فيلم La loi du marché

La loi du marché

La loi du marché is a movie starring Vincent Lindon, Karine de Mirbeck, and Matthieu Schaller. An unemployed factory worker is trying to make ends meet in working-class France.

Other Titles
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Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
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Stéphane Brizé
Olivier Gorce, Stéphane Brizé
Vincent Lindon, Yves Ory, Karine de Mirbeck, Matthieu Schaller
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An unemployed factory worker is trying to make ends meet in working-class France.

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Steven M. photo
Steven M.

I was very impressed by this film. It's a gripping drama that will be sure to leave an emotional impact on its audience. This movie is a superb performance by Gerard Depardieu. The movie begins with the couple getting married, then after a short time, a tragedy happens and they decide to leave Paris for the country. This was a perfect choice. This movie was so powerful that it would seem to be a TV show. If you are a person who likes to watch a movie in a moment, this is a perfect choice. Gerard Depardieu gives a great performance. The script is perfect. The story is about a father and son relationship, and how their lives go to a whole new level. I was impressed by the story. This was a story that would have been amazing if it was shown in a TV format, but it was not. The story of this movie is excellent and you would think that you know all the plot twists from the first two minutes. The characters in the movie are great. I felt like I was a part of the characters' lives. Gerard Depardieu was perfect for the part. The movie also has great supporting characters. The young actor (Hugo Aime) was very good, and the other actors were also great. This movie has a lot of social comment about the problems of the people in France and France's problems with immigration. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is a must watch.

David Richardson photo
David Richardson

The main character is drawn in by a spontaneous affair between his friend and her mom. In an attempt to solve the conflict, he endures a torturous drive through the rain forest. A poor cast, with barely a 'French' accent to be found (the actors are all called 'Pierre' and 'Claude'), have to work on a budget and by relying on action and fantasy, they succeed, although the consequences of the mess are predictable. More than a cinematic mess, the movie is a test of your will to endure.

John Fuller photo
John Fuller

The first American film in this series to be shot in French, the film is a simple one, an amusing drama with a few unexpected turns of events and a well rounded cast that has almost no speaking lines. It's about a young man, a young man with an old man and a young woman, who come from the Middle East to Europe. They are married and have a young child, but she is going to start work as a waitress and her parents are worried about her. They are not too happy about this, but they allow it to happen. When they come to America they start to see and speak to a few people, but soon they realise that they do not speak the same language, and the family has to learn to adapt. The film is not really an original, but it is very funny. The end is predictable, but it is good enough to make up for it. The film is not too serious, but it is very funny. It is a very good movie that is worth watching.

Vincent photo

A French woman named Lola (Dominique Sanda) is out to find a missing child and discovers an old photo of a missing child. She then has to go on the run from the police and then goes into hiding, but in the end her return gives her the courage to return to her life as a teacher and to begin her own investigation of her husband's disappearance. This is a strange French movie, and it is hard to explain why, as there is nothing in the movie that makes sense. But it's a nice movie, with a few good moments, and a few good actors. I would recommend this movie for people who like psychological thrillers, and if you like French movies, this is a good choice.

Christina photo

I recently saw this film on a big screen, and was awestruck by the superb artistry and execution of the visual presentation of a musical masterpiece. I'm not a musician, so I can't speak to the musical aspects of the film, but I can say that this film reminded me of the classic "Eminent Domain", because both films are based on the idea of removing property rights by violence, and both movies depict a narrator that is largely unaware of the enormity of the injustice done to the people who need to live in a society that places profit before people's rights. I also have to agree with those that say that the film is actually a powerful statement on the modern corporate world, where the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Many of the actors in the film are playing their characters as if they were living their own lives, and if they were not, it is to a lesser degree due to the fact that they do not have a voice in the film. I understand that this is what the film is portraying, but it does not work as well as it could have. This is an ambitious film, and I think it does the best it can with the cast and the music, but I feel that it could have been much better. I'd love to see what Director Jacques Audiard and his team do next.

Amy photo

An extremely well done French film about a young boy who finds out that his father is dead. He is offered the job to take care of his father's dog and decides to find his father in a very moving, emotional scene. You feel as if you know the man better than he does. The setting is a very good one, in a small village in France, a country where the language is almost exclusively French. The family is middle-class and the boy is of middle-class background. The scene where the boy meets his father is very moving and sad. You feel his pain. In the end, the boy's character is very strong, determined and brave. He is a very sensitive, thoughtful boy who does not allow his feelings to fade in this difficult world. The language in this film is French, not English. French is spoken as a dialect, not as a language. The acting in this film is very good. The boy is very charming and his acting is very good. The boy's performance is very natural and touching. The father is very good as well. The mother is very good too. The young boy does a very good job as the boy's father. His performance is very good. The boy and the father's relationship is very close and you feel as if you know them. The boy is very good at being a boy, showing you what a boy is really like. He is a very good boy. The father does a good job with this role as well. The young boy shows great courage and looks at life as it is. He is strong and courageous. I really enjoyed this film very much. I would recommend this film to everyone.

Bobby Washington photo
Bobby Washington

I just saw this film in Toronto and it was one of the best films I have seen. This movie is one of the best movies I have seen that deals with the subject of social interaction. It shows us a society where people don't want to deal with their problems, but rather only accept them. The way to deal with problems is through violence. The way to solve problems is through violence. What I really liked about the movie is how it dealt with social interaction. It showed how people get together to share experiences and problems. When a friend is feeling down, a group of people may try to help him or her, but instead of being accepted, they are asked to accept others' problems. This movie is also about a relationship and about how we deal with problems. How do we know what the problem is? We can't just accept problems as a part of our lives. We have to figure out how to solve them. This movie is a good movie that shows how we deal with problems. It is a good movie that shows us how we can't just accept things as they are. This movie is not a great movie that is made in a big studio, it is a great movie that is made in small budget. The people involved in this movie deserve all the attention that they can get.

Robert Martin photo
Robert Martin

Julien is a French man in his early twenties. His mother is a woman of a certain age, which is an assumption by the script writer. A lot of things are being explained, but are never fully explained. So this is a story of a man with a lot of troubles. The story itself is interesting, and the cast is very good, but it is not a drama. And that makes it a bit hard to like.

Janice photo

After its the musical of the year in 2002, La Loi du marché won the Bordeaux International Film Festival for the second year running in 2002. I enjoyed it and was moved by its positive message. It is true that this is a great work with great actors, but the story is full of cliches, and the message is missing. The story is not revolutionary, but it is simply one of the ones that get popular during the year. It is easy to understand that there are children who will be exposed to it and the message is not bad. The best thing about this film is the performances. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Bravo, e Bom" ("Excellent, Excellent")

Willie Lane photo
Willie Lane

Grimm is a movie about the relationship between a 40-something woman who is married to a 30-something man who she is constantly waiting to meet, and a 28-year-old who is a lawyer. The first half is the story of the women. There is a "drifter" who is the catalyst for the story. The second half focuses on the lawyer. They share many stories and find a great bond with each other. They are both real people, and their experience is so different from what we're used to in the movies. The lawyer is very worldly, and this is a very realistic story about that. I really liked it, but I have to agree that it is very important that the two people share an interesting story. I know, it sounds like a contradiction, but it's just a few of the things that I like in the movie. I have to say that it is a good movie, but not one of the best movies ever made. If you're not interested in the main plot, then you can't even watch it. As a stand-alone movie, I liked it, but it's not the best movie ever. It's very personal. I really liked the story and the director did a very good job, but I think the movie has a few weaknesses. The movie is not really a story about the relationship between women, and the story doesn't focus on the lawyer. It's a story about two women, and it's really about that. I was just a little disappointed in the ending. I felt like it was kind of anticlimactic, but not too anticlimactic. I don't think it really was a good ending, because it was anticlimactic. It was anticlimactic because it was not quite a great ending. In general, I liked the movie, but I don't think it was a great movie.

William photo

A significant part of the movie deals with the relationship between a boy and his father, which involves a lot of sexual touch and a lot of moralizing, which makes this movie a little difficult to sit through. I think this is because the movie is made up of interviews, and at the end, one gets the feeling that the directors felt they needed to show us how powerful their families were. However, the strong story and the emotionally powerful dialogues make this movie enjoyable. Also, it is nice to see how the family becomes a huge part of the characters, both through their actions and their words. Some of the actors are very well known, so the impression is that the movie is intended for the public, who only need to understand the story. Also, the director showed that he was capable of making a very emotional movie, which is another reason for me to rate this movie 7/10.

Thomas photo

A hundred years ago, a steam train left Paris. It brought a horde of people to this city, known as the Mecca of Western culture. Today, the Mecca is now a decaying monument of the second half of the 20th century. In the present day, many people are walking out of the Mecca. The steam train tracks are still there, but the buildings are nowhere to be seen. The old train depot is now a green wasteland, a reminder of the early 20th century. The migrants are being chased down, beaten and imprisoned. The people who escaped the Mecca are now in prison camps in the Parisian suburbs. The migrant workers are both real and imaginary. A young girl, Lily, is having to choose between the good and the bad. She was one of the first to escape the Mecca. She was a little girl when the train arrived in Paris, but as the years passed, she became a teenager. She was an idealist and a radical, but in the end she was caught up in the injustice of the system. She left the Mecca in a small, comfortable apartment. But when her boss at her job, Jean, was arrested and threatened, Lily became a fugitive. She ended up in a migrant camp in a Parisian suburb. There, she met the likes of Guillaume and Pierrot, two young men who were taken to prison camps in the suburbs. They were both the victims of the police. Guillaume was tortured to the point of death and Pierrot was beaten and tortured with electric shocks. Their stories are related in this documentary. They are people who were either migrant workers or political refugees. Their lives were changed forever. They are poor people, but they were not that poor in the beginning. It is a powerful film that captures the current conditions of the migrant workers. It is a story of people who were driven by their dreams, and they too did not know what to do. This film is not for the faint of heart. I would not recommend this film for people who are not into stories about the refugee crisis, because it is very brutal. It is not a story about the refugees, it is about a story about injustice and injustice in general. The film is harsh, and it does not matter if you love it or hate it. The film is painful, and you will find yourself crying, just like the people in the film. This film is a good reminder of what the people have gone through. I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to see this film. I am a big fan of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Antoine Fuqua, but I have never really been interested in the migrant workers. I do not think that this film is groundbreaking, but I do think that it is an important film, and it is an important one to watch.

Catherine photo

This French film is the film that so many French film students would have liked to have seen in school. The film was a British film student's dream, and it could have been a real sensation for them. "L'Etoile du Diable" is a French film in the Italian style, and it looks at one of the many evils of marriage, the betrayal of trust. The film, with its two main characters, the gay and the married, is actually about betrayal. It takes place in Paris. The film is told in flashback, and we see the man and the woman talk, the man talk about the woman, the woman talk about the man, the man talk about the woman, and the woman talk about the man. I think this is quite interesting, because we get to know what is going on between the two main characters, and what is going on between them. This is very interesting, because you never really know what is going on, and it makes the film more interesting. I think the film is a bit sad, and I don't think it is very realistic, but it is still very interesting. I would have loved to have seen the film on a bigger screen, but it is so beautiful on small screens, and there is so much interesting stuff to see. I would like to see it again, because I really enjoyed this film, and I hope that other people will find this film interesting, because it is very good.

Dylan H. photo
Dylan H.

I found the first half of the movie to be slow and cliched, but when the second half began, the pacing began to pick up and it was one of the best movies I've seen all year. The movie did a good job of showing the difficulties of living in the "bog" areas, and the sense of isolation that comes with it. Overall, the movie wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't bad. It was simply good. I give the movie an 8 out of 10, and that's because of the story, the acting, the setting, and the pace.

Catherine photo

David (Pierre Morel) is a wealthy man with a new girlfriend (Marion Cotillard) who also works for the newspaper. He is an employer who wants to hire a secretary but needs a photo of his new employee. David meets Jean (Frances O'Connor) who works at the newspaper and they begin to work together. Jean and David become friends. At the same time David starts an affair with his secretary who he seems to have a lot of sexual tension with. This film has a nice directorial touch but is not really original. The use of light in this film is a bit off. The use of different kinds of lighting is good but also out of place. This film is an adaptation of another film but it is a good adaptation of the other film. The film is also quite funny, especially the film's ending. I think this film is a bit slow paced. However, the film is very much worth seeing and I really recommend it to anyone who loves films about the rich and famous.

Walter photo

A very accurate adaptation of the novel, with a few plot changes here and there. The story is very close to the original. Nothing amazing or innovative, but it is a good attempt. The performances are good, the direction is good, and the setting is good. The story is basically about love and life. It's not really about crime, but about loyalty and love, and the sacrifice of the people involved. The performances are good, but it's the story that makes this film good. It's realistic. It's not a masterpiece, but it's certainly a good film.

Eugene photo

If you've ever enjoyed "Journey to the Center of the Earth" or "Thelma and Louise," you're going to love "Thelma and Louise" (1992). All the same, it's got a lot of limitations. Most of the time, the actors are just there to say things, or the camera is there to capture a look. It's a very static film. The quality of the film is very poor. And the editing is sometimes downright sloppily done. The only real positive aspect of the film is that it's very pleasant to look at. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of "Thelma and Louise." If you can get past the cinematography, you'll find that the story is fascinating. And it's fun to watch, even though there is very little about the characters that you can identify with. I'm glad that they made a sequel to the original movie, because it was worth the wait. Recommended for those who have enjoyed "Thelma and Louise."

Karen photo

The idea is simple: filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet, best known for the '80s masterpiece "The 400 Blows," has assembled an ensemble cast of French film veterans and young actors, and has set the film in a slum-like area of Paris in the midst of the hippie and counterculture era. In contrast, the French Interior Ministry plans to deport the residents of the slum, who are Muslims. The movie is an interesting departure from the director's usual fare, but in spite of its limited success, it is a good film. The actors are good, and there are some humorous scenes and the cast member who plays a character called "The Informant" has some good lines. The plot is not original and, though I can't remember anything new from previous films, the film has a good, well-thought-out ending. Not a bad movie at all.

Amy M. photo
Amy M.

Can't say much about this one other than it was interesting to see Nicolas Lodeiro's film debut, and I feel it was much more interesting than his more recent films. Very poetic in nature, and shows quite a bit of maturity in his direction. This is not the most eloquent film I've ever seen, but it was well worth the time. I didn't really care for the story, but it does have a strong emotional quality to it. It's a great little story of how a mother can take care of her kids. It's all very traditional, but has a lot of depth to it. I think it's a great film to watch if you like, say, a French film. The acting is the strongest point of the film, but the directing and the acting is also very good. I'm definitely looking forward to more from Nicolas Lodeiro. He's just so talented!

Jeffrey Rogers photo
Jeffrey Rogers

Ah-ha. I haven't written a review in a while, but I just watched this film, and I really don't understand why. It's absolutely great! The acting is great, the story is great, and the direction is great. In a film like this, you can't really expect much from a director. But this guy definitely knows what he's doing. All in all, a really good movie, with a little twist at the end. Check it out.

Charles Garcia photo
Charles Garcia

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was pretty good, and even now I find myself agreeing with most of the critics who say this is an 'impressive' film. It definitely has it's ups and downs, but for me it is one of the better films of that year. It was a good story about a man who is addicted to his work. The main character works in a factory and he's got a girlfriend that is much more than he can handle, and the film follows him and his partner through their attempt to get their relationship back on track. The story is pretty complex and as a result, it is a bit hard to follow at times. Also, the characters are so complex that it is difficult to keep track of who is who. However, I think it works out in this film's favour as the characters are interesting enough. I don't want to spoil the film too much so I will just say that the film has it's moments. I think the film has some good moments, but overall, I feel it is a little too long and has a bit of a slow-down in the middle. The film was nominated for several awards including the Golden Globe and the BAFTAs. It won a lot of critical acclaim and it did pretty well at the box office. This is not the best French film I've seen, but it is one of the better ones I have seen. It is definitely worth a watch.

Diane Schneider photo
Diane Schneider

Mena Bonet is a fine actress and she deserves credit for giving us the performances of three of her own. The three of them in this film are played by the very different actresses Dominique Sanda, Natascha Richardson and Julliette Baillargeon. Sanda is the soft spoken, lonely woman of the movie who is able to make anyone feel connected to her. Richardson is the controlling mother of a teenage boy who is causing her endless frustration and her father's disapproval. Baillargeon is the ex-husband of a woman who is very well educated and very sexually active. She lives in a rather large apartment and the film gives you the impression of having never seen her in a couple of years. The only thing I found interesting about the acting is the reason for which they gave up their jobs to work on this film. The film starts with the father and the mother watching their daughter have sex with a man who she now regards as a father figure. The man is a writer whose wife left him and she has taken over his house. After some time, the father and mother go away for a while. When they return, the mother sees her daughter having sex with another man and she decides to tell the father what she has discovered. He, of course, is horrified and goes along with the story. It's quite amusing watching the woman go from being so independent to a pathetic creature in the end. The film is a good drama about the consequences of bad behavior and the consequences of people's choices. It gives you the impression of watching a documentary about this, rather than a film. I think that a film about relationships might be interesting for people who do not like to see very real life and how things come together. That's why I think that this film was made for the cinema.

Deborah photo

This film is the story of a man who is part of a group of people who think that the end of the world will come sometime in the future. They go through all the usual events like the death of a loved one, a fire, etc, and all of them end with this man going to the meeting of a religious cult where he is to be given a piece of land on which to build a new city. On this piece of land he can live with his wife, his son, and his daughter. At first he doesn't like the idea of living with the people he has chosen, but as time passes he comes to see how good it is to be with them. I like this film. It's about what it means to be human. It's about acceptance. It's about living with yourself. It's about accepting what you don't understand, and finding the things that make you happy. It's about loving what you have, and not loving what you don't have. It's about hope. I think that it's a good film, and I think that the characters in it are good people. You may not like this film, but you can't hate it, because it's not about condemning other people. It's about how we should live.