فيلم Tickling Giants

Tickling Giants

Tickling Giants is a movie starring Bassem Youssef, Jon Stewart, and Shadi Alfons. While the Egyptian revolution of 2011 is underway, surgeon turned comedian Bassem Youssef airs a television show that makes him popular to his...

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Sara Taksler
Sara Taksler
Jon Stewart, Shadi Alfons, Bassem Youssef, Khaled Mansour
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While the Egyptian revolution of 2011 is underway, surgeon turned comedian Bassem Youssef airs a television show that makes him popular to his countrymen but disliked by the government.

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Harry W. photo
Harry W.

This movie's not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. It's brutal and scary. I haven't been this scared in a long time. Not a good idea to have a child witness a film like this. I have never felt so unsafe watching a film in my life. If your child is anywhere near the age of 6 or so, don't let them watch it. This movie will have a profound effect on their lives.

Donald photo

I have seen the original in 1998 and found it quite enjoyable, the director (Toni Peters) has done a very good job adapting it into a documentary. And although many of the sequences are a bit too long and the running time is way too long, the documentary is not just about the original, but also about the other movies that this character has been in. It is a shame that this is the last movie for this very talented and talented actor. The actor who played him in the original has taken over in this new adaptation. The movie is a little too long and there are many sequences that could have been cut. But overall I have to say that I enjoyed this documentary. I believe that this was a perfect companion piece for the original and should be recommended to all fans of Telly. And I must also say that this documentary was well worth the money. I have no doubt that it will find a wider audience than it did for Telly.

Carl Gardner photo
Carl Gardner

With a relatively short running time, it's easy to get lost in the story of the local poachers and the activist the Boston Globe. Unlike the film "Ten Lives of a Clown," this is not a documentary but rather a diary of a man who spent four years as a wildlife photographer in Australia. On the surface, the story is pretty easy to follow and the filmmakers use the word "everything" in its title, not referring to the elephant but to the "thousands" of people that the elephants killed and all of the animals that were killed by poachers and miners. The three-hour running time gives the viewer time to enjoy the footage of the animals and how they were treated by the locals. When the film ends, it feels like a long story wrapped in a short film, and it's all the more impressive considering that the time is divided up into segments.

Tiffany Peters photo
Tiffany Peters

This is a story of a lonely genius (a mathematician named Alan Turing) and his battle with the British government. He is caught off guard when he is asked to perform at the war effort in Manchester, England in 1943. Turing is forced to endure a barrage of ridicule and humiliation at the hands of the British, and all his work is eventually sabotaged by them. Alan Turing's involvement in the war effort creates a connection with another mathematician and in turn, a new relationship. This documentary is a must-see for any historical movie fan.

Judy Pena photo
Judy Pena

One of the most brilliant documentaries ever made. I found it to be a very entertaining film, which will probably get under your skin, which is nice to have when you're in a hurry to get from one place to another. The image of all of the countries is beautifully taken and the fact that it is part of my own life is something that makes it more enjoyable. I'm glad that I had the chance to view this film and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Bobby H. photo
Bobby H.

I grew up in a small town in the Northwest Territory of Canada. In the '70s we had a huge ashram of nuns living there. They were pre-war scientists, and many of them were American missionaries. One of them was Marge Baker. She was working with a family who were under the spell of an old 'Santa' or 'god'. She had four children, all having spiritual problems. As the kids went to bed they would always ask Marge if she'd seen Santa, and she would say "Yes, but he was an old man. You'd have to have some luck" and then she would go to sleep. My dad took me to the small town where it happened, and it was an eerie feeling. Not just because of the whole cold and frozen feeling, but also because we watched the news. It was something strange, and I knew they couldn't have been the same children. After I saw this film I started looking into the other stories. There was a couple of things I found that they hadn't mentioned. One was that the nuns were just trying to help people that they couldn't help themselves. I just wanted to see what this place was like. I started looking in the archives to see what was missing, and found out that it was in there a lot. I was thinking "that must be it!" I saw the news on TV the night before and it was mentioned in an article. The article was about an issue that had to do with a mystery man that was off the radar for decades, and I thought I'd come across something similar. The question is, why did they not mention that? Anyway, I love this film because of all the little things. I was surprised to learn that they had to use nuns to study the effects of war on a village, and because I've always wondered about the effects that living with the elders have on a person. They showed a documentary about it in the trailer. I think it was a really nice story, and a few things that weren't mentioned in the trailer. I'm glad to have a bit of information about that subject.

Hannah Holmes photo
Hannah Holmes

Greetings again from the darkness.I went to see the director's cut of "Tickling Giants" with my girlfriend. It has some really good action and a nice set-up for the film's main story, but it also has a few slow moments and a lot of issues. Let's start with the positives.First and foremost, the acting is great. It's great to see a director do such a good job with his cast, because so many big-name actors do, in fact, do very, very little in the film. By the way, Anthony Hopkins as a psychiatrist, is by far the best-casted actor I have ever seen in a film. And, I liked all of the supporting actors equally well. I thought they did a very good job. The pacing of the film was good. It moves along briskly and doesn't take too long to get to the good parts. I was interested in seeing how the film would end, and how things would change. I think I would have liked the film better if I had read the book first. I think the ending would have been a little different. Also, I think the director should have stayed a bit longer on the story of the female lead. In my opinion, she was the main plot, and I felt as if the director cut some of the good scenes and added some slow moments. Again, if you have read the book, you will notice some problems with the movie. But I feel as if it's a great film overall. The direction is great. The cinematography is excellent. The lighting is great. The actors did a very good job. I thought the directors cut was a very good adaptation of the book. I think the directors cut was perfect for the film's whole scope. And, although I wouldn't say the ending was perfect, it was a nice ending to the film. Overall, "Tickling Giants" is a very good adaptation of the novel. It's quite different from the book and is a great film overall. The directors cut was very well done. If you liked the film, you'll definitely like the book.

Mildred photo

*Spoiler* This is one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen. It makes me feel sick that there are so many people out there that don't have a sense of humor. It shows how this world has it's flaws and even that it is a wonderful place to live. It's sad that most of our society doesn't know any of the reasons why this place is so great, except for one fact, and that is what this planet is made for. I strongly recommend this film for anyone that loves nature, or anyone that is ever curious about the subject of the book "the structure of society" by sociologist Sigmund Freud. I thought this documentary was so good, and it made me feel so good. It is an inspirational and heart-felt story of people who have lived and loved this world so much. I really hope this documentary gets shown to more people. I will be watching this documentary again and again, and I think it's amazing. Great job!

Kenneth Stevens photo
Kenneth Stevens

The film is an amazing story of man's triumph over nature. It is a film about one man's passion for the sea, his enthusiasm for a few lucky people who happen to be among the most rare and majestic creatures in the world. In our modern world, it is hard to imagine a man so dedicated to the ocean's life, so committed to his job. This film may not be for all audiences. Some people may find the film boring and would rather watch a great man's story about his passion and his glory. I find the film to be entertaining and inspiring and is worth the price of admission to see.

Hannah photo

I've been watching this movie since I was about 10 years old. I thought it was the best and coolest documentary ever. I was a little skeptical about the film but I thought it was really awesome. It was just so cool to watch. I was super amazed by the world record, the story behind it, and the world record holder. I think that this movie was great, it made me learn so much about the world record, the story behind it, and the world record holder. I really recommend this movie.

Jennifer Stanley photo
Jennifer Stanley

Last week I attended the film festival in Amsterdam with the high hopes that I would be able to watch a film that is truly unlike anything else. I was extremely impressed with this film. Watching it, you are left feeling a great sense of reverence and reverence for the movie itself. It is a truly wonderful cinematic experience. The cinema itself is completely empty, except for a very large box that contains all the special editions. This is the result of the time limit the producers set, and no one has the time to put up the extras. The only other interesting element of the film is the commentary that goes along with it. This is a great way to let the viewer know what the director is talking about. It is worth watching the film multiple times and its easy to follow. It is a film that many would say can be watched over and over again and yet it is truly timeless. One thing I really like about this film is the constant use of close-ups. Sometimes it is used to make it more interesting, but there are times when it seems so intimate, so knowing. It is hard to tell if there is a camera or a person using the camera. A lot of times, you have to focus to understand what is going on. It is an interesting use of the camera that makes the film so endearing. If there was an extra bonus that I had to say, I would say that if you ever get a chance to watch this film, you will not regret it.

Sean photo

I first came to see this film in 1980. The story of this film is a bit of a mystery. It was based on a novel and all but forgotten by 1983. Then I heard about the reissue of the film in 1999 and decided to see it. Now that I know how to deal with the audio and picture, I have more respect for the original film and the best the media can do is to present it as best as it could be, with respect to the time. I give the film a 9 out of 10.

Brandon M. photo
Brandon M.

What a great documentary! Although it is about technology, it is really about the human spirit. But it can be a bit slow in places, but overall, it is a must watch!

Peter Rogers photo
Peter Rogers

This documentary takes a look at the work of artist Mary Pickford in the early 1930's, how she is one of the most famous artists of all time. After making a living as a painters and decorator, she is attacked by an art dealer, who threatens to sell his collection. Pickford was an artist and a craftsman, using her skills to make her own clothes and home decor. She is part of the movement that started in the US, by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and Willem de Kooning. The work of the artists around her, particularly Marlene Dietrich, is very moving and they were important figures in the movement. There is a lovely film on the history of the movement and the work of Marlene Dietrich. I liked this documentary, because I think that it highlights an important period in history and the influence that art had on the society. The people in the film are well portrayed and they are very interesting characters. The film is only 85 minutes long, but I think that this could have been longer, because there are some slow parts. Also, I am very happy that the film does not show what happened to Mary Pickford. She was never found, although people claim that she lived until her death in 1950. Anyway, I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in art.

Theresa M. photo
Theresa M.

The most interesting thing about this movie is that it was never intended to be a documentary, but to share a lot of the history of the Freemasons in the United States. I would have expected a documentary about Freemasons to cover their history as it was more than half a century ago, but no, they turned to one of the most interesting side of Freemasonry: The story of the Illuminati. "The Illuminati", as the movie puts it, are the creators of the Freemasons and the fathers of their worship of Lucifer. The film goes a bit into the origin of Freemasonry and the family ties that its founders had with the Freemasons, as well as some of the rituals they had developed. We learn that at the very start of the 17th century, there was a great struggle between two rival factions of Freemasons: The Luciferian faction was led by a man named Jacob Boehm, and the Jacobite faction was led by William of Orange. When the Jacobites won the battle of the Boyne, they were supported by the Illuminati and the aristocracy. It was at this moment that Freemasons were established as a secret society with an international policy. The Freemasons became the agents of the Illuminati, and therefore this movie goes into the background of Freemasonry. One of the interesting things that is discussed in the movie is the connection between Freemasons and the Illuminati. The Freemasons were created to serve the Illuminati and their aims, which they described as an economic and political power, which they wanted to replace the monarchy. As they are so many conspiracies, and they are also so many successful and respected by the public. One of the most popular theories is the one of the occult powers that control the Illuminati and the Freemasons. The Illuminati are of course influenced by the Freemasons, but they had their own reasons to go along with their occult desires. They were so powerful that they could control the world and the fortunes of their subjects, and this is why they have made themselves so mysterious. But it is also clear that they had their own reasons as well, such as the need to kill the Jacobites and to create an "Great Society". In a sense, the Illuminati are just as mysterious as the Freemasons, since they were also the first ones to create a worldwide system, that allowed them to create and control people. This is the biggest conspiracy in the history of mankind. But who is really behind the Illuminati? And which side are they on? This is something that is hard to answer and that is something that we will have to leave for the viewer to discover. One of the most interesting things in the movie is the history of Freemasonry. This is probably the most important thing for the movie because it shows the history of the Illuminati and how they have managed to destroy so many churches, universities and other important institutions. One of the things that is also fascinating is that Freemasons are fighting against the Illuminati, since they want to preserve their traditions, and they are also fighting to keep their ideas about God and God's nature. Freemasonry and Lucifer were and still are really important to their beliefs, and their beliefs are really very important to the history of Freemasonry, which is why I think that it was a good thing to introduce this in the movie. The movie goes into some of the other religions that were worshipped in the late 1800s and

Raymond R. photo
Raymond R.

There are few movies that have even been able to recreate a time period better than "American Greetings" (or "American Matrimony," if you prefer). But the movie truly does it justice, as every character was fully realized and especially the parents. I love the honesty and honesty of the movie. It's really the only way that I can describe the book. I was excited to watch the movie, and was happy to find out that it was able to match the book and incorporate more aspects. The romance between the parents was amazing. The love between them was so real, so convincing, that it didn't seem fake. The parents just have a natural understanding of each other and the parents/grandparents are so real. The first time I read the book I cried my eyes out, because I was so emotionally attached to the characters. I hope that the movie does it justice. It's really the only way that I can describe it. I was shocked at how much the movie got right, and I'm glad that it was able to do it. I hope that more people see it, and that it continues to be done well.

Albert White photo
Albert White

This documentary is a masterfully done movie that should be seen by everyone. I am writing this review with the sense of sadness because the story of a few brave people battling life threatening diseases, is sadly not represented in this movie. I never gave this documentary a vote, it was so great. When I was in university, we spent a lot of time studying the world of addiction. It was a field in which people were trying to learn a lot more about addiction than they needed to learn. I remember one of the researchers, who was a really good person, and it was really sad to hear him talking about his addiction to painkillers. They should have had a minute of time to interview him. I know that I have a little more in common with him than with most people. The movie shows the emotional and physical damage that addiction causes to so many people and how society has failed to acknowledge the situation. If you do not understand that you should at least watch this movie. Thank you for doing this wonderful thing. It has given me a new perspective on a problem that affects many people every day.

Juan photo

I am surprised that the majority of reviewers here on IMDb have never heard of this film, which, from my experience, is much more compelling than the cheap Hollywood propaganda you see daily on TV. This documentary is more about the connections between the people and institutions of the NSA, in general, than about Edward Snowden, and shows the reasons why this documentarian is concerned about the power and the agenda of the NSA. Its one of the best documentaries I have ever seen about the NSA, and it is certainly worth watching. Even if you have doubts about Snowden, it is still a good documentary to put this controversy to rest.

Helen R. photo
Helen R.

One of the best films I've seen on religion. I thought it was amazing that the director chose to focus on this topic. I really appreciate the facts that were brought to the audience. I feel like the video and I were getting closer to understanding things that are in our minds. I was amazed at the variety of religions and different beliefs. It was really easy to tell when people were religious. I feel like this film was very educational and informative. I was very glad I did not have to read the Bible. I wish I could've seen the filmmaker's name.

Lawrence M. photo
Lawrence M.

First of all, I'm not a big fan of the Dreamworks animated movies and I'm not really into music either. But this movie was quite awesome! It was both lyrical and cute. The main characters were cute and adorable. It was funny and it was just really fun to watch. They were a bit more dramatic than the animated movies, but that's ok. There's still a lot of cute in this movie. They even have a live action short that they're holding at this film. It's really short, but it is sweet and it's so cute. They even have a lot of inside jokes for the movie. It was really fun to watch and you definitely won't be disappointed with this movie. This movie is really good. If you like Disney and Dreamworks movies, this is a movie you definitely should watch. I hope to see more of this movie. This is a great movie! It's a little bit dramatic, but it's so cute and so fun! It's definitely one of my favorite animated movies. If you like Pixar and Dreamworks, you should definitely check out this movie. If you're a fan of young animated movies, you should definitely watch this.

Joan Evans photo
Joan Evans

Tickling Giants is a documentary about the men who work at the Spanish medical institution of Sant Meninas in Madrid. This organization has an ambitious and innovative program of research, to help preserve the most important types of animal organs, such as the heart, brain and brain tumors. The story begins in 2009 when the doctors at Sant Meninas had a surprise: the hospital staff had discovered that their center had a tumor growing at the back of a young man's left arm. This patient was a 22-year-old, first-time patient who had never felt pain before. The surgeon determined that this tumor was of the type that was rare among Spanish doctors and would be extremely difficult to treat. The patient's family was incredibly supportive. The surgery is expected to take three months, and the patient has a long, but hopeful recovery ahead. On the eve of the surgery, the patient and his mother take part in a local concert in which they sing an upbeat song about the impending surgery. A sympathetic, but frustrated, Spanish TV reporter called the hospital and asked if the patient had any friends who would speak with the reporter. Her reporter then contacts the boy's mother and, after several phone calls, she tells her son that her son's friend is a journalist. The boy's father agrees to speak with the journalist. This reporter, who has no experience in medicine, introduces herself as a "researcher" who is interested in the patient. As the journalist questions the parents of the patient, the parents become increasingly upset and upset. The family wants to speak with the reporter, but the boy's father refuses to talk to her. The mother tells the reporter that the boy's father was upset because the boy had to miss his favorite song. The doctor tells the mother that the boy had never expressed any discontent with his father. The boy's father tells the mother that his son does not like to talk to strangers and he does not want to talk to the journalist. The reporter is extremely upset, and the mother asks the doctor to have the boy speak with her, but she is told that the boy has to speak with the son. The reporter is driven to tears by the very emotional conversation. The boy's mother and father are given time to discuss their feelings about the news that the boy had to miss his favorite song. The parents seem calm and matter-of-fact about their reactions to the news, and the reporter tries to understand why their reactions were so different. The father reveals that the boy was a highly skilled pianist, and had no trouble singing or playing. The father continues to explain that the boy had always been kind and caring. The mother begins to cry uncontrollably, and the mother again encourages the boy to speak with the reporter. This family is grateful to the reporter for helping the family to understand the grief and pain that the family felt about the boy's illness. This family is grateful for the cooperation of the hospital staff, and the reporter asks the mother to take her son's hand in her own hands. This mother is still able to explain the sadness and agony that her son was experiencing as the surgery approaches. The reporter asks her to use her hand as the operation begins. This mother is teary-eyed as she touches her son's hand. The patient asks to go to the bathroom, and he is rushed back to the operating room

Brenda Burns photo
Brenda Burns

This movie was incredibly informative and not as cheesy as I had been led to believe. For example, I read that the "Voyagers" were once a secret military unit, and they made a pact with the "Engineers" that if they ever went extinct, they'd be remembered as heroes. And, this is true. This documentary brings back memories of the "Voyagers" as I was a kid. I don't remember being part of any of the Voyager family of ships, but as a kid, I was taught the story of the Voyager when I read the book "Great Hallows Eve" by the great Daniel Keyes. The book is about the journey of the USS Jupiter to become the first nuclear powered vessel, the USS Apollo and Voyager to become the second nuclear powered ship. The book is highly detailed and amazing. The movie is highly detailed, but also very funny. The character of Captain Smith, "Captain John Smith," is actually one of the characters from the book. The film introduces the characters of the Voyager by first introducing the crew, and then getting into a look at the original code names for the Voyager, the original code names for the original ships, and the USS Jupiter, the "great leap for mankind." I give this movie a 9.5/10.