فيلم The Times of Bill Cunningham

The Times of Bill Cunningham

The Times of Bill Cunningham is a movie starring Bill Cunningham and Sarah Jessica Parker. A new feature film documentary about legendary NYTimes photographer Bill Cunningham.

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The Times of Bill
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Mark Bozek
Mark Bozek
Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Cunningham
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A new feature film documentary about legendary NYTimes photographer Bill Cunningham.

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Amanda Boyd photo
Amanda Boyd

Here's a fairly short clip from Bill Cunningham's documentary, The Times of Bill Cunningham, I've added some text and a couple of pictures. The film was created in conjunction with the archives of the Baltimore Sun and the New York Times. Cunningham's copy of the original Sun article, while an in-progress draft, was sent to the editors of the Times in order to better document the article. In some instances Cunningham's story was edited into the first draft and in other cases the Times was asked to add sections that were not included in the original article. The result of this was a film that was as detailed as it was accurate. The length of the film is intentional. The minutes of the movie are mostly newspaper clips taken from the Sun. The photos, if any, were taken from the NY Times and are often shown in the film. If the title is a little confusing I'll explain: Cunningham went to Texas to investigate the effects of the town of Spring Branch on its economy. He was asked to provide the opinions of others in the town who were directly impacted by the town's actions. A paper was always available to him and he accepted the invitation. The editor of the Times was a young, up and coming editor named Roger Corman. Cunningham brought along his wife and an old friend who was in the army, his young son, and Cunningham's brother-in-law. He did not provide any medical or financial advice. This was Corman's job. I can't really explain how much I enjoyed this film. I can say that the film is both a beautiful film and a fascinating history lesson.

Alice H. photo
Alice H.

Bill Cunningham is one of the most well known and respected documentary filmmakers in America. He has made hundreds of "hard to find" documentaries, mostly focused on the evolution of religions, though some of his films were more political. This film was a big break for him. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this film. Bill Cunningham is an excellent interview subject. It is a well rounded portrait of his career, and a lot of his personal life. He is very funny and entertaining, and a lot of the stories are kind of hard to believe. He is a true rock star, and is able to do what he does with a lot of pride and integrity. He is very strong and self confident. He has the ability to connect with anyone. This is a film that is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about a rock star, or who wants to learn more about his life and career.

Carol photo

A love-letter to a moment in American history. This is what I always have been told about "The Times of Bill Cunningham" and how it affected me as a child. This documentary provides more information than I could have imagined about the events surrounding this film. I found it to be an enlightening view of the events leading up to the publication of this film. Not only that, but it offers insight into the love and passion for a film and the lengths some people went to in order to get it made. This is a film that I hope I never forget.

Betty Mills photo
Betty Mills

This is a documentary about the legendary author Bill Cunningham, best known for his classic children's novels, "The Village" and "The Jungle Book." In the '80s, as his popularity soared, the home of a newspaper he had published on the East Coast was purchased by a wealthy family. Years later, the family returned to the home and revealed that the area was completely abandoned. With that revelation, Cunningham wrote a new novel, which was, of course, a financial success. He died of cancer in 1990. However, the mystery of the land and the vanished children remained unsolved. After the death of his second wife, Cunningham and his second wife, who he had recently met, had their own tragedy. Her sister was killed in a car accident and her father died of AIDS. The family, led by Cunningham's grandson, a nurse, still had not been able to learn the truth. But after viewing the film, I realized how far Cunningham went in his quest to find the truth. He bought up vast tracts of land in the Appalachian Mountains, where his beloved children lived, in order to "regenerate" them. He lived off the land, and in the process, became a minor celebrity. In 1996, when a movie version of the book "The Story of Bill Cunningham," was released, it was very successful, and almost everyone knew about it. But not Cunningham. He was not recognized at the Oscars, and he did not win the Pulitzer Prize. I was pleased to find that the film makers made the film in the language that Cunningham would have liked, but, still, it was a monumental task. In a way, Cunningham was very poetic. And, in fact, I would argue that it was a beautiful documentary. The soundtrack was beautiful, and the photography was brilliant. The story is told with a kind of tone and beauty that really captures the essence of Cunningham's mind. Cunningham, who had a wonderful sense of humor, spoke of his work with a certain gentleness, as if he were a contemporary of his own creation. I found that fascinating. I was impressed by the production values. The casting was excellent. Some of the best actors I've ever seen. Billy Crudup was a revelation. He was absolutely amazing. I had no idea he was so versatile. Tim Roth, who I knew, was great. I had no idea he could play a broad character, but he was perfect. Diane Lane was perfect as the mother who has a relationship with Bill. Michael Caine was great as the grandmother. And, Oscar Isaac was great as the radio-loving grandfather who helps Cunningham. The documentary was done in black and white. The music was terrific, and the images were beautiful. The film was an interesting look at how the author, who could speak about anything at all, was able to take on the biggest stories. In the end, I found this a very fascinating documentary. It did not disappoint. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about one of the greatest American authors.

Paul photo

An interview with John MacArthur, one of the few living documentary makers in the U.S. who have the courage and the passion to take a high profile position with his "news" stories. His presence is felt in the footage, the interviews, and the archive. He is a man who knows the business inside and out, and has been following the war and U.S. politics for decades. It is a documentary film that goes into detail on his first book, his second book, his third book, and his interviews. The interviews are worth the price of admission alone. MacArthur is interviewed by Jim Greenblatt, the CEO of the largest bank in Japan, and by the director of the American Radio Television Archive, Edward Albee. Albee, who has done the interview in multiple languages, is passionate about his work and passionate about his culture, a place in the world that he has been in for over 40 years. It is an incredible interview. It is remarkable. This film is based on the question "What is the American news?" That question, "What is the American news?" has been answered by many, but a question that remains is, "What is the American movie?"

Donna Gordon photo
Donna Gordon

I've seen this film twice and loved it both times. The second time I was able to appreciate the historical context of the filming. This was not a factual account but a historical document that captured the growing animosity between the anti-Slavery protesters and the abolitionists. Although I have not studied slavery as an academic, I was able to connect with the African Americans who were portrayed in the film. The subjects that were interviewed were very interesting. The more you know about slavery the better the film will be.

Kathy Pearson photo
Kathy Pearson

I was the youngest of six children and spent most of my life in a foster home. Although not as successful as my siblings, I knew there was no escaping the reality of being in a foster home. I can only imagine what those in the audience would have experienced when the documentary first came out. The few films that I have seen that dealt with adoption have been so haunting. This film manages to portray foster parents in a realistic manner without glamorizing the experience. A good documentary must show both sides of the adoption experience. This film does this without becoming over dramatic or overconfident. I recommend this film to everyone who would like to have an understanding of the adoption process.

Jean photo

If you have ever been in a battle, you've probably been to the receiving end of a gun. And in this movie, the commander of a small unit of troops gets a glimpse into the lives of the men who go to war. And while the experience is stressful, there's no way to escape it, except to pick up a gun. This film is a must-see for anyone who ever spent time in the military. It will remind you of the challenges that soldiers face, and also the tremendous sacrifice that comes with it. The acting was great, and the message was deep. I hope that more people will see this film. It's a lesson worth taking.

John W. photo
John W.

The Time of Bill Cunningham is a film that takes the time to examine the life of a writer in a small Canadian town and the influence his work has had on the future of the town. Many local historians and people from the town of Meek's Pond have participated in the film. In addition to the town's history, the film examines the influence of some of the townspeople and writers who helped Bill come up with his stories. The movie is very well made and I felt very much like I was actually in the small town during the filming. The acting of all of the people in the film is very good. The cinematography and background music are also very good. The film is extremely well done and has a very good message and message about the power of writing. It is a very important and well made film. The one weakness of the film is the narration. The narration is very good, but it is also very overused in the film. In the beginning of the film, it is used very sparingly, but it is used more than any other. I think it should be used more, but at times it is used very sparingly. Overall, the film is very well made and very well acted.

Virginia A. photo
Virginia A.

Some time ago I was in a country (preferably the UK) which is a historical failure of some sorts. My childhood and school days were far too good and safe, and it felt like you could not ever go to school. Being in that area, it was very hard to escape. The kids there were so happy to be outside the norm and it made it hard to go to school. So here we are. I just came back from this documentary, and I think I have never been so immersed in a movie before. For me, I could not go anywhere during the entire film, which is amazing. It was even more impressive to see how this whole documentary was made. There are so many elements to this film, and I still can't put it all into words. I do feel like I am not getting it fully, but it is still so rewarding to watch this. I am sure it will be a classic and one that will be passed down from generation to generation. I am going to go back and watch it again. This movie has a great story, but its history. It has been so long since I saw it, but it is still powerful and something to be remembered. It is one of the greatest films I have ever seen, and I hope it is not forgotten.

Alan Garcia photo
Alan Garcia

The remarkable thing about this film is how it can take on the scope of the story of one single person, without falling into self-indulgence or sentimentality. This is a compelling film. Well worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of either the novel or the original movie. I saw this at a film festival and it received mixed reviews. I do not understand why. It is based on the personal life of a man who was instrumental in bringing down the man who killed his wife. The plot has nothing to do with the life of a serial killer. It is very much a character study and shows a man who is burdened by his own choices, and his relationships with his family. And what is also wonderful about this film is the way it has been translated to English. The cinematography and sound quality is excellent, and the subtitles are quite impressive. A great film that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Patrick R. photo
Patrick R.

Fantastic documentary, which gives a lot of historical context to the subject of Johnny Cash's life, which has had its ups and downs. Cash died in the hospital in 1967 at the age of 33, so his entire life and career in music is examined. And the narration is quite powerful, which not only brings back memories but also shows the person of Johnny Cash himself. I am not going to give anything away, but the film is quite enjoyable and you can just enjoy the life and times of Cash. The same goes for the interviews with his friends and family, they are very much entertaining and easy to follow. What I particularly liked is the fact that Cash was actually a very humble man and he did not look for fame, success, or fame. He was always concerned about his music, family and what was happening in his life and he did not see himself as a legend. I was very surprised to see his later life with his fame and success. I do not know if this will be the last time we hear from Johnny Cash but I hope so.

Debra Valdez photo
Debra Valdez

This is a moving, good documentary about the meaning of life and what we can all learn from one another. The stories are great, and it's also interesting to hear about the misconceptions we have about what we've heard. The format is a little clunky, and some parts are somewhat hard to follow, but it's not a bad documentary at all. The best part of the film is the dialogue, the speeches given by the founders of the Freedom Movement, from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Mahatma Gandhi. They all are memorable and well-spoken, and there's some excellent photography of those speeches. And it's really easy to feel for the people of the movement and their feelings. Overall, this is an important documentary, one that I recommend to everyone.

Carol Chavez photo
Carol Chavez

Bill Cunningham (aka Bill Prady) is a legendary American actor, screenwriter, producer and director who has worked in numerous productions over the years, from "The Far Side of the World" to "The Human Comedy." Bill was a 'talk show' show host in New York, but he was so 'special' that he was in the running for a slot on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He played the popular 'Jimmy Stewart' in "The Young and the Restless" and was a successful stand-up comedian, and co-producer of "The Young and the Restless." He is also known for his role as the "munchkin" in "Hairspray". A brilliant, original, and charismatic personality who can be found in numerous films and television series, he has been a powerful force in many productions, both big and small. I consider him one of the best and most underrated actors of all time. I was looking for something to watch this afternoon. I came across this documentary which gave me a great opportunity to see a true story. This is a true story, from the man himself, "Bill Prady". It is about the making of his TV series "The Times of Bill Cunningham" and how he went on to create many more TV series in the process. You can tell that he had a lot of fun making this documentary and was completely honest in telling his story. His interviews were very interesting and the story line was pretty good. It was good to see a lot of old friends in this documentary. It is good to see a lot of familiar faces, particularly the late, great, and respected Johnny Carson. This documentary is definitely worth seeing and is definitely worth seeing more than once.

Margaret James photo
Margaret James

I have to admit I was skeptical about this film at first, but it turned out to be very enlightening. It deals with an aspect of the history that I really had not heard much about. The Book of Revelation, is full of prophecies and mysteries. The book of Revelation is the most important book in the world, and the Bible. It has some interesting messages about the world and many more. And it's a good thing that this movie is a documentary. Otherwise, the movie would be boring, so there is something in the film that makes you want to know more about the book of Revelation. If you read the book of Revelation, you will find out what the meanings of the book are. So, I recommend that you read the book of Revelation. I believe the more you read, the more you will find the meanings in the book of Revelation.

Catherine C. photo
Catherine C.

This documentary is all about the little known story of the life of a young up and coming journalist named Bill Cunningham, who lost his wife in a car accident and left his son, Tom, to live with his estranged father. The entire family, and especially the mother, seems to be having a hard time coping with the loss of their son and what is left to them, especially Tom. They are unsure what to do about the situation, and are feeling increasingly estranged from each other. As a result of the death of their son, Tom is now left to spend the majority of his time in the care of his father, who seems to not be really happy with the arrangement. What little hope of their relationship is soon lost, as he feels that he is not even being loved by his father, who also seems to be completely lost with his son. The film moves slowly, but provides a fascinating look at a man whose life was in many ways destroyed by a terrible accident that left him with a very fragile mental state. This film is very interesting, but is also a very bleak portrayal of the emotional state of the family. The subject matter is also very much for the sensitive, and may cause some people to think twice about watching this film. However, for the most part, this film is a fascinating look at the state of a family that seemed to be on the verge of a major change, but instead is finding themselves in a downward spiral.

Judy Evans photo
Judy Evans

This is one of the most sobering documentaries I have ever seen. It is not a film for kids and there are some very graphic images, but the idea that so many men committed suicide after being convicted of rape and murder was chilling. The film was done by Paul Scharre, who is now a teacher in Florida. He talked about his experience as a child rapist, and the lengths that the justice system would go to in order to keep him from a trial. The film's most interesting part was how they actually found the man who raped and murdered his sister and a few other victims. It's a good reminder that even those who are in prison are still human and deserve the chance at a fair trial.

Katherine Weber photo
Katherine Weber

I really enjoyed this film, the documentary aspect was superb and I like that the director and storytellers decided to go into the heads of several sex workers and how their experiences were different. I am not surprised by the fact that the sex industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, I don't like the fact that the documentary is so "PC" that the filmmakers completely avoid any judgement from the viewer. I think the film makers should have included footage from the "treatment" of the sex workers at "Forsaken" (where I was treated by the men at the "psychiatrist") but that's just me. For the most part, I liked the film, the documentary portion was brilliant and it made me realize how dangerous it is. I would have preferred to have seen it in a different format, it would have been easier to digest. I am giving this film an 8/10 because it is a very, very, very good documentary.

Edward photo

What was very rare in this film was a good marriage of all the research done. While I was watching it, I was watching the book and the film. It was interesting to see the documentary and the book get together to form one complete narrative. This is the kind of film I would watch over and over again. It was also interesting to see that this research was done in 2005, the year the book was published. It gives a sense of how much research was put into this. It also gives us an idea of how much research was done. That's why I feel this film is so valuable.

Bruce photo

At a very young age I was a huge fan of the band The Who, and so was my dad. We lived in a big, posh suburban estate, which is of course a major backdrop for this great documentary. This film follows the group's rise to fame, from first gigs up through the fallout and all the legal wrangling and settlement. The band members are interviewed, and you get a feel for what it was like to live in this house. It was a posh, big house, with great views, lush garden, magnificent grounds and a swimming pool, which is a great respite for all the performers. It was a beautiful, classical house, with big, chandelier-lighted windows. The main building was a pile of ancient brick. And as I said, the house was an antique, but it was still a great place to live. I do not remember ever seeing a dog in the house. Perhaps it was a habit of the previous occupants, but it was a little creepy. We would often get excited about who could get a dog, and had great fun with our dog. I have a two-year-old dog, and would happily take him with me, as I did with my father. I would not hesitate to bring my dog with me to a big, posh house. Now that I am a father, I would probably take a dog, but would prefer it to be bred for the family. That would be better than what they bred them for in the early years. This film is worth watching for its footage of the past, its look at how the band became famous, and the fascinating stories of the people that were involved. The documentary is well done, and well worth watching.

Carl photo

This was my first movie and i enjoyed it. It was very enjoyable, full of great scenes, jokes and witty remarks. The scene in which Bill Cunningham gets drunk and talks about some old photographs on the wall is a classic one and very entertaining. However, the movie does have some flaws. One of them is that the plot does not explain the real meaning of the famous photographs, nor do the filmmakers know the name of the famous photographer. The second flaw is that the movie goes on too long. I would have liked to see more of the scenes that make us laugh or cry. The main problem is that the movie did not use the time to give us the jokes that make the viewer smile. Finally, I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a great movie, has a good memory and does not like to waste their time.