فيلم Charm City

Charm City

Charm City is a movie starring Dante Barksdale, Tre'a Bertrille, and Ericcka Bridgeford. During three years of unparalleled violence in Baltimore, CHARM CITY delivers an unexpectedly candid, observational portrait of those left on...

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1 hours 48 minutes
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Marilyn Ness
Ericcka Bridgeford, Tre'a Bertrille, Dante Barksdale, Monique Brown
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During three years of unparalleled violence in Baltimore, CHARM CITY delivers an unexpectedly candid, observational portrait of those left on the frontlines. With grit, fury, and compassion, a group of police, citizens, and government officials grapple with the consequences of violence and try to reclaim their future.

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Joseph Y. photo
Joseph Y.

I recently watched this film for the first time, and it took me a while to get into it. As a movie that deals with a great subject, I expected a lot. As a documentary it was great. The editing is very well done, the focus on the narrative and how the characters get their information is very well done, and the voice-over style is effective in explaining what the characters are saying. The reason I gave this film a 9 instead of a 10 is that it has a certain emotional tone to it. The ending of the movie feels a bit rushed, as if it could have been better. The scenes that are slow and long just feel kind of out of place, and don't really fit in with the film at all. I would definitely recommend watching it, but don't expect a masterpiece.

Billy photo

I'm a big fan of Brad Pitt. I think he's the only actor that can play such a difficult character and make it believable. I'm also a big fan of Will Smith. I think he's the only actor who can play such a difficult character and make it believable. He was great in "Moneyball", and he was great in "Chinatown". But there was a big gap between his best performance and his worst. In "The Pursuit of Happiness", he played a role that I liked a lot. It was a sad story, but I still liked it. In "Philadelphia", I didn't think he was that good. I didn't know what he was trying to do. I couldn't imagine that a man of his age would act that way. But he's done it before. He's a very good actor, and I hope he keeps on doing great performances in the future. Brad Pitt is a very good actor, and he is the best actor in Hollywood. I hope that he can keep on doing great performances in the future.

Mary Chapman photo
Mary Chapman

I would not say that I "love" this film, but I find it a very good film that is well worth seeing. If you like the character of Charlie the Lovebug, you'll like this film. And if you don't, you might like it anyway. It's a very funny film. The idea that a drug dealer would be arrested for running a prostitution ring is outrageous, but that's the truth. The whole movie is about the couple's first encounter with the wrong drug dealer, and the moral dilemmas they have to face after that. The film also looks at how American and European attitudes towards drugs have changed over the years, and the effects it has on society. The film is also very well made. The cinematography is amazing, the acting is also great, and the music by the legendary Marvin Hamlisch is perfect for the film. If you're a fan of the Lovebug, you'll love this movie. If you're not a fan, you might still like it, but you might have some trouble figuring out how the film is supposed to end. I was just wondering how the film ends. I don't want to spoil the ending. But, overall, this film is very good. If you don't like the Lovebug, I don't recommend it.

Tiffany C. photo
Tiffany C.

I saw this documentary on PBS TV in the late 1990's, and since then have had an interest in a documentary that covers the development of a film and its development into a feature film. The film starts with the production of a film, and then follows the development of a feature film. One thing I enjoyed about this documentary is that they did not mention any one film or actor who was involved with the making of the film. They did however discuss the movie itself. It seemed to me that the first time I saw this movie I was under the impression that it was a very small budget film. The camera work, sound, editing, etc., seemed to be of very high quality. I can understand why people might not like this film because it does not have the attention to detail of a big budget film, but I still found it interesting because it made me realize that there are actually a number of very talented people out there who do not have the financial resources to create feature films, but do create a film that may well be a success. I am looking forward to seeing more of their work, and am hoping that they will be more successful in the future.

Tiffany Martin photo
Tiffany Martin

I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was great, especially Aaron Paul and William Shatner. The scenes were truly captivating and very creative. I felt that this was one of the best documentaries ever made, not to mention a great look at Hollywood. It showed us the reality behind the scenes of movies, the types of films that get made, and the people that are involved with these films. It was so creative and exciting. I highly recommend this film!

Kevin K. photo
Kevin K.

This is a documentary about the Russian mafia and its relationship to Ukraine. It is also an attempt to expose how corrupt a country's government is and how much money they are taking in from corrupt companies. I would recommend watching this documentary and find out if it is a good film or not. There are many interesting stories and points that you would learn about that might be hard to find in the news. I would also recommend checking out what was happening with the Ukrainian and Russian mafia as well. I also would like to add that the audience is allowed to bring a family member to this documentary. There are many great conversations that will be valuable. If you have kids, this is a great documentary for them to learn from. My rating: 9/10

Sean G. photo
Sean G.

This is the film of the year. It is a heartfelt, intimate, entertaining, and dramatic film. Each character has their own story and personal demons. The whole family has so much to be proud of. So does we.

Sarah photo

Having attended a public screening of this documentary at the film festival in San Francisco, I found myself drawn in by the intensity and subtlety of the documentary. The power of this documentary is that it allows you to become a part of the lives of the people featured in it, to watch as they become more and more accustomed to what life is like for them in the 21st century, and to see what this life is like for them as they experience it. The documentary is presented with some great photography and visuals, from the views of the people themselves, to the dramatic score, and the use of music throughout. The stories of these people are heartbreaking, and incredibly powerful. A true story of the human spirit.

Bobby Harper photo
Bobby Harper

My friend asked me if I would like to watch the movie "Sommer van het Het Vliegendaal". I said yes, so I would have a go. And I can't remember the title. So I start watching. I guess the title was "Krijgen het Dit-Het" (it means that you can feel good) because the idea of the movie is really touching. A real life example, showing the difference between one person who has problems, and a person who has a lot of problems. I really liked it, it's very funny and touching. I think you should give it a chance, you might really like it. Just a little tip: a lot of people have problems with depression, so it is not necessary to say it's depression. I have problems with depression, but I can't tell you that I have depression, because I don't. So if you feel down, I can't really tell you that you have depression. And I think you should watch this movie if you are feeling down.

Rachel Barrett photo
Rachel Barrett

The documentary "Charm City" was created by The Honorable Robert Harris. In it, he tells the stories of ten people, all working in the underground of nightclubs and clubs. He talks about what it is like to live underground, in a world where you don't have a voice. You don't have a name. You don't even know where you live. The stories in this documentary range from a homeless man who became a dance teacher, to a successful British DJ, to a club owner, to a child who came to the US to become a DJ. This documentary tells the stories of the people who make up the underground, and the struggles they go through to get by. If you like to be told a story, then this is a must see. I liked this documentary because it is real, and it shows the struggles people have to go through, just to survive. I thought it was good because it shows the struggles and the struggles in the underground, and also shows the successes and the failures. The success stories are just as great as the struggles. The interviews are not all about the struggles, but there are a few that are. I also thought the documentary did a great job of telling the story of the underground, from the 1980's through to the 2000's. It shows the best of the best of the underground, from groups like KRS-One and The Breeders to underground club owners and DJs, who got the chance to showcase their talents and be famous. This documentary also told the stories of these people, and what made them who they were. I thought it was a great documentary. It shows the struggles, the success, and the struggles in the underground. I think this is a great documentary.

Shirley Castillo photo
Shirley Castillo

Like many other cultures in Asia, the Japanese are famous for their soft-spoken and sensitive folk culture. Unlike many Americans, many Japanese would rather not talk about their past, and don't always show it to anyone. It's this sensitivity and self-esteem that makes Japanese society so fascinating. This film, based on a Japanese TV documentary, shows how Japanese culture has developed over the years, and how Japanese people still make the same decisions and are held together by the same values and traditions. I learned a lot about Japanese culture, and the values and traditions of the people. The Japanese people's decision to play the traditional "Japanese game" of Go is an amazing part of Japanese culture. These Japanese people would not have to compete in tournaments and they wouldn't have to say how good they are, but they would always be in the same shape and play the same game. This shows the fact that Japanese are still "weak" and their honor is still important to them. It also shows how Japanese people have some very unique ideas about how they dress. The Japanese woman dress in such a traditional way that it looks like they are going to be "down with nature" when they go shopping. It also shows that Japanese are very proud of their culture and will not let any other culture stand in their way. The Japanese people love to make their living by being hard-working and dependable, but also very passionate about what they do. The Japanese people have very strong values and beliefs. These values are reflected in the way they dress and dress like. The Japanese believe that they can do anything they want if they believe in themselves. The Japanese have a special status in Japan. They are the "highest" in terms of wealth and prestige. It's also true that the Japanese are the most educated and the most sophisticated people in the world. It's also true that the Japanese are the "gods" of Japan. They are the "man-god" of the world. This is a beautiful culture that has been passed down through the generations. The Japanese people have the ability to make such "gods" of themselves and so many people love them. I hope that the rest of the world can learn more about the Japanese culture. I really loved this film. I really liked the history of Japan and the people. I really enjoyed the film. I really enjoyed the story of how a Japanese man became a woman and how he became a master Go player. The film is very interesting and I loved it. I hope that the film will be made in other countries and will

Diane J. photo
Diane J.

The folks who produced this documentary were more concerned about getting the truth out than they were about making a profit. They chose to put together a slick production that looked good, but they were very transparent about the truth they were passing on. We watched the whole film in one day and learned much more about the Vietnam War than we ever could have learned in a two hour long documentary. The documentary is not overly long, but it is short on information. The subject matter is very important and important to all Americans. We are all still dealing with the effects of the war, and this documentary will not help. We were given more information about the war than we could have ever imagined and we all needed to hear more about it. The subject matter is important, but we were not given the truth about what really happened during the Vietnam War. It is important to us, and we want to know what happened. This documentary is a great start, but it is not what we want to hear.

Keith Crawford photo
Keith Crawford

Shirley Knight, the one and only Ms. Faye Dunaway, and Mr. Christopher Lee, in their highly acclaimed performance as Al Goldstein and Harry Morgan respectively, and are just outstanding. The real stars of the show are the documentary makers who made this one possible. Their work is superbly done, I would definitely recommend it. Watch this movie.

Henry photo

I just wanted to say that I have read all the comments about this film. I saw it last night. I am a lifelong believer in human behavior, and I was so touched by the story. As a person of color I can relate to what this family went through, and I find it so sad that we don't see more of this type of "non-racist" movies. I was glad to see how the other man is handling it. He has a great heart, and he truly is the light of the movie. I know this is not a place for a story like this, but it's definitely a movie that is going to be talked about. I would also like to say that I love this movie. It is wonderful, and I will be watching it again in the future.

Brenda photo

PALMER SPOON and KALI SINGH are a pair of self-described "fiscal conservatives" who believe that "social security and Medicare, which fund the majority of all government programs, are doing a great job, for the most part, of doing their jobs." They know that their state, Tennessee, has a lot of poverty and needs a lot of help. That's why they're running for office. But after serving on a panel of experts that advocates for all sorts of government programs, SPOON and SINGH come to the conclusion that the programs they want to reform are too big, too expensive, and too long-term to fix in a short-term budget. As the video states, the "basic structure" of social programs was originally designed in the 1960s to help the poor. They help poor people when they're at risk of becoming poor, and then they help them get back on their feet. SPOON and SINGH believe that "people need to be helping themselves and their children." They want to stop the federal government from providing social programs to the poor and to help people "from having to go hungry, to be homeless, to have no health insurance," and instead, they want to cut the funding for programs that help people get off the dole. SPOON and SINGH are not crazy. They know that it's a bad idea to go on welfare, but they want to save the federal government money. If they don't cut the federal government's budget, they'll have to cut programs they believe are needed to help people. SPOON and SINGH would be foolish to start cutting all social programs. They're as concerned about the people they're trying to help as they are about the people they're trying to help. The federal government provides social programs for the poor and sick. People on welfare get food stamps, and they get federal unemployment benefits. The government pays for Medicare. The government pays for a lot of Medicaid. There's a lot of money in this country for things like education, medicine, and so forth. But most of that money is not spent on the poor. Most of the money is spent on the rich. SPOON and SINGH have their priorities wrong. They don't know that it's so easy to help the poor and to help the rich, and to keep the government from being a wasteful, wasteful beast. But they do know that it's good to get involved in politics. SPOON and SINGH don't want to

Rachel B. photo
Rachel B.

Beautiful. Intense. Powerful. But also funny. How do you make a documentary about something that you've never really experienced? That's what this film is. To describe it in words would be to give too much away. But to describe it in a single sentence would be to give too much away. It's a very complex subject matter that takes a long time to bring the light of the film to light. It's not like there are really any real answers to the questions being asked. There's a lot of deep thinking that has to be done to get at what's really going on. The thing that really got me about the film is the way that the documentary is narrated. I don't know if this is done intentionally or not. I've always thought that it was mostly because it was a very personal project and I had to be very open about the things I was experiencing. But the way the narrator is narrating it's almost like he's saying "this is how I am" rather than the other way around. It's a very interesting way of telling the story. And the way he goes through all the things that he was going through was very emotional. The music that is playing during the interviews is also very interesting and it really helps you connect to the subject matter. There's also a very good supporting cast. I like the way that the interviews are all done and not just in one room. It really gives you an inside look into the world of those who are dealing with mental illness. And it's very interesting to see how they have to deal with the people who are at their very core. What really struck me was how much they could relate to and relate to themselves. It was very emotional and I think that the interviewees could relate to it even more than the people who were actually dealing with mental illness. I really liked the way that the documentary was narrated. It really helps you understand how this subject matter really works. And it's very powerful. I think that if you're going to see this film you should be prepared to deal with the things that the narrator goes through. I can't say that I'm surprised at all that it was received as poorly as it was. People who have been in the position that the subjects of the film are in may have very different opinions on it. It's interesting to see how it has the reaction of the people who are the subjects of it. But I don't think that it's a bad film. I really liked it. It's a very interesting and very powerful documentary. But I

Gary photo

In this film, two teenagers tell the story of the bullying they faced when they were at school. It was a very easy way to connect with their victims and gain their trust. It was easy to tell the story because they were also the victims. The film was very inspiring, very moving and a very good way to show what happens when you bully someone.

Stephanie Nguyen photo
Stephanie Nguyen

I am a huge fan of Lana Clarkson, and it pains me to say this, but it seems that she is going through a somewhat of a down turn. Her music is one of the most iconic, influential, and beloved in the history of music. It is as if she is out of touch with the times, or perhaps just not quite ready to accept the gifts she has already received. While we are on the subject of Lana, I would like to comment on the show on which this documentary is being made. It is an excellent show, but has some major flaws. I really, really, really want to see this show, and would like to see it one last time. The first thing I have to say about this show is that I had no idea that this movie was going to be made. It is on DVD, and was only available for a short time on VOD. I was really excited about this movie, and was expecting to see a great piece of cinema, and just not see Lana Clarkson. My expectations were too high, and I was left extremely disappointed. The first hour of the documentary is basically just watching her interview, and seeing her in a variety of different situations. The most intense scene for me, and most notable moment for me, was when she sat down with the UN, and was told that the war in Darfur was a genocide. The power of the voice of a female, and the power of a woman, are just amazing, and she really does get a lot of power. She even gets the UN to call for an international investigation, and for all of the world to come together and end the genocide. After that, she does talk about some of the topics in the show, and it is a good documentary, but nothing groundbreaking. I also thought that the documentary was a little too long. I am not saying that it was a bad documentary, but it was a little long. It just seemed that it was a bit of a waste of time. I really, really wanted to see this documentary, but was let down. The last hour of the documentary is the real show. The last hour was very emotional, and shows her in a lot of different situations. The last interview with her was the best. It is truly a great interview, and it is emotional. She really shows the strength of a woman, and the power that she has, and the fear that she has of losing her voice, and the fear of not being able to speak up for herself. I also really wanted to see this documentary, but was let

Amy D. photo
Amy D.

I'm a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres, but I wasn't really expecting much of this documentary. The main reason I went was because of Ellen's usual "we're making a film, you should see it" content. I had seen the film on HBO a couple of years ago and had liked it, so I was more than willing to see it again. Ellen does a good job with this film, and she is very funny. She gets into her own personality and voice, and you can really see her growth as a comedian. It is a little hard to watch, but there are some very funny moments. Some of the moments I particularly enjoyed were the the Christmas party and the street scene. She also has a very engaging conversation with her mother, and they do a good job of talking about their life. Overall, I think this film is really good. It's not that funny, but it's a good documentary that is worth watching.

Lisa Hughes photo
Lisa Hughes

It was a good film but it was a big problem. The film has the potential to make you feel good and have hope for the future, however it doesn't make that much sense to anyone who has ever dealt with depression. I found the film was overbearing with a lot of little things, it's all done in such a matter of fact way, like all films do, which is fine but the ending was too abrupt and doesn't really end the film. All in all I feel the film is an important one, it is a great documentary but I feel it has too many big problems, to me the film could have made more sense if it was made more in-depth. I'm not saying that there was no point to it, it was good but I just didn't feel it was quite as great as it could have been. The film is a good documentary, it is a good film and I enjoyed it and it is worth a watch. However if you have ever had depression then you know what I'm talking about, this is the problem I have with it, I feel it's a great film but it could have been a lot better and in the end that's the problem I had with it.

Jacob photo

I think that the movie is very well done. I think that the people in it were all wrong. I feel that everyone is doing this because they don't know what to do with their lives. The first ten minutes is quite interesting and seems to be like a documentary. The second ten minutes is like a movie with a bunch of people who just want to make money. But they do a great job. I think that most of them are not mentally ill. Most of them are trying to help themselves and the people around them. I believe that we should not have to fight with each other. We should just try to do the best we can. I think that is the best way to live your life and make the most of it. It seems like most of them are all single and no one is in love with anyone. The people who are making this movie have no idea what it is like to be single. They seem like they are just making a movie to make money. I think they should have been doing some research on how to make a good movie.