فيلم Lao Shi

Lao Shi

Lao Shi is a movie starring Gang Chen, Nai An, and Hongwei Wang. A psychological thriller about a taxi driver battling bureaucracy and legal manipulation in China.

Other Titles
Old Stone, Pedra Antiga, Halálos adósság
Running Time
1 hours 20 minutes
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Johnny Ma
Johnny Ma
Hongwei Wang, Gang Chen, Zebin Zhang, Nai An
Canada, China
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A psychological thriller about a taxi driver battling bureaucracy and legal manipulation in China.

Comments about thriller «Lao Shi» (22)

Virginia Graham photo
Virginia Graham

It was actually a great movie and i could see it again. There were so many good things in the movie, i could not get it out of my head. The special effects were amazing, and the plot was interesting and creative. The actors were great and the characters had depth. The only thing that kept me from giving it a 10 was the ending. I don't like movies that end with a hero/villain walking away and saying something about how they are going to find the bad guy or something like that. However, this movie didn't end that way, so I'm going to give it a 10. I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone. I don't think anyone else could possibly love it as much as I did. Thank you so much for watching and reading my review.

Hannah photo

The idea of a joker in the same vein as "Highlander" was original and not really understood by the Chinese movie audience. I guess it's not because they didn't get the concept. I found the story interesting, and the fact that the joker had no real reason for committing the crimes he did was just interesting. I thought the ending was good, even though it left a few questions open. It would have been better if the ending could have given a bit more background on the joker, and maybe some explanations to why he was going to do the things he did. I was really happy when he was caught, and even more when he was revealed. I guess that was one of the major changes that the Chinese movie audience had to deal with in their cinema. It was nice to see some positive changes for the film industry as well.

Denise Wong photo
Denise Wong

I'm not really sure why this movie was even made. Was it supposed to be another melodrama about young people that just try to live in a strange land? Is it supposed to be some violent revenge movie? Maybe some gangster movie? It's not clear. It just seemed like this movie was made by a bunch of 10-year-olds and they were bored and decided to make a movie. The only thing that comes to my mind is that the director is trying to make fun of the type of movies that come out of Hollywood. Some of the acting is really bad, but I guess that's not really what the movie is about. Overall, I really liked this movie. I guess the film is mostly made for kids and to show them how to use a gun. I also thought that the music was great and the way it was mixed with the action scenes was really cool. If you're a fan of the type of movies that these kids make, you should definitely give it a chance.

Wayne photo

Went into this movie without any expectations, but found myself totally mesmerized by the main characters and their story. The story is complex and the characters are amazing. If you are into dark themes, go and see it!

Denise photo

Like most of the fans here, I was really excited about this movie, and I was very disappointed. Not only is it a good movie, but it is also an excellent movie. The plot is the most interesting part of the movie, but it is not the only thing. The music is awesome, and the cinematography is also very impressive. I think I will enjoy watching this movie a lot more. It is a real shame that some of the plot elements are not done well, but it is a movie, not a documentary. I think that the plot and the music are both very important elements in this movie, and I hope that they are used very well.

Thomas Spencer photo
Thomas Spencer

I am going to try to sum up the entire movie in 2 sentences. First is "Funny" and "Seems" This is a very clever movie. The first 10 minutes or so of the movie are probably the funniest moments of the movie. The second 10 minutes or so are the true essence of the movie. The characters are all quite entertaining. The "Hard Gays" are not the stereotypical group of gay men that are about to jump off a building. Instead, they are more in touch with what it is like to be a gay man. This makes them quite funny. I personally think this movie is a great comedy. It is not just a straight up comedy, but a very clever comedy. The plot was very clever. This movie has it all, fun, comedy, drama, and action. It is a must see!

Diana A. photo
Diana A.

I saw this film the other day at the Festival in Berlin. The film has been made by a very talented team and it was shot really well. In my opinion, the only problem is that it seems that the director forgot to put some good music in the film. The music was very good and the cast did a very good job. The film is about a Vietnamese couple, who has to make the difficult decision to go to China, or stay in Vietnam. After a long trip, the couple decides to stay in China and they meet a lot of interesting people there. The film is very good and I recommend everyone to see it. The film has been very well made and the acting is really good. You can see many Vietnamese actors in the film, who are very good. The film is about a couple who decide to go to China to get a better life, but they decide to stay in Vietnam instead. This film is really good and I suggest you to see it.

Anthony R. photo
Anthony R.

This is a great movie, i enjoyed it very much. I was so glad to see that the acting was good and the plot was decent. I recommend it to all viewers. I think the movie was very good. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Sean photo

In the past two weeks we have been treated to two very good and new dramas. They were the Orphan's and Agent Cody Banks. They are both fantastic. The Orphan's is much more powerful and convincing. It also makes you believe the characters more than the Orphan's. The Orphan's also gets the best story line. I would like to end by saying that this is one of the best dramas ever made. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

Gregory photo

I'm writing this to introduce the film I saw in the theater in October. This is one of the best Chinese thrillers I have ever seen. The cinematography, the setting and the music, all of it is just so well done that it takes you into the story. If you like Chinese cinema, you will love this. And if you don't like Chinese cinema, this is a film for you. If you're not a fan of Chinese cinema, this film will not do it for you. The film is one of those rare films that actually captures the essence of a well-known story. Not just one or two characters, but a family. The story is based on a true story, but the cinematography is based on real life events. The photography is from the city of Chongqing in China. The story is set in 1960, when the Zhaochuan family is vacationing in a small village in the province of Guizhou. A criminal, who was trying to kill the Zhaochuan family, is captured and brought to the village. But he manages to escape from prison and kills a local police officer. The police officer, his daughter, and the family's other members are arrested and sent to the local jail. But, the corrupt jail warden and a local businessman try to get the police officer and his daughter back to the jail. In the middle of all this, the Zhaochuan family, the local businessman, and the police officer's daughter decide to form a team to take down the corrupt jail warden and his cronies. But, the team is in for a surprise. The whole thing takes place in a small village in Guizhou. This film is really well-done. The film has a high body of work behind it. It has some really good performances and a great story. There is no point in reviewing the story or the story itself. I think that if you have the opportunity to see this film, I highly recommend it. It is a great Chinese film and I will definitely be seeing it again.

Jason C. photo
Jason C.

I first saw this film when I was 12 and it left an impression. It was one of the few films in my school year that I would watch again and again. It's got a simple plot of a boy who becomes the guardian of a girl's heart and is captured by her family and her sister. Then the boy rescues her from her imprisonment and her sister. The film starts with her sister making a snoop around the boy's room and she is too caught up in her plans to notice the boy. The boy is the last person on the planet to know of his sister's whereabouts. So the boy, still not knowing who he is and who is his sister, goes back to the same island where the girl was captured. The girl in the film knows he is her brother and is still trying to figure out who he is. When the boy gets his sister back he does so by having sex with her. When the girl gets angry she tries to kill him. The girl is captured by the family and her sister is in the closet. The boy decides to go back to the island and kill the family so he can save the girl. The girl is taken to the island by the police and the boy is arrested. The girl is in the closet, trying to figure out who her sister is. When the boy returns to the island the girl is safe and the boy is free. The film ends with the boy bringing the girl home. The film is very realistic and it was a very powerful film. I also liked the way the film was shot and the characters. I felt very close to the character's emotions. I think this film was very important to me and I would recommend this film to anyone.

Philip photo

Not really my style. I've been told by my husband that I need to watch a movie for the last time before I can watch his movies. I was looking forward to it but I must admit, this movie was very good. I enjoyed the soundtrack and I liked the way that the main character played the guitar. I was surprised to hear that the director had his own guitar. So in conclusion, I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good romantic movie.

Margaret photo

This is one of the most original movies I have ever seen. I don't think there is any other movie that could be as good as this one. The plot of this movie is very unique. The movie is about a woman named Helen who is planning to steal a nuclear bomb from the Pentagon. It is hard to believe that this movie was written by a Chinese woman. The story is very interesting, and the actors do a great job in the movie. The actors did a great job in this movie. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was the camera work in some parts. I think this is a very bad thing. This is a great movie. I recommend this movie to anyone.

Jessica Lane photo
Jessica Lane

I had the pleasure of watching this movie at the 8th Film Festival of the San Francisco International Film Festival in June 2002. This is one of the few Asian movies to be shown at a festival. It is amazing to see how the director is able to show the spirit of Asia with the simplicity and elegance of the film. The movie is set in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It is about a man who seeks out the secret of the bloodline to avenge his wife's death. He travels from one country to another, meeting the people and cultures of these places. In between the travels, the man continues to search for the real meaning of his life. His journey takes him through traditional Chinese folk culture, where he meets the legendary emperor of the Chinese Qing Dynasty. At the end of his journey, the man finds out that his wife's killer is one of his own ancestors. He comes to understand that the bloodline is not what it seems, and the question of how much power the bloodline has over the people is what really matters. This movie is about the human spirit, and it is about the love and desire to find the meaning of life.

Ann Rodriguez photo
Ann Rodriguez

I was so impressed with the film, even though I only saw it once. It is one of those films that you just have to watch it again to see how everything comes together. If you have ever read the book, you will appreciate this film even more. The movie is beautifully shot. It is also very well acted. It is very cleverly written. It has all of the ingredients you would want in a movie: a great plot, excellent characters, and a great story. If you want to see a great movie, rent this one.

Jennifer N. photo
Jennifer N.

As the title suggests, this movie is a satire on the music industry. The most obvious message here is that music is simply a means to arouse the ego of the composer or singer. Hence, the music videos (however they are shown) are shown as a means to the end of profiting from their popularity. The fact that this is shown as a satire only adds to the overall silliness of the movie. However, this is one of the few movies that is definitely worth watching. If you like the genre of comedy, music, and movie spoofs, this is a good one to watch.

Russell H. photo
Russell H.

I have not seen this film since I was a kid and was somewhat disappointed in the ending. I didn't think it would be worth sitting through the entire thing. I remember thinking it would be interesting to see how it ends. I am happy to say that it is worth sitting through and the film is well worth it. I would recommend seeing it even if you have seen it before. I am going to go see it again. If you have not seen this film yet I recommend you give it a try. It is very well done and will make you think about your own life and the world around you.

Amber Andrews photo
Amber Andrews

I really liked this film, although it is not perfect as I stated before. However, the fact that it was well written and well acted made it an enjoyable film. I would say it is probably better than the other 10 that I have seen of the same director. I think that the director could have gone a bit further with the story and done more with it. However, the actor did a great job, and the scene that I liked the most was when he was on the sofa talking with the old man and he was just sitting there looking up at him, and I thought that was really well done. I think that I would give it a 7.5/10

Robert photo

This movie is an outstanding combination of elements of suspense and action. The most disturbing aspect is the murder of the main character by his own agent, but even if you don't see that you will be shocked at the situation. The acting is superb and the camera work is superb. The scenes are well-framed, so that you are always on the edge of your seat. The character of the assassin is frightening and mysterious. The cinematography is superb. The scenes are well-shot and the use of color is very accurate. The movie is very fast paced and well-edited. The director must be praised for the movie. The way he filmed the movie was very original and unique. The music was perfect and brought the movie to a different level of greatness. The movie itself was just a thriller, but the final scene was truly amazing. Overall, this movie is a must-see and it is my favorite of the new year. The director must be awarded for the most innovative movie in 2012. This movie will be remembered for years to come. 10/10

Billy Lawrence photo
Billy Lawrence

I just saw this film on the movie theaters and I think it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Not just because of the great acting and story line but also because it deals with the ordinary of life in a way which I think a lot of people can relate to. I think this is a very underrated movie and I hope that the filmmakers choose to keep it a secret. It is definitely one of my favorites!

Joe H. photo
Joe H.

I enjoyed this film very much. The cinematography was fantastic. The characters were well played by all the actors, and some of the most memorable scenes were those in the car, where the main character was feeling out of his mind. The other film that really pushed the limits of its technology was Crash, in which all the information from the cars was projected onto the screen in real time. The technology in this film was just extraordinary, the cameras, the lasers, the light. It was all breathtaking, and I enjoyed the scene where the main character was walking on a platform, the camera would switch to another camera, showing what he was seeing, as he went on his way. The acting was amazing, even though the main character was a teenager, he did a good job at conveying the emotions that the main character must have felt. It was very easy to tell what he felt. As for the ending, I was totally surprised by it. I didn't expect it to be so original and profound, and I think the director was right. I think that the main character had a difficult time with the girl he loved, and it was very dramatic. It was one of the best endings I've seen, and the acting was superb. I think it was a great film, and I think it will be a classic, I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

Donna B. photo
Donna B.

This film is a powerful, very moving movie that is both poignant and entertaining. I think it's a story that should be told, because it has a great message. I'm a woman, and I loved this movie. It has a great message and has good acting. I also think it is very touching and beautiful. I recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a powerful movie that can teach a lesson.