فيلم Go with Me

Go with Me

Go with Me is a movie starring Anthony Hopkins, Julia Stiles, and Ray Liotta. An ex-logger comes to the aid of a woman who returns to her hometown in the Pacific Northwest and finds herself harassed and stalked by a former cop...

Other Titles
Prédára várva, Blackway - Auf dem Pfad der Rache, 反擊, Viens avec moi, Blackway, Εκδίκηση, O Protetor, Haide cu mine!, Go with Me - Sul sentiero della vendetta, Demon, Eik su manim, El protector, Tulge minuga, DEMON デーモン
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Daniel Alfredson
Castle Freeman Jr., Gregory Jacobs, Joe Gangemi
Ray Liotta, Anthony Hopkins, Alexander Ludwig, Julia Stiles
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An ex-logger comes to the aid of a woman who returns to her hometown in the Pacific Northwest and finds herself harassed and stalked by a former cop turned crime lord.

Comments about thriller «Go with Me» (20)

Janice photo

I always like a good good film. I watched this film at a drive in and it made me laugh, cry and look at my watch. I recommend this film to anyone. 9/10

Teresa S. photo
Teresa S.

I really liked this movie. The dialog was witty and the way they portrayed the characters was intriguing. Overall, this was a well made movie. You have to love being into the show. The characters were rich, they were in control and there was a unique appeal. They really seem like they knew their job, it was really funny. So if you are into people who know what they are doing, then you will love this. If you are into entertainment, this is a movie you will love. I am on the fence on whether I will go to see it again or not but it's the first time I will be sure to buy it. A couple of people said that they had the same feeling as I had after watching it, it was a good movie. I think it will be great to see it again. So far I have seen it twice.

Albert Chen photo
Albert Chen

Being an adult who has had many one night stands, I've become very well acquainted with the young woman who has fallen for the old guy, or the man who's 'old enough' to go with the woman. And this movie has made me curious to see what happens to them. For me, it is a keeper. The main actress, (played by Dina Baljian), gives a superb performance. She's not over the top like so many of these young "teen" movies, she's more subtle and pretty. Her power and beauty is such a revelation. It's a pity she was the only young lady in the film. But her character was a great one, and we can see her gradual decline in the latter half of the movie. It is interesting to see how the other male characters react to the situation. They were all actors who knew what they were getting into. And how they all handled their role in the film. I wish they would have been in more depth. I would have been more satisfied had they been in more situations. But overall, this movie is a good watch. It's not a "Hollywood" movie, but it does have its moments of humor, the actor who plays the mother is a lovely person, and the ending has a wonderful happy ending. It's a feel good movie that I highly recommend.

Johnny Harvey photo
Johnny Harvey

I was a bit nervous about seeing this film because I had heard so much about it. I like the series but I had not watched any of the movies and I was curious about how it would turn out. The only movie I have ever seen that I have really enjoyed was The Quick and the Dead, and I thought that this movie was great. I felt that the cast was great. Ben Mendelsohn, the director of The Quick and the Dead, directed this film and he really did a good job of taking the characters and making them feel realistic and realistic at the same time. The plot is very simple but the idea behind it is very interesting. I felt that it was good that it was a different take on the themes of the old series. The movie has some violence and some blood, but it is a very tame movie and it is not a scary movie at all. It was a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys watching a good horror movie. The whole film was very well acted, and I felt that it was very realistic. The ending is very realistic and you do not see the sun rise in the sky. I liked it because it was a good balance between the old horror movies and the new ones that are coming out. This movie is great and I would recommend it to anyone.

Kathleen Nguyen photo
Kathleen Nguyen

When I saw this movie, I didn't really know what to expect. It was the same with my friend. We both watched the movie in a very low light. When we went to see it, we were very confused. We were confused because the movie didn't have the same kind of feel as other movies of the same type. Like this movie had a light and a dark color and everything around. The movie has a very dark and very light theme. The movie has a bad attitude but a nice attitude, I guess. The movie has a good theme, it's like a good feel good movie. The movie has a great music. The movie has a good director. I think that the movie is good for the time that we are in and I really like the movie. The movie is like a sequel to someone else movie, that's how I see it.

Kyle photo

This is a great little movie. It's not just the action scenes, it's also the subtle little touches that add to the movie. Like the characters and how they feel about one another. It really shows the relationship between a man and his dog. That's the big moment. The little things. It also has a great soundtrack, that is really great and fits well with the film. This is a movie you can watch over and over again. It has something for everyone. It's a great movie to watch with friends. I think the movie is great, but it is not perfect. I think that the dialog is a bit off at some points. It could be more refined in some parts. It could be a little bit better at times. It's still a great movie, and I highly recommend it. 9/10

Grace photo

I thought that I might have heard something that was good, but I wasn't sure. Then, I was just about to say that I didn't really like it when I heard that it was only a teeny bit violent, but I guess it depends on what you think. I don't think this is anything particularly shocking, but it is effective. I was never really interested in seeing this, but I got a lot of enjoyment out of it. The acting is good, and the story is interesting, but it is more suspenseful than anything. It's a good movie. I would recommend it to people who are into movies like the kind that are basically great. It's a good thriller, but not an outstanding one. 9/10

Theresa F. photo
Theresa F.

I think this film is a good film. The acting is amazing. I liked the main character (well, maybe the guy that played him). But there are a lot of characters. But it's a little bit difficult to keep up. Some of the scenes seem to be a little bit choppy. It's a little bit hard to understand what they're saying. But, I think the story is pretty good and the characters are good. The soundtrack is nice. The only thing that I didn't like is that it seems a little bit long. But, it's good.

Jacob photo

I'm not sure why I watched this movie. It was advertised as a thriller and I didn't have high expectations of the plot. But I guess the synopsis and the title was good enough for me to give it a try. It was good, but not great. The story had potential, but it seemed too involved with it's main plot. I have to admit that I enjoyed it and it was good. But I feel that the plot could have been a lot better. I think that I was expecting too much of this movie and it was never as good as I thought it would be. This is definitely worth watching.

Andrea photo

I went to see this movie on the basis that the reviews seemed to be more positive than negative, and I was right. I had great expectations, and the film exceeded them. At times it reminded me of The Virgin Suicides, and I can see why. The storyline is about a pair of gifted friends who take a journey across the country together, to reconnect with a younger sister. The connection they have is unlike anything they have known and they both have different ways of dealing with it. The acting in this movie is wonderful. I particularly loved Jack Nicholson's performance, and the supporting cast are also excellent. The two main actors, Jill Ireland and Mark Ruffalo are absolutely amazing in this film, and it really reflects the maturity and maturity of both of them. The supporting cast includes Billy Bob Thornton, Frances McDormand, and Daniel Craig. I've never seen Frances McDormand in anything before, and I think that she's terrific as an actress. The only disappointing performance I can remember is that of Billy Bob Thornton's. I was expecting more of him, but he just seems to get in the way. The ending of the film is incredibly touching and really does not fall into the trap of giving the audience a happy ending. The director and writer of this film deserve a lot of credit for being able to bring such a mature and enjoyable film to us. I would highly recommend this film to anyone. It's a movie that you'll enjoy, regardless of your age, gender, or race. I have a feeling that this movie will become a cult classic, and will probably get a lot of praise from people. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Carol photo

Don't be fooled by the cover of this movie. There is a point to this movie but it's a small one and is dealt with in a very subtle manner. The ending is a little disappointing, but that is not the movie's fault. My suggestion is, if you want a true thriller, stay away. If you want an interesting story, rent this movie and judge for yourself. If you have not seen this movie yet, rent it. It is very good.

Angela Obrien photo
Angela Obrien

A couple of years ago, one of my friends and I tried to start a little side-project about writing a script for a TV series and if we could find enough actors. Luckily, we found a couple of interesting actors in this movie. This movie has a little bit of everything. It's a gripping thriller and a surprisingly moving love story. Some people may find it a little too long. I think it's great because there are some great scenes in the movie. I give it a 9/10. Recommended!

Katherine Greene photo
Katherine Greene

I really liked this movie. It is very funny. I recommend it. I laughed my head off at some points. It is very fast paced and entertaining. It has some disturbing parts, but they are not that bad. I would recommend this movie to anyone. You may have to suspend your disbelief, but it is a very enjoyable movie. The acting is very good, especially the lead actress. This is one I would watch again and again. The director does a very good job of keeping the pace of the movie. The dialogues are good and keep you guessing, even during some of the scenes. This movie has its funny parts and it is one of those movies that is easy to watch. If you want to watch a good movie about a woman who is a very good actress, this is one you should watch.

Carolyn Nichols photo
Carolyn Nichols

I wasn't expecting too much of this film, as I don't really like Australian films. But I was pleasantly surprised. The film starts with the typical fake news item about a serial killer being arrested for a high profile crime. Unfortunately the Australian news story was much more interesting than the one shown on the screen. The fake news piece went on for a few minutes, and then the plot begins. So we are introduced to a middle aged man and his wife, whom he trusts, who have two daughters and a young son. They are heading out of town to spend the weekend with friends, and the man decides to buy a new car. When he returns home, he discovers the car is missing. So he goes to the local police station and asks for the car, but the police officers are not very helpful. The man takes the matter to the newspaper, which promptly gives it to him. The police then try to find out who he is, and even make a video tape of him doing some fake news. The man then goes to the station where the police officers are working, and he has to go through a set of police officers, all of whom are very annoying, and all of whom are jealous of him. The man decides to cut them all to pieces with a sledgehammer, and as he is killing them one by one, the police are shown investigating the murder. However, they do not realise that he has already done this to them, and the police officers find that the person who made the video is the killer, and is the same person who made the news story about the missing car. As the police officers find out, the man is a very good liar, and as soon as the police officers find out, he is not lying any more. But the man does not realise that he is lying, and soon, he is caught by the police officers, and is then tried for murder. However, the man is obviously not guilty, and the man is released. However, he has to tell the police officers that he killed them, and also tell the newspaper that he did this, which he does. The man then tells the police officers that he is not guilty, and that he made the story up, and that he made the news story up, and the police officers realise that he was not lying. The man is then sentenced to twenty years in prison, but he gets out in three years, and heads back to the police station, and sees that the police officers have just put him back in prison. However, he is released from prison, and is now free, and heads back home, as the police officers are now friends with him again. As the man is walking home, he sees that his friends have just been shot, and he wants to go back to the police station to help them, and he walks in to find that the

Bryan photo

This movie is a delightful blend of drama, romance, and comedy. It tells the story of what happens when a husband and wife find each other after a fire kills the mother of their children. I would recommend it to any lovers of drama, romance, or comedy. Enjoy!

Joe S. photo
Joe S.

This movie is a true classic and is one of the few movies that will never be dated or forgotten. I saw this movie as a teenager at a movie theatre and it stayed with me. It shows that good things happen in the blink of an eye. I am 30 years old and this movie will always stay with me, it really did. This is definitely a film that you must see on the big screen if you haven't. It's been years since I have seen it and still shows up in my memories. It is worth seeing and I highly recommend it. I would definitely see this movie again.

Sandra Weaver photo
Sandra Weaver

This is a well thought out movie. It is a good summary of the "fatherhood" theme. The story is about a husband and a son, both of whom have the same problems with getting involved with other women. At first it seems to be a business opportunity, but in the end, the son does not really want to be "forced" into relationships with women. This is a good movie, and I recommend it.

Richard photo

This is one of the best films I have seen in years. I have seen every horror movie that has been released in the last ten years and I will continue to do so. This movie is the most disturbing, disgusting, and downright scary film I have ever seen. It is definitely not for the kids or the tweens. Every line, every word, every shot, every expression is perfect. Every scene is perfect. It is sad that people will read the description and not see this movie. It is a great film to watch over and over again. It has a great ending that really leaves you with no questions. This movie is a real winner and I cannot wait to see more from director Jeremy Saulnier. I hope to see more of his work in the future.

Catherine W. photo
Catherine W.

My one and only comment on this movie is, it is AWESOME! There is not one flaw in this movie. The acting is first rate, the cinematography is top-notch, the photography is beautiful, and the script is perfectly balanced. The director clearly did his homework. Everyone in the theater that I was with loved this movie. What a wonderful thing to be able to see this movie in a theater in a small town in Minnesota. It was a real treat to see a film like this again. I saw it in a theater that was full and the theater was empty, but I was in the middle of it. I never saw anything like that. I walked out of the theater feeling good. I didn't see any negative reviews. I feel sorry for those who didn't like it. They don't deserve the reviews they get. Go see it!

Douglas Hoffman photo
Douglas Hoffman

This is a movie that has very few flaws. This is a good movie for anyone who wants to learn more about gun control, the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, or just needs some action. I have read the comments by some of the other users that state that this movie is not really the movie for you. I am very aware of the censorship that goes on in Hollywood, and I can only say that this movie is not for censorship. It is a movie that is very well put together and directed, but I have seen better quality in other movies. I don't think I have ever seen a movie that actually makes you feel and think about the consequences of the movie you are watching. I know that many of the actors in this movie are actors that have worked in other movies, but this is not a movie that is meant to be only for movie goers. I can say that this is a movie that I recommend to anyone who likes gun control and just needs some action.