فيلم La flor

La flor

La flor is a movie starring Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa, and Pilar Gamboa. A film in six episodes, connected by the same four actresses, full of various subplots that play with narrative and different cinematic genres ,...

Other Titles
La Flor - Partie 1, La Flor
Running Time
13 hours 28 minutes
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Musical, Thriller, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery
Mariano Llinás
Mariano Llinás
Laura Paredes, Valeria Correa, Pilar Gamboa, Elisa Carricajo
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A film in six episodes, connected by the same four actresses, full of various subplots that play with narrative and different cinematic genres , everything structured in an unusual way.

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Jeffrey King photo
Jeffrey King

While I was watching this film, I realized that it was based on a true story. This is a film that is not meant to be taken literally. The character's names and names of places are totally true. The way that this story is told is that you are in the story, you have to take it in. It is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. I really enjoyed this film. It was very enjoyable. I would give this film a 10. I recommend this film to everyone.

Benjamin Bates photo
Benjamin Bates

If you are looking for a nice time at the movies, this is a great option. If you want to see a film that is better than average, I'd recommend something else.

Terry photo

I'm not a big fan of musicals, but I loved this movie. I watched it with my boyfriend, and I loved how different the story was, and how it made you think about the things you normally wouldn't think about. It's also very cute. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see the movie first, then read the book. The movie is a very interesting look at the aftermath of a terrible accident. I really liked how it was different from most movies, and the writing was very good. It really felt like a documentary, which is rare in movies. I really enjoyed this movie.

Jordan T. photo
Jordan T.

I saw this movie at the Cinefamily film festival, and I loved it. I know many people who didn't like it. The story was great. The direction was good, as was the acting. I thought the music was great. The characters were very well written and I think the movie went along very well. The plot was a bit thin, but I think that was intentional. I thought the first 30 minutes of the movie were slow and confusing. But it seemed to pick up quickly. I thought the acting was very good, especially the young boy. He was very believable. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a very good movie with a good story and great acting.

Richard W. photo
Richard W.

I went to see this movie for my brother's birthday and I'm so glad I did. It is a wonderful movie. I have to admit that I was not really expecting a lot of it. I've seen movies like this before. I have seen movies like The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast. They are all wonderful movies but all were just sort of special for different reasons. This one is definitely special. The first half of the movie was very good, but after that it got a little slow. It really does take a while for the story to get going. I think it would have been better if they had started out slow and had it be a little bit longer. Overall, I thought it was a great movie and I highly recommend it. It is definitely one of my favorites!

Barbara photo

This film has been criticised for being overrated. I don't agree with that. It's just the way the film was made. Some of the sets are beautiful, some of the people are great, and the story is intriguing. The story follows a young boy who wants to be a writer. He comes across a woman who wants to be a writer. He falls in love with her, but finds himself in a constant state of indecision. The way the film is made is very beautiful, and there are some scenes that are just breathtaking. The acting is very good. Gerard Depardieu is excellent. The music is really beautiful, and there are some scenes that will stay in your mind for a long time. If you have not seen this film yet, I recommend that you do.

William H. photo
William H.

I'm not a huge fan of romantic movies, I find them to be rather boring. But I must admit I did enjoy this one. I found it quite beautiful and interesting. It's a shame that a good movie like this is not given the recognition it deserves. I think the story and the characters are well developed and that the direction was good. I think that if they would make a sequel they should take into account the fact that the audience have grown up and that it's a bit too mature for children. But the fact that the director did not think about this is a good thing. If you liked this movie, you might also like: Amelie (film), The Truth (film), The Love Letter (film), No Country for Old Men (film), The Graduate (film), Seven (film), Your Friends & Neighbors (film), Romeo & Juliet (film), Boyhood (film), etc. If you liked this movie, please do not forget to rate it so that it can be remembered.

Bobby Chen photo
Bobby Chen

The film is based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas (which I have never read). I have not read the book, but it has become one of my favorites. The movie was very well done. The photography was very good, the acting was good, the script was good. The only thing that could have been better was the direction. I think the film was directed very well, but I think the direction could have been better. It is good, but it could have been better. If you haven't read the book, then go ahead and watch the movie. I think you will be very satisfied.

Nancy B. photo
Nancy B.

This movie is a strange mixture of Gothic and erotic elements. The title is a perfect fit for the movie. It is very slow paced, with many conversations that can take up a great deal of time, but the movie manages to remain interesting throughout the movie. The story is complex and has a number of surprises. The movie is an unusual, well-done and well-acted film, that combines Gothic elements with a love story. The movie will appeal to a large number of people, because of its complexity. This movie is an emotional roller-coaster ride, and that is exactly what the movie is. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys watching movies, or who is curious about the Gothic side of movies.

Tyler photo

I remember seeing this film when it was released in Cannes. It had been nominated for the Grand Prix for Best Foreign Film. I thought it was a pretty good film, but I don't remember it being nominated for anything. The plot is set in the 1920's. The main character is played by the great Reni Santoro. He is a well known singer in the city of Genoa. It is also the film's director, who is also a famous singer, and director of the opera "La flor" (Flowers). The main character is a beautiful singer, who has an affair with a famous painter, who is a famous painter in his own right. The singer gets suspicious, and gets in touch with a writer, who was a painter himself. The painter, a successful painter himself, also finds a lover in the singer. The plot is an interesting one, as it is set in the 1920's. I would have liked to have seen more of the painter and the lover. The film also has some funny moments. The film is very well acted, and the film's music is really good. I recommend this film, if you are a fan of the genre. The film has a very good cast, including Reni Santoro and the great Marisa Tomei.

Carol Greene photo
Carol Greene

This film is a simple and interesting one, which it is certainly not for everybody. The script and the story are so well made, that it seems to be an improvised film, which is very interesting and brings back a lot of memories, especially for me. The acting is very good, although I don't know if I really like the characters they play, but I can't really complain. It's a simple and good story, which could have been better. It's good to see some new actors, but I'm afraid that I can't really see many of them. It is an interesting film, which I recommend to anyone who is not really familiar with the material. 7/10

Zachary Robinson photo
Zachary Robinson

I have to admit I was very impressed with the movie. A lot of people said the movie was boring and not worth the time. But I think it was the right decision for the movie to go through so many changes, even if some of them were a little too extreme. For example, the story is about a girl that lives in a very quiet and secluded town. Her father is very absent and she has been raised by her mother who is an actress. She is very close to her mother, and they have a good relationship. The movie begins with her mother and father being together, but then the movie changes and her father leaves her. She does not know why, and she feels very lonely and sad. She falls in love with a boy who is an actor in the town, and they fall in love. The movie ends with her mother dying, and the boy having to leave his town. The movie is very touching, and I thought that it was a good movie. I also think that some of the changes that were made were a little exaggerated. The movie is very slow, and there are times where I did not understand the movie very well, but I think that it was the right decision for the movie to go through so many changes. I think that the movie was a good one, and I am happy that the movie was made, because it did not have to be so long. It was just enough time to make the story more interesting. If I had to pick a bad point, I would say that some of the changes were too extreme, like the changing of the town's name. It was not that dramatic, and I think that it could have been left out, but it was there. Overall, I think that it was a good movie. The music was good, and the actors did a great job. I think that the movie was a good one. I would recommend it to anyone who likes romance movies, and to anyone who wants to see a good movie. It was very good.

Eugene M. photo
Eugene M.

This movie is definitely not a true story. But it does seem to be based on a true story. The acting is good, the photography is great. The story is quite interesting, but it is quite predictable. I do not recommend it for anyone. It is a nice story, but you have to be very open minded to see it. I hope that we get to see more movies based on true stories.

Jacqueline Mitchell photo
Jacqueline Mitchell

The title is rather misleading, as the film is not about death, it is about life. I watched this film at a film festival, and was shocked by the story. A beautiful story of two lovers that fall in love, and the consequences. The film is also a fairy tale, and the idea that fairy tales are also about love is very interesting. The film is also very beautiful, the cinematography is beautiful and the sound is great. The movie is also full of symbolism, and that is what makes the film so good. The movie is also a little bit slow at times, but I think it was necessary for the story. The ending is also beautiful. I really recommend this movie, it is one of the best films I have seen this year. The only problem is the title, which is misleading.

John Marshall photo
John Marshall

I think it is a very beautiful movie. It's a little bit slow in the beginning but the scenes are so beautiful that I was not bored. The movie is not like any other movie I have ever seen. I saw this movie in theater and it was the best movie I ever saw. The music is amazing. The story is very unique. I am really surprised that it is not a big movie in America. The movie is very long and the songs are very very good. I hope that this movie will be better than a lot of people think. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Betty T. photo
Betty T.

This is a nice little film. A somewhat convoluted tale of a marriage and how it is undone. You have to pay attention to be able to follow the story, but it is still a good story. The film itself is good. It has a nice look and a good musical score. The cinematography is good, the acting is good, the acting and music are both very good. The film is a little long, and at times it gets a little confusing. It is a good film. It has a nice story, and I recommend it.

Marie R. photo
Marie R.

I am not going to lie, when I first heard about this movie, I was like, "Hey, that sounds good, but what's it about?" But after I saw it, I was like, "That's actually a really good movie." It is a great movie, with a lot of great acting, great directing, and good music. The story is about an old woman named Mimi who is dying of cancer. The only thing that she wants is for a love affair with a man named Robert. She has already had three lovers in her life, and Robert is the only one that she can actually love. So Robert, who is a famous artist, tells her that he has a girlfriend named Stella who is dying of cancer, and she can't have any more lovers. He is going to kill her if she doesn't go with him. The first time I saw this movie, I was like, "I don't know why this is called 'Flowers for Algernon' because it doesn't have anything to do with flowers. It's a love story." But after I saw it, I was like, "Oh, that's a really good movie." It is a really good movie, with a great story, great acting, and good directing. So I'm going to give it an 8/10.

Charles W. photo
Charles W.

A group of friends are being pressured by their wealthy, repressed parents to attend a school play, but are driven into a nervous breakdown and a sense of isolation by their decision to do so. An American film, this is the story of a couple of friends, one of whom is dying and wants to stay at home with her husband's family in his dying room, and the other of whom wants to go to the school play. The friend who wants to go to the play, Diane, is unable to leave the house, and thus is unable to see her friends, and she is lonely. A film which is trying to tell a story about a group of friends, with a central character who is dying, is obviously going to be a fairly tragic film, and the film succeeds in showing the lengths a family can go to in order to keep the family together. But I did not find the film very believable in some parts, and I did not find the ending very good. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the end, and while it was good to see the end, I would have preferred to have been told the real story, and that is the story of the dead wife, who was actually the only character who knew her husband. She knew what was going on, and she died in the end. So, if you are going to watch this film, you should know what you are getting into.

Lori photo

It's been a long time since I've seen a film that I felt was more than a simple movie. It's about the main character, and it's all about him, and that's the most important thing in this movie. In a lot of other movies, you don't really get to know the main character until the end. But here, you get to know him a lot earlier. You learn his history, and it's great. You feel like you're a part of the movie. And then, you are in the movie. And that's how it's supposed to be. It's not the main character doing the acting. It's the actors. And the movie is a great acting. I think it's the best I've seen this year. It's so good, it's amazing. It's really good, I'm going to watch it again.

Russell W. photo
Russell W.

A lovely, simple tale of a girl's love affair with a dog. It's a fairly simple tale, but the emotions it stirs in the viewer are captivating. One of the many things that are so beautiful about this movie is that it has so much to offer, it's not really like one thing or another. There is so much that's going on and so many subplots that it's almost impossible to keep track of. In some ways it's like the real life of a family in a rural American town. The girl and her boyfriend are struggling to support the dog, which they bought at a shelter. The girl is trying to get her boyfriend to find a good job, and the boyfriend is struggling to make it as a successful musician. The girl's best friend, the girl's new boyfriend, the dog, and a lot of other things all are in the movie, but it's all part of a larger story. This is not a movie that is going to leave you thinking, but I think you'll be very satisfied with it.