فيلم Avant qu'on explose

Avant qu'on explose

Avant qu'on explose is a movie starring Étienne Galloy, Amadou Madani Tall, and William Monette. The Third World War is on the horizon. Despite attempts at nuclear deterrence, the threat of atomic bombings between North Korea and...

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Avant Qu'On Explose
Running Time
1 hours 48 minutes
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Rémi St-Michel
Eric K. Boulianne
Amadou Madani Tall, Julianne Côté, Étienne Galloy, William Monette
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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The Third World War is on the horizon. Despite attempts at nuclear deterrence, the threat of atomic bombings between North Korea and the United States is bringing the world's population back into a Cold War-like climate. In the small town of Baie-St-Paul (Quebec, Canada), Pier-Luc is afraid: afraid of dying, of course, but, above all, afraid of dying before he could make love for the first time. With his buddies, Hubert and Samuel, he goes through "the summer of last chances" and takes drastic measures in order to lose his virginity - Before we explode.

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Ethan C. photo
Ethan C.

This movie has it all. a story of love, loss, and dreams, with an ending that leaves you speechless. The film was shot in the Philippines and it shows. It makes you think and reflect about your life and about the love that we have for each other. It makes you want to see this film again and again. It has so much to say about life, love, and the human condition. I hope you will go and see this movie. you will not regret it.

Louis J. photo
Louis J.

I'm giving this a 10 out of 10 because of the effort put into making this. It's not a perfect movie but it's good. I'm really surprised to see some of the bad reviews. I think they're looking for a movie that will make them feel like they're having a good time, and they're not. They're looking for a movie that will make them feel like they've been let down. That's not what this movie is about. If you're looking for something to feel good about, then you should look elsewhere.

Randy McCoy photo
Randy McCoy

I think that every day people have a different way of experiencing movies. I just think that the directors are having a different idea of what is fun and what is not. You will find this movie for all ages. It is not like any other movie. It is funny, dramatic, dramatic, dramatic. I think that this is the best comedy ever. This movie is like an incredible journey. It is like a journey you are taking yourself on. It is like a journey you are taking your friends on. You are going to enjoy it very much.

Olivia N. photo
Olivia N.

Just saw the movie. Wow. I haven't seen anything like this in a while. I love the plot, the cast, the camera work, the timing, the music, the film itself, and the overall idea of this movie. I had a hard time deciding whether I would rate it a 10, which would have been at least good, or a 9.5, which would have been as good as it gets. But I chose to rate it a 10. It was funny, it was heartfelt, it was serious, it was smart, it was bold, it was intelligent, it was heartwarming, and it was just plain fun. But there were so many things that were not on purpose. A lot of people are commenting on the nudity, but it is meant to be a "feel good" movie. It is not trying to be provocative, and it is not trying to shock, it just wants to entertain and make you smile. I loved every minute of it. This is one of the best movies of the year. I can't wait for the sequel. I give it a 10.

Martha H. photo
Martha H.

I love this movie! I have been a fan of William H. Macy since his days in "Blacula", but I thought this movie was terrific. Macy was hilarious as the wacky French guy, and I loved him. The story is very original, and the characters were very well-developed. I particularly liked the scene where William H. Macy makes his family members aware of the danger of the French Rouge, and the mom calls him on it. This movie is great for any fan of Shakespeare, comedy, or anyone with a big heart!

Matthew H. photo
Matthew H.

Although it seems that this movie is similar to a popular French movie called "Quoi même du ciel"? (1987), this is a very different movie. It is a very artistic movie that makes you feel like you are in a "real" France, in Paris or in another town. The direction is wonderful, the actors are wonderful, and the script is very good. The music is beautiful, and it's really worth hearing, especially the song "Quoi Même du Ciel?" (1987) that makes you feel like you are in a "real" Paris.

Nicholas Curtis photo
Nicholas Curtis

Not to be confused with the 90's anime movie "Kokoro ga Gotoku no Shichinin" - which is an example of a low-budget film that has been given an "Americanization" treatment. A group of teenagers in a small Japanese town, become part of a secret society which is so secret, they keep it a secret from everyone, even the police, who are unaware of the secret until the teenagers get involved. This is a truly entertaining movie, filled with humour, the kind that you can't stop laughing at. The humor is dark and quite serious at times, but it's still enjoyable, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. The story is somewhat unique, but that's what makes it fun. It's not a typical story in that it has no obvious bad guys or heroes. In fact, the whole thing is just a bunch of strange characters who all seem to be part of the secret society. There's a gang of psychos, a boy and his dog, a girl with a small body, a man who hates animals, and a completely crazy man who thinks he's the Devil himself. It's not a typical movie, and it's not one that will appeal to everyone. However, if you like anime, or if you just like a good, hilarious, often dark comedy, then this movie is for you. There are plenty of scenes where people are talking in a language you probably haven't heard before, and I have to admit, they're pretty funny. Highly recommended.

Janet Butler photo
Janet Butler

*SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* Pardon the pun, but I am almost certain that this film is a great satire of the military, and its use of the military to defend the rights of the people, of the people in general. I guess we have a military in every nation that is the enemy of the people, but it's in the military that the nation itself defends itself from. This film has a tremendous amount of political satire, and I like the way the satire is done. This is one of the best films I have seen this year. One of the things that makes this film so great is that it's very lighthearted. There is some great humor and the film is filled with great quotes. I can't wait to see more films from Robert Zemeckis. I look forward to his future films. I give this film a 10/10.

Rebecca N. photo
Rebecca N.

This movie was so bad that I had to watch it. I love when people get old. The story is extremely old, but so is the movie. It's been a long time since I've laughed so hard at a movie. I gave it a 10/10. And I would have given it a 9/10 if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't pay for it.

Kathy Jenkins photo
Kathy Jenkins

I loved this movie so much. It is a wonderfully crafted, brilliant film. The jokes are sharp and very well placed. The writing is superb. It has the feel of a home movie and you just can't help but laugh. I highly recommend this film for anyone looking for a good laugh and a great film. I had a great time watching this film. I plan on buying this when it comes out on DVD. I also recommend that everyone go to this film as soon as possible. The best way to enjoy this film is to buy it.

Philip photo

I'm really surprised by the positive reviews of this film. The film was a blast to watch, and I found myself laughing out loud most of the time. In fact, I laughed hard enough to cry. The characters were excellent, and you really wanted them to succeed. I've never been a fan of characters who fall flat, but they actually seemed to do so here. The acting was very good, the characters were very likable, and the plot was exciting and unique. I loved this film!

Diana photo

I just got back from seeing this movie and I can tell you that it was a masterpiece. The cast was fantastic, the story was brilliant, the comedy was unbelievable, the plot was perfect, the acting was great, the sound effects were wonderful, the lighting was great, the direction was amazing. I never thought I'd say that I liked a movie more than a comedy or a drama, but this movie just blew me away. The movie was so unique, I have never seen anything like it before. And the story was so brilliant, it kept me laughing the whole time, and it didn't stop. And I loved the characters in the movie, and I loved the actors. So in conclusion, if you haven't seen this movie, you really should!

Juan H. photo
Juan H.

I thought this was a brilliant and funny film. I love all the actors and have seen them in so many different roles. It has such a great sense of humour and it was always great to see them all on the screen together. The film was brilliant and I can't wait to see it again. It is a classic.

Patricia Reyes photo
Patricia Reyes

I've seen this film for the first time this weekend, and I absolutely loved it! I laughed and I cried! I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a good laugh and a good story to go with it!

Tyler photo

The movie is a brilliant comedy and I would recommend it to anyone who likes humor. The film is a masterpiece in every way, the writing, the acting, the cinematography, the casting, the music, the direction, the editing, the cinematography, the acting, the score, the editing, the score, the music. etc. It is a masterpiece, and I think everyone who has seen the movie will agree.

Jessica O. photo
Jessica O.

It was a perfect movie for me. It was funny, romantic, sad, and many other things. I was so caught up in the movie, I don't think I had time to eat my popcorn or even take a shower. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. It had great scenes, great actors, and great music. I will buy this movie when it comes out on DVD. I think it is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I highly recommend it. If you want to laugh, watch it.

Rachel photo

What a magnificent movie. I think it will be even better than the movie it is based on. I love it! This movie should be in the top 250 movies! I hope that there will be a second part and that it will be better! The main actors are really funny. It's so much more than "the world is full of stupid people". In France, it was the most successful movie in my opinion, and I really hope it will be the same for me! I really think that the people should see this movie and I hope that they will like it!

Joyce H. photo
Joyce H.

A great film, an absolute masterpiece! This is what I look for in a movie. This movie is funny and entertaining. I can't recommend this movie enough. It is a rare movie where you are laughing and cheering at the same time. And you can relate to it. A perfect combination of a comedy and a drama, which works perfectly!

Steven Hart photo
Steven Hart

Avant qu'on explose is one of those films that everyone can watch and enjoy, from the age of 10 to the 80's. And even if you are a big fan of Jean-Claude, you will be at a loss to understand why he is so successful in France and not so successful in the U.S. In this film, he plays the role of a young gay man, who is stuck between being straight and gay. The only way to know whether you are gay or straight is to go through the experience of being gay and decide for yourself. This is the movie that I am proud to say that I saw on the opening night of the New York Gay Film Festival in 1991. It was the first gay film to receive an award at the festival, and the first to be shown in the U.S. The film was an immediate success, and the awards and nominations that it received from the major gay film festivals worldwide, made the film a success story. Jean-Claude, your performance is a masterpiece. This is a great role for you, and it shows that you can be a great actor in Hollywood. What I would like to know is: are you still in France?

Cheryl Bailey photo
Cheryl Bailey

Ah, the old joke that goes something like this: "She loves you, but you are just so cold." And that's the truth about me. This is the type of movie that you don't want to spoil with spoilers. But you can spoil it for yourself if you want. It is so-so, but the end is so-so. But it is a really good movie. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh a lot and have a great time. I don't really care what you think about it, because it is just so-so, but I guess it's just that I like it a lot. Go see it, you won't be sorry. It's a 10/10 for me. Trust me. :)

Roger N. photo
Roger N.

Truly excellent and funny. The cast was perfect. It's the kind of movie that could go places and stay there. It's a great story about the two kinds of life. Everyone should see this film, it's a must see. If you're looking for a great story with a lot of laughs this is your movie. I highly recommend this movie, it's a must see.

Richard H. photo
Richard H.

While reading the title of this film, I expected a children's film. But I wasn't disappointed. I was really surprised that this movie was funny and engaging. It was really enjoyable, even to adults. I think that some people may not like the romantic aspect of the film, because it isn't real. But I think that it's a good thing that people can relate to the love story that the movie is about. It is about a boy and a girl who meet in the middle of the road and they become friends. The girl is really cute, and the boy is kind of a weirdo. They have been separated for a long time, and they have a long distance relationship. So, their relationship is not normal. This movie is really funny, and it is very entertaining to watch. You should watch it.