فيلم Journal d'une femme de chambre

Journal d'une femme de chambre

Journal d'une femme de chambre is a movie starring Léa Seydoux, Vincent Lindon, and Clotilde Mollet. A scheming servant works for a wealthy couple in France during the late 19th century.

Other Titles
Dziennik panny służącej, Diario de una camarera, O Diário de Uma Camareira, Diary of a Chambermaid, 小間使いの日記, El diario de Célestine, Diário de Uma Criada de Quarto, Egy szobalány naplója, Tagebuch einer Kammerzofe, Jurnalul unei cameriste, Oda Hizmetçisinin Günlüğü
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Benoît Jacquot
Benoît Jacquot, Hélène Zimmer, Octave Mirbeau
Léa Seydoux, Clotilde Mollet, Hervé Pierre, Vincent Lindon
France, Belgium
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the early 1900s, in the French provinces. Célestine a beautiful and libertarian young woman, who has been hired as a chambermaid by the Lanlaires, arrives from Paris at the train station. Joseph, her masters' gruff gardener takes her to the house where she is to work. She is "welcomed" by Mr. Lanlaire who immediately starts fondling her. She then meets Mrs. Lanlaire, a very unpleasant woman with a class superiority. All this bodes ill for the future...

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Jerry photo

The fear of her being a black woman, and the fear of being understood, runs throughout the movie. In the beginning, she meets a man, and they seem like a suitable couple, but when she finds out he is not her true love, she discovers that she is not black, and she is left with no choice but to leave the life she was once living. The movie is good, and the story is interesting. The acting is really good. This is not a movie for everyone, but it is a good movie to see. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Howard photo

While it does feel like a diary entry, it is actually a narrative about family and the struggle to keep it together. An engrossing and thought provoking film that takes place in France during the '70s. Although this is primarily an 'America-set' film, it does do a great job of showing the conflict that families face, not only in France but in the United States. While the conflict is primarily between 'daddy' and 'mom' (in the film, the mother and dad are completely estranged), it is an interesting way of showing the conflict within a family. One of the best parts of the film is how many different cultures are shown, and how they relate to each other. The acting is not amazing, but it is certainly very good, and the story is very engrossing. The story seems to be more of a 'movie' than a 'diary' (which I found frustrating), but the director does a great job of telling the story in an interesting way. Definitely worth checking out if you are into the movie.

George photo

Although director Sebastien Lebeau didn't know what to do with this movie, it was one of the best B/W French films I've seen. Some people are going to have trouble understanding it, but I don't think they will miss anything important. I guess it's a little confusing at first because there's so much information in the first five minutes, and then things are simplified for the people that didn't know much about French movies. However, I think there's a lot to learn from this movie, and I think that's why it's one of my favorites of all time. The movie is called "Amelie" and stars American actress Annette Bening as an Englishwoman who moves into a French village to live with her aunt and aunt's lover. One day, Amelie discovers a secret book written by her aunt, and she is moved by the message she receives in the book. She begins reading it, and by the time the movie ends, we have the same feeling as Amelie. At first, she tries to ignore it, but then she realizes she's reading a book written in her own language. By this time, we've already seen this movie, but I think you should definitely watch it to see what this movie is really about. The movie is shot beautifully, and there are some beautiful shots, like when Amelie is first reading the book, or when she's at the library. Also, some of the scenes are very well shot, like when Amelie reads the book, or when she's at the library, or when Amelie visits her aunt, or when she reads the secret message in the book. The movie is also interesting because of the three main characters. Amelie is a beautiful, strong woman, and the movie shows her just like that, she's so strong, but also very funny. She is also very athletic, and plays tennis and plays a sport in school. She's also smart, and she learns French very well. She is also strong and beautiful, and we see her when she plays tennis, and when she goes swimming. She also has a friend that helps her out, she calls her a friend. This movie also shows a lot of us Americans and French as people, and I'm sure most Americans are surprised to see how well the movie shows us the people in France. In France, we really love movies that show us different things about the world, like when Amelie visits her aunt and learns that the book is a secret message, or when Amelie finds out that her secret friend is actually her aunt. Also, this movie is so realistic, I think that it was really well done. Most French movies are made to make us feel good, and this movie shows us how real people are, and it also shows us what people in France really feel. Another thing that I like about this movie is the music. It was really beautiful and great, and it had great mood and atmosphere, especially the opening scene. This movie is a masterpiece, and I recommend it to everyone.

Nicholas S. photo
Nicholas S.

As a professor of literary and cultural studies, I know a lot about these matters. I'm also a longtime reader of Poe. I was impressed with this film, particularly with the performances of Anne Bancroft, Keisha Castle-Hughes and Meryl Streep. All of them were well-cast. I wasn't surprised that they had already been chosen to make a film on the poem. I was also impressed with their research into the scholarly references available. For example, one of the main characters cites the poem in an article for the journal of psychology and physiology (an article that I had never heard of before). The chapter headings are similar to those in the poem. Finally, the poetry is very well-chosen. The color and visual effects of the paintings are excellent. And when it comes to the voices, the actors did an outstanding job. In fact, I have not heard of the voice of the poet before. I had a very good experience with this film. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jonathan Woods photo
Jonathan Woods

I found this to be a pretty good story. It has some good twists and turns in it. The acting is good, the directing is good, and the story is well done. The main plot of the film involves a married woman, who has been running a business in which she hires women to work for her. The man who hires the women in this business is "John", who is a wealthy businessman. One of the women works for John and one of the women that works for John does not work for John, but is simply hired to look for other women to work for John. The main plot twist involves the wife who is hired to look for other women and the other women who work for John. If you are familiar with the French films that I have watched and liked, then you may be able to predict the end of this film. I'm not going to spoil the ending, but I will say that it is a bit unexpected. If you are looking for a movie that will make you think, then this is it. You may be surprised by the ending, but you may not be. I have rated this film 7/10. It was good and worth seeing.

Jose Ortega photo
Jose Ortega

If you are a person who loves the classic era of the French cinema and like this film, you will surely appreciate this film. But if you like to see new films and maybe you are in a hurry, then you should avoid this film. The story is about a woman who is trying to discover her sexual identity, without knowing her body or her man. Her man is an addict who is extremely shy. She is supposed to meet him again, and will probably get to know more about her own sexual identity. At first, she does not know, but the film shows that she can know herself. It is a very interesting film. I recommend this film. I liked it.

Diana photo

The film, The Long Goodbye, is an unusual one in that it's an adaptation of a play rather than a film. The story of a woman named Chloe Moretz (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who is repeatedly raped by a rich man (Oliver Platt) in a local brothel has a lot of the usual themes that come out of a film like this. In addition, this story is set in a brothel, so there are a lot of visuals that set this film apart from other rape/sexual abuse films, such as the aforementioned Nightcrawler. The film is about 10 minutes long, but it does manage to hold your attention. It's a shame that it's not as great as I would have hoped for, but it's still well worth seeing.

Walter photo

This is a stunning, but ultimately long movie, with no obvious conclusions. It was shot in black and white and very little dialogue. The focus was more on the people involved, the emotions they were experiencing, and what the story was about. It is a movie with a lot of emotion, but not necessarily a lot of dialogue. The entire movie, except for a couple of scenes, is literally a collection of conversations. The main characters, Carmen and Nadine, are quiet, uncommunicative, and bored with their existence. The women of the island, particularly Nadine, are such lonely, passive creatures that it's hard to believe that they would ever participate in a conversation. They appear to be almost unable to get involved with anything but the most abstract of things. They aren't really seen as women at all. As a result, the story seems almost completely meaningless. The real point of the story is not about Nadine and Carmen's love, but about the emptiness of their lives. While Nadine spends the movie getting to know Carmen and their relationship, Carmen is just getting to know her husband and doesn't seem to have any particular attachment to him. The women are so in love with themselves, that they don't seem to be really doing anything with their lives. They are like dolls, which makes their silent conversation, and the resulting emptiness, all the more sad and poignant. I've seen other movies that tried to explore the theme of loneliness and loneliness of the women, but with a lot of dialogue and a lot of emotion, I found this movie to be more of a study of a simple, silent, passive relationship between a couple, rather than a movie about loneliness or women or anything else. I'm a bit surprised that the film hasn't received a lot of attention.

Bruce J. photo
Bruce J.

I was particularly intrigued by this movie, since I happen to enjoy a good film noir. The only flaw I found was that there was a slow start and several boring scenes. But the characters were developed enough that you cared about them. And what a beautiful performance by Lillian Gish. If you like her, then you will love this movie.

Willie W. photo
Willie W.

Paul Bertelsmann's "Sydney - a little jewel from the Czar's closet" is a film with so many attributes, it becomes almost a little film in its own right. The structure is the most important and, in my opinion, the most important element of the film. There are so many different stories that were handled with so much precision, that it was impossible to split the film into three parts. The most interesting parts of the film are the intimate, emotional, and introspective moments. The most dramatic parts are the confrontations and the actions, which are the most interesting. I was impressed by the cinematography and the editing. In my opinion, this is Bertelsmann's best film to date, especially considering that he was working with a low budget. The acting was the main reason that I am rating this film so highly, which, again, is the most important part. Some of the best performances came from Bertelsmann, a fantastic actor, who is currently starring in Jean-Pierre Leaud's documentary film "Visions of A Girl in China" (1997). He was very memorable in the film, making a strong impression from start to finish. Anthony Franciosa, whose character in the film was one of the most tragic, also brought emotion and suspense to the film, which was very difficult for him. The film is highly underrated, and there is no doubt about it. The film is good and extremely well-done. Bertelsmann's film should be appreciated, but I feel that it is somewhat underrated. I would give the film 7/10. "Sydney" is Bertelsmann's best film to date.

Joseph W. photo
Joseph W.

This is a good movie with some good points. The story is real and it makes sense. The actors did their job, even if they're not famous. It's a good film. This film shows the real life of the world. I'm sure that the story will be different, but for the story I think it's good. I like the music. It's good. The acting was good, but I was surprised with the actor. The man is a good actor. That's why I like his performance. The ending was a little bit awkward, but it was a good ending. If you like to see the real life of the world, watch this movie.

Albert Stevens photo
Albert Stevens

This film is about a woman who has been trapped in a very crowded and unnatural, very uncomfortable, and very dangerous world. The end of this film gives us a real sense of the value of community and of the beauty of things in a community. It also shows that when we experience what we don't like, we don't like it too much, and that sometimes it's good to just watch what we don't like, and take our time, to reflect and ponder, to feel and to appreciate. This film is a bit of a "problem child" because it doesn't play out all that well, but there are so many other films like it, and I'm sure that the next one will be better. All in all, this is a good film, and is worth seeing.

Aaron Estrada photo
Aaron Estrada

I just recently saw this movie and it's just so beautiful, I'm so glad I decided to see it, because I didn't really know what to expect. I thought that it might be a cheap gay movie, but it turned out to be so much more than that. I felt like I was in the movie with them, watching them grow up and grow up together. It's one of those movies that you just have to love because it's so much more than the topic of it. I liked the way that it did everything but tell the story. It's not like the main story of the movie, it's just about the growth of the relationship between two people. I really enjoyed the way that the movie ended, because it was so touching. I was really surprised because I saw that it ended on a completely different way that I've ever seen a movie end. I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting it to end pretty quick, but it ended like that because it was so touching and the characters really moved me and really touched me. I loved it so much. I think that everyone who watches this movie will really enjoy it.

Christopher Elliott photo
Christopher Elliott

Rene Clement made a film for women at a time when women were in danger of having their "honor" trampled on by a mob of male bullies. If you don't know what that means, I'm not sure you'll find much of this film interesting. The plot is told through the eyes of a former prostitute. The film is a well-directed piece of art, but there are plenty of too many repetitions and scenes that are simply too long and tiring to watch. The women aren't even in the film. They are never even mentioned or shown, but the women do exist, and they talk about the men in the film. If you want to see a well-made film about a woman going through an awful ordeal, see "Happiness."

Virginia Johnston photo
Virginia Johnston

Olivier Assayas' "A Woman Named Claudio" is not a fine movie. It's the kind of one you don't want to sit through. There's just too much talking, too many plots, too much plotting. I'm not saying that about all Assayas' movies, but here the need for plot is so great that he skips over all the boring scenes, all the needless exposition. The problem is that Assayas doesn't have a strong enough script to sustain this stuff. And while it is better than his last film, "La Femme Nikita", it's not much better than the stuff he did before. This is not to say that it is a bad movie. Assayas is very good at making the film look interesting, and he has a nice camera work, but the movie itself is far from being interesting. The best part of the film are the scenes in the library, but most of the rest of the movie is just too long and boring. This is an Assayas film that I will not recommend.

Sara M. photo
Sara M.

I had a lot of trouble getting into this film, but after the first 30 minutes, I was hooked. The characters were well developed and the story was engaging. The plot was a little weird, but I was hoping for more. I found that I cared about the characters, and the actors did an excellent job with their roles. I thought that the dialogues were well written. I liked the director's commentary on the DVD. In a nutshell, a good film with a good story.

Terry Morrison photo
Terry Morrison

This is not the film that made Jean-Luc Godard famous. It is far from it, the movie that really made him famous. However, it is still one of the best movies of the genre and perhaps the best film made in French Cinema. Jean-Luc Godard may be a name that has become legendary over the years, but I am not familiar with his works, and therefore I will not be reviewing them here. But as far as I am concerned, this is a movie that is extremely hard to find in the U.S. It is worth checking out, but I would recommend waiting for a DVD purchase or a rental. This movie is not that bad. It is worth a watch, but not really worth a purchase.

Bruce T. photo
Bruce T.

The film is really well shot and edited. Well, in fact, this is how a film should be made. It's not over the top in any way. There is no sex scene, no swearing, no nudity, no violence and no bad language. As for the cast. The most important thing about this film is the acting, the directing, the editing and the cinematography. The editing is the best in a long time. The actors all work well together. Even the women (unfortunately) are very well casted and, let's face it, they look like they are having a good time. A must-see for the people who love good French cinema.

Matthew photo

The tragic death of three children, one from their mother and the other two from their father. They turn out to be in their first year of life. The children's mother leaves them, and the father of the youngest one (the one who was the father of the oldest) leaves, and he never returns. In a couple of days, the children's father is found in a car. The mother's older sister, an actress, takes over the care of the eldest child and takes care of him until he is eighteen. There is some talk about a possible reunion between the father and the mother, but the father was found dead, and the mother did not want to see him again. The mother's younger sister is a writer, and she tries to find out whether the father and the mother had anything to do with the deaths. But it seems that she is not interested in this. The film ends with the mother and the daughter becoming separated. There is some talk about the father's death, but it is not clear whether he was found dead. The film is rather slow, but is never boring. The photography is very good, and the film contains some beautiful scenes. This is not a film that is for everyone, but if you can bear some slow scenes, this is a worthwhile film.

Bryan Tucker photo
Bryan Tucker

I saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it has been haunting me ever since. This is a "Morte a Ville" (a castle on the coast) film, with all the gaudy, dizzying visual detail of a Hans Christian Anderson film, with a touch of that dark, haunting Kubrickian sense of the otherworldly. In that sense, it is a masterful attempt at a ghost story, perhaps a better example of the genre than anything else I have seen. It is also a very sophisticated film-making, and I am glad that the director did not try to overdo the occult undertones. That might have been interesting, but in my opinion would have been disappointing, because the filmmaker clearly knew how much of a challenge it was to pull it off. I think she did a great job, and I am looking forward to seeing more of her work.

Donald Ryan photo
Donald Ryan

I watched this film for the second time recently. I really liked it. The main actor played his role very well. He seemed to have the accent of the character very well. The story itself is very interesting and very refreshing. Very interesting, very fresh and very well acted. The film looks very good, like the director. I also liked the direction. There is some very strong strong camera work in the movie. The camera angles were very strong and it was very interesting. I also liked the music, it was very good. I also like the direction and music. Overall I really liked this film. 7/10.

Peter E. photo
Peter E.

If you have any interest in film-making, then you will be able to find much in this film. It is an intriguing look at an Italian youth and the complications of living on the edge. It is the story of a young man, who has been responsible for killing someone in the street, who is then arrested for the murder of another youth, who has already been on the street for years, by the police and the justice system. The film is well told, and contains some surprisingly strong acting, with excellent supporting roles from a wonderful Alexandra O'Farrill and a passionate Pascale Guida, and a remarkable Cecilia Roth. The story is also told from the point of view of the arresting officer, who is really trying to get to the bottom of what really happened. He is a very caring and genuine man, and a role model for the young men in this film, as well as a symbol of the Italian justice system. The script is very interesting and I think very interesting for anyone who is interested in the subject of this film.

Brittany photo

I've been a fan of the French New Wave for a long time and I really enjoyed this film. What I didn't like was that it was not very clear about the characters. To me, the movie was too much about the narrator. I was looking for a love story, but there was only one person in the whole film that I really connected to and was sad when he died. I think I'd like to see more of the people, more of the story, more about the music, and less about the narrator. I felt like the movie is a bit short. I think they should have shot it to over 2 hours, which would be better. I think they need more time to introduce the characters and to be clearer about what is going on.