فيلم Love, Sweat and Tears

Love, Sweat and Tears

Love, Sweat and Tears is a movie starring Joan Rivers, Michael Beckwith, and Shannon Brunson-Killian. Dr. Pamela Dee is on a mission to "Save The Menopausal Vaginas of America!" Her goal is to de-stigmatize Menopause and start the...

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1 hours 21 minutes
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Scott Jacobs
Janet L. Burns, Shannon Brunson-Killian, Joan Rivers, Michael Beckwith
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Dr. Pamela Dee is on a mission to "Save The Menopausal Vaginas of America!" Her goal is to de-stigmatize Menopause and start the "Menopause Romance Revolution."

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Austin photo

This is a great documentary. It is very well done, and it touches on many interesting topics. The documentary is well balanced and is definitely worth watching.

Betty Riley photo
Betty Riley

I read the book in an English class. I wanted to see this movie but didn't have the chance. When I was watching this movie I couldn't help but to think of the great words and emotions in the book. The movie was very good. There were many scenes that I remembered and many I still remember. The people were very nice and they were sincere. The young actor was very convincing in his role. There were scenes where the subjects were really scared and at times it was hard to understand what they were saying. I thought it was very funny to see a mother coming from another country and telling her children the story of the movie. I think it was a good movie to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand what it was like to be a refugee and what it was like to leave your country. It was a good movie but not the best one. I gave it a 9 because of the actors. You really do feel the emotion of these children and the pain they went through. The movie made me want to go to Syria to help.

Diane Graham photo
Diane Graham

I had never heard of Tasha Allen before, and was shocked by the amount of trash she had to put up with. I did some digging on her and was surprised to find that she is actually a nice, talented person, who truly made the most of her limited opportunities. Tasha is a former sex worker who is now a realtor who loves her clients. In fact, she is so passionate about her work that she has been a sex worker for 20 years. This has made her a decent stand-up comedian and a very accomplished one at that. Tasha doesn't waste any time trying to gain her clients' trust. She is constantly trying to get her clients to want to do business with her, but she knows that it takes a great deal of time and hard work. I have always admired Tasha, and her honesty in her documentary makes it very easy to like her. I found the acting to be very good, and the viewer has no idea how much she puts in to her work. I have always wondered how much her clients earn, and this documentary answers that question. I don't have any problem with her earning money for her work, as long as she does it right. Tasha is a former sex worker and prostitute, so she has some training and experience. Although she is not a sex worker, she knows what she is talking about. She also speaks in great detail about what is needed to do sex work, and she has a very honest and straightforward style. It is very easy to relate to her, as I have been a sex worker for a long time. I recommend this documentary for anyone who is interested in the world of sex work.

Richard May photo
Richard May

This documentary (my opinion) had the potential to be a 'must see' for anyone who has been through or wants to go through a breakup. However, I do not recommend it. After watching this documentary, I realized that I have never heard of such a thing as a "Dismemberment" (as in the breakup of a relationship) and I will probably never hear of it again. I recommend that people who are struggling with a breakup do not see this documentary. The reality of the breakup of a relationship is not portrayed in this documentary, it is the complete opposite of what you may expect. I found this documentary to be extremely depressing, and the best part of the documentary was when I had to give up on the idea of seeing it again. There are few things I can say about this documentary, which is why I did not rate it above a 4, but I am glad that I gave it a 9. It is possible that I was in a better mood when I saw this documentary than I was when I had to give up on it and get back on the road.

Karen P. photo
Karen P.

Since I've been watching HBO Films, I've seen a number of documentaries, and I really enjoyed this one. It's definitely different. It's a lot of opinions, but it's really easy to get to know the other person, and it makes you want to know what they think. It's really inspiring to see people you don't know very well, but you get to know them, and you really want to help them. It's pretty surprising and I'm glad that there are people out there who care about the country and the planet. And I hope that this film gets out. It really was an eye opener, and I really liked it.

Mildred photo

This is a very honest film about the life of a man who was born as a slave and who became a free man. There is no doubt that this man lived a life of desperation and hardship. He also lived a life of love and nobility. The film also showed that it is possible to overcome the extreme conditions of slavery. This is not just a film about the man but about the world in which he lived and made his own living. This is a film about how a man had to overcome the adversity of slavery and even defeat the authorities who tried to put him to death. The film showed the difficulties that all people in the West had to overcome in order to live. It also showed the problems that many people faced in the South of Africa during apartheid. I found the documentary very well put together, I loved the way the man was portrayed and the way he had to deal with the conditions of his situation. I liked the way the man was shown in his own words, and the way he described what he had been through. The film was very well done and I would recommend it to all people who love a good film. It is a must see for everyone who is interested in the topic of slavery.

Marilyn C. photo
Marilyn C.

Lets face it, movies are an art form. Just like all the other art forms, movies are subjective, not in a scientific sense, but in an artistic sense. Movies are a way for us to show our opinions on a subject and the best movies are the ones that allow us to form our own opinions on a subject. For example, movies like Casablanca, which is a brilliant film, has a very strong message on the subject of racism, and yet has a strong message of human nature. Another movie, the Godfather is a brilliant film, but it is also very well done. The actors are great, and it is very well thought out. It shows a different side of people in it's portrayal of the Mafia, and it shows how the people that are in the Mafia are actually very good people. In many ways this is the message of the Godfather, which is that no matter what is happening to you, you can still do something about it. This message is very powerful and that is why I think it is a great movie.

Martha photo

What's been missing in documentaries about the world of tennis? This documentary, directed by David McRaney, takes a different approach. Rather than showing tennis through the eyes of one man's perspective, McRaney chose to follow the lives of 15 different women to understand how they feel and what drives them to continue on the path of winning. This movie is not without its flaws. Not every player or coach, nor any person, is portrayed in a way that is totally accurate. The film does a good job of showing that tennis players are not all that they are commonly portrayed to be. Some seem to be likable, but there are others who are almost mindless thugs. And then there are those that seem to be trying to do something that no one else would do, but are totally devoted to the sport. For example, you have former players like Bernard Tomic, who has spent the last 15 years in an insular world of darkness and madness, never revealing his true feelings. In fact, the only real person he reveals is a bit of a leper. He does not tell anyone. Yet, he is determined to continue his career and not let his marriage break up. You also have "The People's Court" that was formed after the European Championships where thousands of fans came to support the players. The movie's subtitle is "The People's Court", and it really was. They are all people with a lot of stories, but few who want to share them with the public. They all seem to be in control of their lives. This is not to say that tennis is not important, but it is not the center of attention as it is portrayed in the movie. The people who are the main focus in this movie are the players themselves, and they tell their stories in a way that is often quite powerful. The documentaries "The Tennis Gods" and "The Outsider" were a great source for ideas for this film. The people that are often portrayed as the villains in these documentaries are really the people that have the biggest influence on the players. Sometimes these are the biggest stars in the sport and they can control what happens. But this is not a film that will make the viewer want to watch the sport again. This is a film that you can watch once and then maybe think of it again and then maybe watch it again.

Steven W. photo
Steven W.

I have only watched the documentary before this and I must say, the story is amazing. It's not a documentary of any great length, but more of a "movie-within-a-movie" which is fascinating to watch. The amount of information presented is staggering and the lack of a strong narrative, or a clear message, is somewhat of a letdown. That said, the documentary is stunning. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see this documentary and knows very little about its content.

Brenda S. photo
Brenda S.

In her amazing film "Sweat and Tears", the first English-language documentary to take place in an oil-rich country, it is well known that the more money that is pumped into a country the less it has to offer to the inhabitants of the country. This documentary focuses on the case of Qatar, a country whose residents are currently enjoying a period of unprecedented prosperity. The director, Roberto Di Leo, has been very careful in filming these dramatic events in order to ensure that the issues that are being raised in the film have real-life relevance. The production team, consisting of several French and Emirati people, did a fantastic job in not only finding the locations but also in finding the actors to speak for the film. They did a great job with the dialog, capturing the genuine emotions that the residents of Qatar are experiencing. The documentary is an important step in the right direction in Qatar's development and represents an important step forward for human rights and humanitarian issues in a country that has a history of strong support for the working classes. It should be noted that while the documentary is still in production, it is expected to be released in May of 2013, when the Qatari parliament will be holding its first public hearing on the subject of the working class in Qatar. These issues are critical for the future of the country. At this point in time, the Qatari government has been making a great effort to improve the living conditions of the working classes, through the introduction of minimum wage laws, better health care, education and better child care facilities, as well as more generous pensions. It has also been providing thousands of job opportunities to the unemployed. For the past six months, Qatar has been implementing the reforms required by the UN Human Rights Committee. These reforms include the abolition of private property, the introduction of a universal basic income, a minimum wage law, and a reform in the education system to prepare for the new millennium. The transition of a country that is over 90% petroleum dependent will be an important milestone for the Qatari government, as well as for the international community. The movie was produced by Roberto Di Leo, a fellow at the Human Rights Foundation and the director of the documentary "Sweat and Tears". He interviewed the majority of people in Qatar who were involved in the discussions and who went through the hardships that they faced during the filming of the documentary. We must not forget that this film is an independent film that is not being made by an NGO or a humanitarian organization. It is the work of the citizenry and of those who have the power to implement and implement change in a country where the government does not have a clear vision and where the dictator, which is currently the Emir of Qatar, does not have a clear vision. "Sweat and Tears" is an important documentary that has the power to change the trajectory of a country.

Douglas photo

When I saw the first trailer for this film I was intrigued. The entire history of how boxing was created, how it became what it is today and how it has evolved to become a sport with millions of fans around the world was fascinating. The idea of putting together all the clips of the best boxing footage was fascinating. The documentary gives you a very good understanding of how it was for a very long time, the reasons why boxing became what it is today and how it has evolved over the years. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in boxing or a fan of the sport.

Dylan Hunt photo
Dylan Hunt

I'm a female who experienced what this film had to offer. It was extremely hard to watch but, at the end of the day, I wasn't totally okay with the way that it ended. The feelings of abandonment and the helplessness that it brought me are not something I can easily forget. The fact that the show did not end with a release of money for a donation and a book signing for a book is something that I have to agree with. I do hope that the director's life is a happy one, because this man is a true survivor. He was bullied growing up and had to overcome it. As he said in the film, "I think the biggest thing that I did was be a person that was not like everyone else. I was different from all of the other kids. I wasn't pushed around. I had friends and I had a place to go to." I was surprised to learn that the director didn't go to college. He was in trouble for using a drug. He had to leave his friends and had to leave his girlfriend for someone that he just met in a bar. I don't want to say that he was a "fag hag" but, the fact that he wasn't able to get that job that he had been searching for. And, the fact that he lost his job and his house in the first place because of the drugs he was using. This is a true story and the documentary gave a clear perspective to the people who were affected by the drug. You will understand what I'm talking about if you have a history of using drugs.

Bobby Grant photo
Bobby Grant

This is a highly disturbing documentary about the pharmaceutical industry and how it has been able to get control over government, the media, and even the rest of the human race. It's a pretty good film, but it's not what I expected it to be. The film is made up of interviews with people who are either talking about their experiences with the pharmaceutical industry or the people who work in the pharmaceutical industry. It goes into the history of pharmaceuticals and how they came to be and the influence they had on society. It goes into the medical industry, which is also very interesting and if you think about it, they're not that different from the pharmaceutical industry. It's a very interesting documentary and it covers the history of drugs and how they're used to help with diseases. It's a little bit biased though because most of the people interviewed have been paid for their testimonials, which are paid by the pharmaceutical companies. Some of the people interviewed don't have a clue as to what the pharmaceutical industry is or what it does, but they do seem to be on their side and say they're against the pharmaceutical industry. The film is really good and it gives a really good perspective on what the pharmaceutical industry is and how they're able to get control over governments and the media. There are a lot of great interviews in this film. It's a very good documentary and it's a must watch. This film is great and it's well worth seeing.

Beverly Austin photo
Beverly Austin

After watching the film 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' for the second time I have to say that this is a great film. No doubt the story is a great one. Yes there is a lot of action but it doesn't overshadow the film. It is a very human story. I have seen this film and the film was not bad at all. It is a story about the nature of love, of a human connection to other human beings, the nature of sacrifice, and of the dangers of war. I would recommend this film to everyone. This is a film about life. Not just an action movie. It is a story about life, a film about loss, loss of love and loss of love. This film is very human and very human, it is a film about the loss of love, loss of life and loss of life. The film is a story about the most basic human emotions, loss and loss of love. It is a great film that I would recommend to everyone. The film is about love. It is a film about the loss of love, loss of life and loss of life.

Timothy photo

This documentary is a must watch for everyone who is interested in medicine and the history of human rights. I myself am a sufferer of Crohn's disease. Although I have managed to get a tolerable quality of life with medication, it's still very much like the feeling of a disease. There is no relief, you have to work very hard to overcome this disease. This documentary is a great example of how one person, in his very own environment, can overcome a disease and a society's attitude towards it. It also shows how people affected by this disease can still carry out their daily tasks and show their love for their loved ones. I think that this documentary is extremely important and deserves to be seen by everyone.

Lori photo

An exciting documentary that provides a true glimpse into the struggle and triumph of Andy Warhol and his band, The New York Dolls. It is an enlightening look into the life of this unique group of pop artists who are truly loved and respected by generations of music fans around the world. For those who have never heard of them or only know them for their hit singles, this film is a great introduction to this group of artists. This film is a must see, as it is based on the true story of the rise of the New York Dolls, from a small local band to a worldwide phenomenon. It's also a great history lesson on the young band, their relationship with Warhol, and their intense and often violent relationship with their manager, the legendary Eddie Kramer, who constantly threatened to make the group sign with The Beach Boys. "Andy Warhol. The Man Who Gave America its first song."

Brittany Curtis photo
Brittany Curtis

A little bit of time would go a long way. "A Little Bit of Rain" is not just a book to look at and ponder, but a documentary to watch. So is "Two Weeks Without Rain." The documentary "Two Weeks Without Rain" uses just about every part of a story which is depicted in the book to make it more interesting. This is especially true of the first half of the book. That time is shown through their entire story, and it is a magnificent way to tell a story. The second half of the book is not only told from the perspective of the book, but also of the book's narrator, Rehoboom (Bradley Cooper). It is an excellent way to present a story of a book. The real emotion, as opposed to the emotion of the narrator, is shown through the book's narrator. That narrator is also used to create the scene in the book, which is fantastic. The story is also narrated through a little bit of narration from the narrator. So, the two documentaries were directed by the same director, Wes Anderson. I hope they have different ideas for the next one. So far, "Rushmore" has been much more successful than the second documentary. I hope he has learned from his first one, and not just repeats it.

Patrick photo

It's the year 2000, and a new president is in office. In response, many major corporations are pressuring the government to do a "Cleaner" of their products. They call this "Cleaner" because it will remove all traces of their toxic waste. Not only are they concerned about their product's safety, they are also concerned that the "Cleaner" will just take their business away. This documentary covers a lot of the negative aspects of the Cleaner, and the use of government money to try to remove the remaining traces of the company. Unfortunately, the documentary does a good job of explaining the harm caused by the Cleaner, but it does not cover the good side of the Cleaner. This documentary does a good job of showing the ups and downs of the Cleaner, and how much business it has created in the local community. It's very interesting and informative, but it does not cover the good side of the Cleaner. I recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the Cleaner.

Rebecca photo

I loved the stories in this film. I loved the way it depicted the human spirit. In the most poignant moments I saw the humanity and the brutality of war. The cinematography and acting was incredible. I wish I could have seen it in the theater. I think this is a must see for anyone who is in need of a hero in their life. I hope people watch it and decide to go to war and see the human spirit.

Tyler photo

This documentary about the film The Belly of the Beast is a good read and a fascinating story about the making of this film and about the controversial subject of addiction. The film makers, George Gallo and Edward P. Vdobole, share their passion for making this film and discuss what made the film so fascinating and what it took to get it made. The interviews with various people involved in the making of this film and the fantastic and even creepy footage of animals being slaughtered were highlights for me. Also, there is lots of fascinating footage of a variety of animals being killed, from monkeys to rabbits. The documentary follows several people involved in making this film, from the animals, to the people who created the film, to the financiers. The documentary is fascinating and I highly recommend it. 9/10

Thomas M. photo
Thomas M.

This is a great documentary. I really appreciate the fact that the filmmakers focused on the importance of unity among people regardless of their racial backgrounds. The actors in this movie were very authentic and spoke so candidly. The way that they spoke about the events that occurred in Ferguson and were affected by the police shooting of Michael Brown is what made the film so powerful. I was pleasantly surprised to see how close the filmmaker got to the people of Ferguson and St. Louis. I thought that it was a great job of bringing the real people and their perspective to the screen. The whole cast was fantastic. If you have not seen this movie I would highly recommend it.