فيلم Mastizaade


Mastizaade is a movie starring Tusshar Kapoor, Vir Das, and Sunny Leone. Two womanizing bachelors fall in love with twin sisters who run a sex addiction clinic.

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Milap Zaveri
Milap Zaveri, Mushtaq Sheikh, Milap Zaveri, Mushtaq Sheikh
Asrani, Sunny Leone, Tusshar Kapoor, Vir Das
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Two womanizing bachelors fall in love with twin sisters who run a sex addiction clinic.

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Mary Soto photo
Mary Soto

My first impression of this movie is that I was curious to see it and I was quite surprised by its quality. What makes this movie special is its above average acting and the story which, to me, is realistic. I also think that it is one of the few films that deals with the war in Afghanistan. It is also one of the few movies that deals with the topic of the corruption of the Afghan police force, and the overall system of Afghan culture and values, and the problems of a society in which these values have not been recognized by the west. The story deals with corruption in the Afghan police force and how it affects the country and the police force. Also the story deals with the human nature of the police force and the problems of corruption in the police force. It is a very well made film and shows the reality of the society in which the corruption is rampant and why people do not want to see the corruption because it could get out of control.

Kimberly Moore photo
Kimberly Moore

Chinatown? You're kidding me. This is not a Chow Yun Fat movie, but it's a very interesting movie about why we are the way we are, and what we could do to change it. The movie is about how things that we take for granted are almost always not the way we thought they would be, and they are usually in our own hands. The fact that they are owned by someone else, as the title implies, makes them much more vulnerable to change, because the one we are willing to let go of is the one who always has the power. What is left is a kind of magic that allows us to make change, but we cannot always expect it to happen. The title refers to this magic, because it is a mixture of what happens in a typical Chinatown, and what happens in a normal life. Most of the movie is played in a sort of an undercover style, where all the characters are in on the plot, so that what happens on screen is not totally real. The audience can't really feel anything bad about them, as the characters are so oblivious to what's going on around them. But the movie takes a different approach. It's not a movie about what's happening in Chinatown, but about what's going on in normal life. The main characters are all blind, and the only way they can see is through the little gadgets they have at their disposal. The key word here is "have." When we think we are dealing with an issue of discrimination, or a crime that happened long ago, we often don't feel the same way, because we have no idea how to react. So we do what we can to hide it from others, and to protect ourselves from the consequences. But with some people, there is no reason for secrecy. So they don't hesitate to tell what they know. And because of this, they may actually be the ones that start a little revolution. This movie is very funny and very philosophical. The movie is also very realistic. The main character of the movie, played by Hong Kong-born Tony Leung, is really a very convincing blind person. He makes the audience feel like he is as innocent as everyone else. The other characters in the movie are also convincing. I think the one who stood out most for me was the gang leader played by Jim Cummings. I have never seen Jim Cummings act before, and I think he did a good job in this movie. I also liked that he was not afraid to play a villain, and that he was a man who was willing to do what he could to make a difference, even if he had to kill people himself. There are some things about this movie that I really liked, like how it deals with the importance of love and commitment. There are many things about the movie that I didn't like, though, like the way the movie was filmed. The movie does a very good job at depicting Chinatown, but it also does a bad job of telling the story. This is because the director made the whole movie in two days, so that the story has to be split in two, and not a single frame of the movie was shot without a break. And there is a scene in the movie that is supposed to be funny, but actually really wasn't funny. The way this movie was shot was really bad, and the actors did a very good job, but the director made the whole thing look really amateur. But I think

Sharon photo

Really a good movie from Bollywood. It's a lot better then the first part. Even though the movie has been dubbed into Tamil, it has been done very well. Some of the best scenes are done in Tamil. Even though the Tamil version is also good, it has been dubbed into English. And as we all know, English is better then Hindi. The first part is really interesting. This one is much more better. The actors have done great. The movie is very good. If you are looking for a good romance and comedy, then you should go for it. It's a must watch. But if you are looking for a good action, then you should skip it. The movie is rated R for a reason. A lot of the movies rated R are not very good. But this is very different from the normal ones. I guess the reason is because this is rated R in India. Overall, it's a must watch.

Austin photo

This movie is extremely hard to watch and its not for a very narrow audience. It is extremely true to life, and its very sentimental. I am now in my thirties, and every year, around the first of February, I usually go out to see the Fantasia 2000 festival in Berlin. I love the music, and I like the concept of the movie. It is a little bit overrated, and it is not for everyone, but I liked it very much.

Betty Gutierrez photo
Betty Gutierrez

Its a shame that a movie like this is relegated to a niche market. There are many great movies that aren't even marketed to that audience. This movie deserves to be seen by all the viewers in India. it is definitely worth watching. I am sure that every Indian needs to see this movie in order to gain some understanding of the movie industry in India. its really quite sad that we are losing such a great movie.

Judy Harper photo
Judy Harper

the movie is just sooo funny.as the movie starts i was like "so that is the start of the movie" i couldn't stop laughing for hours and hours after the movie i was laughing so much.i liked the actors they were really funny.i think that the actors were really well.the actor playing the father is really a really good actor.the actor playing the son is really a good actor.i don't know what else to say i think the movie is really good.so much more than the first one.so please watch this movie,it is just sooo funny.I really like the movie so much i give it a 9.so check it out if you havent seen it yet.truly good movie

Charles photo

I can't think of anything to say about this film. Yes, it has a good storyline, but it is so broad that it leaves you wanting to know more about the people who starred in the film. That is one of the reasons why I give it a 9. It is a very enjoyable movie, but that does not mean it is a great movie. That being said, I would recommend it. The main character of the film, Madeleine, is a brilliant actress and is so over-the-top in this film that it's hard to believe she actually lives with a mentally ill brother who constantly beats her. If you don't know who Madeleine is, you need to watch the film. She is brilliant in this movie and will definitely win an Oscar. The film also stars David Thewlis, who I found extremely funny in this film. There is a scene where he is singing and everything is so loud that it is difficult to see what he is saying. If you can't see him because of the loudness, then you need to watch the film again. If you want to watch a comedy, I recommend The Last Ship. The movie is also very funny and has a great message.

Lauren photo

Mastizaade is a beautifully shot, fantastically acted and very well written film that is the kind of film I would love to see on DVD. The characters, the settings, and the story are all very rich and beautiful, and you would really want to know more about these people and how their lives are like. The film is also very moving and I'm sure many women who have had abortions will relate to the hardships they face in their relationships and in their own lives. I was especially struck by the "action" scenes, particularly the last, which were very real and very emotional. I would highly recommend Mastizaade.

Kyle J. photo
Kyle J.

Most of the movie is filled with comedy scenes but its very deep and its a must watch for anyone who has an interest in politics, social issues, morality, and the "new-age" of cinema. Overall the movie is a very clever commentary on our world today. The writers and directors of the movie did a great job on a very low budget. This movie should be in the bottom 100. I believe this movie is a good example of how to do an independent film. We are faced with many politicians and their "lions". Just watch it and see how a small independent film can get a great response. The movie goes on at a slow pace and is not so exciting as a movie would be. However, you will laugh your ass off and it will make you want to be a better person. The movie is certainly not for the weak-hearted. I highly recommend it.

Angela Martinez photo
Angela Martinez

I don't think anyone would be disinterested in watching this film. It has a sense of style and charm to it, the performances are fantastic, the script is a bit silly and the music, well it is amazing. It's definitely not the best, but it is definitely something that should be enjoyed and not ignored. A must see.

Willie B. photo
Willie B.

I wasn't expecting much when I saw the poster, but what I got was what I expected.and more. One of the most intelligent, original, and unabashedly funny films of its genre, it's a treat for any one with a sweet tooth. A definite must-see for the Movie Director, Theatre Manager, Actor, Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, and so on. The Art Directors for Kudosha, in particular, did a terrific job of bringing this film to life. The Set Design, Costume Design, Music, and Photography are all top-notch, as is the screenplay. The only thing I was disappointed with was that there was no credit roll, as most of the actors appeared on screen without credit. The final note: If you love Indian movies, then you have to see this film!

Tiffany C. photo
Tiffany C.

This movie has everything. Rajesh Khanna's acting is awesome, the songs are so good and it's a total love song. To sum up, one of the best songs of the year, awesome story and it's great to see a movie that is so diverse. I want to see a movie like this again. In the future, this one will be a hit.

Brandon photo

I watched the movie on NetFlix after a lot of people recommended it to me. I am glad I watched it and I am glad I have decided to give it a rating of 9. The movie is really well made, with a strong storyline, good acting, great cinematography, and a good script. I loved the movie so much that I would recommend it to anyone, and I would also recommend it to my family. The movie is actually about 9 characters, and they each have a different relationship with each other. The movie is about 10 to 15 minutes long, and I was able to stay entertained for the entire time. I highly recommend this movie to people who want a good movie, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone.

Roger M. photo
Roger M.

This movie is about a 15-year-old girl named Sulley who goes to New York to see her old school friend, a woman who lived in her neighborhood. She gets a job as a chauffeur and is making money so she goes to live with her parents. She ends up sleeping in a friend's apartment. The movie is based on a comic book, so there is no real plot to it. It's a character-driven film that shows how people can be as unique and interesting as their friends. This movie is funny, and it's a good reminder of how much people in real life will go to to help someone in need. Just like in real life, everyone does the right thing.

Arthur photo

A filmmaker by the name of Anurag Kashyap is undoubtedly one of the best directors of India. His latest film, The Motorcycle Diaries, has been a tremendous success at the box office, being the highest grossing Hindi film of all time. On a side note, I personally felt the film to be a typical Kashyap style of storytelling. The film focuses on a man named Nandu (Rana Daggubati) who has decided to start a new life. He will live in a motorcycle gang in a simple village. He goes to the nearest highway to call his old home and finds that it is closed. So he ends up in a desolate road, where he meets an old friend named Nandu who is a renowned motorcycle mechanic. They become friends and get together to go riding. But Nandu's brother is murdered and he becomes violent and paranoid. The Motorcycle Diaries is a simple story that has an almost unconnected flow. The film shows a man's journey from youth to manhood, as he struggles to find his place in the world. The film is a celebration of the old and the new, where this film really shows the street culture and street culture which are really the twin of modern day India. The motorcyclists in the film are all colorful, entertaining, and hilarious. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to watch a story that shows the progression of a human being through the life cycle. I would also recommend the film to anyone who is a fan of Anurag Kashyap and feels that this film should be seen. A film that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to watch an entertaining film that shows the progression of a human being through the life cycle.

Jacob M. photo
Jacob M.

A good watch. The story is very different from the one we know from Mumbai, but it was well executed. Just a typical story from a school girl who loves Bollywood. In this story, the girl does not have a father but she still loves her Dad and the guys who take care of her. She lives in a brothel and she makes money by selling her body to some guys. I recommend this movie to people who have a taste for Hollywood movies and don't mind the nudity.

Billy Hopkins photo
Billy Hopkins

This is one of the most funny films I have ever seen. It's about a bickering man (played by Bharath) who believes his wife is cheating on him. As he tries to find the truth, he starts falling in love with a beautiful girl (played by Deepika Padukone) who, he believes, is the love of his life. What happens next is pure magic. It has everything. Superb music, superb acting, superb photography, and some of the best comedy of the year. We can't say enough about this movie. The cast is amazing. Everybody has done a good job. It's an amazing love story about the problems in our relationships. But the film is more than a love story. It's a comedy and a drama, all at once. The real action happens between Bharath and Deepika. I saw this film a few months ago and I still can't stop laughing. It's a real must-see. Go and watch it. It will blow you away. I give it a 9/10.

Kimberly D. photo
Kimberly D.

I'd love to go to India, but I can't afford to do so. I hope you'll enjoy this film. I'm not a Hindi, but my boyfriend is. He did not know I'd seen this film before and he didn't understand it. I had no idea of the title or that I was supposed to think it was hilarious. He wasn't. But he enjoyed it. He said it was very well done. You have to be pretty young to see it. You need to be into Indian culture and have a certain amount of humor and intelligence to enjoy it. I think you should try it, and if you don't enjoy it, it's not the movie's fault. And if you do enjoy it, I think it's worth seeing. The actors in this movie were amazing. The director did a great job with the cast. The humor was totally original, and I enjoyed it. I'd love to see it again, and I would love to see it again with some new friends. It's a really good movie. You should see it.

Steven B. photo
Steven B.

This movie is a 'must-see'. Every time I think of it I am reminded of all the wonderful movies I have seen it. I found it not only funnier than I expected, but more poignant. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this movie is. Anyone who is a fan of Indian movies and of cinema in general, definitely must see this movie.

Carl Cox photo
Carl Cox

Bollywood is one of the most popular Bollywood movies ever made. I watched this movie in 2000, and saw it again two years later. I liked this movie very much. I think it is very funny and amusing. If you are a man, and you have not seen this movie, watch it now, and enjoy it, this movie has a lot of humor in it, and a lot of very funny jokes. The movie also has many very good and funny scenes, like when Nargis is crying, when the wedding takes place, when it is the wedding of a Muslim girl, and many more. Nargis is the main character in this movie. She is very funny and very likable. The movie also has many good action scenes, like when Ajay is getting married to Nargis, when the wedding ceremony takes place, when Nargis gets married to Ajay, and many more. The best part about this movie is that it has many very funny scenes, and it is very funny, very funny, and a lot of fun, to watch. One of the best movies of the decade. 9/10.