فيلم Gangsterdam


Gangsterdam is a movie starring Kev Adams, Manon Azem, and Côme Levin. A student in Amsterdam tries to win over a young woman by chasing after a packet of drugs, which happens to belong to the Dutch mafia.

Other Titles
Gangsterdamas, Missão: Amsterdam
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
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Romain Lévy
Julien War, Romain Lévy, Mathieu Oullion, Remy Four
Côme Levin, Hubert Koundé, Kev Adams, Manon Azem
Netherlands, France
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A student in Amsterdam tries to win over a young woman by chasing after a packet of drugs, which happens to belong to the Dutch mafia.

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Lori H. photo
Lori H.

I am not a huge fan of gangster movies, but I am not too far from this one. There are no great characters, and there is no real story. Just a bunch of bad guys who make a mistake, and then they get punished. It is very good at that, but it is a very average film. There is no real action, and the only scene that was truly scary was the opening sequence. I think this film is better for people who are not really into gangster movies. If you like them, you might like this one. If you don't, you might not like this one. It is worth watching for the first time, but I doubt it will be a classic.

Karen Schneider photo
Karen Schneider

I have seen this movie many times. I never really liked the movie as much as I like The Office. I thought it was funny but I thought it was a bit too long. I was disappointed with the ending. I am not a fan of the Office. I liked the Office better. I think this movie was very funny and very clever. I liked it a lot. I think the ending was really stupid. I think they should have made a sequel. I think this movie is great. I think you should see it. I think it is great.

Vincent photo

After a couple of years of finding it hard to find a good movie to watch, I was finally able to find one that I can really recommend. This movie is very original and has a great script and is a unique approach to the teenage comedy. It has the perfect amount of humour and laughs, some of the actors have real chemistry with each other and some are a bit more serious, the movie has a unique storyline that keeps you interested and at the end, I was pleasantly surprised by what a nice and unique movie it is. I really hope that more people get to watch this movie, and hopefully the sequel will be a little better than the first.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

This is definitely a movie that you have to watch. It's so funny and it's a great thing that there are so many comedy movies in Australia, this one is not bad at all. It has a really good story and it's a very touching story. I'm really surprised at the reviews on this movie, i don't understand the people who don't like this movie, i think it's one of the best movies of the year. The main actor of the movie is Aneurin Barnard, and he did a really good job. And the music was also great, it was the perfect music. I really recommend this movie, and if you have a chance to watch it, do it, it's a really good comedy.

Cheryl Matthews photo
Cheryl Matthews

I saw this movie with my best friend's parents. They were completely in love with the movie. They were laughing all the time, and I was just as excited. I thought it was a great movie. My best friend's mom actually told me that I should see this movie. It's so funny. I recommend this movie to everyone. I think this movie is a great movie.

Jeffrey photo

This film was absolutely amazing. I've always been a fan of Jude Law and I love how his character's were portrayed. It was so moving and funny, and I was so moved and laughing through the entire film. I am so glad that I didn't have to pay to see this film in theaters. This movie will definitely get you laughing and smiling for days after you see it. I definitely recommend seeing this film, you'll love it. I can't wait to see it again. You should definitely see this movie.

Cynthia P. photo
Cynthia P.

I just finished watching the film and was amazed. The whole cast did an amazing job. The camera work was amazing. The music was brilliant. The editing was fantastic. The story is great, but the thing that really makes this film a winner is the actors. The actors all did a great job. I don't know how you can do a film like this, but you do. I hope you all get some recognition for this film. I hope you guys are going to make a few more films like this. I have seen some of your films and this one is even better. Keep it up.

Daniel Walters photo
Daniel Walters

The only reason I was able to stay awake throughout the entire film was because I was "forced" to. While watching the film, I kept thinking that I should just get up and leave, or something, but I knew I would have to stay to the end of the film, so I just stayed with it and was "forced" to. The entire movie was laugh-out-loud funny, with the exception of a few words of dialogue, which made it seem like the movie was in a different time period, and wasn't "set" in the 1800's. It was more of a period piece, but with a modern twist. I was very pleased with the casting, and the direction. I'd definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I loved it, and am looking forward to seeing more films from the same team.

Thomas O. photo
Thomas O.

This film is the reason why I am a fan of Dutch films. It's not just about sex and violence, but the film itself. This is a very personal story about two teenagers, who at the same time are "sitting on the fence", in this case, being used and abused by the people around them. They go through a lot of turmoil, which causes them to fall in love with each other. But what makes this film so good is the way it's told. It's a lot of fun to watch, and I feel that the film has a great moral about the abuse of power and the terrible events that we are all forced to go through in our lives. It's a story about overcoming, but it's also about not losing hope and the need to find your own path.

Russell photo

An amazing movie. A few times in this movie I laughed out loud. Great acting by all the actors and the story. Excellent work by director Tarkovsky. This is one of his best movies. 9 out of 10. I recommend it to everybody.

Charles photo

This is one of the best movies I've seen all year. It's a wonderful comedy, with a very realistic, understated, very realistic and very sweet message to everyone who has been through the stuff. It's a true slice of life movie. A bunch of people are on vacation. They are very different people and their lives are very different. But they all come together and they are all in the same boat. You can almost feel their loneliness. We're not very good at telling this story, and that's where this movie shines. It's not just the comedy, it's the complexity of the lives of these people, the way they handle their problems, the way they deal with their emotions. You just have to sit back and enjoy the comedy and enjoy the characters and you'll be in heaven. I've been doing this for a long time, I've never done a review, but I am so grateful that I did this one. I am so glad I did. Thank you.

Gregory S. photo
Gregory S.

This movie is a little more than you'd expect from the trailers and hype. I love Irish movies, and I loved this one. The cast is phenomenal, from Tom Dillon, to the young and sexy Eamonn Walker, to the elderly, and the popular journalist (Patrick McGoohan) who's career heists were so well done, that his entire career was tainted. I love the way they had the story be interwoven with different parts of the main characters. I love the song, and how they incorporated it into the movie. The actors were so great, especially the young Eamonn Walker, who played the role of O'Malley, which is a British name, and I am Irish. He played the part with such authenticity, that he made you believe that he was Irish. I will always love this movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Irish movies.

Albert Wade photo
Albert Wade

It's always fun to watch an international cast come together to bring an amazing film to the screen. If there's one thing to know about these films it's that the stars are so recognizable and talented that when they appear on the screen it's just as if they were all real people. Their presence, as well as the roles they play, gives you a feeling of authenticity that you don't get from many Hollywood movies. I saw this movie in French with English subtitles. It was nice to hear the dialogue translated, which made the dialog even more authentic and amusing to watch. The actors were all equally as funny as one another, and were able to create some very funny situations. Some of the lines made me laugh out loud, while others made me jump. The script was very well written and funny, with very subtle jokes throughout the entire film. The humor was not forced or over the top, but at the same time very subtle and to the point. This movie had a nice mixture of scenes, and was able to keep you involved throughout the whole film. The story was very good, and was not over the top. It was very subtle, but funny at the same time. I thought that the ending was very good, and was unexpected. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone, as it's really worth your time.

Gerald photo

It is rare that I find a film that's simply great, but this one really was. It is one of the most unique and beautiful films I have ever seen. The story, the acting, and the photography, are all so perfect that I have to say that the acting was excellent. This film has a great deal of amazing actors in it, and I am surprised that it didn't win an Oscar for best actor. There are several great performances in this film, and all of them are so strong. It is a great film, and a must see for anyone who is a fan of film, or simply a lover of a film with great performances. 9/10

Nicholas photo

When I was watching Gang-Amsterdam, I thought it was a real gem. It was a comedy movie. I saw a lot of comedies in this movie. But, this is the most funniest comedy I've ever seen. It was really hard to find a scene in this movie that wasn't funny. I am so glad I saw this movie. I think the people who are not into comedy should watch this movie. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Crystal photo

This is a brilliant movie, but I can't help thinking of the movie when I am thinking of what I need to do to make a full recovery. I also think it is a really important movie, because it shows that we don't need to just take care of ourselves, we need to take care of others. And it's a shame that we can't see more movies like this one. What are you going to do?

Jordan photo

Famous director Johan Pitts has created an entertaining and funny film. Filled with humor and hilarious situations, the movie is full of colorful characters. The characters are so colorful that it can be hard to distinguish them. The acting by the actors is really good, and also their dialogue is really funny. It is really enjoyable to see many people running around and asking about their friends, who are visiting them. The movie is full of funny situations, and the plot is really exciting. It's a really good film. It's really funny and full of colorful characters. This is the best movie of the year. It's full of excitement and energy, full of colorful characters, and full of hilarious situations. Johan Pitts is a great director and he has created an entertaining film. I recommend everyone to watch it, because it's full of hilarious situations. It is really good.

Jessica Schultz photo
Jessica Schultz

I saw the movie a few weeks ago and was pretty surprised at how entertaining it was. It's a nice blend of humour and drama. If you want a good movie to watch with friends then this is a must. I don't usually like too much drama in my movies, but this one is definitely worth watching. I would recommend this movie to any teenage girl in the country or if you are just looking for a fun movie to watch with your friends.

Sarah Brewer photo
Sarah Brewer

Wow! An absolute gem! One of the best movies of the year. I don't know how I missed this one. I saw it in the cinema and didn't really know what to expect. I love Euro-flick and I loved the actors. You can tell the producers were really into it. I loved the story and the character development. I love the style of the film. It was so unique. And then the music. This is a story about a group of friends, struggling to cope with the demands of their lives. The actors really show their character. They're so great at portraying their character. You can tell they're a team. This film has really touched me and it's been a long time since I've seen a movie that touched me so much. I recommend this movie to everyone. Go see it and tell your friends!

Theresa Sullivan photo
Theresa Sullivan

What makes a movie successful, really, is the ability to make us laugh and feel good. Gangsterdam did exactly that. We laughed, we felt good, and we left the theater feeling great. I have a feeling that this film will be a movie to remember. You have to believe that all those Dutch can act! I think this movie will be a cult classic in the Netherlands.

Juan Reynolds photo
Juan Reynolds

I really enjoyed this movie. The cast is awesome, the plot is well thought out and the characters are well developed. Some people may feel that the plot is a little weak, but the movie is really not about plot, but about characters. There are several problems in the plot, but these are minor and it's only a problem that I had with the movie. The acting is great, and I really like the actors in the movie. The directing is good and I can't say enough about how much I loved the use of the music. The movie is really fun to watch. I think this movie is really fun, and I hope that there will be more movies like this one.

Catherine Pearson photo
Catherine Pearson

Award-winning Danish filmmaker Sofie Mørk's latest film, Gangsterdam, deals with life in the working-class city of Copenhagen. What makes Copenhagen unique is that it is largely untouched by the world outside its walls. A hundred years ago, a "Copenhagen project" was formed in the area where the old city walls were built. The Danish government funded the construction of the project, giving Danish citizens a job in the construction industry. That, of course, has now ended and the population has grown into the hundreds of thousands. The Danish government has also contracted a Danish company to renovate the buildings and do a temporary transfer of residents. Now, the company is planning to sell the buildings and replace them with another Danish company. The job is to find housing for the workers who were brought in to do the work. The project is so popular that people who were hired before are looking for jobs on the new project. The cast includes Christoffer Bjørnsen, with his role in The Cove, as well as Riksens, Finn, and Jeanne. The director, Sofie Mørk, has brought her husband's career to a close and focuses on this project. It is no secret that Gangsterdam is a very small film. Most of the filming takes place on the "old" project, which is now overgrown and crumbling. But it is a very well-made film and worth watching. It's a really good example of a Danish film about a Danish project and also about life in a small Danish city. The problem is that the director, Mørk, has to have the "project" filmed on the old project in order to tell the story of it. But that means that Mørk had to get the filming and filming people and places. She gets a lot of help from the actors, who are all Danish and do their own thing. The cinematography is superb. The set designers have made the house and apartment buildings look like an apartment building that they took from a store. The house looks like it has been built over an old town. It's a beautiful house. It is a beautiful place to live in. The lighting and settings are also very good. The costumes are also very good. The costumes that the actors wear and the clothes that they wear are all very colorful. There is one small part that is very short that is also very important and it is important because it explains how the movie ends. The director, Mørk, has to be very careful that her film doesn't go on for too long and it doesn't become boring. So the director has to find a very short part that is only 20-25 minutes long. The director did this part and it was very important because it shows that Gangsterdam is a very small film. So if you are going to see Gangsterdam, go in with a very open mind. You might just be surprised.

Jose photo

I think this movie is a perfect example of the comedy in a movie. It is not as funny as other movies with the same idea, but it is funny nonetheless. The movie has a very good script, and it has a very good cast, so it was a pleasure to watch this movie. I think that this movie is a good example of the movie which is based on a book, and also based on a book which is a comic book. The story is about a guy who has a secret, which is so great that he has a special power. The secret is that he is an alien. He has to go to a place called Gangsterdam to get his power, and he does it very cleverly. The whole movie is a comedy, but it is also very touching, and it has a very good script, so I think it is a very good movie.

Grace C. photo
Grace C.

This movie has so much to say about the drug scene, especially about the reasons that drugs are such a problem. It's a very human story about two very different characters. The main character is a woman, played by the great Brit Jennie Maroh and the supporting character is played by the great Chris Hardwick. Jennie Maroh plays a snobbish, unattractive woman who doesn't want to be a part of the drug scene. She's married to the guy who is a drug dealer, played by the very talented Nick Nolte. Nick Nolte plays the guy who likes to party, gets drunk, and take drugs. He's the complete opposite of Jennie Maroh. Chris Hardwick is a nice guy who's always happy to be out of the drug scene. He plays the part of the man who wants to be a part of the drug scene, but is not ready for the serious life of drug dealing. The two main characters are played by two great actors who have a lot to say about the drug scene and what it's like. This movie is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend you to check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Keith J. photo
Keith J.

I loved this movie. It was funny, smart, and well-done. I have no idea why the critics hated it. I guess they were expecting a gritty, gritty, gritty movie. This movie is definitely not gritty. It is actually very subtle, with subtle humor and a lot of clever dialogue. The characters are great, and the acting is fantastic. It's like a really cool movie, with a few good surprises. I don't know if you can say that about a lot of movies these days, but this is a good movie.