فيلم Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse is a movie starring Daniel Beaty, Loretta Devine, and Omari Hardwick. Upon his return from serving a eight-year sentence in prison, reformed gang leader, S. Lance Ingram, struggles to adapt to a changed Harlem....

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1 hours 37 minutes
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Jamal Joseph
Jamal Joseph, Daniel Beaty
Selenis Leyva, Omari Hardwick, Loretta Devine, Daniel Beaty
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Upon his return from serving a eight-year sentence in prison, reformed gang leader, S. Lance Ingram, struggles to adapt to a changed Harlem. Unable to use the technological skills he acquired in jail, Lance is forced to accept a position delivering meals for a local food bank. It is here that he befriends Ms. Maddy, 75, a past beauty with a irreverent and hardened shell to whom he delivers dinners. Through her, Lance finds hope, relearning the joys of life and living despite the outwardly bedeviled society in which they find themselves.

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Mildred photo

I haven't seen this movie for over a decade and I'm so glad I've finally got around to watching it. It was a hell of a movie and the story is timeless. The acting was so fantastic that I'm sure most of the cast is still alive and in good health. I'd like to say that I think the acting was superb. But I think the story is what really makes this film so great. The story was told so perfectly and the story was told so beautifully. I don't think it's possible for anyone to take their eyes off of the screen. I think this movie is so fantastic and it's worth watching for all the right reasons. I'm so glad that I saw this movie and I'll definitely recommend it to everyone. The movie was so well done and I love how it was filmed. The film was filmed with a very high quality of color and lighting. I loved it.

Theresa photo

I am a fan of the original, and it is this film that has been the most consistent source of entertainment for me. I think I've had more than a dozen of them, and if I didn't, I would have run screaming. It's not a perfect film. In fact, I think it has some flaws. The story itself is weak. The characters, while original, are not particularly well developed. The acting is mediocre at best. Yet it is a film that I know has been inspired by its original source, and as a result, it remains one of my favorites. I hope that the remake will do the same, and if not, I will be happy to just watch the original film again, and I'll be sure to enjoy it just as much. 10/10

Tammy Thomas photo
Tammy Thomas

I saw this movie on DVD last night. I think that this movie was very well done. The story line was compelling, and it stayed with you. The characters were well developed, and were very believable. The music was excellent, and gave the film a powerful energy. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, and especially to those who are interested in the occult. I am very pleased with this movie, and hope that this movie is making its way to more people.

Debra C. photo
Debra C.

The movie is not a movie. It is a journey to a place that is often overlooked in the western world. The journey starts with the eyes of the protagonist (the young girl), and we get the clue as to what that place is, and what it's like. The journey of the young girl is not the only part of the movie. We see her mother, her father, her stepfather, her brother, her sister, her friends, her memories, her passions, and so much more. All of this is conveyed through her eyes, and we see it all through her eyes. It is a very deep and deep moving movie. It is a metaphor, but it is not a metaphor. It is a real life movie, and I have to say that the metaphor is a metaphor. The story is not just about the girl, it is about the story of the family and the story of the girl. It is about a beautiful girl, who is so much more than she appears to be. This movie is a journey. The journey starts with a small girl, who will change our lives. And the story of her journey is a great movie. I loved this movie. I have seen it a few times, and every time I find something new. It is not just about a beautiful girl, who is so much more than she appears to be. It is about the story of the family, about the journey, about the emotions, about the passions, about the memory, about the memories, about the passions, and so much more.

Julie H. photo
Julie H.

First of all, I have to say that I don't know why this film is rated so low. I mean, it's not an award winning film. I know it is not a great film. But I really enjoyed this film. I thought the story was good and I think the acting was very good. I have never seen a movie like this before. I recommend this film to everyone. This is a must see for everyone. I have seen many people go out of their way to see this film. You must see it at least once. I will definitely buy it on DVD and watch it many times. I also recommend that everyone has the DVD of this film and watch it often.

Adam Myers photo
Adam Myers

I watched this movie in a theatre in San Francisco. The audience was primarily a middle-aged male group who were fascinated by the journey of a man's search for redemption. The film portrays a very believable way of storytelling. The film provides a gripping story, with a moralistic message, and an incredible finale that will make you believe in a whole new way of looking at life. A MUST SEE!

Joseph photo

It's easy to see why this movie has been so ignored. It is, without a doubt, one of the best films I've ever seen. It doesn't feel like a commercial product, but it doesn't try to be either. It feels like a heartfelt, thoughtful, and beautifully made movie. As I said in the beginning, this film has a great message and it is a very sensitive one. It touches on some pretty intense subjects in a very affecting way. The acting is very good, with performances from a very young cast, and a wonderful cast that includes, among others, Kevin Spacey, Amanda Peet, and John C. Reilly. The direction is very good, and the score is also very good. This film is definitely a must see.

Gregory Peters photo
Gregory Peters

While it's important to examine the history of film and literature, it's equally important to look at how these industries impact people in real life. Today's documentary is such a great example. Every moment of the film is important and every image is meaningful. The actors all did a superb job and I really want to watch more films of this caliber. I recommend this film to everyone who enjoys film or literature.

Justin photo

I've read the reviews and reviews, and many of them are extremely positive. This film is a cult classic. This film is not a "film". It's a masterfully crafted narrative of a story that has already been told. It's a movie. You can't tell me that a movie can't have a plot. I've seen documentaries about the First World War. But none of them were as gripping as this film. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I've seen a few documentaries about the Holocaust and I can't believe that they weren't more convincing. It's also important to mention that this is not a documentary. This is not a film that is trying to present a message. This is not a movie that tries to appeal to the masses. This is a movie about a war that is already well known. I can only think of one other film that has even come close to capturing the horror of the Holocaust. This is a masterpiece of a film. I am astonished that anyone could not be moved by this film. It is not a film. It is a masterpiece of art. I've never seen such a magnificent movie. It is definitely a 10 out of 10.

Tiffany Nguyen photo
Tiffany Nguyen

A first-rate movie. It does what so many movies, dramas, and even comedies fail to do. It is about one man's struggle to find his true identity. It is based on the author's experiences in his own life. The writing is simply superb, and the performances are superb. The acting is perhaps the most important factor in the success of a movie, and this film does an excellent job of that. "A" is the kind of movie that comes around every year. It is a must-see.

Matthew photo

I don't think I have ever seen such a brilliant movie, or a truly beautiful movie, and that is only because I have never seen a movie where you could feel all the emotions that the main character was feeling. The movie is truly a work of art. I think that this movie is a must see, and I recommend everyone to watch it. I truly believe that there are some people in this world that have never heard of this movie and that they are in for a treat. Even if you are not a movie fan, you should watch it at least once, because it's a truly beautiful story.

Karen L. photo
Karen L.

It is a shame that they can't come up with a new story after this movie. The movie is about love, commitment and the way we get into the relationship with our friends and family. This is a movie that will stick in the memory, as well as the way I feel about the movie.

Ann photo

A wonderful movie, a great writer and a wonderful director. It really is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The only thing I don't like about it is the slow pace and the acting is a bit "artsy" in the end. You know what I mean? But it's really very worth the watch. If you like heart-felt dramas, with great acting, you should really watch this movie!

Justin Tran photo
Justin Tran

I had heard so much about this film and was eagerly anticipating seeing it for my birthday. Boy was I not disappointed. I saw it on the first day of release in theaters, and was completely taken back. The film is just so incredibly intense, and I had never felt so sad, or so dirty or so emotional watching a film before. I won't spoil the ending, but it was so powerful that I wanted to watch it over and over again. I can't recommend this film enough. I would highly recommend you go see it at the theaters, even if you don't see it on the big screen. This is one of the best films I have ever seen, and I am a huge fan of George Clooney's. He is truly a very talented actor and I hope he continues to be an actor in the future. 10/10

Robert Nichols photo
Robert Nichols

I have watched this film many times and it always gets better every time. It is full of memories and its a good film for anyone who has ever suffered from depression. The cast of the film is incredible. You will get involved in the characters life and the journey of two women. It is a wonderful film that will not leave you disappointed.

Walter photo

This movie was amazing! I've seen this movie twice, and I can't wait to see it again. I think it was an excellent movie that's worth watching over and over. I would recommend it to anyone, and anyone who likes a good movie should definitely watch this movie. If you don't like movies that are more like the good movies, then you shouldn't watch this movie, because it is a great movie. I think the characters and story was amazing, and I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that are similar to the good movies.

Michael Y. photo
Michael Y.

This movie is definitely not for everyone. If you are a die hard genre fan, you will love this movie. If you are not a fan of horror movies, you may not like this movie. You will be blown away by the intense cinematography, the creepy atmosphere, the creepy mood, the high tech technology, the beautiful cinematography, the absolutely jaw dropping special effects, and the plot. This movie is the most immersive of all time. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest movies ever made, and if you can't appreciate it, you should stay away from it. A must see for any movie fan. The plot is so intricate that it's almost impossible to explain. The characters are so well thought out that it's hard to believe they are just a bunch of regular people. The plot makes you think about some things that will stay with you for days. The acting is amazing, and the dialog is so well written that it is hard to believe that any of it is a big deal. The movie is incredibly slow and even when you have a lot of time, you can't stop thinking about it. I watched this movie about a dozen times and it never gets boring. I recommend it to anyone who loves movies.

Brian Wheeler photo
Brian Wheeler

I love this movie! I love the acting, the music, and the storyline. I've seen it twice, and I'll watch it again! I highly recommend this movie to anyone!

Shirley Phillips photo
Shirley Phillips

I went into this movie expecting some gross out humor, like a typical horror flick. I was completely wrong. I was expecting a typical horror flick, and I got a story about a man who has a series of dreams where he is in different places and there is not a single clue as to where he is or why he is there. I was completely shocked at how much I loved this movie. It's not a horror film, it's not a comedy, it's not a drama. It's a story about a man who is suffering from a nightmare. There is a sense of humor in this film, but it's not made to be funny, it's made to be a story. I really enjoyed it. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good, but not great movie.

Mary photo

A very good movie with a very good story. Don't miss this one.

Nicholas photo

I came across this movie today and I was very impressed. I am usually not a fan of a film when I come across it, but I was interested in seeing this film because I know that it was made on a budget. I came away from this movie with a better understanding of how a movie was made. The acting was very good, the directing was good, the story was great, and I think it's a film that everyone should see. I think it's a film that everyone should see. If you like movies that are both entertaining and deep, this is the film for you. It's a movie that I would recommend. I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

Dennis photo

The movie is a blend of many genres. The story is centered around the lives of three main characters, as they struggle to get by on their meager income. The story is set in the slums of Mumbai, where the characters live in squalor. The characters are the 'children of the urban poor'. The films uses flashbacks to reveal the past of the main characters. The third story tells of the life of the main characters' grandfather, who was a doctor, and the wife of the main character's father. The second story tells of a young woman who becomes pregnant while her husband is out of town. The first story is about a young boy who falls in love with a prostitute. The films is composed of several narratives. The first part is set in the slums, while the second part is set in the city. The film is very entertaining and is a must see for anyone who enjoys watching a black comedy.