فيلم Puccini: Tosca

Puccini: Tosca

Puccini: Tosca is an episode of The Metropolitan Opera HD Live starring Emmanuel Villaume, Isabel Leonard, and Christian Zaremba. Singer tries to save her artist-boyfriend from the consequences of his politics, with tragic results.

Running Time
2 hours 30 minutes
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Gary Halvorson
Luigi Illica, Giuseppe Giacosa, Victorien Sardou
Emmanuel Villaume, Isabel Leonard, Patrick Carfizzi, Christian Zaremba
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Singer tries to save her artist-boyfriend from the consequences of his politics, with tragic results.

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Carol Willis photo
Carol Willis

This is a wonderful movie. I am amazed at the way these performers created music for this movie, and they were a lot of fun. This movie, though, is not a typical movie. I would give it an 8 out of 10 for the skillful and intelligent way the musicians were able to communicate with the audience, and the audience responded to it. The composer, who did not know what he was doing, created one of the most successful musicals ever. I love it!

Brittany K. photo
Brittany K.

Plain and simple, this is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I enjoyed it much more than any of the other performances I've seen this year, and I think it deserves to be at the top of IMDb's list of best movies of all time. Anyone who doesn't agree should stop writing and putting down other people's opinions, because this is a perfect, complete, and - most of all - satisfying movie experience. I can't believe it's been over 5 years since it was released in the cinema, and it still resonates so strongly. And it's not just the intense storyline, which has the twist ending you expect from a good musical. There's also the cast, which includes not one, but two of my favorite actors - Vincent Price and Bruce Willis - along with such other stars as Angela Lansbury, Julian Sands, and Robert Redford. I also liked the music, which is very much in keeping with the movie. The soundtrack is gorgeous, and it's a shame that the film version has got so little of it. I loved the cover art, which shows a house in Milan, and the DVD's special features show a gallery of images from the set, including an exclusive interview with Richard Dreyfuss, which gives a lot of insight into the making of this movie. All in all, this movie is one of the best I've seen this year. See it if you can. This is a 9/10.

Jacqueline photo

I have always wondered what would happen if the little poliziotti who sang for Poliziotti in the old "Poliziotti" diappings were to return to those old roles. The idea was to save time, but it never works. As this is a movie for those who like poliziotti, I will keep the words, because I don't want to give too much away. I also have to say that I really liked all the characters. It's very hard to write a movie like this one. And, let's be honest, when you have a time machine, you really need to work hard. The whole process of poliziotti was totally cool and could have been done the old fashion way. But, sadly it isn't. Anyway, I really recommend it to those who like poliziotti.

Brittany photo

This is a great documentary, well worth watching. A few things are bugged, but on the whole this is a good story. First and foremost a great documentary that does not get bogged down with details like the rumor about the "Wingsuit" being originally meant for Billie as well as the actual story about the production of "Puccini", which supposedly ends with them preparing for the murder of Pascu and accidentally shooting and killing her. It is still a little mysterious though, the film makers don't mention the way that Pascu was cut in half. The story itself is still a little suspect, especially in the '60s era, but overall this is a great story. Pascu had a great voice and well acted. For some reason her voice always sounded funny to me, but she didn't sound like she was having a bad day or anything, and at some point she sounded a little like a mother who was trying to make it and not be caught off guard. One detail I liked was how they never showed the actual tape of the murder. There were probably about 5 witnesses and that is it, if you want the actual tape, watch the documentary "The Great Gatsby" by Allen Stuart. I wish the real part of this movie was better. As for the murder, well, I still don't understand how this is missing from the Oscar nominations list, but you'll have to watch it for yourself to understand. Overall, a really great documentary, watch it. 8/10

Ethan photo

Yes, this movie is a little cheesy and doesn't have any real musical numbers. But it is really, really good. I would say that "Quadrophenia" is a "non musical" Disney movie that isn't all that bad. You have to see the movie at least twice to get it all, but that's okay. It is very dark and violent, but I also think that it is very romantic, because it features two very beautiful people. I think this is the greatest Disney movie since "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". I like "Quadrophenia" because it has really, really beautiful music. If you are looking for a fun movie, you should really check this out. * out of *

Brandon photo

Having only seen one documentary that depicts the life and work of Giuseppe Verdi, that being The Verdi Family at Its Finest, I had no expectations for Pasolini's film. But, a recent retrospective of The Verdi Family's full-length film took my breath away. I can't even describe the many compliments I've heard about it. The photos are stunning, the dialogue is exquisitely nuanced, and the cinematography is top-notch. Pasolini also brought in brilliant performances from some of the finest Italian actors. From the eldest son, Pier Luigi, to the youngest son, Davide, Pasolini has captured the entire Verdi family in a lively, well-researched documentary. The small scenes of the Verdi family has no delineation or scenes at all, but is packed with an unusual elegance that one may easily forget that they're not even there. The Verdi family at its best. 8/10

Henry photo

I saw this film about a year ago on DVD and I still remember the first few notes I heard and the way the music sounds. This film has the distinction of having the distinction of having the very first known negative musical score from any film by a director of film and not just the music of the film. I think the reason it was so successful is because the movie has some very unusual production and even production values and all that it was well made. The story centers on a very young Florentino Marini who has been missing for many years and who is supposed to be a veteran of the Napoleonic wars. So his wife Amalia, and the servants are all waiting for the return of their husband and they find that he was kidnapped. He isn't a bad man and has worked well for the nobility. But he seems to have been absent for so long that the nobles question his whereabouts and the silence is felt. He's imprisoned and the story begins to develop from there. First, they search for the missing man and then look for him for the revenge they desire. When the story takes a turn to an almost supernatural one that is difficult to follow, I began to question everything I had learned about this man before. My first question was who killed him. When it comes to the final reveal, the story is good and a little bit supernatural and I must admit it is very enjoyable. I loved the music and the music in the last ten minutes of the movie, not the ending though, the music was okay. I also liked the friendship between the two veterans and the changes in the friendship between the two friends. I saw some of the actors that played in the movie and they were all very good. It has a very different feel to it, the way it is presented, how the characters are developed and how the story is developed. I liked how the director did all this, how he has kept the story under control and how he reveals the truth to us. When it comes to the ending, I must admit that it is not the best, I have seen many sequels that ended in the same way. I don't see the need to have a complicated ending as this film has one, so it's okay to watch it. I still love this film and am looking forward to buying it on DVD. 8/10

Kevin Gray photo
Kevin Gray

The most wonderful production of great French music, with a lot of choices, really. I'm sure we'll get a lot of nonsense on this page about the 5 best albums of all times. I would have to say this, that what I'd like to do with this film is put it on the list of several pop music ones. It's the best of a very good album, in my opinion. 8/10.

Amanda Davis photo
Amanda Davis

Why don't they make movies like this anymore? It is often boring and the songs are often less memorable. This is one of the few movies with great music, and an actually enjoyable film. I loved the idea of how this man who used to be in the mafia becomes the sheriff. I loved the actors who played these two characters, because of their ability to bring a good intensity to the role. Michael Gambon as a mob boss was interesting and hilarious, and wonderful to watch. Paul Guilfoyle and Bibi Bourelly were also excellent. Bibi Bourelly's performance as a lawyer was very interesting, as she constantly attacked Guilfoyle. The best part of the movie is the songs. They are terrific. Especially the only song that is played during the movie. The music is fantastic and works perfectly. If you like interesting movies about mafia and gangster, and don't mind a lot of vulgarity, you should like this movie. It is entertaining, and certainly good enough to watch multiple times.

Nancy N. photo
Nancy N.

I have to say I did enjoy this film. Like several of the other reviewers, I expected it to be a bad sequel to a film that was no worse than the original. I have to say I am surprised that this film got the treatment it got. Unlike the original, this film is not trying to be a comedy and is actually trying to be a tragic-comedy. I think the directors were successful in making this a dramatic-comedic experience. However, I don't think it had any depth of emotional story. As a comedy, this movie really didn't have anything to laugh at. The performances by the rest of the cast were all excellent and I found it was very hard to see people with bad teeth doing a real acting job. I did see a few things to chuckle at, like the odd impression the hag had when she was played by the great Judy Davis. But it wasn't enough to make up for the fact that the rest of the cast were all flat as dishwater. The character of Marie-Briere was only in the film for about twenty minutes, and was a complete waste of time. The worst performance was that of the dog. If anything, I think this film was more like the "Battleship" version of "Fiddler on the Roof." It had too much comic relief and the story wasn't very interesting. Overall, I think it was a good film for what it was.

Emily Jackson photo
Emily Jackson

I can only refer to my own sense of humour as a result of Puccini (Ngaio Forbus) and Tosca (Jean-Pierre Jeunet). In the latter movie Pucini had an open heart and lived a rather excellent life. However, the character Tosca was a real contradiction. The function she served in the story was that of a bull's-eye, but she was a manipulator who used every trick to get what she wanted. Indeed, she was a genius when it came to the exploitation of others to the fullest. This was totally different to Puccini. He was a modern man who didn't value his friend's life, but loved his wife, wife, daughter and so on. Pucini died because he couldn't live up to what Tosca wanted. Hence, I don't see the comparison with the movie of that title. If I had a nose for fantasy, I would go for an even bigger version of this movie.

Olivia photo

I've always been a huge Pazzoni fan. He is a genius composer who has worked with all the greats of the time, including Gielgud. His ode to Sex Pistols is one of my favorites. He gave the world a progenitor of the romantic / stoner rock and roll genre. Since its release in the late 60's, we had more and more people putting out albums similar to the Pistols. It all ended with Jon Spencer's version of The Pretender. The sequel of the musical, this movie based on it, is a huge disappointment. It's like one of those George Lucas rags to riches / George Lucas rags to riches flicks where everyone still lives and has friends. It's a basic "re-make" of the Pazzoni original. This isn't bad, it's actually pretty good, just not very good. It's the real deal. Pazzoni gave us our first, and most famous, cult favorite. We still have it to this day. But hey, it's nice to see them still making music, in a good way. Hopefully more will follow.

Jose S. photo
Jose S.

This film has had it's problems (bad reviews, and then just gave up, but I feel they were just reading things wrong) but after seeing this it left me feeling a little unsettled. I think most people seem to have missed the point of this film. It's not about losing your identity or trying to hide yourself. Its not a costume party or love story. It is simply a drama that revolves around a family and the struggles they deal with as their current situation deteriorates. If you go in with an open mind and really pay attention, you will enjoy this film. If you don't think there is anything wrong with it, well then you'll probably be too invested in your own problems to really take it all in. I was interested in seeing it because I thought the director had a unique way of filming with minimal dialogue. The images on screen were beautiful, haunting, and moody. And it was also effective at hiding the actual dialogue. The one thing I did take away from it was that I can relate to what the family was going through, especially since this is my family. Everyone in our family was getting older, struggling with a difficult job, trying to fit in, and still growing up. I think if you watch it with an open mind, you will see a new side of it.

Elizabeth photo

This was one of the first TV movies I saw. It's a cute little story about friendship and family and everything I grew up with. The story isn't really anything original or innovative, but it is still funny and keeps me interested the entire time. It's definitely better than most TV movies out there because it has a good plot, decent acting, and really does a good job at making me enjoy the story. The voice actors are all great and there is something about the whole thing that makes it all work. I have seen this many times and it's still one of my favorites.

Walter B. photo
Walter B.

This is the title that the movie was given in Bulgaria and to some countries. It was the first movie that i ever saw about the famous violinist Puccini. The movie is about the life of this famous violinist. It is very interesting to see that this great musician lived and worked in an orphanage. But as I like to watch any movie about the artist Puccini, I can not be of the people who were not able to recognize him because i am a Puccini fan. The movie is great for the audience who has not played Puccini violin. It has a lot of humor and it is very interesting to see that this famous and talented musician who lived for years in an orphanage in a very small town in Southern Italy. It is a very interesting movie to see that Puccini was in his 8th year in the orphanage in Naples. The music of the movie is very good for me. I am a big Puccini fan, i have never seen Puccini live in his own movie, but I was very surprised to see that this famous violinist lived and worked in an orphanage. My rating is 8/10

Denise D. photo
Denise D.

One of the best animated films I have ever seen! I would rate it the 5th best film in my top 10 of all time. I think this film will be remembered as a classic for a long time to come. There are many reasons I think this film will be remembered as a classic. The story has a really wonderful, fun and enchanting story, just like in all Ed Wood movies, no doubt about that. The music is great. Musically, this is a very catchy score. The film is in many ways visually stunning. I would even go so far as to say that there are some really stunning visuals. The animation in this film is very well done. The character designs are great, even if some of the characters in the film are a bit too tiny. The characters are all very different. I do not want to give too much away but I do think it is a good idea to see this film at least once. I really recommend it. I do not think it is a perfect film, but I can't help myself and rate it a perfect 10. It is a very fun film. I highly recommend this film.

Frances photo

I have two great episodes of A4 DVD (one of which is "The Master of Disguise"), and I feel very impressed by this modern-day stage production. Though my brother owns the TV version of the play, he was unable to attend the screening I attended. So I was able to see it in its entirety for the first time, and I really liked it. It was very difficult to get into the narrative of the play, but it is a very beautiful play. I have never seen the play performed in the cinema, but I would suggest this play to anyone who enjoys opera. This film adaptation was not quite as powerful, and it was a bit slow. I think a two hour film would have been a good compromise. It is not a movie to watch for its technical aspects, but I still recommend it. Overall, I would recommend this film version to anyone who is interested in seeing a theater version of a classic opera, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the "darkly, openly and unrestrainedly" operatic production that the original theatre audience had witnessed. The screen is dark and unspectacular, but the soundtrack is spectacular. I think the film version will be a classic for many generations to come.

Eric photo

I don't remember having seen this film before, but I think it is worth seeing. I love the music and the concept of the story. I believe I heard about it as a child. I don't think it is a much known film, but it has been compared to other Oscar films such as Goodfellas and American Beauty. I think it is worth seeing. I loved the music, and especially the characters.

Olivia photo

Tosca, the Melodramatic Opera, is a wonderful, distinctive opera from the 20th century. While many of the songs are popular enough in America to have become hit songs on their own, the movie is too. While the main characters, Cezar and Lucca are popular American singers, the singers in the movie are not. That's a pity, because there are good singers in the movie, and they are the real stars of the movie. The story is pretty good, but it is much more entertaining to sing than read. The singers are in their day-to-day lives, so they are not as intense or complicated as the characters in the movie. This will be a great movie to watch with your friends!

Kelly R. photo
Kelly R.

With the slight help of friends who liked the movie "La Gabbana" and enjoyed it a lot.there are only a couple of things in this movie. I think that Pazzi and Battaglini did a good job on this. As for the musical score by Jean-Marc Vallee, well, this was not his last film. I think that there is something more than you can see in this film. I love many things in this movie and it just grew up in my mind and my heart. It has a place in my heart and in my heart. This movie just doesn't give a rest. I think that it is a very important film and should be seen. It's a great movie and I think that everyone should see it.

Megan Hunt photo
Megan Hunt

I'm not one for musicals. I'm just not. I think The Graduate was a great movie, but The Beatles were a great musical, so I don't like musicals. I think I'm a huge Duran Duran fan, so I'm definitely not a Duran Duran fan. However, this film got my attention because I've seen "Two Against Nature" a few years ago, and I loved the film. Not only was it great, but the music is really great as well. The way they used the songs in the film is what really made it interesting. I was pleasantly surprised with the songs, which really were not too bad. They weren't bad either, they're just some of the better songs that have been used in the music. They weren't the best songs, but they were alright. I enjoyed the acting, and the characters in the film. I thought there were some really good actors in this film, and the actors did a pretty good job with the characters. The cinematography was pretty good, and there's some really nice shots in the film, some of which were really impressive. Overall, this film was great, but it wasn't perfect. The characters weren't very developed, and they had their flaws, but the characters were likable and the plot was good. It was just a little disappointing, however, because there's some really good things about this film. For example, the film is very well-written, the story is good, and the songs are great. However, the actors weren't very good, and the plot was pretty dull and didn't have much more to it. So, I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10. 6.5 out of 10.

Madison L. photo
Madison L.

Wow. this film was soooooo bad. I must admit, I had no idea what to expect from this film. I had seen the theatrical trailer, and I was pleasantly surprised. When I was asked to see the film, I was really looking forward to it. I thought the idea of a musical about the sexual abuse of a little boy would be the most original and creative thing imaginable. I was so wrong. There were no good lines or jokes. The songs were really unmemorable. And there were some really mean and disgusting things about the characters in this movie. It was not at all what I expected. The way they made it seem like there was no need for this musical was a real bad decision. The story was so stupid, it seemed like the director just made it up as he went along. I would give this film a 1 out of 10.