فيلم Oh Lucy!

Oh Lucy!

Oh Lucy! is a movie starring Shinobu Terajima, Josh Hartnett, and Kaho Minami. A lonely woman living in Tokyo decides to take an English class where she discovers her alter ego, Lucy.

Other Titles
喔!露西, オー・ルーシー!, Ó, Lucy!, Ach, Lucy!, Ô Rûshî!
Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Atsuko Hirayanagi
Atsuko Hirayanagi, Boris Frumin, Atsuko Hirayanagi
Kôji Yakusho, Shinobu Terajima, Josh Hartnett, Kaho Minami
Japan, USA
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The drama-comedy tells the story of Setsuko Kawashima (Terajima), a lonely, chain-smoking office lady in Tokyo who is past her prime. After deciding to take an English class, she discovers a new identity in her American alter ego, 'Lucy,' and falls for her instructor, John (Hartnett). When John suddenly disappears, Setsuko earnestly sets out on a quest to find him, eventually leading her to the outskirts of Southern California.

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Elizabeth G. photo
Elizabeth G.

If you like the TV show or you are a fan of the characters, you will like this movie. It is definitely not the greatest, but it's enjoyable. I didn't hate it as much as I thought I would, but I will admit it is pretty good. It is a movie about what goes on in a small town in Massachusetts when a young mother decides to have a baby and they're just not ready. The mother is a professional black market seller who sells the baby to black people for $200.00. Her friends are trying to persuade her to not do it, but she is not having any of it. She has two young kids, one of whom she also sells. The townspeople are all going crazy about the mother, and the film is about how this affects her family. The story is good and entertaining. It is one of those movies where you are watching it and then you want to know what is going to happen next. The acting is decent and the direction is good. The only problem with the movie is that the movie takes too long to get going. It is really slow in parts. I felt like I was waiting for the story to catch up with the characters and start getting going again. I found myself not really caring who lived or died. This is why I like the film so much, but I'm sure I'll be getting sick of it. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good drama.

Grace M. photo
Grace M.

I watched this movie for the first time today, after hearing that it was pretty good. I was expecting more. I can't say it was a good movie, but it was a good movie. Yes, it was a bit slow at times, but it had good moments, especially when Lucy was working on her new pothole in her driveway. I think that the film makers did a good job of giving us a look into a typical middle class American family life. Yes, they have their problems, but they still manage to raise a son and a daughter. There were a few "hows" and "whys" in this movie. I was surprised to see how a child could react when he was playing in a pothole. My two young boys are 7 and 9 years old. They loved the film, and would definitely watch it again. The film makers showed us that you don't need a big budget to make a good film. My only criticism is that the music was not up to par with the film. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. If you are in the mood for a good film, I would definitely recommend Lucy.

Katherine G. photo
Katherine G.

This is a very well made movie. Its cast is excellent. It was fun to watch and its entertaining to see how the movie took off from there. I like how the movie starts off with a very slow pace, but as it goes on, the pace picks up and by the time it ends you are laughing and liking what you are seeing. If you like comedy you will love this movie. I think that it's a good movie to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do.

Theresa R. photo
Theresa R.

This movie is very funny. I laughed many times throughout the movie. It is full of very funny scenes, scenes that were funny to me. I thought the actors did a great job, and the actors, especially Eric Stoltz, did a great job. It was very enjoyable. There are some scenes that are funny, and it is very entertaining. I highly recommend it to anyone. I loved it!

Brittany photo

I saw this movie at a special screening with many people and a lot of people left angry about this movie. The movie was good, the actors were great, and the story was very good. The thing I disliked the most was that some of the characters were not very likable. The main character was a little bit boring and I didn't like the other characters very much either. This is not a good movie. I wouldn't recommend it.

Wayne photo

The film follows as a news team goes on the trail of a serial killer who mutilates his victims. One of the team is a reporter named Lucy (Michelle Williams) who is introduced to the story by her husband, Ken (Eddie Redmayne) who is a critic for the New York Times. The story comes as a surprise to her husband when he discovers the man she has been assigned to cover is actually a killer who takes pleasure in dismembering his victims. The following day, Lucy is confronted by a man who says he is a friend of the killer and asks Lucy to get on the case. He takes her to an abandoned New York City apartment and she and her colleagues are informed of the killer's secret. After a dramatic and unpredictable opening, the film takes on a more realistic tone as it works its way to reveal the killer's motives, including a romantic connection between him and Lucy. With the killer's confession, the film then becomes a detective story. We learn that the killer is a psychopath and that he likes to show his victims their dead bodies. We also learn the killer is a former student of the writer. This is where the film slows down a bit as it develops the characters. The film eventually works its way back into a more real world tone. As the credits roll, we see a police officer's wife leaving the movie, which ends up being the most dramatic scene in the film. With this ending, the film becomes a more serious crime film with a real sense of tragedy and a sense of reality. I was also impressed with the performances by the leads. Williams was a revelation and Redmayne was very good, but Williams and Redmayne were the best of the actors. I also thought Williams's performance was great and I think she deserved the Oscar nomination. Eddie Redmayne was also very good and his character was very well developed. I would recommend this film to those who like crime and thriller films, but I would say it's a lot better than the average film.

Jessica W. photo
Jessica W.

I saw this film at a film festival. I was really impressed with the way the film had the chance to be playful. There were many ways in which the film didn't look like it was trying to be serious. That is because the film wasn't trying to be serious. The filmmakers clearly wanted to make fun of the way the world is and I think that was the point. I think the way the filmmakers have approached this film is very clever and that is what makes it so enjoyable. However, I don't think the film will appeal to everyone because it does make fun of things that people like. The film is also a bit dark and it is a bit more disturbing than the other films I have seen so far. It is not an easy film to watch and it does make a lot of people uncomfortable but I think that is the point. I also think that it is a great piece of work. The film has a lot of flaws and it is not perfect but it is really good.

Samantha F. photo
Samantha F.

One of the few things that I can say about this movie is that it is probably the most stylishly directed movie I have ever seen. I'm not saying that I want to see it, but I think I'll have to, because I was blown away by the fact that they did it in such a fashion that it doesn't feel like you're watching the movie. It was made by a director that obviously knows what he's doing, and I think he was successful in making the whole thing look pretty good. The story is about a man named Fred (Jonah Hill) who is a drug dealer who meets a woman named Lucy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who was a victim of a murder and the other guy she was in love with who also killed her. After spending some time with her and discovering that she is in fact his girlfriend, Fred begins to take interest in Lucy and their relationship starts to grow. However, one day when Fred is leaving Lucy, Lucy stops him and asks him what he is doing, and Fred explains that he has been thinking about her and has been thinking about her since they were teenagers. Fred explains that he thinks that she is the one and he doesn't want to be friends with her, but she still gives him some time to think about her and she asks him to call her in a few days. However, Fred doesn't want to leave and he decides to call her. It seems like he is doing the right thing for a while and he ends up thinking that she is the one. This leads to the end of the movie, but I won't spoil it for you. The only thing I have to say about this movie is that it is directed so beautifully that I can't really say anything else. The colors, the music, the cinematography, everything is just perfect and it just seems to make the movie feel so realistic. In a way it does remind me of another movie that was made a while ago, "Adaptation", in that there is a kind of "Memento" feeling that is conveyed with the colors, music and cinematography. However, I think this movie has a lot more depth to it than that. The story is pretty simple and it doesn't seem like it has a point, but the way that it is told is just brilliant. I really hope that they make a sequel and I hope that it has a deeper message than the first movie. It's still a pretty good movie and I can't wait for it to be released on DVD, because I would buy it just to watch it again.

Bruce Newman photo
Bruce Newman

There was no real character development for the main characters. Most of the action seemed forced and out of place. The director did a good job of making the movie feel like a small production. The only thing that really got me was the actor's performance. I really enjoyed the performance of Chris Penn. He brought out the best in all the characters and was really believable. This is a great movie for people who like a great performance and are looking for a good story.

Melissa Romero photo
Melissa Romero

There is not much that can be said about this film other than it was a little slow. There were a few laugh out loud moments and many empty moments. I would say that if you are looking for a quiet, thoughtful, thoughtful film then look elsewhere. The dialogue is often not witty enough and the characters are too one dimensional and superficial. The film seemed to run out of ideas and just ended on a down note. I don't know if it was just that the film ran out of ideas, or if I was just expecting too much from a film that had already tried so hard to deliver. I was somewhat disappointed by the ending, although the script could have gone further with it. But I am sure that if the script had been better developed in the first place it would have been much more compelling.

Emma photo

The acting in this movie is first rate. The actors are acting and their characters are great. You'll recognize a lot of their characters from their previous movies. The main reason for watching this movie is for Jason Lee and there is a very good reason for that. He's funny and lovable in this movie. The other actors are also great in this movie. Overall, I thought this was a good movie and it's worth a watch. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Gregory photo

Yes, it was a classic and yes, it was a rare thing to see a comedy that didn't include a lot of cursing, sex, and drugs. It was just a typical film that would be shown on cable or over the air. It was like watching a comedy that was just so good, that I have to see it again and again and again. It is a good film for me to see over and over again because it is so entertaining and it is funny and it makes you laugh. I think this film is one of the best films that I have seen in a long time. It is good, funny, and entertaining. It is an example of how to make a comedy that is good and entertaining and yet it doesn't make you feel like you are in a bad mood or the world is ending. It just makes you laugh. It is very entertaining and it is the best film that I have seen in a long time. I think this film was very good and it is a classic.

Brittany photo

I have to admit, I was really expecting to be bored. I was also expecting the movie to be one of those "fun" movies that is a blast to watch, but it's not. This movie is not fun. It's intelligent. The characters are interesting and very well written. And the film is just overall quite interesting. I would have liked to see more of what was going on. It seemed like the film was only about a couple of hours long, but the movie itself was much longer than that. But, it did a good job of keeping me interested in the film. But, it also did a good job of keeping me interested in the characters. The film does have a few faults. Some of the characters just seemed a little flat. But, I'm willing to overlook these flaws because of the wonderful performances by a cast of people I have come to know. Also, there are a few characters that are just not developed well enough to really be able to relate to them. However, all in all, this is a great movie. It's not my favorite movie of all time, but it is a good movie. It is worth seeing, and I would recommend it to anyone who has seen it, as I did.

Willie photo

This film was given a wide release on DVD. In terms of movie quality, I felt that this movie would have been far superior to the usual DVD releases. The DVD was uncut and available in full 1080p, which is a real plus. The film is a straightforward look at a couple of strangers and their lives. They both are connected to each other, which brings us to the mystery surrounding their marriage. If you want a film to watch that will make you think, this is your film. This film will remind you of the reason that you are a writer or an actor. There are no strong personalities or bad guys, there are just the three characters, and that is the magic of this film. If you can't get past the personality, and don't mind a slow and contemplative film, this is the film for you.

Diane C. photo
Diane C.

When I heard that a film was going to be made about growing up and discovering yourself, I had very high hopes for this film. I had watched many of the films made by the creators of the iconic Yakuza films and thought that I was going to like this one too. And I'm happy to say that this film did not disappoint. It is a funny, entertaining film and I think that this is the first film that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a funny and entertaining film. I enjoyed watching it and I have recommended it to everyone I know. I think that everyone should watch this film. This film is a good one and it is well worth watching. It is a good way to spend an evening, if you want to be entertained and laugh a lot. The acting in this film is very good, it is great and so is the directing. This film is a very good film. It is one of the best films of the year and I have seen it so many times and I still laugh a lot. I also think that this is the best film that I have ever seen. It is a very good film. This film is a good film and I am very happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great film.

Thomas Chen photo
Thomas Chen

OK, so there are movies like this that never get to be big. This movie was funny and gross, and I laughed a lot. I have seen the film before and it was OK, but nothing like this. I have seen the film in China and it was funnier. There are some interesting views of the new people, and they are very funny. I would recommend this film, and it was a good laugh.

Lauren photo

I had seen this movie about a year ago and I have to say that it was quite entertaining and very funny. As a movie buff, I always enjoy a movie that puts me in the characters shoes, and this one did that very well. The movie was dark and scary and that was important in my opinion. The movie had a good plot and it kept me interested the entire time. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good horror movie.

Ronald Alvarez photo
Ronald Alvarez

Having seen this movie, I can only agree with the review of the previous reviewer: Lucy (Dee Wallace) is a spoiled, rich brat. But, not that spoiled, just that she lives in a comfortable world of her own making. As I am a brat myself, I can easily relate to this movie, especially since I am not quite as spoiled as Lucy. I think that most brats do not enjoy the art of the cinema. This movie is definitely worth watching, just to see what a brat does with her life. For those who have never been a brat, I recommend this movie. My score: 7

Alan Brewer photo
Alan Brewer

I went into this film expecting something like "Moonstruck" and ended up feeling like "Sleepless in Seattle" with all the ironic overtones of "A Night at the Opera" (I would have liked to have seen more of a cultural history of the time), "Alcatraz" or "West Side Story" with the boys in drag (as if all these were given to us by some old hippie who once walked on that earth with the Beatles). It's too bad, too, because "Life Is Sweet" is one of the greatest comedies I've ever seen. As a young woman in her mid-20's I've been to a few bachelorette parties and I've been to a few places that could best be described as "gay clubs" (i.e. "The Moon") and I've been to a lot of those places. And I still can't say I've ever walked out of one of them. My only gripe with this film is that it seemed to me that it was "made" for this particular generation of young people and their generation. As a gay man, I'm still adjusting to the fact that people might be getting offended by a gay couple walking around the city. I know some people think I'm too sensitive. But really, it's not the place to show your face. I would have liked to have seen more of the boys in drag and the relationship between them and the boys in drag. I think a lot of people will have their own opinions about the ending, but I don't know why I kept waiting for something to happen to make me mad. This film was just about the time when I began to see myself as a young gay woman, and this film was a really good portrayal of that experience. The actors were wonderful, and there was a real warmth to the film. I thought that the storyline was simple and straight forward but, it was still clever and witty. All in all, I recommend this film to anyone who wants a good laugh and a great story about a real life phenomenon.

Patrick May photo
Patrick May

The concept of a cute girl and her own animal is very interesting and beautifully realized. This film is a good example of how a human can show love for a dog, even if they are not usually interested in dogs. The plot is interesting, and the characters are very likable. It is a good and uplifting movie. It is very interesting that a dog can play the piano, while a human can not. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch movies that have a little bit of drama, and to people who like to think about animals. I think that it is a very interesting movie, and I think that a lot of people would like it, especially if they are looking for a movie that will make them think about animals and humanity. I rate it 7/10.

Aaron L. photo
Aaron L.

When I read some of the reviews of this movie, I had my doubts. When I started watching it, I got my doubts cleared. It is a really funny movie, with some really funny lines. The actors do a great job in their roles. One thing that really stuck out to me, is that the movie does not have a "comedy" element, which I believe is very important to make a good movie. Some of the characters were very annoying and I really wanted to slap their heads. They were just not funny in any way. The last thing I thought was that it could have been longer. I think the movie could have gone on for a little bit longer, and not just end. But if it was longer, the movie would have been just a little bit better. The acting in the movie was great, and the music was perfect. This is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again. It will make you laugh. The characters were funny and the movie was just great. I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes comedies.

Deborah Flores photo
Deborah Flores

I'm sure you've heard the advice to "watch it and then forget it." Well, I was lucky enough to watch it a second time and I found it a very enjoyable and smart comedy. It's not what you might expect and it's not what you want. This movie has a clever message to the effect that you shouldn't let your culture get in the way of your life and that you can change your life for the better by becoming a better person. At first it's really easy to get sucked in and think that you can change yourself for the better by adopting the culture of a particular country. You'll realize the way in which you have to change, and how you have to get back to your original self. This movie is not only about how to change yourself for the better but it's also about how to become a better person. The message of the movie is subtle, yet extremely effective. The movie's funny at times but not to the point of being funny for the sake of being funny. The comedy relies on subtlety, and by the end you'll feel that it has a lot of depth. I'm not saying that this is a movie for everyone, but it is definitely one of those movies that you'll be able to watch more than once and still appreciate the humor that you can see in it. It's one of those movies that you won't forget easily. The message that the movie leaves is subtle and profound, and it's extremely well-told. The actors in the movie are just fantastic, and the direction is flawless. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Ralph photo

After a slow start I got my head around the story pretty quickly. But I just didn't know what to make of it. The two main characters, Lucy and Mark, had some really interesting chemistry. I've never seen these two actors in a movie before, but I found them very convincing. I didn't really care much for the character of Gus, played by Jane Lynch. It was a bit weird and it was hard to understand him at times. The acting was good overall, but I think it could have been better. The plot was not very engaging, but I don't think that was the point. The point was that these two guys (Mark and Lucy) had a lot of bad things happen to them. They both had to go through this horrible ordeal to get their lives back. The characters were interesting and I really liked them. It would have been nice if we could have gotten more insight into the characters. But I really enjoyed the movie. I was laughing out loud at certain parts of the movie. I enjoyed it. It was interesting and I would recommend it to anybody.