فيلم E gun tian shi

E gun tian shi

E gun tian shi is a movie starring Chao Deng, Li Sun, and Lele Dai. An unscrupulous troublemaker suffering from erectile dysfunction has his world turned sideways, as an angel from above teaches him the consequences of sex and love,...

Other Titles
恶棍天使, Devil and Angel, 惡棍天使
Running Time
2 hours 4 minutes
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Chao Deng, Baimei Yu
Baimei Yu
Chao Liang, Lele Dai, Li Sun, Chao Deng
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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An unscrupulous troublemaker suffering from erectile dysfunction has his world turned sideways, as an angel from above teaches him the consequences of sex and love, and why the two cannot be forced.

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Thomas S. photo
Thomas S.

This movie is for all you martial arts fanatics, and I mean, not just martial arts fans. The movie is set in the 80's, and the character, Wong Fei-Hung is played by Chen Ji-hui. The movie is the story of two brothers, who want to become a fighter, but the system in their hometown of Taipei, does not allow them to do so. So, they make a deal with the government, to go to a national martial arts tournament. This is a typical martial arts movie, and you can really see that the movie was made for martial arts fans. It is well shot and acted. The plot is not too bad, and is good for the martial arts fan. Overall, this movie is a good movie for martial arts fans. I give this movie a 7/10.

Eugene photo

This is a clever movie. The story is about a family of four who move to a new place in China. They get on the wrong side of a gang of men and are forced to fight for their lives. The fight scenes are all great and hilarious. The entire movie is set up like a spoof. The whole gang consists of the youngest son and the oldest son and is mostly made up of gang members that are all teenagers. They have funny names like 'Budgie' and 'Koolbuddie'. They have the same slang that is used in the US. The problem with the movie is that the writing and acting is not great. The writers seem to be out of their league. The acting isn't even good enough to save the movie. But then again, the writing is good. The acting is the real star of the show. I think this movie will make you laugh and cry. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Richard photo

I was surprised to see the score I gave this movie. I had expected a darker, more serious and sordid film. The film itself is very silly. But it does have a certain tragic quality. And I think that it is a film that is better appreciated when you have not read the plot beforehand. This is not a film for all audiences. There is a lot of humor, but there is also a lot of crying and a lot of emotion. You have to pay attention to understand the whole story. And it is really hard. It is a very good movie for a group of friends to watch. It's one of those films that are really funny and well made. The characters are very different and interesting. The comedy is very different from other films in this genre. I don't want to say anything about the story. It's very simple. But you can see a lot of great things about this film. It is really good. I give it an 8/10. It is a very good film to watch with your friends.

Stephanie Walsh photo
Stephanie Walsh

First, the only reason I'm giving this movie a 7 is because the story could have been much better. The premise of the movie was interesting, but the movie just didn't go anywhere. However, the actors all performed their roles well. I liked the way the main actor, Mr. Ma, portrayed the protagonist of the story. The other actors did a good job, but I felt that the writer could have done a better job. The director also made a few mistakes here and there, but overall, the movie was quite entertaining.

Jose Larson photo
Jose Larson

I thought this movie was hilarious! The characters were well developed and the jokes were funny. The camera work and the camera angles were well done. This movie is a must see!

Pamela photo

The early 90s are usually one of my favorite eras of cinema. There's no denying that "Seven" is a quality film, with a few entertaining moments and some cool effects. This is more of the same. The story centers around the main character, Lee, and the rest of the gang. Lee is one of the top shooters in China and spends a lot of time with his brother, Nguy, who runs the estate where they stay. Lee's brother is the same age as him, and a hard-working man who takes pride in his work. His other brother, also named Nguy, is an extremely gifted man with a knack for using guns. Lee's interest in guns is piqued by the fact that Nguy owns a museum where he displays the same weapons that he has. Lee gets to see this, and decides to purchase it. Lee is immediately smitten by the museum, which is well-known for its historical items. However, the museum has some nasty secrets, and Lee finds himself drawn to Nguy. The only way he can get close to Nguy is to kill him, but this is dangerous, and Lee soon finds himself in a desperate race against time. This film has a really great cast. The main star, Chow Yun Fat, is very good at playing the same character over and over again. The supporting cast is great, too. Annette Bening is great as Nguy's wife, and is also very good in her role. The rest of the cast is great. On the whole, this is a really great film that has some great moments, but is a bit too predictable. It's definitely worth seeing.

Anna Rogers photo
Anna Rogers

A fun movie to watch. If you like him you'll like it. Good cast and some very funny scenes. But some of the other reviews are wrong. I found it to be pretty realistic. Maybe a bit silly but it's not as if the director didn't care. I think this movie was a good comedy. Maybe not for everyone, but it's a great movie to watch with friends. I like the whole feel of the movie. Just some bad reviews and a few people saying this is a trash movie just because it's trash. The best part of this movie is the whole atmosphere and the way the story is told. All in all, a great movie to watch with friends.

Jacob photo

This is a very fun and original comedy that's fun to watch with friends. I found the action very good, the laughs are great, the characters are unique, and the plot is original. It is very unusual for a comedy to be this original, and it is also very unique. It is also very funny. This is not a story you will find in the dictionary. I have never seen a comedy like this before. It has it all: drama, comedy, action, romance, and romance. It is definitely a great comedy to watch with friends. I give this a 9 out of 10.

Deborah photo

I am the type of person who would always watch a movie if it was on TV. For example, if it was on HBO, I would watch it. Even if it was on Showtime, I would watch it. That's because I like to be entertained. I also enjoy movies that I can relate to. And sometimes, I even enjoy movies that have the same themes as the ones I watch on TV. Thus, I like films that have the same theme as the ones I watch on TV. I recently saw a movie called "The Long Kiss Goodnight", which is the sequel to "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and is the sequel to "The Long Kiss Goodnight". This movie has a similar theme, but it also has a different storyline and plot. In this movie, the main characters are extremely talented. For example, Zhang Ziyi is amazing at acting and she also has a great acting ability. Also, there are many other talented actors and actresses in this movie. In addition to Zhang Ziyi, there is also Michael Chang and Iman. Michael Chang is the main actor in this movie. He is a very talented actor and he is also very popular. Iman is also a very talented actress and she is also very popular. However, there is one actor who is just average in acting. In this movie, he is the only actor who is not very talented. This is because his acting ability is not very good. This is a very common situation in movies. However, this movie does not have any other ordinary actors. Instead, it is about a famous actor. Therefore, this movie has an outstanding plot and plot twists. I enjoyed this movie. It has a great plot and it is very enjoyable. This is a very good movie to watch. I recommend this movie to those who enjoy movies about talented actors and actresses.

Margaret Ross photo
Margaret Ross

The most important thing about Hong Kong cinema is its ensemble of actors and actresses, and the story line in this film is a bit more complicated than what the film would usually tell. The film is about two mismatched lovers (a boy and a girl) and their love story between the two. The girl is a high school student from the Hong Kong colony of Kowloon and is a friend of a local boy who is also from Kowloon. They are in love and they plan to marry. However, when the girl's mother's boyfriend (a police officer) is arrested and is charged with child pornography, the boy is unable to marry her and goes to live with his aunt and uncle. The aunt and uncle are really jealous of the boy and won't allow him to marry the girl. The two meet again after his uncle's wedding and they go back to their love story. The boy has a desire to see the girl again, and he takes a job as a photographer. He also has an interest in female students in school. He likes to take pictures of them, which is something that the girl doesn't approve of. The story is quite interesting. I found the acting and the plot of this film to be good. The story was not what I would call original, but it was entertaining and it is something that I can recommend to people who are interested in this genre. It was enjoyable and it was a good story. I also liked that this film had some of the songs from the 1980s and 1990s. Overall, this film was good. I think that it is not as original as other Hong Kong films and it was somewhat boring, but it was a good story and a good film.

Theresa photo

A little older than Jackie Chan, and a lot younger than Jet Li, James Li's performance in THIS FILM is the single most important aspect of this film. Without his talent, this film would have been just another boring action film with the same basic story and action sequences, with one or two interesting scenes thrown in for good measure. Li's performance is one of the most important aspects of the film. Li is a very talented martial artist, and for me the only reason this film is good is because of Li's performance. It is not the story, or the action sequences, that is so special about this film. It is the performance of Li. While the rest of the film is a little dull, Li's performance is riveting. The film is very unique in that it was never supposed to be a martial arts film, but a comedy. Li's comedy is brilliant, and the film's story is very original. Li's performance is simply great. When Li does action sequences, the effects are amazing, and he has one of the best fight sequences in any martial arts film ever made. The rest of the film is a little dull, and lacks much of the originality of the first two thirds of the film. However, this film is still very enjoyable, and despite its flaws, still a must see.

Amber Coleman photo
Amber Coleman

In this satire on Chinese warlord leadership, two generals fight for control of a Chinese army. The leads play up the comic elements of the movie: the arrogant, confident, self-assured man (the "strong" general), the humble and insecure, and stupidly clueless henchman (the "weak" general). The script makes fun of the way the Chinese have been trained to "speak and act in a manner to please the emperor", and how this leads to a failure of any level of leadership. The supporting cast is also notable for its idiocy: the kung-fu masters, the lead actors, and a plethora of other characters. I enjoyed the movie, but it is an example of how to make a bad movie good.

Jeffrey S. photo
Jeffrey S.

First, the film's title refers to the number of guns that are "china shan", and it can also be translated as "China's guns". A Hong Kong-made movie, China Shan, was released in 2004, with a similar title, which is "China's guns". It is very similar to a movie that is also titled China Shan, called China's guns. The film is about a group of friends, and the fact that they all own guns. The characters all own guns, and all of the characters are very successful. But the most interesting character is not an important character, but the gun owner's son. After the first act of the film, the gun owner's son shows his face, and then the film ends. In the last scene, the gun owner's son makes a very big surprise. The next day, the son is driving a car, and a police officer asks him for the name of his gun, and he tells him his son's name, and the officer says, "Who the hell are you? Who is your son?"

Barbara Lane photo
Barbara Lane

I have to admit that I never saw a film called "The Village", but I was really excited about this film when I saw it in the cinema. The plot is very unusual and intriguing, but the only thing I had to say was: it is too long, but I think this is the only reason why the film is called "The Village". There are many good things to say about the film, but one thing that I liked a lot was the Chinese element, which I think the film makers should make a lot more of. The acting was good, but it is very difficult to relate to the characters. I think it is a very young film, and it's going to be a very successful film, but it's too slow and the story is too slow. It is a very good film, but I think the only thing I liked about it is the Chinese element.

Brittany photo

A good young Taiwanese actress is the reason for watching this movie. A good director and good screenplay is the reason for watching this movie. This movie is very well-written, and the performances are very good. But what makes it a good movie is the three stars that the three star actresses get: Li Jun, Wang Yu and Lin Wei. These three actresses are really funny and fun to watch. They are truly talented actresses and should be watched by anyone. They are very talented and should be seen by everyone. I'm not the type to go to the movies to see people who I didn't know, but I'm a very good judge of actors and actresses. I like the young actress Wang Yu, and she is very funny. She is not too talented, but she has a really fun personality. Lin Wei is very talented and is a very good actress. She is the star of this movie. I can't really say too much about her, but she is very funny and is very good. She is really good. In my opinion, she is not very talented, but she is really funny. She has a funny personality and is really good. I really love Lin Wei. This movie is a very good comedy. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because I think the plot is really good and it has a good twist at the end. If you like these three actresses, then you'll like this movie.

Melissa Bennett photo
Melissa Bennett

I had never heard of the movie until I stumbled across it in my local video store. After I watched it I immediately thought that this was a great movie to add to my collection. The story was really good. It really made me laugh and really made me think about the ways we as humans can abuse and neglect one another. The movie did make me think about the things I have to do and think about everyday and the things that need to be done to make sure that these things are done. This movie really got me thinking about the things that need to be done everyday and make sure that these things are done. The movie was really good and I would recommend that people watch it.

Rose V. photo
Rose V.

This film is very funny, funny but not too crude and has good stories and characters. It is about a Chinese guy who meets a new girlfriend, a Chinese girl who was a dancer, and a "you" guy who's trying to impress her. I enjoyed this film a lot and hope that it gets better and better.

Wayne R. photo
Wayne R.

Let me say right off the bat, I love all the Jackie Chan movies, but I think that this is one of his best. The plot is simple, a jinxed, young man tries to help his girlfriend get back together with her boyfriend, but ends up losing him too. He gets his girlfriend back, but she has a fear of heights, so he has to lower her on a moving truck to her death. A very simple plot, yet it has a lot going for it. First off, I must say that I really enjoyed the action. There were some really good fight scenes. Jackie Chan really makes you believe that he is fighting in his own movie. The movie is filled with good jokes, and good comedy, which is why I think this is Jackie Chan's best movie. This movie is really full of great acting, and great jokes. There is a lot of sex jokes in the movie, which I am not sure what they were. Some of the jokes are really funny, like the "trouble with mama" joke. Overall, I think this is Jackie Chan's best movie, and I hope he comes out with a lot more movies like this one.

Lori Price photo
Lori Price

This film is an unusual one. It's about a man named Qui Lin who lives with his son in a shack in the middle of the Chinese countryside. Lin seems to have a problem with his wife who leaves him for another man. He ends up meeting a girl called Siu. Siu's father is dead and he has been divorced for five years. Siu wants to become a model but she has to start a business. There is a little romance in the middle of the film and the two of them get on well. The film is a little strange but it's not like a normal romantic comedy. It's a little bit of a crazy film with a great cast.

John R. photo
John R.

A very enjoyable comedy with a very funny premise.The film is about a hapless man (played by veteran actor,Johnnie To) who is sent to prison to undergo a psych ward. There, he meets a couple (played by romantic leads,Dani and Yang), and discovers the truth behind his past. The characters are very likable and fun to watch, with good acting, and great jokes. I really liked the chemistry between the two leads. I really enjoyed the ending, and the subtle comedy throughout the film. Overall, I highly recommend this film to anyone, but I'd recommend that you watch it with a friend, as it will get you laughing out loud.

Andrea photo

Some of the humor was good and the characters were pretty interesting, but some of the jokes were just stupid. The film was also very disjointed. Some of the jokes were lost in the shuffle of the story. One would think that the two stories would have a similar balance. Instead, the two stories became extremely divergent and there was no consistency in the overall picture. The jokes were too often stupid and too many of them came off as pretentious and corny. If you want to see a good film on these subjects, see "High School: The Animation." I have rated it accordingly.

Olivia photo

The all star cast of Li Shu, Daxing, and Su has really good chemistry. All the characters have their own personality and make you feel for them. Daxing, a man who is looking for his wife to get divorced, is the most interesting and likable character. He is kind, compassionate, and passionate about his work. The scene with the girls at the party is also very memorable. I think the cinematography and lighting was a little bit fake at times. Overall, it's an enjoyable comedy about a man who doesn't know what to do with his life and falls in love with a girl he met at a party. He discovers his wife is cheating on him, so he goes to get his wife back. He also discovers that he has a lot of money, so he tries to give his wife money to pay off the debts. But, he gets caught up in the business of the illegal gun dealers, which is a mystery to him.