فيلم Les parents terribles

Les parents terribles

Les parents terribles is a movie starring Jean Marais, Josette Day, and Yvonne de Bray. When Michel, who's 22, tells his parents he is in love, his mother Yvonne is distraught, believing she will lose his love (which is the center...

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Les Parents Terribles, Rettenetes szülők, Hirveät vanhemmat, Korkunç Ana Baba, Straszni rodzice, Die schrecklichen Eltern, I parenti terribili, O Pecado Original, Osorubeki oyatachi, Strasni roditelji, Los padres terribles, Nesnosna deca, La familia terrible, The Terrible Parents, 恐るべき親達, Oi tromeroi goneis
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1 hours 45 minutes
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Jean Cocteau
Jean Cocteau, Jean Cocteau
Yvonne de Bray, Josette Day, Jean Marais, Marcel André
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When Michel, who's 22, tells his parents he is in love, his mother Yvonne is distraught, believing she will lose his love (which is the center of her life), and his father Georges is distressed because it is Georges' mistress, Madeleine, who his son loves. Yvonne and Georges financially and emotionally depend on Michel's maiden aunt, Léo, who was once engaged to Georges but gave him up to her sister. Léo resolves to help them separate Michel and Madeleine, choreographs an elaborate meeting at Madeleine's flat where Georges concocts a lie that Madeleine feels she must embrace, and the lovers part. Aunt Léo then has a change of heart and tries to put everything right.

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Ralph G. photo
Ralph G.

It's always nice to be entertained in a film. This movie is entertaining, but it can be challenging to watch at times. It has a story with a twist that works well. The actors do a great job with their characters. The story is simple. It is good to be bored by a movie, but when the story is engaging and the movie is rewarding, it's more than enough to keep you engaged. This film is about a mother and daughter that have been separated for 10 years. The mother has dementia and needs a caregiver. The daughter also has dementia and is worried about the mother. The mother has a friend who lives with her and cares for the mother. This friend keeps in contact with the mother, and brings her food, and calls her for care. The mother's dementia starts getting worse and worse. The mother loses the friend and starts hallucinating and saying that she is a different person. The mother is about to have a stroke and the daughter takes her back. The mother has a stroke and dies in the hospital. She was never in touch with the daughter and never knew her name. The daughter's life is in shambles. The daughter has to deal with the mother's death, the daughter loses her job, and has to work the graveyard shift. The daughter has to find herself and has to deal with the fact that the mother is not with her. This movie is compelling and entertaining, and worth watching.

Phillip C. photo
Phillip C.

This movie is about a family who lives in a small town and their adventures and life styles. These include the parents, the mother and her husband, the father and his wife, and the two kids. I think that the storyline is very unique and original. The movie is very entertaining and you really get the whole idea of what is going on. I loved the use of music, which is always good, and I loved the female lead. She was perfect in her role. The actors also did a great job, especially the father. I like the way that they acted with the situation, but I didn't feel like I was watching a movie. I loved the dialogue. It was funny, and it was very interesting to see how the parents would respond to each other's situations. I found the script interesting and it was very entertaining. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of movies and of family situations.

Andrea photo

In a low budget movie, there is always a little "sweet" ending. The best examples being those involving Prince, and ones involving Elvis. It's not uncommon to see the beloved song "Let's go, let's go" blaring on the radio as a children's film. It is a comfort to know that the movie was made with the intent to include it. This one isn't. The end was a cliff hanger. I could have sworn the ending was a happy one. It was anything but. It was just weird. A good example of how far a film can go to be an extra, or something to add on top of a picture to be "filmed with a more artistic/limited budget". It's quite possible to make a great picture with the least amount of money.

Justin Webb photo
Justin Webb

This movie is not for everyone, but for those who like it, this is a must see. I really enjoyed this movie and think that many people have had similar experiences. But, the film is not for everyone. Some people will be bored by it, some people will not like the setting. But, as you can see in the trailer, there is a lot of action in it and I think that most of the actors did a great job. So, I would give it a 7 out of 10.

Kevin D. photo
Kevin D.

This film, which was to be shot in 1950, would have been an all-star cast in its own right, but only the great Vittorio de Sica and Giorgio Michailo could have made it an all-out blockbuster. I think the director, Il Pasto, made it, not only for himself, but also for the fans of the film, who have to admit that the film is a masterpiece. The cast is right on the mark. The director, like his predecessor, is not interested in making a film like a "art" movie, he wants to get the audience involved with the characters, who live in a low class villa in Argentina, who live through the worst times of the Great Depression. The film tells the story of a lot of characters, all with their own story. The art of the film is the realism and the mood. I have to say, that the only one who is not good in this film is Giorgio Michailo. The man, who is a leading actor in Italy and also in other countries, is a real screen name, who makes his life exciting and really fun. However, he is not convincing in this role. I have to say, that I have a problem with how he acts in certain moments. At the end of the film, his face is always turned away, while his eyes are blinking, his gestures are not so interesting, and his movements are too mechanical, so that the audience could guess what he is thinking. The end is too abrupt, and too slow. But, again, this is the fault of the director, not the actor. The film is well made, with a great look, and is worth seeing.

Jesse Holland photo
Jesse Holland

A first-rate performance by Tommy, who has a magnetic energy about him. Not to be underestimated. The film is also entertaining and true to the life of Erika. It is quite the feast for the eyes. No words are ever spoken, but you can see their eyes wide open. The ending is not one you would expect. It was good to see Erika on screen and doing what she does best. A really good movie. Don't be afraid to watch it and go along for the ride.

Virginia J. photo
Virginia J.

This is one of those movies that is hard to categorize. It seems to me to be a mix between the European cinema of the early 1980s and the New Hollywood movies. The film takes place in the town of San Juan, and is set in the 1980s. Most of the actors are mostly Argentinean actors. The best known of the cast is "Che", but also there are some recognizable names in the cast, such as "Lobo" (The Monster) or "Aguirre" (The Devil). It seems to me that the movie is about the difficulties of coping with a growing family. The story is a lot like "Y tu mama tambien" (or "A happy life for us all") except the main character is of a different nationality and is more often seen in the title role. The director is also known for the 1979 movie "Meiutso" (which also features one of the Argentinean actors in the lead). There are some interesting visual elements in the movie. For example, the acting of the children. In some scenes, the child actors have facial expressions that they never displayed in other scenes. This is a bit strange for an Argentinean movie, but in some scenes it was very effective. The two main characters have very striking facial expressions. One is the confused, cold-hearted child "Lobo", the other is the mother, who is very accepting. Another interesting element is the split screen that is used. The director uses this technique often to great effect. The title sequence for example, in which the main character watches the young child, is extremely effective. The movie is also very much a reflection of Argentinean life in the 1980s. The music is very similar to the sounds of the other New Hollywood movies. There is even a reference to American films. The director of the movie is also known for the 1981 movie "Traficantes", and also for a movie called "El molto de los rois" (which also features one of the Argentinean actors). The production values are pretty high for a movie that is not a classic. However, it is not the best movie of the year. It is a good film that is not as memorable as the classics. It is also a movie that is very hard to find. The movie is not available on DVD. A word of advice. It is a movie that should be seen by Argentines as well as by foreigners.

Angela McDonald photo
Angela McDonald

Adrien Brody is a soft spoken gentleman who lives in a nice house, with his wife, played by Juliette Binoche. One day, a rich man who owns a very large fortune buys a beautiful French villa. Brody is stunned when he hears the price. He decides to stay in the villa for one month. And the rest of the movie is about the many problems that arise. The protagonist has some doubts. But he is not a very easy person. His wife loves him, and he has the best intentions for him. So why does he make these unreasonable choices? Why does he not have the courage to leave the villa and go to a cheaper place? Why does he not make good decisions? There are many people, not just the man who owns the house, but everyone who lives in the town, who are affected by the poor man's actions. Because he is so uneducated and lacks motivation. And the people in the town who are not educated are like himself. They just don't understand why the man does what he does. They are more concerned about their jobs, the rich man's taxes and the economy. But Brody is different. He doesn't pay attention to things like that. He just takes a journey. He sees the beautiful house and he loves it. He loves the beautiful wife and he just wants to be with her. But he does not have the courage to leave the house. And that's the main reason that the movie is not very easy to watch. The man that owns the house is in denial. He is not aware of the problems in his life and he does not care to see that he is in such a dark situation. He just sees the house. He doesn't see that the woman he loves is in a difficult situation. He does not see that he is in the same situation as him. He does not see that he has all of these problems. He is very uneducated. The other people in the town have everything, but he has not. He is a victim. He is an example of everything that is wrong in the world. He is a passive person who does not have a choice about what he wants. And this is why the movie is not so easy to watch.

Kathleen Estrada photo
Kathleen Estrada

I enjoyed this movie, although I would have preferred a less long movie and a smaller budget. It has a strong point, but I didn't care much about it. The movie was about many different aspects of the many questions about gay parents in a conservative country. Each parent was interviewed, with the mother talking about her best friend. Her best friend's boyfriend didn't really interest her, and the mother, being a good woman, had no problems with her boyfriend being gay. Another parent, an unemployed high school student, had a different idea. She had an affair with his boyfriend, and had a son and a daughter. The mother's lover, who was, of course, a homosexual, had an affair with a woman, and then abandoned his son to be with a woman. The mother was married, and had two daughters. She gave up on her husband, and her life became difficult, until she found a husband who loved her unconditionally, who was also a good man. She could live without her son, who had become the problem, not his father. I don't know whether this movie was intended to be a study on the effects of homosexual sex, or on the social difficulties that come with a gay father. I think it was intended as an easy-to-follow explanation of the problems of a family, and to tell the story in a natural way. The lack of good acting from the actors did not have any effect on me. The plot, while not too original, was good, and the emotions were good. The actors did their best, and I was involved in the story. I enjoyed watching it, but I would have liked to have seen a little more, and a bigger budget.

Brittany Evans photo
Brittany Evans

After watching the DVD I thought I would give this film a go and I was wrong. It is a very dark film and has some really great acting. The film is set in the early 1970's and stars Gerard Depardieu, Michelle Pfeiffer and Diane Kruger. I thought this would be a very depressing film and it is, but it's also an amazing piece of work. Gerard Depardieu is fantastic in this film and Michelle Pfeiffer is also great in it, she's very strong in this film and I'm not just saying that because she has appeared in some really great films. The film is a drama but it's also a coming of age story and also a story of grief, I think the emotion and the emotion that Gerard Depardieu is able to create in this film is amazing. Diane Kruger is also good in the film as her character gets older and her character gets more and more angry, although I don't think she's a bad character. This is a really sad film but it's also a great film. It's one of the best films I've ever seen and I recommend it to anyone who likes films like this. I also suggest you watch it on the big screen. It's a very sad film but it's also a very good film. I give it a 7/10

Lori photo

I didn't have high hopes for this movie, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. While the story is set in a very simple way, with a few minor revelations and some twists and turns, the story itself is very engaging. There are so many moments that are uplifting, which is a rare thing for a movie like this. I was shocked by the message of the movie, and it is a very well done one. All of the characters have their own thoughts and needs, and they also come across as very real. The movie has a nice balance between the seriousness of the theme, and the lightheartedness that we expect from the Mexican culture. The music was also perfect, and the way the director portrayed the small town was great. This movie was a bit too long for a family movie, and the humor was somewhat predictable, but that's not a negative thing, it just means that you shouldn't be expecting anything that you have not already seen in the trailer, or in the movie itself. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good family movie.

Carolyn Lawrence photo
Carolyn Lawrence

I'm not saying that this is a great movie, but I was left pleasantly impressed by this movie. A subtle humor interwoven throughout this movie and not at the expense of the serious aspects of it. Great movie.

Ryan Barnes photo
Ryan Barnes

Manuel Girou has created a very thoughtful, yet artful film. After watching it, I am not sure if I would recommend it to friends, but it will be a difficult task to forget.

Arthur photo

This is a very different film to that of Romeo and Juliet. Although it starts off very similar to the original Romeo and Juliet, its finished very differently. It is darker and more graphic. In the original Romeo and Juliet the characters are only meant to be a couple and the action happens in the background. In this film the action occurs while they are trying to have sex. The characters in this film are meant to be a couple but they are a couple of people. It is a very different story and one that I think is a lot better. I think the Romeo and Juliet films are very artistic and I think they should have been turned into films instead of being based on Shakespeare's original works.

Richard Guerrero photo
Richard Guerrero

I was so excited to see this movie, but was let down. The movie made no sense and only took the plot and story lines that were explained in the trailer. The characters are all cliched. The parents were caricatures of each other. The father was an obnoxious douche, the mother was obnoxious and self-obsessed. The son was a weak, timid, ditzy girl who couldn't even figure out that she wanted to become a singer. The father's son was the true hero. But then, the son decides he wants to become a rockstar and just becomes the rockstar, not the person that he was before. They show the character of the rockstar to be this totally selfish person, but he does not do that. Instead, he just decides to go in with no remorse or self-analysis or introspection, as he has already done the same things that the mother did. I thought that the story would have been better, because it is about people being trapped in their situation. The mother wants to rock, but her husband will not allow her to do it. Her son wants to become a rockstar, but his dad won't let him. She has no one to confide in, and even if she does, the children will not listen to her. The son has nowhere to go but become a rockstar, but will only get destroyed in the process. Instead of being cliched and just as predictable as the other parents, I wanted to see the story and the actors develop through the movie. I am glad that the movie was able to make me care about the characters, but the characters were too cliched and predictable to make me care for them. In summary, I really wanted to like this movie, but it was not good enough for me.

Teresa Elliott photo
Teresa Elliott

It's kind of a nice little story, but not the best movie of the year. But what it has in it is real talent, especially Louis De Smedt as the lead character. The story's only saving grace is the fact that it actually had a budget that it needed to create the scenes. But still, it would've been better if the film had more coherent scenes, and if it had a bit more of a budget, to make it a better movie. But still, good effort.

Heather photo

First, I'd like to say that I'm not a fan of modern-day Spanish-language cinema. In fact, I think I'm too American and usually prefer the older ones, because, like Spanish-language movies, they're more precise. However, this movie was an exception. The acting, the script, the plot. it was truly something. I just couldn't understand what the movie was about, and that's not the only problem. The story itself is very vague. You just don't know how much is happening. I like this movie for all the same reasons I like "Lola rennt" or "The Best Years of Our Lives". It just lacks the elements that are considered essential for a good Spanish-language movie. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone who doesn't speak Spanish and can't follow a plot. However, if you're a fan of foreign films and have a very open mind, you should really check this one out.

Bryan photo

The high school boys who don't have anything better to do - and don't - often come to see films like this to have a good time. This one features two of them - the director and the producer. Like many who have seen it, I don't know a lot about the story - what was it about? - but I have no doubt that it will strike a chord with those who like adventure, mystery and suspense. In the opening, the lead, a guy named Sam (played by Matt Damon), is a good student. A little rebellious, but nothing serious. But one day, he and his friend Bobby (played by Ethan Hawke) are working at the local mall. One of the shoppers decides to give Bobby his old arcade game - "Blind Side." The next thing you know, Sam is shot to death in the arcade. The cops are baffled by the murder and leave the scene, leaving Bobby to guess what happened. This is where things get interesting. One of the police detectives is played by Ben Kingsley. He looks like a dead ringer for a judge or a policeman. He keeps trying to get Bobby to confess, but Bobby insists that he didn't do it. The detectives try to find out what Bobby is seeing. But there's more than one story, and I have to admit I found the last part a bit unbelievable, but it was cool to see the police looking for the killer. It was so nice to see the characters portrayed by real people. In my opinion, this is one of the better movies of the year. It will appeal to the guys who like action, mystery and suspense, as well as the girls who like action and romance. And if you're a chick, you will probably like it as well. I loved it!

Howard photo

This film has been a long time coming and I feel the wait was well worth it. A delightful and engaging adaptation of a little known French novel written by Yann Martel. Since the film was not part of a trilogy, I was not sure if it would be of interest to the viewer, but the writing was superb, the acting superb, and the characters more than lovable. If I had to choose my favorites, though, I would say that I loved Richard Dreyfus as the dutiful son of a servant and a runaway in the country, and Patricia Velazquez as the agoraphobic dutiful daughter of the blind butcher. I also loved the chemistry between Dreyfus and Velazquez. It is a shame that this film did not get the recognition it deserved, because it is a real classic of a film. Watch it and you will enjoy it immensely.

Ashley N. photo
Ashley N.

The title and the plot line sounded like something from a far-fetched Hollywood film. The film looks like a French film, but it's not. The plot, based on the work of Alexandre Dumas, is very interesting and the direction is very good. The whole film is very much like a stage play. You know where it's going. It's like a play with more than one act. The characters are much more complicated, and their relationships are much more important than in a play. The film is about the story of a young man's relations with his father. The father, a single man, refuses to give up his former way of life, but is clearly upset and confused, but manages to get out of the position he was in with the help of his son. The son is troubled and has a very selfish attitude, which makes him annoying. The father meets an old woman in the town and gets involved with her. The mother has no time for the son and doesn't want him to have anything more to do with her. She wants him to marry the girl, but in the end, they find each other and get along very well. All this is a very interesting story and the way the director tells the story is very good, too. The acting is very good, too. All the actors play their parts with the character. The young son, who plays his role very well, especially in the second act. The father, on the other hand, is not very convincing. I didn't believe that he would be so cruel to the old woman. He doesn't say anything that the old woman can't hear. The girl is a little annoying and her character is very weak, but her role is important. She is a journalist and is looking for her father. The second act is very long, and the film is very long, too. There are more than one hundred extras in the film. I don't think the film should have been made this long. It's too long. The actors are all very good, and the director was very good. This is a good film that I recommend to all French film lovers. The plot is very good, the direction is very good, the acting is very good, and the film is very good. This is the best French film I have ever seen.

Matthew photo

This film tells the story of two people who are forced to endure a lot of abuse in their childhood, after which they are forced to live in an orphanage for a few years until they become adults. In the beginning, the two are young and they are very naive, but the older brother uses his powers to steal things from the young girl, because he thinks she has some money hidden somewhere. Eventually, they start to have their own problems, and this is when the parents are most difficult to deal with. It's a very interesting movie, and it can make you think about what kind of parents you are. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Ripe Delegadas" ("Precious Living")

Eric Hughes photo
Eric Hughes

In most cases, films about homosexuality are realistic, and certainly don't suffer from sensationalizing. However, some films are just totally insane. "The Grandmother", for example, is a film about the very dark side of the human condition, about a mother (Keira Knightly) who gives in to her own desires and self-destruction. Knightly has just finished her teenage years, and she knows that her mother was going to become a prostitute in order to have a job. She knows that the only way she could fulfill her mother's dream is to "sow" her own seeds. The film makes us believe that this is a natural consequence of the maternal nature of the mother. It is, however, just one of many pathetic female stereotypes. I couldn't help but cringe at the most melodramatic scenes of the film. Of course, Knightly was not the only actor to be caught up in these struggles. Not only was Keira Knightly (in this film) trying to give up on her dreams, but so was the rest of the cast. In one scene, we see the elder sister (Frances McDormand) who doesn't want to live in a "bigger house" (a term used by the mother), but, instead, has to live in a tiny, dirty, apartment. What is a "bigger house"? Exactly, a tiny house. The mother does not even realize that she has a problem. The mother is a totally selfish, mean woman. And of course, we are supposed to sympathize with this woman. She has to take care of her own child (who is too young to understand what is going on around her), despite the fact that she has been married for five years. In spite of all of the drama, the film is not necessarily sad. It is quite the opposite, however. The acting is quite good. Keira Knightly was magnificent as the mother. Frances McDormand was excellent, although she over-acted a bit. But the best performance was played by Emmanuelle Seigner. I think she was the best actress in the film. Her character, "Claire" (or "Claire's Mother" as she is called in the film), is quite a contrast to the mother. Her character is soft and empathetic, and does not want to give in to the desires of her daughter. She tries to give her daughter a way out of the situation, and in this, she has the greatest success. The problem, however, is that it is hard to sympathize with her because she is a self-centered woman. She does not want to live in a bigger house. She wants to be alone. But the rest of the film is not very realistic, because it focuses on the struggle of the mother to be a good parent. It is a film that is not very realistic, but it is one that is not very sad. I think