فيلم Bonjour Anne

Bonjour Anne

Bonjour Anne is a movie starring Diane Lane, Arnaud Viard, and Alec Baldwin. The wife of a successful movie producer takes a car trip from the south of France to Paris with one of her husband's associates.

Other Titles
Pariz lahko počaka, Paris må vente, Paris yekhola lekhakot, Paris puede esperar, Parīze pagaidīs, Paryż może poczekać, ボンジュール、アン, Paris Can Wait, Pariisi saa odottaa, Paris Pode Esperar, París puede esperar, Párizs még várhat, Pariis võib oodata, Parisul poate astepta, Το Παρίσι μπορεί να περιμένει, Paris kann warten, Paris Bekleyebilir, Parigi può attendere
Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Drama, Comedy, Romance
Eleanor Coppola
Eleanor Coppola
Alec Baldwin, Elise Tielrooy, Arnaud Viard, Diane Lane
Japan, USA
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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The wife of a successful movie producer takes a car trip from the south of France to Paris with one of her husband's associates.

Comments about drama «Bonjour Anne» (21)

Bryan K. photo
Bryan K.

The plot is about a young woman (Anne) who is struggling to find her way in life and her affair with a rich man. The film is slow, but it does not drag. The acting is not great, but I have no complaints. It is not a film to watch with your boyfriend, but if you are a lover of films that are more philosophical and less action-filled, you should watch it. There are a few scenes that are quite funny, and you should watch it if you are bored. I enjoyed it, and I can't wait to see the sequel. Anne's life is the main character in the film, and I think it is quite interesting how she starts off with her life in Paris. It is also interesting to see the different characters she has to deal with and how they affect her. I like how she finds the love of her life, and I also like how she goes through her first romance. I have to say that the French people are really funny. The French people seem to think that they can speak French and English and be perfectly fine. There are also a few funny moments in the film, and I must say that I really like the French accents. The film is very philosophical, but it is not that philosophical. It is not very action-filled, but it is a very philosophical film. If you are looking for a good film, and you like philosophical films, this is one of the best.

Christian R. photo
Christian R.

I like the original version, and I've seen all the sequels. I liked the story about the two women. They were different, but I thought they were really sweet and I think they would make a great couple. They are different, but in a good way. They are very good at the same time. But this movie is more about the two women, but I think it could have been better. I think it is a good movie, but I would like to see a new version.

Lauren G. photo
Lauren G.

This is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again, especially if you like romantic comedies. The plot is basic. Two young men are friends, one of them is gay, the other is straight. The plot is simple, but you can almost feel the tension between the two men. The two main characters are so believable and likable. They make the movie as a whole very enjoyable to watch. The two main actors do a great job in their roles, the script is very good, and the characters are well-developed. The music is also very good, and adds to the atmosphere of the movie. Overall, this movie is a good movie, and is worth watching.

Frank Cook photo
Frank Cook

This is a movie about the end of a marriage. We see many people and many different situations with the main character, Anne, who is a young woman in her thirties who is living in a small town. She is the one of the oldest people in the town, and her husband, Vincent, is an actor. She is expecting a child, but she doesn't know how she can conceive it. She has been given a problem in her marriage and she can't resolve it. One day she meets a guy who helps her. He's a very kind and generous person and she falls in love with him. In the end she becomes pregnant, but she cannot give it to her husband. She goes to a psychiatrist, but he tells her to go back to her old self. He says that it's better for her to be happy with the new family, and she must be happy with her new husband. This movie is very romantic and very good, but the ending is not good. It's not good for a man to be happy with his wife.

Juan photo

I went to see this movie because I have to admit that it was quite good, but I have to say that I didn't really understand what was going on the whole time. I didn't know who it was, where it was happening, what it was about. It was all so confusing. The whole time I was thinking, "Oh, this is just like that. That's why it's not interesting." I really don't understand why the girls were behaving the way they were. They weren't just behaving because it was a movie. They were just behaving the way they did because it was a movie. I don't know. It was like they were doing it because they wanted to. They didn't like it. It was just a bit of fun, but I don't think that it was a good movie.

Timothy Porter photo
Timothy Porter

The movie was excellent. I did not think it was as good as the book, but the movie was definitely better than the book. The actors did an excellent job, and the movie did a good job of keeping the story moving. The plot was very predictable, but it kept me interested throughout. I also liked the musical score. The movie was a lot better than the book. If you have read the book, I highly recommend that you watch this movie. I think that the movie would have been better if it had not been made as a movie, and had been made into a movie instead. I think that it would have been a better movie if it had been made as a book instead. But it was good, and I would recommend it to anyone who reads the book. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie, and is tired of seeing movies with all the special effects and great acting.

Aaron Fields photo
Aaron Fields

I was so excited to watch this movie. I am a big fan of "The Coen Brothers" and I loved the first one. This was just a great film, it was very original and good. I really liked the idea of the whole movie. It had an original idea that I really liked. The movie was set in France in a small town called St. Denis. I really liked the look of the movie. The movie was good, but it was a little bit boring in the middle. I would have liked to see a little bit more action. It was not a bad movie, but it was not a good movie. I would recommend this movie to all people, but it is not a great movie. It was a good movie and I liked it. It is a good movie and I really liked it. I would recommend this movie to all people. I give this movie a 7/10.

Lori photo

I saw this film with a friend and we both agreed that it was an interesting film that made us both think about what we want our life to be. I think the film itself is about a guy who wants to find out about himself, and the relationships that make up his life. There are a lot of interesting stories that are told about the relationships of men in our society. What I love about the film is that it shows us that there are so many different ways to be a man. We can be very selfish, but we can also be very caring and loving. I also like that the film shows us that the only way that a man can be happy is to know that he is loved and cared about by his woman. I also liked that the film showed us that men can have a lot of problems and that we need to get over them. The only thing that I didn't like about the film is that it isn't very funny and it doesn't have a very good message. But I really enjoyed the film and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good film.

Brenda Estrada photo
Brenda Estrada

Marcel Proust had a long and storied career and, after his death in 1840, the 'rediscovery' of his work in the West was very intense. This film, which was made in the late 1960s, contains a small number of interviews and fragments of the author's writings, which were found in the archives of the National Library of Paris. They are presented in a poetic, comic style, so as to evoke the spirit of the time. The interviews are interspersed with musical compositions, usually in the style of 'Marquis De Sade' and 'La Cage Aux Folles'. The voice of Proust is played by an actor, here, one of the actors who was given the role of the narrator. The performances are good, and the results are so moving that the film becomes even more enjoyable. The story is told in a linear fashion, as it is to be expected from the period, and it is not always easy to understand the meaning of the words. The dialogue is French, and Proust would be quite happy to speak English. The film also contains many other pieces of music, including many early pieces by Paul Oakenfold. This is a good introduction to Proust's work, and it has a good reputation among his fans. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to be moved by his writings.

Denise K. photo
Denise K.

Like many other people, I had heard a lot about this movie and I had also read a lot of bad reviews about it. But I decided to watch it anyway, knowing that I probably wouldn't like it. The film is actually a good story about a young girl and her parents, who are in trouble with the law, and how they try to cope with their problems. The film has a very unique and wonderful way of presenting the story, showing the parents in their daily lives, but also the events that have taken place in their lives. The plot is really simple and the main character is very naive. But the film is funny and enjoyable. The film is also really beautiful. I really enjoyed the film and I'm sure you will too. I really enjoyed the way that the film was made. I would definitely recommend it to people who like a good film.

Lisa photo

I saw this film for the first time on cable when it was on, and I was instantly reminded of the French New Wave films of the 1970's, which is why I think of it as an interesting film to revisit after watching it again. I'm guessing that many people who are familiar with the French New Wave are going to think that the main character of this film is the same character from the film, but that's not true. The main character in this film is different than the one from the film, but in the same way that Anne Bancroft is different than Anne Bancroft in "Camille." I'd say that the acting is generally well done. The film is enjoyable, but you may find yourself laughing more than you're laughing at the film. This is due to the film's use of comedy in a very British way. The actors all speak in very British English accents, which is why it's often hard to understand what they're saying, but I can't say the same for the characters. They all speak in very British English accents, which is why it's hard to understand what they're saying. I think the main problem is that the film is overlong, and the pace of the film is too slow. The film is more like an hour and a half, and it feels like an hour and a half. I think if the film was shorter it would have worked better, but the film is certainly better than average.

Randy Castro photo
Randy Castro

I saw this movie on the small screen and it was an incredible experience. It is a film that has a strong sense of place, with the action taking place in Paris and other French cities. The lead actress is very beautiful and I could see this movie as a portrait of a young woman from a different time. It is really a great movie, and I hope that it gets more recognition and more people will see it. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of Meryl Streep.

Jose C. photo
Jose C.

This movie is a nice little slice of life with a nice amount of comedic and romantic moments. Not an Oscar winning movie, but a good little movie that I really enjoyed.

Brian photo

Liam Neeson plays his usual demanding role and has a really good script to work with. He's a one-note character and his acting is no different than it has been in his previous films. The cast is pretty good too. The young cast do a great job of making you feel like you're in their shoes. However, the older cast doesn't have a lot of screen time and seem to play the roles pretty much the same. The young actors are fine, but the older actors seem to be the better actors in this film. I also have to give some credit to writer/director Ewa Stromberg for giving Neeson's character an interesting backstory. It's a nice touch and the story and characters seem to work well together. The film is also a good character study of an older woman who is trying to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. It's also a good reflection on how different women see the world. Overall, I really liked this film. It's well-made and well-acted and has a good story. I also think it's one of the better films of the year.

Joyce Duncan photo
Joyce Duncan

I'm not a fan of Guy Ritchie. I'm not a fan of his previous films either. But I was fascinated by this film. It's set in the 1930s and tells the story of two men who are clearly in love. This isn't a great film. It's not a great film for the fans of Guy Ritchie. But it's a great film for the lovers of love. It's a little slow. But the story is very interesting. And the acting is really good. I think the film should be rated a 7 or 8. It's definitely worth seeing.

Jose photo

Greetings again from the darkness. Another film by Jean-Marc Vallee, and this one is much more polished and accessible than his previous films. The story is very straightforward and in a way, doesn't have a whole lot of tension or tension-provoking moments. But that's just fine. The film centers around two men who meet at a bar, and one of them is the head of a small gang of robbers, and the other is the bar owner's brother. Their lives intertwine, and this is where the story takes off. The story is told through flashbacks and the characters are more or less cut off from each other. This is a very familiar story, but it works very well. It's an interesting way to tell the story. I really enjoyed the flashbacks, as they kept me focused on what was happening in the story. I loved the performances of the two leads. You never really get the feeling that they're acting out of character. Both are very likable, and you want to see how things will work out for them. The chemistry between the two leads is amazing. The actors are believable and believable in their roles. You just want them to succeed, and you're really rooting for them. Vallee has always been known for writing strong, nuanced characters, and this film shows that he is still very much capable of creating some really strong characters. There are a few flaws in the story, but they're not enough to keep this film from being a great film. The film is well shot, and the camera work is great. The music is very good. The characters are great, and you can't help but like the characters. The only thing I didn't like was that I wish the film could have been longer. The film is a little too short, and it feels like the film is only a little longer. But, overall, I enjoyed this film, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a film that has strong characters and a great story.

Eugene O. photo
Eugene O.

An attractive and talented woman falls in love with a handsome man and she wants to leave her country, but her family is against it. What a good movie this is!

Juan Weber photo
Juan Weber

There are two themes running through this movie, as I have already mentioned, one being a documentary about the life of a famous chef, and the other being the relationship between the protagonist and the narrator. The latter is what I really enjoyed the most, as it made me really care about the characters, and the situations they found themselves in. For a documentary, it was a nice touch, as it added a lot to the overall experience. The real star of the show though, and the reason I'm giving this a 7, is the chemistry between the two main actors. The story was also really nice, and I really got into it. It was entertaining, it was touching, and it was really well-written. The best part of the movie, however, is the music. I've never really seen this movie in the states, but the music in here is great. The only thing I can think of, is that the movie is sort of a precursor to the food show that is 'Bite' on Bravo. It also features a great montage of some of the chef's famous recipes. That montage is definitely worth watching. Another thing I liked about the music was the idea that the characters were making music on a very, very low budget. This is really, really good, and shows how good the director really is. The cinematography was also really nice. In the end, this movie is worth watching. It is a really good drama, and the cinematography really helps it. I recommend it, and give it a 7/10.

Brian Lawson photo
Brian Lawson

I am a very heavy sleeper. I was hoping that this movie would not be too overwhelming for me but it was. I am not a big fan of romantic movies so I can't really say that this movie is very great but it is very good. The acting is not outstanding but the writing was excellent. I can't say much more about this movie but I will just say that it is very good. I think the movie is about an Italian guy who is in love with a French girl and he is worried that she is going to marry her American boyfriend. I am not really sure about the ending of the movie because I did not see it. I just know that the movie is very good. I think that I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Maria Lee photo
Maria Lee

I can't believe the movie is rated so low. Yes, there are some bad things, but it's really good. I didn't know about the book, and I don't know the author, but this movie was a nice escape from reality. I recommend it to all lovers of movies and books. It's really nice to have a change from the usual stuff.

Andrea photo

A few days ago, I watched this movie on TV. I think it was for some kind of a fun, as the film makers tried to make it an "art-house" movie. And I was not disappointed. This movie is definitely not an art-house, but it has some good aspects. The film is about an elderly man (played by Gabriel Byrne) who gets a girl pregnant. But he wants to marry her and give her a baby. He tells her that he will give her a baby if she can stay with him and raise the baby. The problem is, she doesn't want to be married to a man who doesn't love her. So the film then tries to show the relationship between the two, but it's not really believable. I think the movie could have been better if it had been made in the same style as the movie, "Three Kings". I think that movie had the same style, but the story was more interesting. If you want to watch this movie, I suggest you to rent the movie instead of buying it.