فيلم The Zoya Factor

The Zoya Factor

The Zoya Factor is a movie starring Sonam Kapoor, Dulquer Salmaan, and Sanjay Kapoor. Based on Anuja Chauhan's novel, Zoya Factor is a rom-com about Zoya, an advertising agent, and her relationship with the captain of Team India,...

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Sport, Romance, Comedy, Drama
Abhishek Sharma
Sanjay Kapoor, Shoaib Ahmed, Dulquer Salmaan, Sonam Kapoor
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Based on Anuja Chauhan's novel, Zoya Factor is a rom-com about Zoya, an advertising agent, and her relationship with the captain of Team India, Nikhil Khoda.

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Ronald E. photo
Ronald E.

An utterly hilarious movie, set in the extremely funny world of junior high school football. In its native America, the children of parents who live in the United States (and are not Mexican) play a mean-spirited game called "tsaremo," which is played with a handful of boys and girls who take turns striking the ball at each other with a club, and sometimes a stick, to the beat of a traditional, rock-based song. The ball-playing parents (sans their children) are none other than Sam Elliot, the star of the famous daytime soap opera "The Young and the Restless," and Yvette Mimieux (credited as Camille MacIntosh), the superstar of the children's television show "Soap in the City." The musical score is composed by Michael John Epstein, whose other credits include "Best in Show," and "The Cure" for John Barry. The soundtrack includes plenty of hits from the two main characters, including the always lovely, always haunting "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." No less than Al Cliver and Billy Bob Thornton in a cameo, and an obviously youthful Blaine Gable, played by Steven Bauer, who was just nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. "The Zoya Factor" is the best of a series of high school football movies that started in the early 1970s. It includes the well-known sports drama "The Last Game," "The Last U.S. Cadet," and "Superfly," the wildly popular sports film from 1976, all of which are superior, if not great, movies. If you liked any of these movies, I highly recommend "The Zoya Factor," and recommend "The Last Game," also.

Phillip P. photo
Phillip P.

Katharine Hepburn's famous line "It's not the sum of its parts" sums up the atmosphere of the film, which revolves around the role of a business woman. The film's opening sequence of a baseball game is the perfect backdrop, where we see Katharine Hepburn being entertained by the Reds. The relationship between the director and his wife was to be another key theme, as we see Katharine Hepburn coming to terms with her role in her career, and in society. We also see Katharine Hepburn's true talent, in regards to being a beautiful and intelligent woman. After all, as she explains, she is just a working girl, who does her job, with a minimum of fuss and fussiness. This attitude has been adopted by most of the women in the film. She is not an elite woman, who is entitled to sit at the top of the league. She is just a person, who just wants to be a normal human being, and wants to do things just the way she wants them to be done. When the film takes a turn for the worse, it is only natural that she would fall in love with the man she knew was destined to fall in love with her. This was her final period of marriage, and she feels that she was destined to love him. The film is very close to being perfect, as we see the wonderful moments in Katharine Hepburn's life, and her relationships with her children, and with her work colleagues. This is one of the most beautiful films of all time. This is a beautiful love story, but also a beautiful work of art.

Crystal Lopez photo
Crystal Lopez

This is a classic example of a movie which is so good and so charming, that it makes it so hard for people to watch it with an open mind. The film is about a certain Polish pianist, Jozef Matusiak, who gets in a tremendous controversy at the school he works at. He was accused of trying to cheat his girlfriend. The affair that is reported is really far from the truth and Jozef gets caught and the school owner takes him out of school and sets him up with a wonderful piano player, Sandor Arkady. Sandor is the love of Jozef's life and a person who is not so easy to be with. Jozef can't take his love of Sandor for granted and when he realizes he can't keep Sandor after all, he becomes very abusive towards her. This scene is actually the best part of the movie. After that scene, I have to say that the film is really touching and funny and sometimes downright funny. The film really is a masterpiece. The music is wonderful and it's not a film to be missed. The one thing that bothered me about this film is the portrayal of Sandor. Some people call this movie racist because Sandor is not as stereotyped as in some other Polish films. But I think that's a mistake. A lot of people may not like Sandor, but I think he is a good man who is abused by his father and wants to escape from his problems. He is very honest and a man who takes responsibility. He just doesn't know how to handle this situation. He is not the type of person who is going to kill someone because he's angry. That's not how a man is supposed to be. The thing is, Sandor is not an evil person. He just likes to have fun. It's really sad that people don't get the humor in this film. The film is really funny at times and there are very funny scenes and one of the funniest scenes is when Jozef and Sandor are playing pool. There are also some scenes where Jozef says something funny, but it's not exactly a funny thing. There are also some great scenes, like when he sees the gypsy bar in Poland and he realizes that it's not as bad as he thought. And there are also many very funny jokes. Another great thing is the screenplay. The script is very good and the screenplay is very funny and sweet. The film is very enjoyable to watch. The film has a lot of funny scenes. One of the funniest scenes is when Sandor is hanging on a rope. It's a scene that I have seen many times but it's great because it's so cute. The film is a great film to watch because of the amazing music and because it's a very funny film. The screenplay is good, but the screenplay isn't as funny as the music. The music is great and the music is very wonderful and it's a great soundtrack. It's a great soundtrack because it's very appropriate and fits the scene perfectly. I'm happy to see that this film has a great soundtrack. I think that most people will enjoy this film. Overall, this is a great film. It's one of the best I've ever seen and it's one of the best films of the 1990's. It's really funny, it's really romantic, it's very romantic and it's very charming. It's a great film to watch because it's very good and very good. And because it's a great film, it's a great film. It's really good.

Michelle photo

I loved this movie, but I really like it even more when I'm drunk. If I had not had the alcohol, I probably would have loved it a lot more. I would recommend it to anyone. The main character, Tommy (The Doc), is a hard-drinking ex-drinker. When he meets Johnny (The John), he decides to get a job at a local dry cleaning. When Tommy's parents learn about his job, they get very angry and want him to go back to the bar. Tommy's friends don't believe him and they decide to try to get him to take the job. This leads to a hilarious and fun relationship between Tommy and Johnny. I enjoyed this movie. It was very humorous. If you liked Mean Girls, you should like this one.

Johnny photo

This film has got to be one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made. It is well worth your time and money.

Tiffany Dunn photo
Tiffany Dunn

I'm a sucker for any film starring Rob Schneider and Shirley Knight, and I am now a fan of hers as well. I wasn't sure if I'd love this movie because it was too far fetched, but I really did enjoy it. The film is set in the 1980s, the 90s, or anything, but it seems to stick to the time period. Zoya tells everyone her true identity (her true, past life), and we see her in flashbacks, which are portrayed as if it were a reality. So far, so ridiculous. But what the heck? It's a romantic comedy, and it was trying to tell a story. After all, this was just a girl taking a journey in a movie, and this journey was her true life. In the end, everything gets back to normal, and we see the real Zoya again, telling her own life, but this time in a different reality. The story is set in Paris, but it's Paris where she made her move, as a playboy (not in a sense like the manor in "My Fair Lady", but in the sense of glamorous and surrounded by people) who'd find him after a long day of partying. There was a lot of random humor throughout the movie, with the humor coming from other characters. People like Fred Willard and The Dick Van Dyke Show's Christopher Lloyd, and even Chris Penn's character, and they also play their parts, but in a silly way. Rob Schneider is a good actor, and he did a good job, but in the end, he didn't get to do a lot. I liked the way it was told, it was quite amusing and so I gave it a 9 out of 10. I recommend it to anybody who wants to watch a movie and have a good time. I have a couple of funny friends who liked it, and I really recommend it to anyone.

Sharon R. photo
Sharon R.

The Zoya Factor is a movie that is a lot of fun for anyone. I remember when I saw the film in the theater back in the late 70s. As a teenager I found myself cheering the two female leads as they took on the obstacles that surrounded their dance routine. The boys on the audience looked at me and said "no, you are the one who shouldn't be rooting for them, you're supposed to be scared and curious" and I could feel the embarrassment and rage that was building inside of me. When I went back and saw it again on DVD recently, I found myself becoming more and more fascinated with the subject of zucchini and how to dress it. It's a sweet movie and it made me realize how much I've loved squash when I was growing up. When Zoya and her girlfriends are introduced to the rest of the family, you can tell that they are the main characters. Their performance is outstanding and all of the supporting characters are incredibly underplayed. The cast also includes Maurice Jarre as one of the brother's best friends, who is a lot of fun. This movie also introduces the concept of Zoodles, a quirky creature who is an animal with a soft spot for humans. Zoya gets more and more involved with Zoodles and he tries to make his own zucchini. The movie does a great job in explaining what happens when people aren't sure what to do with their squash, and how it grows and plays. The movie is very funny and the writing is fantastic. The screenplay does a wonderful job in showing how zucchini ends up being used to entertain a crowd, or for a cut-throat competition. I was very impressed with the casting. I felt like the acting was quite good and the characters were believable. The characters are not stereotypical and I think it is a fun movie for all audiences. I can honestly say that I had never seen the film before this, but the first time I watched it I didn't know what to expect. It is very different from other movies of this kind. This movie is very different from other movies of this type, but I believe that it was better than the average because it has great acting, a great plot and a great screenplay. It is a film that is worth watching again. It is very unique and a great film that should be seen by anyone. I strongly recommend this movie for anyone who has never seen it before and is still interested in squash, animals, and the way they look.

George Medina photo
George Medina

This is a pretty damn good movie, even if it has its flaws. It really makes you think about what's really important in life. It is the same theme as the Breakfast Club. It makes you wonder what's really important in life, and what's just something that you need to do to survive. I enjoyed the movie a lot. I actually found it to be more of a drama and a drama-thriller than an actual film. The characters are all extremely well played, and the way the plot is developed really makes you think. I definitely recommend this movie, and it will become one of my favorite movies of all time.

Terry C. photo
Terry C.

It is a shame that this film has been overshadowed by its equally powerful predecessor - "Cinderella Man" (1989). Don't get me wrong, "Zoya" is one of the best movies I have ever seen - in fact, I have seen a lot of good movies, but "Zoya" is definitely the best one I have ever seen. This is probably the best-looking movie I have ever seen - with outstanding production values, superb photography and a haunting soundtrack. This movie is also one of the most memorable and entertaining ever made. It has been compared to "The Godfather", but it is a completely different genre and more like a drama than a gangster movie. You may not agree with me - but I am not a director of movies, so I don't know what is the reason behind the negativity of this movie. The only thing I can say is that the "Zoya Factor" is one of the best movies ever made. It is easily one of the best comedies ever made. I can't stress this enough, I hope everyone will see "Zoya" at least once. Even if you don't like it, I guarantee you will see it at least once. "Zoya" is a gem. If you have never seen it, don't worry about it - there is a huge audience out there waiting for a movie like this.

Joe photo

I can't even remember the last time I watched a film and then left it there. However, I had this film on my list for a while, and it's because I adore John Cusack. And I did, and I think this film is an appropriate replacement for his other films. The story is about a young man who is extremely good at baseball, but his father finds out about it. He also finds out about a new type of baseball that uses the muscles of the body to do something else. And he soon finds out he has an opportunity to use his new muscle, and he becomes quite addicted to the new sport. But even when his father finds out about this, he just lets him go, so the movie becomes somewhat predictable. But that is how I would describe it. There are plenty of great moments in this movie. The movie is in black and white, which is actually the better option for the movie because you can see exactly how the movie will end, which is quite a nice touch. In this movie, the characters, and also the acting, is pretty good. John Cusack, in my opinion, is the best actor in this movie, and I think he is the most underrated actor in the world. His acting is so much more mature than the acting in other movies that he has been in, like High Fidelity and American Beauty. And also his facial expressions, which is so mature, I really did love it. The supporting characters are also great, especially the father and the girlfriend, who plays her role very well. Overall, the movie is quite enjoyable, but not as good as I expected it to be, but it is still very good. It's not the greatest movie of all time, but it's a good movie, I give it an 8/10.

Maria Baker photo
Maria Baker

This film was so beautifully shot. I've never been to a theatre with a 'shotgun' style projection system and they got it right. A wonderful touch. In my opinion, they got it right. This film had an instant romantic and gangster plot and the acting was excellent. The plot was about the man who was completely messed up and who all the characters wanted to help. Also it was about his ability to meet beautiful women and to get a sense of satisfaction from the girls who was interested in him. One of the good things about this film was that the storyline was very clean and straightforward. There was no 'drama' and no explicit sex scenes. The only sex scene in the film was with the two main actresses. I believe this is not a film for young children as the violence and violence in general was more than a little violent. It is a film for the mature adult. I would say that the production was above average. It was shot in the old style and it gave a nice feel to the film. I would like to see more films in the old style.

Jason photo

While watching this film, one of my favorite actors David Thewlis (Giovanni Ribisi) gave a great performance as the gay "manager" of the school. I have not seen the film, but I have seen him in more than one film, and he is an extremely talented actor. His performance was terrific in this film. It was also one of the most politically correct films I have ever seen. The film is about a school in the Bronx, where the principal of the school, Willie Pailain (Stephen Furst), is in favor of the Communist Party. The students of the school are divided in different factions and the students are divided into "cliques" like in a sorority. Pailain is the manager of the school and takes an active role in the school's student council. There are very loud, rude, mean-spirited, and sexually explicit scenes in the film, especially in the scenes with the students of the school. This is a political movie, and many people may not like this film because of its strong political themes. However, I thought this was a very good film and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great film. The acting was very well done and I thought the story line was very good.

Samuel C. photo
Samuel C.

I must say I was amazed with how well this film played out. From the very first frames I knew that this movie was going to be great. The cinematography was exceptional. From the beautifully framed and choreographed scenes to the few shots that did not have an impact on the flow of the film, the cinematography was wonderful. The acting was superb, and even the supporting cast put in good performances. The storyline was unique, and it was as funny and touching as you would expect from a good romance. The dialogues were beautiful and witty, and the story flowed smoothly. This was a great film for romance lovers, as it delivers the feel of a great romance and story. I would recommend this movie to all audiences, as there were a few plot holes and unrealistic elements, but this does not matter because the story is so well written, it doesn't matter.

Virginia photo

Zoya. The word has taken a strong foothold in the English language and is the basis of so many movies and shows of today. Whether in the context of a smartly written screenplay, brilliant acting and a superb cinematography or simply a wild slapstick in which a "chick flick" character would make all kinds of outfits, Zoya is the equivalent of a few British fashion designer's "unisex" suits. It's a different, a unique and an overlooked world in which we live. There is no doubt that a story like this should be treated as an episode in a movie, but on the other hand there is no question that this movie has a tale that should be told and retold in other countries in order to convince the audience that there are real people who could just as easily be friends with the actors who play them. It is an absolutely fantastic experience to be captured in a single moment and observe as well as the characters act on it. You should know what to expect, but as a viewer, you should not feel like you have to know the story before watching. You should know the characters and what they want. They aren't running around and screaming for you to know who they are. This is the power of a good story. A great script. It isn't a "nice movie" because it doesn't have a happy ending. It doesn't have a big budget. It doesn't have great special effects. It has a script that could possibly give you a broken heart, a renewed hope and a feeling of hope that you can put it to use in the world you live in. I like the fact that it is a unique experience. I think it is an experience that should be experienced. And I think it is also one that should be seen by as many people as possible. A great movie, that needs to be experienced.

Danielle Davis photo
Danielle Davis

This movie was a wonderful tale of hope and humility in the face of adversity. The theme of hope and humility permeates throughout the film and never gets old. James Woods plays a wealthy man who has become obsessed with winning the title of World champion. He is frugal with his money and has limited expectations for his women. The movie begins with him looking for a woman he can give his wife. He meets a woman named Zoya, who is a nurse and lives in a small town near the Italian border. He quickly becomes infatuated with her and tries to win her affection. When he wins her, he feels free to indulge his addiction. His obsessions with gambling and women become a side effect of his fame. The movie goes as far as to say that when he is no longer successful at winning women, he is out of control. There are many references to gambling and one of the best lines in the movie is when Zoya tells James Woods that her son had come to her in tears saying he was "fired" and he told her that she would never be able to have a child. James Woods immediately breaks down and tells Zoya he would do anything to win a woman back. Zoya responds by telling him "I would love to have a child with you." James Woods doesn't seem to realize the irony of this comment as he replies that if she ever had a child, that would be no different. Zoya then replies, "well, then you would lose that child." James Woods is one of the best romantic leads in any movie ever. I'm glad he was in this movie. My husband and I were still laughing when he appeared on the screen. There are many scenes in the movie where he plays off of other characters to help get the point across. I found the acting of James Woods to be outstanding. As one who has never seen a James Woods movie, I found his acting to be superb. The only problem with his performance was when he acted like an impulsive, volatile alcoholic. I found that a bit much. All in all, I highly recommend this movie for anyone who likes a good romantic comedy.

Emma Edwards photo
Emma Edwards

Another review I read before watching this movie said that it was boring and boring. Well that is a boring reviewer and I will have to agree with them. The movie itself is very boring. The storyline is actually too simple. I didn't like the fact that there were only 2 main characters and not 3. It didn't need a twist. I also did not like how there was a forced romance between the two main characters. They should have just written it out. The plot was so boring that I was falling asleep during this movie. I don't know why they did that. This movie was made by a group of kids who only wanted to make a movie and not win awards. The movie had the same effect on me as "Groundhog Day" did. The movie was about a guy who lives alone. He has to go to a doctor for some reason. That's it. That's the whole plot. He gets a phone call and it's a doctor. The movie then continues as you watch it. No more details needed. It is hard to believe that they did not have the money to pay for a better writer. It was hard to believe that it was a movie and not a TV show. All of these people worked on this movie. This movie is very hard to watch and understand. I actually laughed when it ended. It was very depressing and hard to watch. I watched it on TV and I would rather not have watched it. I wanted it to end and it did not. I don't recommend it to anyone. They are going to hate it. I don't want them to be bad to me. I want them to love it. All of the actors did a great job in this movie. They did a great job in their roles. The whole cast did a great job. It was very well done and very funny. I think the director could have done a better job. He is not the most skilled director but he did a good job in making this movie. I think the director did a good job in making a good movie. I liked it but it is not worth the money I paid to see it.

Sarah G. photo
Sarah G.

A movie like this deserves a whole lot of praise. Zoya really shines here, and a movie with such a great cast, I really believe it deserves the recognition. It is one of the best films I have ever seen in a long time. I actually cried throughout the entire thing. The whole story line is so simple, but it made me cry. I don't usually cry during a movie, but this movie got me to do it. Also, the movie has a great message and a great message. It's actually a great movie to show children about sports, and they don't have to worry about doping. It is the best movie of the year so far. It's truly a masterpiece. Go see it, it's the best movie of the year.

Mary Price photo
Mary Price

I liked Zoya more than Edward Burns in "Scary Movie 2" (although he was good as the freak in "American Pie") as the main character, however, I think this film was a masterpiece. It has its laugh, it has its moral message. I thought that it was extremely insightful and very well-done. It is so brilliant that it even made me cry at the end! The film deals with a lot of the things that are seen in the real world but never really touches on them. It shows us that people can still be as bad as they were in the past, and still have the same ideas of "right" and "wrong." The Zoya Factor is just one of the most beautiful films that I have seen this year. I highly recommend it to everyone, and I highly recommend it to everyone that's feeling down. This film has been nominated for an Oscar, but sadly it was not well received, but it will definitely be nominated for Best Picture.

Andrea Alvarado photo
Andrea Alvarado

I just don't get it why so many people give this movie a bad review. I guess it has to do with this film being set in the late '80s and early '90s, when all these 1990s fashions, hairstyles, etc. were really dated. I thought that the acting was very good. Kristen Stewart was very convincing in the role of "The Queen." I was very impressed with the main lead, played by Robert Pattinson. He is a very versatile actor and this role was no exception. I thought the main plot of the film was very exciting and the plot twists were very exciting. I was so impressed with this film and can't wait to see it again. My rating is 9 out of 10.

Ralph photo

This is a film with a great message, in my opinion. It's funny and the story line is great. It's a very entertaining film that keeps you guessing the entire time. The performances are great from all the cast members, especially Matt Damon. I'm a big fan of Matt Damon, but this is his best performance in a film, ever. If you haven't seen it yet, rent it now, and you won't be sorry.

Carol Vargas photo
Carol Vargas

Good film. Good story. Good characters. The best since Park Chan-wook. The Zoya factor is the best for now. When I saw the news about the Zoya Factor I thought it was a great story about the conflict of a group of characters that is trying to survive in this situation. However, the film failed to show the real conflict that the characters are having. There is a character in the film that I didn't care about and he was important to the story, however he didn't feel very deep. But the real problem with the film was the lack of character development. I didn't know who was in charge of the incident or who is the best actor. There are too many people in the film that I didn't care about. The story could have been more exciting and intense. However, Zoya Factor is a great film.

Julie Marshall photo
Julie Marshall

This is one of the most beautifully crafted films I have ever seen. It's one of the best movies I've seen. There is so much story here, it is truly a tale of two characters. Nick (Timothy Hutton) and Julie (Megan Fox) have known each other for a long time. They have a special connection to each other. This is the first time they have kissed, which is not a good thing, but they decide to wait and let time go by and allow time to pass. But as time goes by, things become complicated. This is a story about love and how it can be used in a different way, without the whole romance angle. It's all about communication. There is so much going on in the movie, but the messages are simple. So simple, I think you could figure it out. The plot moves in circles, never ever ever giving you the chance to relax. There is an intense connection that's built between the characters and the viewer. It is a movie about the importance of love and communication. Love and communication is what is most important, and that's where the drama starts. The characters are such a perfect match, and it seems as if they truly care about each other. I was a bit confused at first about the 'character' aspect of the movie, but once I got into it, I realized that this is not about the characters, but the relationships. It's about the messages that are being communicated between the characters. The communication that they communicate is beautiful, it's a tale of two people with no differences, but their interactions are absolutely perfect. So this is a story of love, not necessarily a love story, but a love story. The thing I like the most about this movie is that it's about two people trying to live their lives. They try to communicate to each other, they try to communicate their feelings, but all they want is each other. And so they are very different, and this is how they bond, this is how they love each other. And when they are apart, they are like strangers, they are separated by time and space. They are like a piece of wood. It's just a matter of time. But when they're together, they are connected by their desire to communicate and to communicate their feelings. And when they are apart, they are like people completely apart from each other. So it's not like a real life situation, it's like this film is one on one between the two people. It's about communicating, and it's about love. So this is a perfect film. I'm rating this 9/10. I don't give many films this high, but I give this a 9/10.