فيلم Yellow Day

Yellow Day

Yellow Day is a movie starring Drew Seeley, Lindsey Shaw, and Ashley Boettcher. Yellow Day chronicles a young man's life-changing and inspirational journey through the mysterious Yellow Day. To many, the Yellow Day is simply a fun...

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Dia Amarelo, Enchanted Kingdom
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Family
Carl Lauten
G.P. Galle Jr., G.P. Galle Jr.
Drew Seeley, Ashley Boettcher, Akeem Smith, Lindsey Shaw
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Yellow Day chronicles a young man's life-changing and inspirational journey through the mysterious Yellow Day. To many, the Yellow Day is simply a fun day celebrating outreach at a kid's camp, but to some, God bestows visions and miracles, transforming their lives. For this young man, the Yellow Day becomes an imaginative adventure: showing him true heroes, challenging him to face his fears, find love, and inviting him to accept grace, so that he can be shaped into who he is meant to be. On this day, the young man is presented remarkable stories in Faith, Hope, and Love coming from true stories of real life heroes in the special needs, chronic illness, and domestic abuse communities at the extraordinary Camp Grace, a beautiful retreat with the motto: "Lives are changed and souls are strengthened." Guided by a friendly 10-year-old girl, his spiritual journey back to the light, to witness the triumphs of others, face his fears, and fulfill his destiny, will test the strength of both his faith and his courage.

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Deborah R. photo
Deborah R.

A girl's parents move to a new house, leaving behind their only child. They are unable to adjust to the new location. Their daughter comes home from school one day, but is quite upset and rude. The parents decide to take her to a special night school for gifted children. But the girl comes back the next day. She shows a new passion for acting and at one point is made a member of the acting troupe. When the parents hear about the boy's talent, they decide to try and meet him. The parents are pleasantly surprised to see that their daughter has matured quite a bit. But the boy is too young and their daughter doesn't seem to be interested. But the parents are excited to meet the boy and it is a wonderful experience. So it is time to go home. But the girl is still mad and refuses to leave the room. But eventually she gives in. The parents try and try to get the boy to join the school. But it is not a simple thing to get him to do it. So it becomes a struggle to make things work. The parents try to convince the boy to become a member of the acting troupe, but it is not easy. But the boy is quite a fan of the troupe, and when the parents finally get him to join, it is a wonderful experience. It was quite a tough situation for the parents. But it turned out alright. There were lots of people there who were quite surprised that their daughter had matured. They said, "I never saw her like that." The movie ended on a happy note. I have watched this movie twice in the theater. I think it is a really good movie.

Matthew photo

I don't get why people hate this movie so much. It's not the greatest movie of all time, but it is a great family movie and is my favorite. It's a movie that you can watch with the whole family and it will still be a great movie. I haven't read the book but I do know it is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. It's a movie that will always be the best movie of all time. I do agree that there is not much to the story but it doesn't matter because it's the main focus of the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone and it will make them smile and it will bring you to tears. There is not much to this movie but the love and the love story is what makes it so great. It is a movie that everyone can enjoy.

Kathleen photo

The 10 year old has finally come of age and his parents are celebrating his graduation. They are celebrating his time in the service. But they have not known of the world outside the service. In the future, when this boy is sent to the future by the Ministry of Time Travel, he will be attending an all girl school. But there are a few things he has to learn before his time is up. One of the things he will have to learn is how to deal with the world outside the service. It is a sweet film, but it is not a romantic comedy. It is a movie about finding your place in the world, about who you are and who you will become. And it is about seeing the world and the people around you and seeing yourself reflected in the world around you. And it is about finding out that the only way to do that is to have the courage to change your life for the better. That is why it is a very good movie.

Brittany photo

I was fortunate enough to see this film at a special preview. I thought it was very interesting and entertaining. I found it an interesting mix of the supernatural and the real world. I did like the idea of a child that doesn't have a soul. I thought it was a good message. I thought the acting was very good. I liked that they didn't focus on the supernatural. They focused on the human side. I really liked the film. I would recommend it to any family. It was really interesting and entertaining.

Emily Lawson photo
Emily Lawson

I love this movie, especially when you add the song, "The Day of The Locust". The story line is great, I love the whole story line. It's not just about the locusts but the entire story of love. This movie has a great message and a great message to it. I recommend this movie to everyone!

Elizabeth P. photo
Elizabeth P.

I am a big fan of the old Disney film, and the 4-color version is my favorite. I was looking for a time travel movie with a time limit and this one fit the bill. I enjoyed it and I think that it would be a good movie to take a younger audience to. The story was engaging and the characters were lovable. The characters are not the norm, and I don't think they would be in the movies today, but that's the point. This movie takes place at the beginning of a time travel and the story is interesting, the scenery is beautiful, and the story line is believable. I like the story line and the characters. I really liked the Disney theme music, and I was surprised to see a song from the original film. I also liked the acting in this movie. The characters are believable and the actors fit the role. I give this film a 9 out of 10.

Gloria F. photo
Gloria F.

I really liked this movie. It was a nice family movie. I loved the scenes in the snow. It was so beautiful to see all the different animals. I also like how they mixed it up. It was really cute when they put the family together and when they were having a fight. It was good that they were all in a band. I also like how they mixed up the different animals. It was also good that the parents were not really present with the kids. It was funny because they didn't show their faces. It was nice to see that when they were having a fight, it was pretty big. I also liked the movie because it was like a real story. It had a nice ending. I think it was a good movie and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. I would definitely recommend this movie to you. It was a really nice family movie. It was also really cute. I think it was good.

Alice photo

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I didn't really like it. I think it's really hard to take someone who has cancer, and still be able to find a reason to love them. However, when I heard the full story behind the film, it was pretty good. This is a great story about a father and his son, who are both trying to make it as an independent photographer and have cancer. And, it's about overcoming obstacles and surviving. This movie is really good, because it makes you feel good about life, and it makes you feel good about how your parents and family are doing. This is a great movie for all people, and I hope you'll enjoy it. 8/10

Michelle Davidson photo
Michelle Davidson

It's been a long time since I've seen a movie I truly loved. And I don't usually give away a lot about the movie I love so much. That being said, this movie I watched a year ago was the first movie I loved that I loved. And I truly loved it. This movie is an adaptation of the book "The Notebook," which was also adapted by Richard Linklater. The movie has all the elements that the book had. I can't say that the movie is a masterpiece, but it is very good. I would give this movie an 8 out of 10. The acting is amazing, the cinematography is excellent, and the characters are very real. The only thing that I didn't like was that they tried to do too much with the flashbacks and the real history. I think that the real history of this movie was great. So, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Jacqueline P. photo
Jacqueline P.

I just came back from seeing this movie with my daughter and husband and I must say, I enjoyed the movie. It was a good movie, I thought it was worth the price of the ticket. I'm sure the parents who paid the full price to see it, were happy and at the end, they were thinking, "That was worth it!" The movie did make me think a lot about what I want my children to do and do, and I wish I could have taught my children the things that were important to me in this movie. I thought it was a good movie, but it was not as good as the book. I think the book was better, it was more interesting and at the end, I thought it was a better movie.

Virginia C. photo
Virginia C.

As a 20 year old girl who has never been in the gym, I was a little skeptical at first about the movie, but I was very pleasantly surprised. This is definitely a movie that I would recommend to anyone. It is based on a true story. The director, Margot Robbie, did a wonderful job. Her performance in this film is amazing. I loved her performance and can't wait for her to do more films. This film is very inspirational and very touching. The story is about three girls who are coming of age and are starting a new school year. The new school year is supposed to be like any other year. However, in the beginning of the film, the girls were trying to prove to the new teacher that they are not worthy of the new school year. They all had to do it in a different way. As the movie progresses, the girls learn more about themselves and the world around them. They also learn about the importance of education and how they can use their love for one another to help them achieve what they want to in life. The girls' life is very inspiring and inspiring movies should be like this. The characters are realistic, the director did a wonderful job of giving the characters a realistic and raw look. The camera work in this film was very impressive. The camera angles were great. I don't want to give away the plot too much. The movie is very inspiring, inspiring, inspirational. If you are a girl, you should watch this movie.

Virginia H. photo
Virginia H.

I don't know how much I could go into this film without talking about the lead character. Yes, there is an old man in the film. Yes, there are some creepy children. Yes, there is a little bit of "Halloween" thrown in. I won't go into the details, but you should know that the film is not a horror film. It is a film about love. I hope that people who have not seen it will see it, and I hope they all see it. If you don't like it, that's okay. I didn't think it was the worst film I've ever seen, but I don't think it was a great film either. But it was an enjoyable film, and it does the work of making the story seem real and moving.

Marilyn photo

I really like this movie. It is very good, and funny at times. It is a good movie to watch with the family, because it is really fun to watch, and very entertaining. It has a good message, and it really gives you a message. The kids really enjoy it, and it really made me feel good. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good family movie.

Harry S. photo
Harry S.

I loved this movie, it was the most interesting movie I have ever seen. I'm really glad it was the only movie I watched all night. My favorite part was the opening credits, it was really cool. The movie is about three teenagers, who go on a road trip and end up going to the desert to find their father's house. The father is the main character and he's funny in the movie. I also really liked the actors, I didn't know that they were actors, but they were really great. The movie was also very romantic and had a great message. I love the movie, I hope there are more like it.

Jacqueline P. photo
Jacqueline P.

I have been a big fan of Lissa's work for years and this film was a real treat for me. She manages to create a very beautiful and touching film with her artistry and her soft and soothing vocals. She is an incredible talent and her voice is magical. I loved how her voice is so unique and yet she managed to be "dee-dee" with it. A must see for all of her fans.

Billy B. photo
Billy B.

I found this movie on Amazon Prime streaming movie for $4.99 (or more) and I am so glad I did. This movie is just a breath of fresh air, and that is why I am giving it an 8. It is a movie that doesn't try to be another Hollywood-style romantic drama that is the latest trend in Hollywood. This movie is real. I love how it tells the story through the family's memories of the day they lost their son. It is also about a boy's dream of getting his mom to marry him. So, instead of showing the typical romantic drama that Hollywood is trying to make movies out to be, this movie shows the stories of actual people and it is refreshing to see that sometimes we just need a little truth. So, if you like movies with a more romantic feel to it and want to see something that doesn't take itself too seriously, you should watch this movie.

Jacob Adams photo
Jacob Adams

I have seen this movie in three different versions, and each version is very good. For the record, I prefer the first version which I saw in 1991. This version is wonderful, the acting is very good, and the cinematography is superb. I especially like the plot, and the most striking thing about this version is that the film-makers take care to show us the women's emotions, and in particular the expressions of the women, which make the story even more realistic. The only flaw in this version is that the story is not that interesting, and the ending is a little over-dramatic. The second version, the one I saw in 1994, was far superior to the first. The acting is more realistic, and the plot is more true to life. The cinematography is great, the story is still compelling, and the men's reactions to the "daughters" are realistic and well-executed. The ending, although not so dramatic as in the first version, is still very realistic. The third version, the one I saw in 1996, is the best of all the versions. It is more realistic, the story is more interesting, and the men's reactions are realistic and real. The ending is realistic and appropriate. All in all, I recommend this version, and it is the best version of the film I have ever seen.

Ralph Armstrong photo
Ralph Armstrong

Well, this is a funny movie about two boys, who were in a bus accident, and they don't remember a thing about the accident. But then they get sent to an orphanage, where they meet a black cat named Tooth, and a little girl named Nanette, and they decide to help her with her homework. The movie is really good, with a good message of racism, and caring for the little people. The two boys, and the black cat and little girl are so cute, and they all have their own message, and everything is just funny. It's a good movie, it's really funny, and the ending is nice. I think this is one of those movies that's really good, so i give it a 8/10.

Richard photo

While I watched the movie on TV, my eyes were glued to the screen and the emotional content was overwhelming. I really think that the movie is based on real life events and I don't think the characters are portrayed in a bad way. I don't think that the people in the movie are portrayed badly but the situations that they are put in are just so different. The main actor (I think) is pretty great, he is more than what he looks like. The supporting actors (as usual) are great too. It's the story and the direction that makes this movie. I like the movie a lot and I think that you will too. It is a really good movie that you will remember for a long time.

Virginia photo

First of all I must say I am a big fan of Bollywood movies. I have seen more than 5 hundred movies in my life. I love watching Bollywood movies because they are original and beautiful. But there is nothing like this movie. The screenplay is the best and the performance of the actors is amazing. The story is really great and it has been so many years since a movie has been this good. This movie is totally different from anything you have ever seen in your life. It is a movie that you would have never expected. It is very emotional and touching. It is a must watch movie for everyone who loves cinema. 10/10

Alan photo

I enjoyed the movie a lot. I've always been a fan of Jennifer Garner. It was a great movie. I love her and her acting. I love how it showed how things can change for the better. It was just a great movie. I liked the ending. I'm really glad that they didn't leave it on the cliffhanger way. I would have liked to have seen them come back and see their daughter again. I liked the romance between Will and Vanessa. I liked how Will's dad wasn't like he was in the book. I thought it was good that the characters weren't perfect and weren't perfect in the book. It's been a long time since I read the book. I would have loved to see that part. The characters were great. They didn't change the characters like the book did. The actors were great. Jennifer Garner was great. I really liked the chemistry between them. I think they played their roles well. I liked how Will and Vanessa's relationship was perfect. They didn't leave out a lot. I loved the movie a lot. I would recommend it to anyone.