فيلم Human Flow

Human Flow

Human Flow is a movie starring Israa Abboud, Hiba Abed, and Rami Abu Sondos. Human Flow is director and artist Ai Weiwei's detailed and heartbreaking exploration into the global refugee crisis.

Other Titles
Human Flow - Refugiados, Wedrówki ludów, İnsan Seli, ヒューマン・フロー 大地漂流, Human Flow: Não Existe Lar se Não Há Para Onde Ir, Marea humana, Ανθρώπινη ροή
Running Time
2 hours 20 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Weiwei Ai
Tim Finch, Chin-Chin Yap, Boris Cheshirkov
Weiwei Ai, Hiba Abed, Rami Abu Sondos, Israa Abboud
China, Germany, France, USA, Palestine
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II. Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact. Captured over the course of an eventful year in 23 countries, the film follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Turkey. Human Flow is a witness to its subjects and their desperate search for safety, shelter and justice: from teeming refugee camps to perilous ocean crossings to barbed-wire borders; from dislocation and disillusionment to courage, endurance and adaptation; from the haunting lure of lives left behind to the unknown potential of the future. Human Flow comes at a crucial time when tolerance, compassion and trust are needed more than ever. This visceral work of cinema is a testament to the unassailable human spirit and poses one of the questions that will define this century: Will our global society emerge from fear, isolation, and self-interest and choose a path of openness, freedom, and respect for humanity?

Comments about documentary «Human Flow» (20)

Eugene H. photo
Eugene H.

This documentary is like no other. It explains how deep the debt is and how much is owed. It also shows us the countries affected by the debt and how the money that was stolen and spent could have been better spent. It also shows us how the debt is being paid and the countries that the money has gone to. I felt like I was there. It was very informative and it made me want to help. This documentary shows us that you can't run away from the problem. It also shows us that the world is still struggling with this issue. I really hope that this documentary inspires people to do something to help and to do their part to fight against the debt. I think that this is a great documentary and it really inspires me to do more to help. I would recommend it to anyone.

Nicholas Mason photo
Nicholas Mason

This film is a real eye opener and it's quite shocking to see how much money is being spent to give the low brow people a voice. I don't see how anyone could disagree with the positive messages of this film. I have a background in business and I can tell you how much these "CEOs" pay these types of people. I find it hard to believe that the people running the world can just sit back and watch the poor being oppressed. You can't even speak up and say something if you are too afraid to stand up for yourself. This film is also a great look at how the world can be turning into a country that really needs to be an example to the world. What is so wonderful about this film is the message it has for everyone. You really don't have to be rich to make a difference and this film definitely makes you see the truth that the world is coming to.

Crystal photo

This documentary is a must-see for those who enjoy documentaries that provide more than a simple explanation of how something happened. This film tells the story of how a rural community in Australia became involved in a criminal case when two brothers, the brothers from another family, attempted to rob a bank. The film follows the story of the trial and the consequences that followed. The film also discusses the impact of this event on the people in the town. This is a must-see film for those who appreciate the power of documentary.

Michael Duncan photo
Michael Duncan

I have seen this film twice and am deeply impressed by the brilliance of the cinematography. There is no mention of the human suffering in the film, the human consequences of war, the human costs of the conflict, the human tragedy of loss. I have been reading articles about the conflict in Iraq, but there is no mention of the human costs. The camera work is outstanding. The story unfolds in the blink of an eye. We have a sense of the loss of the human being and the fear that war can bring. The film is moving and sensitive. It conveys the human tragedy of war without the bloodshed. It tells the story of a father and son who have lost their son to war. The father, a veteran, is an intellectual who has been forced to retire and is now living in a wheelchair. His son is an innocent and has been killed in a car accident. The father and son try to find a way to help their son through his military experience. They travel to Baghdad and eventually to the headquarters of the U.S. military in Baghdad. The father begins to question his role in the war. The son also questions his role in the war. The father is taken by the Iraqi people and becomes involved in their efforts to gain access to the U.S. embassy. This film is about the human costs of war. The director did a magnificent job of telling the story. There are no spoilers here, but I will say that this film is very moving and powerful. I have watched it twice and I will be watching it again soon.

Howard photo

This is a great documentary. It shows how "traditional" family-style life is often in jeopardy of being thrown out the window. The narrator, Nancy, talks about the attitudes of the older generation towards this change in lifestyles. This is a documentary that can be watched by anyone, and everyone can learn something from it. I really hope that more documentaries like this will be made.

Joan Boyd photo
Joan Boyd

I have to admit I was not prepared for the film. Having never seen a documentary before I was not aware of any of the details, but was enthralled by the story and the actual film. It was a roller coaster of emotions, all the more so because I had no idea what was going to happen. The film took a very familiar story and told it in a new light. The first thing you will notice is the video is edited. In most documentaries, the editing will be extremely distracting. It can also be a very dramatic thing in a documentary, but not in this film. The editing helps to show the emotions and heartbreak of the journey. Another thing that I noticed was the style of the film. I am not a big fan of documentaries, and have never been a fan of documentaries. But this film was different. It was like a documentary, but it was told in a way that was very different from a documentary. The story told in the film is real, and the emotions are real. It is one of those documentaries that you will want to watch over and over. The actors were all very good and the story was very moving. If you haven't seen this film, watch it!

Victoria W. photo
Victoria W.

After watching this film, I thought, "I want to be a writer." But I have been a reader for over twenty years and have had more than a handful of books published. This film is a testament to how a person can be more than just a reader. The experience of the film is so true to life and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to be a writer. It really made me want to write. I am sure that many others will see the film and feel the same way.

Kathy Hayes photo
Kathy Hayes

A must watch for all those who have struggled with depression and who want to help others.

Danielle S. photo
Danielle S.

This is a superb documentary which really got me thinking. It talks about the various factors that affect and determine whether a man or woman has a good or bad life. Some of the factors include: income, health, mental health, and social class. While not being able to comment on the causes of these factors, the documentary is clear about the effect that these factors have on the individual and on their future. The documentary includes a wide variety of interviews with well known people, and with the personal stories of people who experienced these same factors. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has any interest in human factors, social dynamics, or medical science.

Emma photo

This film is a true story. The documentary details the story of one family's fight against an abusive, unforgiving and indifferent system. From the start of the film to the end, the viewer is kept up to date with the details of the family's journey and the changes that they have undergone. The director is a father himself and the director is proud of the movie, which he hopes will encourage other families in similar situations. For me personally, it's the first time I have seen a documentary that has been so powerful, and so meaningful. The film is not just about the family, but about the child who has been born into a system that is completely dysfunctional and without any kind of support. The family was under-represented in the film, and the director hopes to bring this aspect to the forefront with his next film.

Billy B. photo
Billy B.

This documentary will leave you inspired. If you are a pro-athlete and like to go on a journey with others like you, this film is for you. It will make you think about the work you do and the people you support. It will make you want to go out and make a difference. I was very impressed by how it brought the reality of the job to the screen. It did not hide the hardships, but did not take away from the joy of the journey. I encourage anyone to watch this film and learn from it.

Tiffany H. photo
Tiffany H.

This movie is a fantastic depiction of the life of a free man. It shows the real life of a man who is free from all forms of government. It shows the different ways people can achieve their goals. It shows the trials and the struggles of many people. It shows how a person can be successful when he or she chooses to be. It shows the ups and downs of people in their lives. This movie gives an excellent portrayal of a free man and a very positive message about what is to come for everyone who has chosen freedom.

Gerald C. photo
Gerald C.

This is a powerful documentary that delves into the lives of our five main characters. Each of them have their own story, with each telling it through a single-sentence. The three main characters, all born in the same year, and born to same mother, struggle to find their place in the world. They all have different things they want to achieve in life, but they all are brought to a halt by their own ego and their own needs. I really recommend this documentary to all people. It was a very difficult task to make this documentary, and it took a lot of time, but it is worth every minute of it. I recommend everyone to see this film.

Madison photo

This is not a documentary. This is a work of art. The time was right to show this. The people were ready. I can't think of anything more entertaining than watching people dance and sing to music. So let's do it again, and I hope they come up with something better. I hope they take this idea and run with it. I hope they make a movie about how it is that people still dance and sing and live in the now. This is their time to shine. They have been dancing, singing and dancing for hundreds of years. I believe the world owes them an apology. Let's give them a little more than a formal apology.

Craig photo

This is a must see. It's a must see for any 'urban' person. If you are in the mood for a relaxing movie to watch, this is it. I'm not a big Michael Moore fan, but I think he's a great filmmaker. He's also the person to watch. A man who does not preach, but rather simply presents the facts. It's hard to do that with the constant barrage of negativity in our world. If you are looking for a movie that's "citizen journalism" and not anti-Bush, then this is the one. It's not going to be the best movie ever, but I think it's an important one, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's tired of hearing about how great Bush is. In a way, it's more like a documentary than a movie, but it's still a very important movie. This is what I call a "citizen journalism" movie. This is the most important movie I've ever seen.

Brenda Smith photo
Brenda Smith

I just watched this film on a plane flight and it really changed my perspective on life. It was powerful and really got me thinking. It made me understand the importance of being alive and living for yourself and your dreams. I was really touched and inspired by this film. It is a great message and definitely helps motivate the people who watch it to not give up. I was on a plane and I would recommend this film to anyone that wants to live life and make a difference. The message is really important to me. It makes me think about my own life and what I can do to help others and it really gets me going in life. It makes me want to get out there and do what I can to make a difference. I recommend this film to everyone. It is definitely worth watching and it makes you really think about your own life.

Denise photo

What an incredible film. I didn't know anything about this film until I read the book, and when I did, it totally blew me away. It was the most powerful and memorable book I have ever read, and I was deeply moved by it. I am also a huge fan of Jack Donovan, and I am glad he was a part of this film. I think everyone who has read this book should see it, and everyone who hasn't should see it as well. I know I am going to be hearing a lot about this film. It is just such an incredible story. I will be seeing it again in the theaters, and I will be seeing it again on the big screen. I can't wait for the DVD release. I was just blown away by it, and I can't wait to see it again!

Alice B. photo
Alice B.

This film is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I saw it on the Sci-Fi channel, and it was so touching, so real, so real, and so, so, so great. It will have you in tears. The only thing that could make it better is if the director could go on and on with it, but it would not matter, because the way this movie is told is so real. I will not reveal the ending, but I promise that you will be shocked by it. If you have not seen this film, see it now. I am telling you now, to see this movie.

Amanda Cole photo
Amanda Cole

What a fascinating experience to watch this documentary, it is an insightful and moving portrait of the artist. I was astonished to see the real life stories of these artists in the documentary, and was not surprised at the outcome of the film. It is a powerful film, and I strongly recommend it to all viewers who are interested in the subject matter. A must see for any film student, or a good watch for the rest of us.

Barbara Richards photo
Barbara Richards

The film was great. I think everyone should watch it, especially those who know nothing about the internet or the world. It's very educational, and the idea behind it is pretty fantastic. I really hope this is the beginning of a new era for the film industry, because this is going to be HUGE! I'm so excited about what's next. I don't know if we will ever be able to see this again. This is such an amazing film, I really hope everyone sees it!