فيلم Gangbyeon hotel

Gangbyeon hotel

Gangbyeon hotel is a movie starring Ju-bong Gi, Min-hee Kim, and Hae-hyo Kwon. It is the dead of winter and a poet invites his sons to join him at a hotel for a reunion. The hotel also hosts a newly single woman who has a friend...

Other Titles
El hotel a orillas del río, Gangbyun hotel, Hotel pored reke, 川沿いのホテル, Hotel by the River, O Hotel às Margens do Rio, Hotel sobre el río, Hotel nad rzeką
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sang-soo Hong
Sang-soo Hong
Seon-mi Song, Ju-bong Gi, Hae-hyo Kwon, Min-hee Kim
South Korea
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

It is the dead of winter and a poet invites his sons to join him at a hotel for a reunion. The hotel also hosts a newly single woman who has a friend keep her company and with whom she shares a room, strolls and conversations. The poet is drawn to the beautiful girls and cannot resist the temptation to discover more. Their lives intersect, connect and disconnect and potentially become a metaphor for modern life.

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Gary Delgado photo
Gary Delgado

Rangi is a well acted, subtly written drama, which has a sense of mystery and psychological tension. The story is about a young Indian girl, whose mother is dead and her father is a convicted criminal. She has been adopted by a Bengali businessman, who takes her in to his country house. He takes care of her, and even pays for her room. The mother is played by Nargis Fakhri, who plays her as a vulnerable and lonely woman. She plays her as more of a child than an adult. The movie is a bit slow to get started, but builds up in the second half. The movie is really thought-provoking. I also liked the actors who play the various characters, including K. K. Narayanan, A.K. Manoj, and Zeenat Aman. The songs are also good, especially "Zindagi zindagi", "Jab Tumhare" and "Bharat ki bharat". I recommend this film to people who are interested in the dark side of India. The movie is well worth seeing, and will have you thinking about it for a while.

Kathy photo

This movie was not that bad but I must say that it did not really capture my attention, but I guess I was looking for something else to watch. I watched it on cable and this is the only reason I watched it. This movie is a real shame for the actors that were involved. I know they had so much fun doing this movie, but they should have quit while they were ahead. It was really obvious that they were having fun and had a lot of fun doing this movie, but they didn't really get to see the joy they were having. But I guess it was their fault. I guess I just didn't feel the same way about it that I felt for them. I can only hope that there will be more Korean movies that are more like this. I was pleasantly surprised that this movie was not like all the others. I mean I know it was made for TV but it was really good. I was very impressed with the casting. I know I am a terrible person for rating this low but I have to say that I enjoyed the movie. It was a great movie to watch with your friends. It is a good movie to watch with your family or to watch with your kids. I really enjoyed this movie.

Kevin Perry photo
Kevin Perry

I think this movie has something for everyone. If you are into comedy, drama, action, romance, mystery and suspense, then you will love this movie. It is a true story about a Korean family. When the father of the family, A-Seong, was shot by a stranger, who is the head of a group that targets young people. His son, E-Seong, was not able to defend his father in the same way. This gave the mother the idea to get revenge by getting her son to take revenge by taking revenge on the man who shot his father. So he and his daughter go to the Gangbyeon Hotel. They plan to get the man to pay for the shooting of his father. There is a story in this movie that keeps you engaged. I thought the acting was really good. I was really impressed by the acting by the two leads. I thought the acting was amazing. The young leads, E-Seong and the old man were really good. There was also a great performance by the child actor, Jae-woon. I really enjoyed the way he portrayed the character. I think this movie is a good movie for everyone. The only negative was the acting by the young leads. I think they need to work on their acting skills.

Anna Stewart photo
Anna Stewart

I think this movie will get lots of reviews on IMDb, but i have no clue how they are going to judge it. I think it is a good movie, but i have to agree with most of the people who have seen this movie and found it boring and not so special. What makes me even more amazed is that in the beginning of the movie they show us a lot of important information about the people that are in the hotel and their motives, but then they start the movie, and i can tell you, they show some of the people who are in the hotel, who are not even related to the main characters, and then they explain what the main characters have in common with the people that are in the hotel, but not what the main characters have in common with the people in the hotel. And i don't understand how they are able to make this movie more special than it actually is. The actors were good, but i have to say that the camera work was pretty much bad, and that the scenes where the actors are in the hotel are very short and the camera is not very good. In the beginning of the movie, when we see the actors in the hotel, they are looking like a bunch of small children, and at the end of the movie, they look like they are in their 20's. Also, there is no dialog between them. I have to say that i really like this movie. I think it was good and i liked the way that it was directed. And i really like the way that it ended, and it was a nice ending for the movie. But i also think that the movie is a bit too long and that it is a bit boring. Maybe the length was too much and the scenes were too short, but i still think that the movie is worth to see.

Edward Lucas photo
Edward Lucas

The Ganglove story of five young boys is based on a book by some well-known Thai authors.The film tries to tell the story of three boys,Fanny (Nanna),Johnny (Wong),and Hwan (Khun,played by Chanthong Tinai),who are part of the same family and they are the main protagonists in the film.The main conflict is between Johnny and Fanny,who want to go to the US,because they are very poor.Fanny tells Johnny to try harder,but he doesn't listen. Johnny continues to complain and to complain to his sister Fanny,who is working in a restaurant in a place where Johnny is not welcome. Johnny is a boy who wants to do something for himself and his family. Fanny thinks that Johnny's brothers are making a big fuss over the idea of him going to the US,but she doesn't know the reason. The ending of the film is that Johnny's brothers do not want to see him go to the US,but Johnny decides to go anyway. As I mentioned earlier,the movie is not a big success.The director wants to make a good film about poverty in Thailand,but the film doesn't seem to be a success.The movie is in Thai with English subtitles. I recommend to watch it if you are interested in the Ganglove story. Rating:6.5/10.

Jack Stephens photo
Jack Stephens

I had no idea what to expect from this movie. I thought it was going to be a lighthearted comedy. Well, it was, but not so much. What I really liked about this movie was the photography. I thought the scenes were beautifully lit and filmed. Also, it seemed like they had a lot of effort in the making of this movie. I didn't expect it to be as good as this, but I thought it was good. However, there were a few things that I did not like about this movie. For example, the English accent in this movie was terrible. Some parts where the accent was very annoying. Another thing I didn't like was the acting in this movie. I thought it was horrible. It made me not want to watch the movie. Overall, I thought the movie was good. It is definitely worth a watch. However, it is not something I would recommend to someone.

Bruce Riley photo
Bruce Riley

This is the first Korean film that I have seen. The movie tells the story of a man who is murdered and his family members attempt to cover it up. The film also deals with a variety of themes such as the family and the inner workings of a family. I think the director succeeded in making this film with great sensitivity and style. There are a lot of interesting shots in the film and the use of lighting and shadows was impressive. I think the best part of the film is the scene in the police station where the main character is in custody and he begins to have flashbacks. There are some very intense moments in the film and there is also a lot of violence. I think this film would appeal to the general public because the film has a lot of action and a lot of violence. The acting is good in the film and there are several memorable scenes in the film. I think this film is worth watching and I would recommend it.

Sara photo

I was very impressed with this movie. The characters are well written and the plot is the perfect balance of drama and comedy. The story is very good and flows naturally. I was really looking forward to the movie, but the conclusion disappointed me. I was hoping for a little more, but the ending leaves me wondering why. I thought it would be very shocking, but it wasn't. I just didn't understand the meaning of it all. Also, the movie was made in Korea, so I'm assuming they didn't do a very good job. I would have liked it if the characters were more developed. I would have loved to have seen the more dramatic moments. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Robert Jackson photo
Robert Jackson

I have never seen a film with a story as complex as that of Kwon Ji-hyeon. With no commercial backing or pretensions, this is a visually rich, highly engaging film. Its most obvious strength is the screenplay. It is an epic in its own right, using a standard narrative structure, with recurring characters and environments, and frequent flashback. The lead character is a Korean painter who has been in and out of prison for a long time, and eventually gets involved in a hostage situation in which he and a Korean hostage are held. The director's storytelling, with great drama, plays as a metaphor for the themes of injustice, truth, and reality. In one of the most famous scenes in the film, the protagonist appears to be a liar and is using his trust as a substitute for lies. The confrontation between the two lead characters, the truth and the lies, mirrors the line of reasoning that the protagonist uses to explain his lies. The hero is a Chinese philosopher, and the hero's deception of the protagonist is based on the philosophy that deception is an essential ingredient of truth. The art direction, set design, and cinematography are all very well done. The main problem with this film is the script. I saw the film twice, and I was able to follow some of the most important plot points, but the rest of the movie was very confusing. I don't know if the author was trying to tell a story, or if he simply tried to tell the author's experience with life. It's hard to tell, because the story is too complex, and the characters are too complex. It's hard to relate to the main character, because he is a perfectionist who is almost a model of integrity. He says the most powerful words to his family, and does not care about the consequences of his actions. He uses his power to manipulate others, and doesn't care if the manipulation is for his own benefit or that of his family. The point of this movie is not to see the hero get his comeuppance, but rather to see how people react to the realization of how great and powerful they are. The story does not help us to understand the complexities of human relationships, and this is a good thing. The main character's discovery that he is superior to everyone else, and his realization that he is in fact a very powerful person, help us to see the true humanity of the human race. If you are looking for a story with a plot, a beginning, and a middle, then you will probably not enjoy this film. If you are looking for a movie with a complex story, an amazing performance, and a cinematic experience, then you will love this movie. I believe that this is the first Korean film that is truly a cinematic experience. It is a perfect example of how a film can have both great cinematography and acting, but that it is only the cinematography that matters.

Victoria Murray photo
Victoria Murray

I read a lot of reviews and discussions on the net, and so I decided to give this movie a try. I am glad that I did. This is one of the best Korean dramas I have seen. It is about a mother who is suffering from grief over the death of her child. She leaves her husband and child, and she decides to live with the daughter of the person she left behind. While she is living with her daughter, she is facing various problems. One of the problems is that the son of the daughter's husband has fallen in love with another woman. It is not clear who the daughter's husband is, but one thing is clear: She loves him. Meanwhile, the mother is feeling pain in her heart, and she has a hard time accepting her daughter. All the characters in the movie are so realistic, I am happy that they were so well developed. My favorite character is the mother. I am glad that she is being portrayed as a real person. I am also glad that she was suffering from grief over the loss of her child. I think she is a real person. It was also good that I did not find any messages in the movie. It was very easy to relate to the characters, because I have had similar feelings. This is a Korean movie that everyone should watch. If you have not seen this movie, I suggest that you see it. You will not be disappointed.

Louis Dean photo
Louis Dean

This movie was really really good. It was a very refreshing and original story. I really liked it, and I have to admit, I had a lot of fun watching it. It was very touching and it really helped me to relax, and I really loved that I could watch this movie without feeling the "crush" or even hate. There are some things I really liked in this movie. The story is very interesting and interesting, and it really makes you think, and it really moves you along. I really liked that it is not a "typical" Asian film. It is very unusual and different, and it really makes you feel the atmosphere of the place, and you will definitely get to like it. The characters were really nice and they really brought some personality to the movie. The actors really did a really good job with their roles, and it was really refreshing to see a good Asian movie with some "star" actors. The script was really nice and it was really nice to see a good and fresh story. The director really did a good job in making this movie. He really made this movie entertaining and entertaining. I really liked it. It is really refreshing and original and it was really interesting to see. I really recommend this movie to anybody, and I really really hope this movie is in more theaters, because I really enjoyed it.

Edward photo

The usual plot is the story of a group of young folks who find their lives threatened by a robbery gone bad. It's a good movie but the movie would have been much better if the movie would have been longer. There are many short scenes which makes the movie a bit disjointed. The acting is good but I'm not sure if the director did it intentionally. Maybe he was trying to make a slow-paced movie but it didn't work. It seems that the director was trying to have a coherent story, but the movie is just too disjointed to be anything else. The best part of the movie is the last 20 minutes which is an amazing twist and you'll never guess who's in on the heist. So, I recommend the movie but it would have been better if the movie was longer.

Debra Duncan photo
Debra Duncan

The movie shows the real face of gangsters. While the director is promoting and promoting the movie, he is more serious about the movie than the audience. The movie is very good and so are the actors. They are excellent. The main character is well played and looks like a normal person, and the audience feels comfortable with the movie and can not ask for anything else. It is definitely worth watching, but the movie is not as good as it can be.

Larry photo

After reading reviews I had very low expectation for this film. But i was really wrong. First and foremost the script is very good. The way it unfolds is very well thought out. The story line is really well built. The director really shows his potential by constructing the film in such a way. The performances are also great. The story is well crafted, very well written. But the film is not for everyone. If you are looking for a film that will blow your mind and leave you speechless then this film isn't for you. If you are looking for a film that will make you think and reflect on the things that you are doing in your life then this film is for you. I gave this film a 7 out of 10. The movie is not for everyone, and that's why I did not give it a 10. But I think that it is for people that want a movie that will make them think and that will leave them speechless. Overall, I give this film a 7 out of 10. I give this film 7 out of 10.

Kyle Martin photo
Kyle Martin

Nana takes a meeting with two friends. One is a middle-aged man who lives alone in a remote house with a noisy and cold wife, and who is terrified by his neighbours. His sister has cancer and dies, and he feels that it is his duty to do whatever he can to help. The other friend is a younger man who is very confident and confident about his job. He meets Nana and they become close friends. Nana leaves her job to support the family, and they become very close friends. But they are also struggling to cope with the physical and emotional pain of their daily lives. Their lives become so complicated that they can't even function properly without each other. Nana feels responsible for the family, and feels very uneasy when she tries to avoid her sister's affairs, and feels guilty about what she has been doing for her family. She feels so confused that she gets depressed and wants to die. Her sister is very protective of her, and she wants to be with Nana, but Nana is still suffering from the physical and emotional pain of her life. The movie is a good drama, and shows a nice family drama, but it is a drama that has been dramatized. The director tries to show the tragic situations and the unfulfilled wishes of Nana and the other members of the family, but it is still not convincing. Nana's feelings are not shown in a way that they become strong, and the director does not show the emotions of her sister. Also, the director does not show Nana's long suffering. She is not sad, and she feels that she is a very good and intelligent woman, but she is not happy. I would recommend this movie for the drama and for the actors, but it is not a movie that I would recommend to anyone.

Jacob photo

There are few South Korean films that are a lot more thought-provoking than this one. It takes its time to get going, but once the movie begins to unravel, it's hard not to feel something. While it's not the most original film I've seen, there are enough twists and turns to keep your attention. Director Joon-ho Bong's recent "The Perfect Storm" is a much more straightforward movie, but it was far from his best. "Asiapriya" has a different structure, with many interesting and surprising turns. The acting is all pretty good, even if some of the characters are a little weak. Even the supporting characters (such as the police officer) are competent. I like how the movie never attempts to create a happy ending, but it's always the case that the "end" has more to do with the decisions of the characters, not the events. It also makes the movie even more intense, as you can't look away from what's going on. It's a movie I'd definitely watch again, but I wouldn't recommend it for a "hated it" kind of movie goer.

Jean photo

There are very few films that are worthy of a ten out of ten, however, this is one of them. In the early 90s, South Korean director Bong Joon-ho started a trend of unique Asian cinema with his films. This one is one of them. It was a very rare case when he went in the direction of two movies at once, and even more rare that he was able to maintain a balance between the two films. The story is set in the 80s, and tells of the turbulent relationship between a young woman and a middle-aged man. The story is not a typical romantic drama. It is a simple story about love. The plot revolves around the relationship between the young woman, Kim Hye-jung, and her professor, who, when they first meet, cannot control his unrequited love for her. The film is not a happy one. But it is a powerful one, and it shows that even in the face of a difficult situation, there is always a way of reconciliation, even in a very hard time. The film also shows that even in the midst of a tense situation, there is a way of reconciliation, even when it may be painful. This is the first movie that I've seen from Bong Joon-ho. I've never heard of him, but he seems to have a promising future. I am eagerly looking forward to the next one, and I'm not afraid to see if it's as good as this one.

Bobby Mendez photo
Bobby Mendez

I have heard that the director wanted to include an interview with Mr. Robert De Niro about his roles in the movie. So, if you are a fan of Mr. De Niro, go to the theater and watch the movie. You might be surprised.

Timothy Dean photo
Timothy Dean

A warm and meaningful movie, that is a worthy addition to the cinematic canon. The characters are so realistic and believable that you can't help but root for them. The viewer feels the overwhelming power and authority of the elders and the importance of their duty. The dialogs between the elders and the youth are heartfelt and honest, yet the movie never loses sight of the message. The movie reminds us that it's the responsibility of the youth to remember their elders, and to teach their elders to protect them and their children. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. There is so much to love about it. It is inspirational, intelligent, honest, and uplifting. There is so much to learn from this movie, that I feel compelled to share it with you. This movie is not for everyone, but it is for those who understand the importance of the elders and the importance of honoring the elders.

Anthony R. photo
Anthony R.

I have to admit that I was quite surprised when I saw the picture. I saw the trailer a few days ago and thought it was a very interesting movie. I was not disappointed. I found the movie quite realistic and I thought it was a very interesting story. The movie itself is quite fast-paced and interesting. I found the story of the movie a bit bit confusing. But if you have a good idea of what you want to see, then go ahead and watch it. I think you will be happy you did. My Rating: 7.5

Jane photo

The only thing I can say about this film is that it has an excellent cast and I enjoyed it immensely. Even though it is a Korean film, it felt as though the Korean producers took an American film and turned it into a Korean film. The story is set in Korea during the Korean War, where the country was under Japanese control. Koreans had to flee to America, while the rest of the country was under Japanese control. In America, the war was still raging, and the Japanese had many prisoners of war. The American government was under the authority of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the Japanese government was under the authority of Emperor Hirohito. This leads to the question, should they allow a Korean girl to come to America to escape the Japanese soldiers? The answer is yes. The girl is very intelligent and they feel that her intelligence and intelligence of Korean culture will be a great asset to America. The director had chosen to make the film in Korean, and so, they had to make the film with Korean actors, and they had to make the movie in English. Korean actors can be very talented and versatile, and the director felt that it was important to cast the Korean actors, who spoke Korean, because they can do their English accents very well. I also thought that the Korean film industry has come a long way, and it is very rare to see Korean movies that are still made in Korean. In this film, they had two very talented Korean actors, Sung-Jae Yun and Song-Eun Ji, and they both played their roles well. I also thought that the movie was a bit long, and I would have preferred to have had the movie have been shorter. The director also had a couple of other changes to the story, such as having the girl stay with the couple until she is 17, instead of 18, and changing the couple to the American couple. These changes are probably minor, but I think that they are necessary to make the story flow better, and I think that the film is very good. I enjoyed the movie very much, and I do recommend it to anyone who wants to see a Korean film. It is very exciting and a little confusing at times, but overall, it is a great film.