فيلم Bronx Gothic

Bronx Gothic

Bronx Gothic is a movie starring Okwui Okpokwasili, Umechi Born, and Peter Born. From director Andrew Rossi (Page One: Inside the New York Times, The First Monday in May) comes an electrifying portrait of writer and performer Okwui...

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1 hours 31 minutes
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Andrew Rossi
Kate Novack, Okwui Okpokwasili, Chad Beck
Ralph Lemon, Peter Born, Okwui Okpokwasili, Umechi Born
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From director Andrew Rossi (Page One: Inside the New York Times, The First Monday in May) comes an electrifying portrait of writer and performer Okwui Okpokwasili and her acclaimed one-woman show, Bronx Gothic. Rooted in memories of her childhood, Okwui - who's worked with conceptual artists like Ralph Lemon and Julie Taymor - fuses dance, song, drama and comedy to create a mesmerizing space in which audiences can engage with a story about two 12-year-old black girls coming of age in the 1980s. With intimate vérité access to Okwui and her audiences off the stage, Bronx Gothic allows for unparalleled insight into her creative process as well as the complex social issues embodied in it.

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Bobby R. photo
Bobby R.

I saw this movie in a cinema in Bucharest, and the cinema was full of people. I'm not a big fan of Michael Moore, but he was really good at this. This is his best movie. It was very informative and it showed the problems of the people in Bucharest. This movie is very very important. It was the best movie I have ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating, I saw it about 3 times in a row. The people in Bucharest are suffering from the same problems as the people in Chicago, because they are suffering from a lack of information. This movie shows that the problems in Bucharest are not caused by the IMF, but by the people. This is an important movie and it should be shown more often. The movie is about the problems of Bucharest, and it is important because it shows the problems of the people in Bucharest. It is a great movie, and it should be shown more often. I recommend everyone to see it, it is very important.

Paul photo

I thought this was an amazing documentary that did a great job at telling a story and really got to know the people involved in this great project. I am a graphic designer by trade and this documentary really made me think about the challenges graphic designers have in the world today. I thought it was well done and I am happy to see that people are seeing it. I hope it gets a lot of exposure and I can't wait to see more about the people involved in this project. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone that wants to know more about graphic design and graphic design in general.

Eric Boyd photo
Eric Boyd

I had the opportunity to see this film at the Miami Film Festival. It was a beautiful and thought-provoking film. There were some great interviews with people from the community who were in the film, and it was a great educational film. I am planning on going to the film festival again to see it again. I can't wait for the DVD release.

Tyler H. photo
Tyler H.

This is one of the most comprehensive and compelling documentaries I have ever seen. There is no way to describe it in words, and the only way to describe it is to see it for yourself. It's a perfect example of the power of film to change people's lives. This is a film about a man who came to New York City from his native Jamaica in search of a better life. He was a member of a large Caribbean family, and he felt like he was missing something. So, he decided to leave his home in Jamaica to seek a better life in the United States. He found a job as a janitor at a Bronx building, and he found a way to meet the people who had taken over the building. He began to befriend the people who worked there, and eventually, he met one of the owners of the building. The owner, Michael Caine, had just finished a movie called "The Town", and he wanted to know if he could get his old friend to play in it. He asked for Caine's help, and Caine agreed. The film was produced by the people who worked in the building, and it was shot by people who worked there. The film is a compilation of interviews with the people who worked there, and it is very moving. It is a true story, and it was told in such a way that it is almost impossible to not feel for the people who were in this film. It is a documentary that is extremely powerful, and it is a film that should be shown in schools all over the country.

Janet Hernandez photo
Janet Hernandez

If you have been following the progress of this project for any length of time, you will be absolutely stunned by the amount of time and effort put into this documentary. It is truly a piece of art. The story of the lives of people who were brought up in the Bronx during the late 60s and early 70s is told in a way that is both funny and sad, a sort of poetic and dreamy, dreamlike experience. The film includes interviews with people who were involved with the film, such as Oliver Stone, Alan Alda, and Liza Minelli. You will also hear from people who were involved with the production, such as Marcia Schifrin, Debra Winger, and the director, Nick Broomfield. And, of course, the film features some amazing footage of the Bronx and its neighborhoods. It's a great film.

Hannah Holmes photo
Hannah Holmes

This is an excellent documentary about the history of the Brooklyn Renaissance. It's a must see for anyone who is interested in the history of the Brooklyn arts scene. It is a fascinating look at the creative community of the city and how they came together to make something new and unique. This documentary is a very well done production and I highly recommend it.

Johnny Chavez photo
Johnny Chavez

As a fellow African American woman, I was very surprised to see how much of a negative portrayal of African Americans in the media was portrayed. However, this documentary, as well as the Black Panther Party itself, is an inspiration for all of us to see our country as a beacon of hope for all of us. This documentary is also a great opportunity for people to learn about the history of the Black Panthers and their history. There are many things that are not told in this documentary. For example, the history of the Black Panthers was written by one person, but his words are not recorded by any other person. Many people did not know that the Black Panther Party was actually a socialist organization. We need to keep in mind that all people in this country were forced into the civil rights movement. For that reason, the Black Panthers were the first and most effective organizations in the country to fight for civil rights. I think that the film was very well done. I would recommend this film to everyone that is interested in learning about the Black Panthers and their history.

Angela W. photo
Angela W.

This documentary is a must see for anyone who is interested in the history of the hip hop community. It provides a comprehensive look at the history of the culture and the evolution of the music. It is a must for any fan of hip hop or music. The documentary is very well done. It provides an overview of the history of the culture, and the evolution of the music. The music is a lot of fun to listen to and it is definitely worth watching the documentary. I highly recommend this documentary.

Harold photo

This is a very good documentary about the plight of the poor in New York City. It shows how the poor people are living, working and dying in the city. The film is very moving and a great film. The only problem is that it is too long and the film makers are too busy to show a lot of the details of the lives of the poor people. This is a great documentary and a must see.

Andrea photo

I just saw this film at the Baltimore International Film Festival. I was able to see it for free. I am a big fan of horror, and I was expecting a good horror film, but this film was a total disappointment. I will not give away any of the story, but I will say that it was a total disappointment. The acting was very bad, and the story was very weak. I was very disappointed, and I am very angry. I have no idea why this film was even made. I am very disappointed, and I would not recommend this film to anyone.

Randy J. photo
Randy J.

What a beautiful film. The main character is a very important figure in our lives, the man who saved his girlfriend's life in a fire. This is a very good film and I recommend it to everyone. If you have never seen this film, I highly recommend it. I give it 10 out of 10.

Judy Dunn photo
Judy Dunn

The only thing I can say about this film is that I don't care what anyone says, it is a great film. The characters are the most important thing in this film. There are a lot of people that will disagree with me about this film. Some people have compared it to the original film but I think this film is more in line with the original. It is a much better film. The original is a very moving story about a father and his son. I think the film shows that a father will always love his son no matter what. The director has really done a great job with this film. I think he is a great filmmaker and I think this is the best film he has ever made. I hope that the director of this film will be a big part of the new wave of filmmakers and the new wave of filmmakers will be making great films like this one. It is really amazing to see the change in the industry that this film has brought about. If you haven't seen this film, do yourself a favor and see it.

Joan Ramirez photo
Joan Ramirez

I recently read about the plight of the Black Panthers in the US. The most recent instalment of this group was in a prison. I decided to watch this documentary. It's an eye-opener. The American government has no right to do anything to the Black Panther Party. The Black Panthers were freedom fighters who fought for their rights and against the racist and fascist laws of the US government. The US government should not be allowed to interfere in their personal lives. The movie is informative, but not necessarily entertaining.

Linda photo

The films of Marlon Brando are all based on the world of the 1930's, and this documentary examines the impact of this era on the people of Harlem. Brando's movies were very popular at the time, and many people loved them. However, the people of Harlem were being pushed out, and the people of the city were being pushed out. This documentary shows that in the 1940's, Brando lived in a very different world, and that he was not just a Hollywood star, but a real man. The director, Martin Scorsese, takes us into the lives of many of the people who worked with Brando, and shows how he created a world for himself. Many of the people he worked with, especially Marlon Brando, showed a great deal of love for him, and this documentary shows it. The music, of course, is amazing. The songs are very good, and the acting is also very good. Some of the performances are even excellent, such as Marlon Brando and Marlon Brando Jr. and Marlon Brando Jr. The film shows that Marlon Brando was a great man, and that he was not just a Hollywood star. This documentary is very good, and it shows that Brando was a very important man.

Virginia C. photo
Virginia C.

This film is amazing! I was skeptical to see this movie but I am glad I did. I am a student and I really loved this film. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has never heard of it or doesn't have a clue about what it's about. The story is amazing and the acting was amazing. The story is about a woman who lost her baby in the first trimester of pregnancy and the struggle she went through. I loved the way the movie portrayed the whole experience of a pregnant woman, and how the pregnancy and birth of a baby are a very personal experience for her. She is a person who has experienced so many things in her life, and the movie portrayed that. I am really glad I saw this movie and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about pregnancy and birth. I also would like to add that this movie is a great introduction to the realities of pregnancy and birth. This film is also an amazing lesson to all of us. We should all learn from it and be more understanding of the realities of pregnancy and birth.

Jennifer photo

I just watched this movie and I absolutely loved it. This movie is a beautiful portrayal of a time in history and the people who lived through it. It also speaks about the corrupting influence of money on politicians and how corrupting the system is. It also talks about the people who were in power during this time and the people who were on the side of the people. I loved the fact that the director chose to have the majority of the movie in black and white. It really made the movie more real and the people more relatable to the audience. The music was also wonderful and I especially loved the scenes with the orchestra and the songs. I was so impressed by this movie and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Beverly Berry photo
Beverly Berry

This is a very interesting documentary, and I would have to say it's my favourite documentary so far. It's a great look at what it's like to be an African-American in New York City. It's not only about the struggles of being an African-American in the city, but it's also about the struggles of being an African-American in the US, and how African-Americans have to deal with racism, and how the US is not what it used to be. This documentary does an excellent job of showing the different ways African-Americans have to deal with racism. I really liked the way they used the voice of John Waters to talk about how racism is a problem in the US, and that it's not just a problem in the US. It's a great documentary, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject of racism.

Lisa W. photo
Lisa W.

This documentary is a great and moving story about a person who is trying to make a difference in his community. He is a good example of a person who's trying to help others, and he is an inspiration to all who want to do the same. The film tells his story, and shows the many different people he has met. It is a great story, and a great film.

Madison J. photo
Madison J.

I found this movie very interesting. I feel like I know someone who is a sex addict and they are a person who has done everything they could to stay clean. I feel like there is a lot of misinformation out there about sex addiction and I feel like this documentary is trying to spread the truth. I feel like the movie was very accurate and I think the producers did a great job. I really enjoyed the idea of the documentary and the way it was presented. I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions out there about sex addiction and this documentary is trying to spread the truth. I think this is a very good documentary. It really makes you think about the world we live in and I think this is something that I will remember.

John C. photo
John C.

This is a documentary about a film that was made on a shoestring budget and by a team of volunteers in a few months. The film is called "Loose Change", and it's about the film making process. It's a true story, and it's about a group of people who took a chance and decided to make a film about a real-life event. There was a lot of work involved, and it shows. The film is very low budget, and there are some parts that are hard to watch. It's all very slow, and I think it's very realistic. It's also very funny, because there are many moments that make you chuckle. It's not like a comedy, and I think that's what makes it so good. I love the documentary, and I recommend it to everyone. The people who made this film are heroes. I don't know what else to say about this documentary, so I will just say that this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It's not perfect, but it's a very good documentary.

Bobby S. photo
Bobby S.

In the last few years, this documentary has been produced in Canada, and it is the best of the documentary-style films. The documentary has a lot of great footage, and it is very interesting. It is a must-see documentary.