation. If you're really into horror movies, you might really like this one. 7/10

Raymond James photo
Raymond James

I was actually surprised to see the plot title. I expected to be scared, but this movie really made me laugh. It's a 90 minute short film that features "One Eye Guy" (DJ Qualls) and his gang, "Green Eyes" (Jack Pino) and the Bikers. It's also an 80s styled musical that is supposed to be a throwback to the music of the decade, but really just puts a different spin on the genre. This is an action/horror film with supernatural elements mixed in. It's more about the odd behavior of the Bikers and their wicked stories, but the ending is just out of nowhere and leaves you wondering what exactly happened. The film has several jump out of your seat moments, and some great performances from the Bikers and their leader "Green Eyes". I give it 7/10.

Henry G. photo
Henry G.

When the main character's ex-wife decides to rent a room at a haunted house, she soon realizes that the hauntings might be a little over the top. It's a typical haunted house flick with a whole bunch of dumb, disjointed, and pointless scenes. It makes the story and characters feel like they are both dull and uninteresting, and the pace and direction are both sluggish and unconvincing. A viewer might also find it irritating how they were forced to sit through one of the worst horror/thriller/suspense films to ever grace the small screen. The thing is, I just can't call this a horror film. It's not scary, nor is it gripping or engaging. It's just a bunch of fake-looking moments that could have been improved with more atmosphere and better production values. The lead actress has a lot to work with and plays a pretty bland character. There are a lot of obnoxious characters and bad acting. This film just kind of lags along and barely gives it's viewers any buzz. To top it all, the endings are like, well, like, super duper and corny and over the top. It's not very good at all and is pretty pathetic. This is a shame because it could have been an incredibly good movie. It could have been so, so good. For a comedy or horror film, I would give it a 10/10. Don't expect any scares, suspense, or suspenseful horror scenes, and watch it at your own risk.

Harry Lynch photo
Harry Lynch

It is one of the most indelible horror movies ever made. I think it's sad how its only 5.5 on IMDb. It's a movie I will watch over and over again. And then when I get a chance to watch it on cable, I'll bring it on-line to watch with a friend. Yes, it is true. I love this movie. It is a masterpiece of cinema and probably one of the greatest horror movies ever made. The movie works on so many levels. The director John Milius has created a masterpiece that's unique. The acting in this movie is excellent. Linda Blair is a stunning woman and Richard O'Brien is very convincing as the psychotic murderer. James Woods is the most terrifying person in the movie. His performance is so chilling and truly horrifying. The movie's screenplay is written so well. It will make you think about what you just saw and it will make you wonder about the past that you can't forget. The soundtrack is awesome and it will rock your socks off. I think that every horror fan needs to watch this movie.

Patricia G. photo
Patricia G.

I'm glad to say that I enjoyed this film. It's not the type of film that was anticipated by all the late night talk show hosts who thought it would be some kind of a throwback to Halloween. It's a bit more gruesome than that, but also way cooler and cool. A real sick, twisted, brain-dead film. A young woman wakes up on the train-ground with no memory of how she got there. A young man then runs from the train on a light-bike, which makes the train hit the right-of-way, killing everyone on board. The young woman tries to survive by eating what she can. The movie then shifts gears and you start to see what makes the man tick. This film is pretty gruesome and the way the young woman survives, even though she is in some kind of hell, it seems so easy and quick. Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It's just the kind of film that I love, and I know a lot of people who also love this film. So in the end, I'd say it's a pretty good horror film. I also liked the way it kept you on your toes as to what is going to happen next. Although, this film is definitely a throwback to the 70s films, the story line doesn't rely on blood and gore. The characters are decent enough. I was never bored with the movie. I thought the cinematography was pretty good, and I thought that the acting was pretty good. I liked the cinematography, and I liked how the movie was set in a time and place that I'm familiar with. It was definitely a cool flick. If you're a fan of Italian horror films or the slashers, then this is definitely a must-see! The reviews here are all high, so I figured why not?

Eric M. photo
Eric M.

The year is 1982 and Bruce Campbell's The Evil Dead is an interesting film, boasting strong performances from the five leads, and a clever supernatural twist. The next film in the series is that of the same name. Although it never quite reaches the sheer intensity of Evil Dead 2, it still does well in creating a decent film, mixing humour and scares into a satisfying package. While it's no Bloody Hallow, it's not without its merits, and I can't recommend it enough, for fans of the series.

Sandra photo

this film takes elements of slasher movies, scifi movies, horror movies and gialli and brings it to a darker and grittier kind of movie. it does this by taking the time to tell the story the way it was meant to be told and it does it well. this is a movie that i would recommend to anyone who wants a fresh, stylish and scary movie that won't break the bank, a movie that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you cringe and leave you wanting more. as for me personally i had a great time watching this movie and i was entertained from start to finish. the way this movie portrays the horrors of the present is truly beautiful and comes across very nicely on screen. the movie itself is a true masterpiece and definitely worth a watch. i give this movie an A

Christine photo

Since I have to admit that I never liked the first movie, I watched this one not really expecting too much. I really didn't expect much from this one, but I was wrong. This one is more of a low-budget horror than a "distressed teen" flick. It's about this couple who moved in together and were a little disturbed about their surroundings. A new neighbor comes into town and shows her how horrible things are. So much that she creates a brother and sister-less horror flick as a form of revenge. The first half of the movie is kind of fun. It's kind of funny and creepy at the same time. This movie is also quite funny. However, the movie is not really a horror flick. While it is a little more violent than other films in the same genre, it's not really scary. And the ending is kind of predictable. Still, it's a good entry in the genre.

Jesse photo

Many a film has been inspired by the success of the American Psycho book, with the British series of films with Rene Clair, and the Stuart Gordon movies with his sidekick Mel Brooks. This is an attempt to mimic those films, but in a more modern twist, by using the term "annihilation" as a main character. A case of life imitating art imitating life, A year later A hundred years later: in which two immortal lovers work out how to destroy themselves in the most unlikely way possible, while in the background a journalist questions the likes of "Life imitating art"? Or if you prefer, "How can you save me?" "Are you done with me yet?" "Did I really just say that?" "What am I going to do now?" "I can't live without you." To really understand this film, you have to have read the book, but the production design and costume design of the film are more than adequate. The dialog is occasionally more economical than the book, and the twist at the end might be a little too much for the viewing audience. But the all-star cast is excellent. John Hurt in his usual role as the "I-can't-live-without-you" type, Linda Blair as his beautiful soul mate, Rachel Hurd-Wood as a touch of madcap overtones, Jonathan Pryce as the hot-headed "brother-in-law", Bill Nighy as the dead-man-now-alive, Julie Christie as the corny-ass journalist with a way too-long monologue about the women of Hollywood. There is also Robert Carlyle as an A-list celebrity. And when A-list celebrity does one of his trademark "look at me" poses, that's about it.

Kathryn photo

The film's overall pace is slow but gripping and exciting. It's the movie equivalent of waiting a year for the inevitable showing on cable. The graphic effects are outstanding and the performances are superb. Lainie Kazan and Elle Fanning are superb in their turns as well as the two (male) lead actors. Its not a perfect movie but it has its moments of humor and horror. Personally, I really love the horrific effects that don't show themselves in the movie for the most part. I know that a lot of people don't like the movie for whatever reasons and hate on the movie because of the graphic effects, but I don't know why. Its just a film! There are a lot of good points to it. It's just not for everyone and I do admit that it does have its problems. The overall pace and pace of the movie was slow for me and it wasn't very exciting at times. I think that maybe a couple of scenes were too slow for the viewer but then again, I'm probably just comparing it to other horror movies.

Joyce G. photo
Joyce G.

I found this to be a fairly good movie. It was a fairly good re-telling of a classic horror tale, that's to say a musical, and did it better than most of the stuff that came out the previous year. Also, the acting was decent. The two guys who played the lead role were the only ones who showed any acting ability, but for the most part, they were believable in their roles. But, while I really liked this movie, I was very disappointed that they were running out of ideas. They should have kept on going until they found something that could have used a scriptwriter. Which, I admit, could have been a real, real, real, real, uh, bad idea. However, as for a movie, I would probably recommend it, as a horror movie, I don't think that this movie should be given the rating of a "B" movie, because it is better than most of the crap that comes out these days, and I would have probably gone to see a movie like that, but, I'll always hold the door open for someone, but, I wouldn't leave the door open for this movie. I give this movie a B-.

Danielle Peters photo
Danielle Peters

After having a stroke, young Fredrick turns into a serial killer. Helping him is his sister, Sam, played by starlet and eventual wife Rebecca Da Costa. She turns into one of the most interesting characters of the early 80's horror sub-genre. It's an interesting idea for a horror film. Obviously, this film isn't a comedy. However, its cleverness and high-tech photography give the movie a "noir" atmosphere. It's pretty hard to explain without ruining the film, but this film is completely over-the-top. The climax of the film is made up of Sam shooting the head of her husband's dead roommate. Of course, her former partner in crime, who is played by one of the great Mario Van Peebles (aka the King from Mystery Science Theatre 3000), is furious that Sam shot her dead. With the help of one of his associates (played by talented actor Jack Palance), he tries to kill Sam at a high school reunion. It's a high school reunion film of the "Omega Children" variety. It's not a film for everyone. If you're a serious horror fan, stay away. If you just want to laugh, you'll love it.

Cheryl photo

Possible Spoilers I always like to have a double feature DVD on something. Some are bad, some are good, but on this occasion it was a good choice. This is an awesome surprise. The opening sequence has all the typical Coen brothers characteristics, the main character on a high wire, some gore, some comedy, and the most unusual thing of all, a song! At first, the song is awful and depressing, but it is great in the end. The final scene is also great. It's not "The Departed" but it is well made, has a great soundtrack, and it is a sure hit with the crowd. Yes, I know that's not true. This is an "Aerosmith", "Little Fockers" or "Pink Floyd" movie. Everything works. The performance by Ken Turteltaub is excellent, and the directing and camera work is very good. I give it a 9 out of 10. "Vanilla Sky" is a classic, and it's hard to tell if there is another Coen brothers movie coming out next year. It's very hard to know, but a different one is coming, so there's a good chance. Who knows, maybe I'm just just looking forward to it.