فيلم Cane River

Cane River

Cane River is a movie starring Tommye Myrick, Richard Romain, and Carol Sutton. The romance between two African Americans who come from a different class background.

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1 hours 44 minutes
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Drama, Romance
Horace Jenkins
Horace Jenkins
Tommye Myrick, Barbara Tasker, Richard Romain, Carol Sutton
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The romance between two African Americans who come from a different class background.

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Andrea Gordon photo
Andrea Gordon

I loved this movie! There are just a few things that bothered me. The first being that the ending was so disappointing, it really gave me the wrong impression of the movie. They could have ended the movie right there, the movie just wasn't very good. The second was the pacing. It seemed like there was so much going on, that it just felt like they had to keep it moving. The movie really should have been about an hour and a half long. It just felt like the movie was missing that extra bit of length. But the whole pacing was fine. I was so taken by the characters and the storyline. There was just so much happening that I just couldn't keep up. The characters were really nice and I really liked the lead actor, he was really good. I have to give it a 7/10. But if it was a little bit longer, then it would have been a 10/10. It just wasn't good enough.

Donna Schultz photo
Donna Schultz

I think this movie is great! I had never heard of this movie before I watched it and I was very impressed. I was really touched by the acting of the main characters and the story. It was a beautiful story that showed what love is all about. I like the fact that they showed the pain of losing someone you love and the joy of finding someone who loves you. I also like the fact that it was a movie that was not for kids. I think this movie will definitely make it in the Oscars next year! I give this movie a 10/10.

Kathryn S. photo
Kathryn S.

It is about the injustice done to the oppressed people of the world and the belief that it is better to be enslaved than to live under the government of the slave owner. This is an intriguing film and not just for its story but for its image. It depicts the most serious subject matter for its director. Although it is quite long, it never feels as though it is dragging. It is a powerful and thought provoking film that tells the story in a very realistic and consistent manner. The script was written by the filmmaker and not by his wife. It is a very honest and realistic depiction of what happens in the majority of countries when the injustice is inflicted on the people of the nation. It also shows how the "corrupt" politicians and army can only cause a lot of destruction, not the best that the country can do. The images are always very compelling. It is a powerful and thought provoking movie that deserves to be seen and appreciated by all.

Bruce A. photo
Bruce A.

This film tells the story of a couple, one a poet and the other a novelist, and how they met, how they met, and how they met again. Although I do not like the title of the film (Cane River), I do like the film's director, Josh Friedman, who told me he did it to emphasize the idea that the writer could never meet another person. Friedman is a newcomer to the world of film and has been working on the film since it's conception in 2009. The film's writer, Greg Mottola, was a writer for a long time, and when he started work on the screenplay for Cane River, he told Friedman he had something he wanted to say, but could not think of a title. He came up with the name Cane River and worked with it until he had a title that he liked, which is why he is an aspiring writer. The two of them met on a train trip and fell in love. The writer, who is a poet and is also a novelist, wanted to meet a woman he met when he was a young man, but did not know the woman's name. He was intrigued by the woman's poems and was drawn to her as a person, but did not know her name. The poet was a bit nervous about meeting a woman that he did not know his name from. Eventually, the poet got the woman's name and came to meet her. Eventually, they were both together. Then, they fell in love and they married. It was during the wedding that they fell in love with each other and began a relationship. Then, they began a relationship, but it was not a good relationship. He wanted to get out of the relationship. The poet was a bit nervous about the marriage, but she was a little nervous about him. He wanted to leave and go to Europe, but she wanted to stay. They got married, and they lived a normal life. After about a year or two, the poet began to think of the poet and her relationship with him as the best thing in his life. She told him he needed to leave his relationship with the writer and her because he had a difficult time. He decided to leave and go to Europe, but she said that was impossible because she would need to go to France to take her passport. After a while, the poet started to go back to the poet, and he told her that he would find her and take her to Paris, and he would leave her there. He did not leave, but she did not leave. Then, he did not go to France. She was happy with her relationship with the writer. They were both still married, but the poet was having difficulties finding a job and having a successful relationship. He did not want to leave the relationship, but she was not happy with the

Nicholas photo

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to see a film screening at a local theater in LA, and I was so happy to be able to see the film, Cane River, that I brought my DVD along with me. What a pleasant surprise! This is not a "great" film, nor is it perfect. I don't think it's going to make a big impact on you, because it is very low-key. I can't say that it was an interesting film, nor that it was anything spectacular. I just thought it was very well-done. I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously, and that it's more of a character study. The acting is solid, and the story is well-written. It is a little slow-paced, but not boring. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a film that's worth watching. And I would also recommend it to anyone who is looking for an intelligent, intelligent film. The people at the screening I was at were really happy that the film got the attention it did, because it is one of those rare films that are not afraid to take itself seriously.

Donald H. photo
Donald H.

I read the synopsis and saw a couple of clips, but it was so predictable and bland that I just didn't give a damn. So I started watching the movie. It's not a bad movie. It has its moments, it's well-paced, and it's well-written. It just lacked the heart of the book. And I don't mean that it's a bad book. It's a good book. But if you're going to make a movie based on a book, you should at least have some passion. The thing that made me care about the book was the way it was told. It was a real look into a family and a world that would never happen in real life. I just didn't care about the book, and I don't care about this movie. I don't know why it's so popular, but I'd rather watch a VHS copy of the movie on the set of the movie. Then I could listen to the actors and watch the sets. And there are real sets that are actually built and made to look like what it would look like. They might as well have just filmed the set, and then they had a cameraman. But it's good to see some real sets.

Katherine H. photo
Katherine H.

A movie about the life of a southern lady who meets and falls in love with a man from a poor and less privileged part of the country. The way the movie is told is quite interesting. I didn't expect to be much interested by it and I was actually quite impressed. The story is quite interesting. The cinematography is very well done. The acting is very well done and well done. The actors really give their best. I don't know what more I can say. I would recommend this movie to anybody who is interested in movies about the life of the poor and not rich. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Jeremy Warren photo
Jeremy Warren

It's easy to think that there's not enough films about gay men in the past, but there are plenty of them. This is not one of them. The cast is very well-known and respected actors and this helps, but there are also a lot of great unknowns. The story is told in a well-told way. There's some controversy around this, but I can't see how it's that important. The storyline is quite simple, and there's nothing new or exceptional. The drama is mostly based on the dialogue, but it's a very effective way to tell the story. The directing is nice, and the story is quite interesting, but the direction is not too important for this film. The music is also very good. The acting is very good, but some of the actors could have done better. The characters are well-known actors and this helps. I also liked the way that the director showed the gay men in the scene. It's always important to show that gay men exist, but the directors here don't do that. The film is well-made, but some parts of the film are quite confusing. It's not as bad as other films about gay men, but it's not good either.

Scott photo

I like the way this movie ends. It is sad, it is sad. I am glad it was made. I am glad it was done on a low budget. I like how they showed the love between the couple in a non-romantic way. I like how the story shows how they both had to sacrifice so much to get what they wanted. I liked how the music in the movie is also very good. I think it is very important to have some music in a movie. I think music makes the movie even more entertaining. I think this movie was a good movie. I think it was a good movie to show how easy it is to get in love.

Billy G. photo
Billy G.

I had the good fortune to see Cane River in Seattle's Film Festival. I was moved by the human story and the gorgeous cinematography. The setting of the city of Spokane is particularly lovely. The message of Cane River is, as always, good and powerful. It's an intelligent, clever film that will draw you in. Cane River is a story about love, loss, and growing up in the big city. It is not a film about sexual desire or abuse. It is about the change a child must go through to become an adult. It is about having to live up to your dreams. It is about letting go of past mistakes, allowing yourself to become someone you were not. It is about your dreams and the dreams of others. It is about living life to its fullest. There is much to say about Cane River, but it is not as it appears to be. I'm afraid to say more because I have not seen it yet. I will say that it is an outstanding film, but I have been told that it is not for everyone. Cane River is a film that is not for everyone. If you are looking for a movie that will teach you something, or make you feel good about your life, or give you an emotional high, then this is not the movie for you. If you want to see an intelligent and sophisticated film, this is not it.

Eugene Shaw photo
Eugene Shaw

I like this film because I like the way it takes an unusual approach to romance, and it's also very different to most films of its genre. I also like that the characters are all good-hearted, and the performances are all very good. The only thing I didn't like is the ending. The end was also very disappointing. This movie is really a breath of fresh air, it's much more like a true romance movie than anything I've ever seen before. It's very romantic, it's very funny, and it's very good. It's a great way to spend an evening if you're in the mood for something different. I rate this movie 7/10.

Linda Armstrong photo
Linda Armstrong

The idea of this movie, at its very base, is to say that the simple act of sharing the basic information, that one needs to survive, is the most important thing in life. As is often the case, it is more complex than this. In my opinion, the ending of this movie, when the narrator says, "The game is over," in a voice-over, is the most well-done, heart-wrenching, heartbreaking, and emotional ending of any movie I have seen in a while. It is the ultimate demonstration of the importance of the act of sharing and of making a difference. This is also a lesson in human nature, and a reminder that all of us are capable of being compassionate, and that sharing is not selfish, but just. In the end, when the characters have gathered around the fire, the narrator says, "So this is the end of the game." In the end, that is the only appropriate response to this film.

Cheryl photo

The "culture shock" of this movie could be easily attributed to a lot of things, but I think it would be more appropriate to attribute it to the lack of the pastel colored makeup that defines the Coen brothers' films. With a heavy black/grey color palette, the film lacks the dryness that pervades their films, and their many references to the Vietnam war seem to be pulled directly from their previous work. In my opinion, a Coen film could be summed up in a few simple words, but if I tried to explain what a great movie like "Fargo" is, I would have to say it is like a great music video. I believe that this film is worth watching once. However, it will not be missed by those who like a more intelligent film, and those who love a good story.

Bobby G. photo
Bobby G.

Two young siblings, one brother and one sister, are among the youngest and most inexperienced members of their family. When their mother dies, the family moves to a rural town, to the hometown of the oldest brother. There they are forced to live with a man who is estranged from the family and has an obsession for the youngest sibling, who is now a teenager. She has a sweet, innocent, vulnerable face. Inevitably, the other brother comes into contact with this unknown older brother, who takes a dark interest in her. The only part of this story that isn't so clichéd and melodramatic is that the male protagonist is the more mature one. He is actually more of a father figure to his younger sister than a husband. The younger sibling is like a child at heart, but has some unresolved issues to work out. The film is so well made. The scenery and the simple, natural dialogue adds so much to the story. There is no need to go into the plot, as this is all there is to the film. It isn't necessary to make the main character a loner, and he doesn't need to be a stud. He isn't the smartest one, but he doesn't need to be. He is the most self-sufficient. He just needs to be there for his younger sister. There is no need to include so much conflict and drama. It doesn't detract from the overall message of the film. The narrative is very good and believable. The characters are all likable, and the story is well-told. The director has a good eye for images. There is a beautiful beauty to the countryside, the two brothers, and the young girl. I believe this is a film that is more for people who have lived in a rural setting and have seen the landscape as it was during their youth. For example, the youngest sibling is born in the big city, and in the film, we see the rural setting as a city. It is a beautiful world, and the atmosphere is always warm. Overall, I really liked this film. It is a good film for young people. It has an innocence and sweet look to it that is suitable for young viewers. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as the viewers can understand the message.

Ralph photo

The great thing about this film is that it is a very well done film that takes place in a very well set environment. The camera work is very well done, the locations and everything is top notch. The story is well told, and is great for those who are interested in the life of Ben Wade, but it is also a film that is very accessible to those who are not familiar with the life of Ben Wade. The acting is great and the directing is great, the score is very well done. It is definitely a movie that should be seen.

Michelle G. photo
Michelle G.

Not a great film. But I did like it. It was kind of slow, but at least I was very, very, bored. I guess I was hoping for something else. But there's always hope. It was worth the time, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again.

Jessica Hughes photo
Jessica Hughes

I was looking forward to this movie as I was a big fan of Will Smith's earlier work, especially in the 90's. Will Smith is such an interesting character to look at. His ability to be both charming and smart is something I love to watch. This movie had the potential to be great but it failed. The story could have been great but it was not. The film was a complete mess, there were so many elements that could have been great but were not. Some of the scenes were so bad that it was hard to watch. I will say that the acting was good, it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible. I give this movie a 7/10, it was a great movie to see but it was not one I would watch again.

Randy photo

This movie was good, not as good as A Dog's Breakfast or a great work by Richard Linklater, but it was pretty good. It didn't break any new ground in the history of films, but it was well done and realistic. One thing I was impressed with was how they presented the very real relationship between the two young people, the love between them, how the courtship went. They portrayed how they got along, but not how they loved each other. They were not the best of friends, but they were close. I also thought the movie was realistic. They showed how a lot of young people of that time felt. The only other movie I would compare it to is A Beautiful Mind, which is also a good film. It's also worth seeing just to see how it was done. It's a bit different than most movies of that time, and I think it's worth watching.

Patricia F. photo
Patricia F.

This film is based on a novel written by Paul Auster. It tells the story of a low-key young woman who meets a man at a motor show and starts a relationship with him. The first half of the film is the kind of quiet film that Auster makes. The second half, the part that is most compelling, is the part that involves the main character and her relationship with her father and her journey to find her true love. This film has some very good performances by Neeson, Lom and Tracey. Some of the cinematography is also very good. The direction by Ron Howard is also good. The film is also very well-written. Some of the story is a bit predictable, but most of the story is very intriguing and the ending is really great. It is a good film, especially for romance lovers.

Craig photo

Forget all the other reviews, this movie is a masterpiece, the plot is so well thought out. It is so emotional and heartbreaking, the movie is so well directed, and the actors are perfect. You are taken in by their eyes and hearing, and feel for their feelings. If you have not seen it, you have not lived.