فيلم The Samuel Project

The Samuel Project

The Samuel Project is a movie starring Liza Lapira, Hal Linden, and Michael B. Silver. Eli, an outcast teen, connects with his isolated grandfather Samuel for the first time, and uncovers his surprising past, when he makes his...

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A Sámuel-projekt
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Marc Fusco
Marc Fusco, Marc Fusco, Chris Neighbors, Chris Neighbors, Steve Weinberger
Hal Linden, Michael B. Silver, Mateo Arias, Liza Lapira
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Eli, an outcast teen, connects with his isolated grandfather Samuel for the first time, and uncovers his surprising past, when he makes his grandpa the subject of an animated art project for school.

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Amy Bowman photo
Amy Bowman

This movie is an outstanding film, but it is not about the numerous aspects of Jewish people and Jewish life. The movie is about two brothers, one of them is a messiah, who have to deal with the issue of Holocaust, where the non-Jews have to endure it and try to understand. The story follows the movie, which is not a happy story. This is because the movie does not explain the fact that Jews have to suffer from the worst kind of discrimination, and that their suffering is not just for themselves. It is just a lot of problems of the Jews. They are forced to suffer as much as any other people in the world. This is just the reality, and it is very difficult for anyone to accept it. I cannot imagine this story will be repeated in history. It is like a wonderful story about a fairy tale. But the story is really fantastic. The actors are excellent, the plot is full of surprises and the ending is great. But this story is about one brother, who is a messiah. The real messiah will have to endure suffering, he will have to be forced to suffer, and he will have to suffer even more than any other people. I hope everyone will be able to see the movie, and not only understand what it is about, but also to get to know this wonderful and powerful story. I am talking about the "messiah".

Howard C. photo
Howard C.

Having grown up with Samuel's "Sunday" series of books, I was very excited to see this film. The young actor (Bridgette Wilson) who played the role of Jenna (played by actor Adam Levine) and the late Tomlin's "Fatal Attraction" role were both very good. I thought the idea of a future where the world is not what we think it is (the cover for the book) was clever. It was also a great movie about the world and people who are going through it. The way that the "Fall of New York" story was developed, the way it was portrayed, and the way it was written was very intriguing. It was nice to see how a book could be adapted into a movie. I thought that the cinematography of the city was great, and the use of close ups was very well done. I felt that the movie could have been more interesting if the movie went through all of the novels that were presented in the book, but it was still interesting to see. I thought that the whole world of the movie was amazing and worth seeing. It was great to see where all of the characters went. All of the actors and actresses in this movie were very good. I felt that there was a lack of any kind of "bad guy" in this movie. The whole movie was a little bit slow in the beginning, but then it picked up. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has not read the book.

Carol K. photo
Carol K.

This is not your average courtroom drama or thriller. This is a life story about two men and how their lives intersect. That's it. There is no explanation about the events, no beginning and no ending. The movie is about two people that can't be together or can't be together because of their different beliefs and philosophies. This is a tragedy, not a drama. It is important to know the facts, but I recommend you read the book or watch the documentary. The story is very long and complex, but if you don't know the facts, you can't grasp the meaning of the story. There are many scenes that are very deep, but not completely explained. Some scenes are very graphic, like the penis cut-out scene, but other scenes are less graphic, like the death of the mother and son. I would say the most important scene is the father's final speech. The father says, "If we don't do anything, then someone is going to come and take you away from me." That is the meaning of the movie. Even if you don't know the facts of the case, the movie is still worth watching. It's not Hollywood material, but it is also not a Hollywood documentary either.

Gloria W. photo
Gloria W.

This is the first of two movies by American writer-director Andrew Niccol. In the first movie, he explores the relationship between two dysfunctional parents and the young people who grow up in the aftermath of a tragedy. In the second, Niccol takes a look at the effects of the Columbine shooting in a small Texas town, where a group of youngsters gather to play video games and express their emotions. The latter movie, though, is more of a drama, focusing on the family dynamics of the two boys who grew up in the aftermath of the shooting. As with the first movie, there are some funny moments and the movie does have a somewhat haunting quality about it. Niccol is a great director, and this movie is worth seeing. The acting is good, especially from the two young actors, Elijah Wood and James Marsden. The cinematography is also very good. If you're a fan of the second movie, you should check this one out. It's not a perfect movie, but it's certainly worth seeing.

Sandra Carter photo
Sandra Carter

I had heard about the 'Samuel Project' from my friends and from the publicity surrounding it. I had no idea what it was about or how it would be made. It was a wonderful surprise to find that this was actually a very good movie. The story is very realistic and I would have liked to see more of the man that he was. The acting was wonderful and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see a movie that is not made for ratings and money.

Anthony Ramos photo
Anthony Ramos

It's an interesting film that asks difficult questions, especially as it addresses issues of discrimination in South Africa. This film also has some good dialogue and decent acting, but is overshadowed by a cold and anti-Semitic nature that the film's makers seemed to have deliberately chosen. Overall, it's an interesting film that may not have the greatest impact on people who haven't lived through or dealt with such things, but who do care. The questions posed in the film are also valid questions for people who have. I give this film a 7/10. The only part of this film that really seemed to drag was the slow beginning, which only served to further the film's slow pace. However, it is still worth watching.

Anthony K. photo
Anthony K.

My favorite films are those that challenge me to think about my own world view. I think this is one of them. The film is based on the book by The Moth by S.E. Hinton. The title refers to the action on the moon, but it can also refer to a film that explores a topic. In this case, it is an action movie that explores the belief that one can change the past by imagining what is going to happen in the future. The film starts off with the parents of an astronaut trapped on the moon. The parents want him to go to the moon and meet their daughter, just so that they can live in peace with their daughter. As it turns out, the family believes that he will change the past so that they can have peace with their daughter. If you are reading this, you probably know this movie. This film has an interesting premise, but it is also a bit predictable. The premise of the film is very good, but it is not well executed. The acting is decent. The parents are played very well by Julie Harris and James Caan. Harris and Caan have great chemistry. My favorite parts in the film are when they are on the moon, because it is so intense. They are both playing a very good part, and the moments in the film that show that their acting ability is high are very good. They don't overact, but they are able to convey emotion without saying too much. Caan is one of the best actors of his generation. This film is very entertaining, but it is not the film that I would recommend. There are some moments in the film where it is very good, but it is also some moments where it is so predictable. Some of the performances are not great, but they are not horrible. Overall, I recommend this film, but I think the idea of the film is very good. It is the idea that we can change the past by imagining what will happen in the future. This film is one of the best films of the year.

Ruth Ross photo
Ruth Ross

The Samuel Project is a non-profit organization that uses the magic of magic to connect people to their spiritual path. One such person is a young girl named Vanessa, who goes by the name of Marianne. She is an idealist, with no moral compass and unable to express any emotion. It is very strange to see a young girl like this in a film, but in this case it is exactly right. She is brave and bravely defends her beliefs without any hesitation. There is a scene in the movie where she is sitting on the edge of a balcony and her mother takes her inside, in order to cure her of her fears. The magic of magic works wonders in her life. She is able to let her fears go, because she has faith in the universe. This was the perfect movie for me. The acting was great and the director did a great job with the way she portrayed Marianne. Marianne is a real person and she doesn't look like any of the girl with braces. This movie is definitely worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone who likes inspirational films or just good stories. I give this film a rating of 7 out of 10. Good movie.

Philip B. photo
Philip B.

All I can say is it's interesting to see how the more modern perception of the disease of AIDS can impact on the lives of a bunch of people that have been infected by it. With the movies of Paul Schrader, we had "Everything Is Illuminated" and "The Blue Lagoon", which were excellent. "The Village" had all the comforts of a Hollywood film, but none of the required thrills. But "The Village" was interesting because it looked at the village in a way that was not fully homoerotic, but as you might have guessed, it had the usual love story. In this movie, we see the relationship between a gay couple, a mother and son, and a man and his son. The father's identity is secret to the son, but the son's secret is the father's. When the father comes out as gay, the son is upset and tries to get rid of the father by kidnapping his brother. The son is distraught when he finds out that his father is gay, and the mother is devastated. I don't want to reveal any more about the plot, but it is a very intense drama, especially when the father is sick and the son does not trust him. In the end, the son kills his father and is not happy. When the father is seen with the son in the hospital, the son is shocked and runs away from the hospital. He is later seen in the hospital with his brother, and in the end the brother says to the father, "You're the best thing that ever happened to us." The son is happy, and tells the father, "I am the best thing that ever happened to you." As the father looks at his son, he says, "That's the best you've ever done to me." At that moment, I felt that this was the perfect ending of the story. It was a wonderful film. But I felt the ending was not as good as the beginning. I felt that it was too abrupt and it was a little over-sentimental. But I loved the ending and I thought it was very moving. It was a good movie. I'm sure you will like it, too.

Julie Richardson photo
Julie Richardson

I am a long time fan of the Robert Redford movie. I was excited to watch this film. I just watched it with my husband, and I had to say that it was OK. If you are a fan of Redford, you might be disappointed. As usual, there was a lot of fan service from the actors. There was also a lot of fan service from the director. There were a few things that I had to say "no" to. They were: 1. It was pretty boring and you never got to know the people that Redford was trying to help. This movie needed a little more characterization. 2. It was one long day of Redford being out of town. He was always trying to get the story going, and this was just a couple hours. 3. It was way too "on the nose". At some points in the movie I was just wondering if Redford was even doing this. 4. It was a little confusing. I know I didn't understand a few things. Overall, this is not a bad movie, but it wasn't great either. It is a good movie for a rainy day.

Phillip Reed photo
Phillip Reed

I gave this a 7. The documentary made me think and I even enjoyed the story. The acting and camera work was amazing. My favorite part was when they started to dig for the bodies and even then it was hard to see the bodies. I felt like the cast should have done more of the walking around and talking. Overall, it's a good documentary. The main problem with the documentary is that it starts with the question that it does not answer. What does it mean to be a good person? How does one survive the trauma? How does one rise above the hardships? The first two questions are never answered. The third is also left unanswered. If the film makers wanted to answer these questions, they should have provided some answers. If not, they should have left it to the viewer to decide.

Eugene Richardson photo
Eugene Richardson

this movie was very well done, the movie made me feel for the lead character, i felt that i was the one doing the camera rolling. and as i said earlier, the movie was very well made. i would say it was a must see for anyone who has ever had a religious experience.

Deborah W. photo
Deborah W.

A dark comedy drama about two gay men, one of them a model. The story begins in a charming and active way. The characters is clever, witty and funny, and you will smile with every character. The story has a few gaps, but I didn't mind about that, because they were just there, nothing to notice. The actor who plays Peter is a perfection. He's a perfect fit for the role. He's a comic, you can't look at him without laughing. But he's not only a comic. He's also a good actor, he can play different roles. And that's what he's doing here. But what I really liked the most about the movie, is the filming. You can see the films making of, the location is perfect, you can hear the actors talk, and the scenery is perfect. The cast is perfect, and you will not find a single flaw. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "A Chico dos Quilmes" ("Samuel Project")

Gary D. photo
Gary D.

The Samuel Project (2014) is a very engaging film that stars Eli Roth, Elizabeth Olsen, Thomas Middleditch and Keir O'Donnell. The plot centers around a 14-year old boy named Alex, played by Keri Russell, who discovers that she has terminal cancer. Alex makes a promise to use a group of people to try and help her. The group is led by a professor played by Bill Irwin, who gives Alex a choice, either give her up or donate the money to a charity. Alex chooses to give her money to a cancer charity, which turns out to be the Samuel Project. The Samuel Project is a charity that helps families, disabled people and people with AIDS. Alex is proud to be a part of the Samuel Project, but she has her doubts because it's a charity that relies heavily on donations. In the end, Alex and the Samuel Project help her come to terms with her terminal cancer. The film is about someone's final moments, and that's all I can really say about the film, other than I thought the acting was good. The film is filled with an emotional journey that will tug at the heart strings. I would say this film is worth seeing. It's great, just a really great film.

Howard photo

A great film for the whole family. All the characters are very interesting and they really get you involved in the story. This is a must see for all the family.

Karen Aguilar photo
Karen Aguilar

Samuel is a woman in her early 40s who has spent her life waiting for the right man. She has a history of getting married but getting burned by her husband. She is pregnant with her first child and is desperate to have a baby but cannot have one due to a failed abortion. She goes to a clinic where she meets another woman who tells her she has a baby and can give birth naturally. She is now pregnant again and feels that she has found the right man. She wants to do this but can't. She is told she has to have a baby but can't do it. She feels she has been lied to and is going to leave her husband. She is also feeling guilty for what she has done. She gets the help she needs from a young woman who works at a fertility clinic. She is told that if she is going to have a baby she has to be a surrogate. She is told that she can do this. She starts out very hard to work but soon learns to get along with the other women. She is very trusting of these women and begins to see the future for herself. The story is told in flashbacks and we see the progress of the story. It is an amazing story about a woman who is determined to have a baby. She is an amazing woman and she deserves recognition for her story.

Gary photo

Samuel Firth as a young man in some of the best movies ever made. The story of the late great Dr. Samuel J. Tilden. The story of a young boy who is rejected by the way of the world and his new found friend, a girl named Annie. The movie is about the characters, the chemistry between them, the way they meet, and the mystery behind the events. Very good.

Carolyn photo

The Samuel Project (2010) is a film by writer-director Richard Linklater. The film chronicles the relationship between a middle-aged father, Phil and his three adolescent daughters. Phil is a successful businessman who is also a police officer. Each year he has the opportunity to spend time with his three children, but he always makes his time in the summer, and often spends the winter with his wife. At one point he meets a girl he meets from his daughter's summer camp, who has just lost her mother, and his daughter, who has just moved in with her mother. The father and daughter begin a romance that gradually turns sexual. The movie is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, with a few surprising moments. While the film is not bad, it is a bit slow in some parts, and the writing could have been better. I think that some of the dialogue could have been more in-depth, and it seemed like they were trying to cover more ground in the script. The performances were also okay, but I did think that Robert Duvall's character was too one-note. I would have liked to have seen more character development on Duvall's part. For the most part, the movie was a pleasant ride.

Sara S. photo
Sara S.

The story was more than interesting, the characters were interesting. The story was more than one dimensional, there was a lot of conflict, and you wanted to like the characters. It was a real life story, and I did feel a little sorry for the family that was being harmed. It was done in a way that made you feel sad for the person who had been hurt, and it was a real love story. But, it was more than that. It was a movie about the human spirit and the human spirit. It was about a man who loved a woman who had no good reason to be with him. I loved the movie, and I hope to see it again. It was very good.

Stephanie Campbell photo
Stephanie Campbell

We have all seen the movies. Most of them have been OK. The "bitch-bunch" films are the best. I saw this one and it was pretty good. What I liked most was the actors. I liked the mother especially the part when she and her daughter were having a fight and she got the bad-girl. It was fun to see the mother talk to her daughter and vice-versa. The father was the main character in the film and he did a good job in that aspect as well. I liked the direction he did in the film and the story. I don't know how much of it is based on a true story. It was a story that was really told to the director and the actors. I really liked it. I just wish I knew more about the boy in the film, but he was good. The wife was good as well. Overall, it was a good film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Maria Garrett photo
Maria Garrett

This is a fantastic movie about a person's search for love, his family, his dream, and his life. There are many different scenes of this movie, and I will not give you the whole movie, but you should see it for yourself. The story is very simple, but very moving. I think it is a movie that should be shown in every school, and everyone should see it. The actors in this movie are great, and I would not change the actors in this movie for anything. I give it a 9/10.

Danielle Reed photo
Danielle Reed

This film is a powerful depiction of the utter contempt that a majority of the population of the United States has for disabled people. The actions and reactions of the film's main characters are often counter-intuitive and unexpected. One of the main characters in the film is a "normal" man with a violent past, and the events of his life provide the primary setting for the movie's plot. The film's tone is very light and is very effective in drawing the audience into a different kind of world. The acting is good, and the movie has an engaging plot. The setting of the film is an American high school, and the audience is shown a school where the average student has a disability. The characters in the film are the kids that show up for work every day, and the teachers are the people who put them through school. This is not a realistic representation of the world, but it is a good example of a typical American high school. This movie is certainly not for the faint of heart. If you like movies that show you different sides of a simple topic, then you will enjoy this movie. I did.

Anna photo

This is a very interesting film that will draw you in and make you want to know more. I watched it on Netflix and really enjoyed it. It is not just about the story of a boy who has a rare disorder that causes him to have no emotion. It is also about the family, the journey that the boy has to go through and the way that he deals with it. The movie is very interesting and you get to know the family, the journey that the boy has to go through and the way that he deals with it. It is also about the father, the father is trying to be a good father to the boy and is doing his best to help the boy. The father also has a brother who is also having problems and is doing his best to help his brother. This movie is a very good film that I recommend to anyone.

Heather photo

A small film about a small man who, once out of prison, has to find a way to survive, and to look after his daughter while he does so. This is a film about the ordinary people in a small town and their everyday life, while they struggle to survive. It's a quiet film, but it's a very important film. The acting is great, and the script is good. The film is dark and depressing, and a little slow at times. I think this film was very influential on The Godfather, which is a great film.

Gregory Perkins photo
Gregory Perkins

I'm in awe. I am totally obsessed with this movie. First of all it's a true story. And it's touching. It's about a poor man who died before he could afford to have a proper funeral. But he still goes to his death. And his son is the one who makes sure that the funeral is really done right. He knows how to talk to the doctors and the attendants and the priest. And he even speaks the German for a change. And he manages to tell the funeral director who won't hear him. And all the people who were supposed to have helped him. I also love the fact that he goes back to the grave and does it himself. A true story, I can't say more about this. I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes a story about a man and his life. But I think that if you don't like those kind of movies, you won't like this movie at all. I mean you'll probably find this movie boring. And I would not recommend it to you.

Denise D. photo
Denise D.

The "Samuel Project" is an interesting, thoughtful, well-made film that succeeds at delivering a powerful message about human rights, faith, and violence. I really like the acting and the plot was interesting. The violence and the reactions of the characters are very well done. It's very dark and realistic. It's a story about a boy who has a lot of faith, and a lot of faith is a lot of violence. The things he experiences, he just keeps telling himself that he can't do this. I really like the message that this film sends, about how God can be in one's life and even in someone's life. The boy does have a lot of faith, but he believes that if he tries, he can do this, even if he's never had to do this before. I really like the fact that the film is about faith, and it is about violence, because that's one of the things that I think that's very important in this film. It's a very dark, gritty film, but it also has a very good message. The only thing that I don't really like is that the plot is a little too complicated for the younger audience. I know that this is a movie that focuses on a young man's struggle with his faith, but it does seem like there's a lot of subplots that don't really fit in. There are parts of the plot that are a little bit confusing, but in the end, it's a very good film, and a very good movie that I think everyone should see. It's a good film for those who can see the darker side of things. It's not for everyone, but if you're a young adult, it's a great movie that is worth seeing.

Susan Hudson photo
Susan Hudson

The first half of the film is relatively short and sweet, just like the novel itself. We get to know little about the characters, and the filmmaker leaves us hanging. But the second half really hits the emotional mark. And I found it quite difficult to fully accept that this movie is true, and we are seeing an adaptation. One of the strongest emotions is when something is so original, and it is so incredibly well done. The film is a perfect example of that. The first time I saw the film, I thought it was "another typical novel adaptation." But the second time, I just sat there in awe, wondering how the makers could be so good. I cannot wait to see what they are going to do next. I loved the music, the photography, and the acting. They really made the most of what they had. The actors also did an amazing job, and it is very hard to keep track of the actors at times. But overall, I think this is the best adaptation of a novel I've ever seen, and I can't wait to see more. I've always said that the most impressive adaptations are the ones that are not exactly like the book. But this film is a great example. I strongly recommend you check it out. It's a fantastic and incredible film.

Theresa L. photo
Theresa L.

I read all the reviews about this film and it seems to me that people who liked this film must have been really young when they saw it. I was about 16 when I first saw it and it made me want to be a movie critic. I was then 16 and I have seen it 3 times now. I liked the film but not the best of it. It was very slow and not very exciting. The film had an interesting story and was well acted but it just seemed to drag. I do not know if it was the director's fault or if it was because I was not young when I first saw it. I do not know if I will see it again but I would like to see it again. I think it would be better if I saw it again. I do not think I could do it justice as a film critic.

Joyce Jones photo
Joyce Jones

There is not a single flaw in this film. The acting is superb and the directing is perfect. It is not perfect in the way that it tries to get you to sympathise with the characters. However, that is not what the film is about. It is about people, and how they deal with what is happening to them. I was moved by the way the director portrays the emotions of the characters and the way he portrays the loss of their loved ones. It is also important to note that he does not portray the loss of the children as a tragedy, but rather it is as a tragedy to the people who are involved. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a film that is both insightful and inspirational. It is not a perfect film, but it is a film that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good film.

Kimberly photo

It was a really nice movie, well directed and well acted. I would recommend it to anyone. I give it an 8 out of 10. The only problem I have with the movie is that it is too short. I would have liked to see more scenes with the other girls. I do not like how it ended. I feel like they could have done more to tie up loose ends. The scene with the boy that they went to the house with was very important to the plot and I think it could have been better. I think that was the best part of the movie. I feel like there could have been more scenes with the other girls and they would have made it a much better movie. I would not recommend this movie to anyone who does not like romantic movies.

Janice photo

The Samuel Project is a film that I have been meaning to watch for a while now. I was unsure if it would be good or not and also unsure if I would be able to watch it in its entirety. I am glad I did. The Samuel Project is a story about a mother (Jennifer Lawrence) who is struggling with her drug-addicted daughter (Rachael McAdams). In her life she meets a new man, Sam (Patrick Fugit) who helps her realize what is really important in her life. Sam helps her with her struggles, and when she wants to have her daughter to be happy, he tells her about the importance of her daughter. This is a film that has a lot of heart, and it does have a very unique story that I have never heard of before. It is very well made, with great performances from Lawrence and McAdams. It is also a film that has some very emotional moments and it does have some funny moments. This is a very good film, and I think it is definitely worth seeing. It's definitely not for everyone, but it is definitely worth seeing. I give The Samuel Project an A.

Mildred photo

I'm a female, and the film really hit home for me. I'm a person who lives with her mother and father and also has a brother. I know the reality of what the brothers go through, but I also know that the sisters and their families don't have the same experiences. I was really shocked and moved by this film. It really showed me what it was like to have a brother that is gay. I thought the acting was amazing, and the writing was excellent. I loved it. It was definitely a good film, and I recommend it to anyone who is a lesbian, gay, or bi-sexual.