فيلم Carol


Carol is a movie starring Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, and Sarah Paulson. An aspiring photographer develops an intimate relationship with an older woman in 1950s New York.

Other Titles
卡罗尔, 因為愛你, Carol - Iubire interzisa, Kerola, Kerol, キャロル, The Price of Salt
Running Time
1 hours 58 minutes
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Romance, Drama
Todd Haynes
Phyllis Nagy, Patricia Highsmith
Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Kyle Chandler
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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New York, 1950s. Carol Aird is long-separated from her husband, Harge. Their daughter lives with Carol. Harge keeps trying to win Carol back but to no avail. Then one day Carol meets Therese Belivet and is immediately attracted to her. A relationship develops and they fall in love. However, things get complicated when Harge finds out about the relationship and sues for divorce, using the relationship as leverage to win custody of their daughter.

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Julia W. photo
Julia W.

The cinematography of the movie, the music and the setting are all superb. The director of the movie uses realistic cinematography and color. I am a very happy camper and am not very excited about a musical movie. However, I was surprised with this movie. I saw it in theater and I loved it. I was a little bit skeptical about watching this movie, but the movie took me to another place in my life. I am very happy with the movie, but if I have to find a good movie to watch in theater, I would say that this is it.

Dennis photo

This movie tells the story of an older woman who is too old for the role of a grandmother and is eager to marry a younger man. This older woman comes across a young couple who come from a well off and well married family, and they are excited to be newlyweds. They immediately set up their house and start their honeymoon, and the older woman decides to throw her older self out of the window to move in with them. The older woman has no money for a taxi, so she tries to steal a taxi for her friend. The older woman has a habit of stealing a taxi, and the taxi driver learns of this and chases the older woman into the mountains, where she is found by a childless farmer, who teaches her how to plant potatoes. The younger couple are not able to keep up with the old woman and move into a remote farm house. The old woman is forced to move in with them, and the younger couple soon find out that they are not the right fit for the old woman, and they realize that they are going to have to let her go. I think that this movie shows the problems that aging brings on. The older woman is not able to get along with her grandchildren, and she has to do her best to keep up with her grandchildren. The younger couple find out that they are not the right fit for the older woman, and they are able to work their way up to the upper levels of society, and the older woman finds herself unable to do anything else. The younger couple are able to improve their own lives by working together and learning to be self-sufficient. This is a film that should be seen by everyone, because it is so true to life. It is an honest and realistic look at aging, and the problems that come with it.

Diana P. photo
Diana P.

This is a sad story about a woman trying to save her husband's life and keep the love between them alive. She has to take an extreme measure in order to succeed, but she will find herself when she finally succeeds. I was expecting a movie about a sad, sad love story, but I actually thought it would be a more serious, slower, suspenseful, story about a woman's ability to save her life and the love she had for her husband. This movie is much more like a drama, but with a slow, sad, sad ending. The last scene was the best. This is the kind of movie that will make you think, that you want to see again, but it will be hard. And, the soundtrack was very fitting. I thought I knew what to expect, but I was wrong. I give this movie an 8 out of 10. (In my personal opinion, the ending is a little bit predictable, but it will not spoil the movie for you, which I think makes it more interesting.)

Jacob photo

It's a movie about love. However, I think it's also about how simple love is, that sometimes you can be pushed aside and you just have to get over it. Or that you have to come out the other side and know what love is. And that love can come out of a lot of things. It's a story about love and sacrifice. But it's also about life, how hard it is to achieve a dream. So the sacrifice is real. It's a very honest movie. So realistic. So sweet. It's very inspiring. So touching. So beautiful. And a very moving movie. I just loved it.

Beverly King photo
Beverly King

This movie was one of my all time favorites. What a story. The characters were good and even the mother who was supposed to be the evil one was not. She was actually trying to be good and loving. I never understood why people would be so mean to a woman who was trying to be good. A lot of people I have talked to said that it was very sad that the mother got what she deserved and how she went to prison. They said that if she would have done more things right it could have been better. But I think that it was a good story and the actors were very good. I was also very impressed with the cinematography. The movie was very beautiful. It was one of those movies that you could not put down. I am very glad I watched this movie. I think it is a great movie.

Evelyn photo

I didn't like this movie as much as I thought I would, and to be honest, I'm not sure what to think about it. It's about a black widow (Jennifer Lawrence) who is divorced and lives with her husband and their two kids. She gets on a date with a guy (Ben Affleck) and falls for him. He turns out to be a war veteran who has served in Vietnam. After a few months of dating he asks her to his retirement party. After she says no, he forces himself on her. Now, I'm not a big fan of films that feature one or two people having sex with each other, but this one was fairly tame compared to other sex scenes that have been made recently. The two leads are good in the lead roles and the supporting cast is quite good. My main criticism is that I did not like the ending. I was expecting a different outcome and felt it was anticlimactic. Also, I didn't like how this film was made. In the beginning, you could tell that the film was going to be PG-13, but after a while they decided to give it an R. Also, I thought the sound track was pretty terrible. I'm a huge fan of Neil Young and his music and I'm usually very fond of his soundtracks, but this one was a complete letdown. Also, the music wasn't good. It was just loud and cheesy. Overall, I think this film is a good one to watch on a rainy afternoon with some friends. The acting is good, the story is good and the script is good.

Crystal photo

The story is about the life of a young boy named Jason (played by Rafe Spall), who is having a hard time adjusting to his big city life. The story is told from a three-year old's point of view. In a way, it is a documentary, but with the adult point of view. It is also about growing up and how it changes our life. The beginning is set in a funeral, but we only see the aftermath. The movie starts out with a lot of talking. It seems like all the characters are talking about something. It's a little slow, but that is the whole point. I like how they do this. We don't see everything, we only see what they are talking about. I also like how they did the flashbacks. They were done in a way that you don't really know where you are going. You don't know what is going to happen next. This also helps make the movie flow smoothly. Overall, I think the movie is very well done. The actors are great. The story is good. It is a movie that I would recommend to everyone. It's a story that has its good points, but it also has its bad points. If you don't like it, you will still enjoy it.

Teresa photo

I really enjoyed this movie and I thought the acting was very well done. This movie is about a woman who is an alcoholic who takes care of her sick mother and family. I liked the movie a lot. It was quite emotional and the acting was very good. I liked the way they depicted the family. I also thought the acting was very good. I really like this movie. If you like a good drama I recommend this movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a good drama or a good movie. I think it was a very good movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes to watch a good drama or a good movie.

Shirley Walters photo
Shirley Walters

OK, let me be blunt and say that I'm a Christian. I have had many a strong belief in this religion, and have attended some of the services in which I've been invited. I'm a real estate agent, and I've been known to take the time to read a bit of a book or two. But I had never felt the need to check out the Holy Bible before going to a concert, or going to see a movie. I knew that it was going to be a good movie, but I hadn't felt the need to look up what was in it, or what was in the Bible, or what was in the Catholic church. So when I was told about this movie, I was more than excited. I checked it out on video, and enjoyed it very much. I watched the movie again on DVD, and was disappointed. The ending is too abrupt, and it doesn't say enough. There are no real dramatic or spiritual changes in the characters, which I think is a good thing. I was also very disappointed that we didn't get to know the characters in any deeper way, or see what they were really thinking. What is the point of seeing a movie if it doesn't make you feel that much for the characters? However, the film is not about what is in the Bible. It is about the emotions and themes that are in the Bible, and how it is presented in the movie. I have to say, that in the end, I found this movie much better than the one I expected it to be. I wasn't very impressed with the Christian community, but I was very impressed with the messages that were put in the Bible. I think that many people will enjoy this movie, as well as those who are Christians. It's a good, decent movie that is very entertaining, and is worth a look. I think that it would be a good choice for anyone, as well as an interesting look into the background of the religious beliefs of this time in history. I think that it will be a good film for those who have studied the Bible, as well as those who have not. This is a good film, and I recommend it to anyone who is a Christian, or interested in Christianity. I give it a B+

Ann photo

Before watching this film I had read a few reviews from people who thought it was dull, which is true but I thought it was very well written. The story was simple but very well told. The characters were very well written and the way they were developed was believable. It was a very well made film. I also thought it was very well acted. Although there were a few silly parts which were unintentional and just unnecessary, but this was not a problem at all. The film is very well acted, especially by the two leading actors who are both very well known. It also had a good storyline. The only problem I had with this film was that I thought it was a bit too long, probably at least two hours but it was still a very good film. I definitely recommend watching this film.

Deborah photo

I don't know what the title means, but I'd say that this movie is really quite good. It's got a great story, a great cast, great characters. And it also deals with some major issues, so I think it's really worth watching. I give it an 8 out of 10. Let me know what you think.

Keith R. photo
Keith R.

What can I say about Carol? I really didn't know what to expect from this film, but it's got to be one of the most beautiful and heart touching films I've ever seen. The story is about two best friends, who have grown up together, but have never known each other before they go away on a trip together. Carol, who has been abused by her mother, is ready to start a new life away from her old home. The two friends' problems are aggravated by a neighbor and his eccentric behavior. Carol and her friend decide to run away together, and get a new life together, and decide to go to a town called Des Moines, Iowa. The film is about Carol's search for love and life, while her friend's search for freedom and a new life. The story is so wonderful and very touching. It's also very believable. The cast is excellent, and I really liked Kristen Stewart. I recommend it.

Betty photo

I didn't know what to expect when I heard this movie was coming out, but I knew it was going to be a movie that I wouldn't want to miss. The cast of the film, including Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Tatum O'Neal, and Tom Everett Scott, is absolutely incredible. All of them did a great job, and I think they deserved all of the attention they got. I didn't expect the end to be so emotional, or the way it ended, but I loved it. It is just one of those films that you watch with the whole family and you just can't stop watching it. It has a great storyline, and is a perfect movie for the whole family to watch. 8/10

Linda photo

I recently watched this movie, and have been wondering about it for weeks. I am a big fan of the book, and I read the first half of the book before I even saw the movie, so I was not expecting the movie to be the same as the book. I just finished watching it and I am left speechless. This movie is in a class of it's own, it is amazing! It's so true, realistic, and touching, that it should win Academy Awards. The only bad thing I can say about the movie is that there were parts that were a little confusing, but it's not a big deal. The story was so good, it was hard to believe that some of the details were not in the book, but then again, I read the book first. The character of Scott was great, and I was so happy when they changed his name to Smith, because that's what he was supposed to be. The chemistry between the two of them was perfect, I was left speechless when they were on the bus, and the chemistry was very very good. I thought that the scene with the cop was really good, it showed how strong their love was, how strong the relationship was. In the end, they both stayed true to the book, and I am proud of the movie. This is a great movie, I think everyone should see it at least once, and be honest, if you haven't seen it yet, see it, and you will see that the book is not the same, and it is amazing.

Philip P. photo
Philip P.

This is the first movie I have seen directed by Mike Nichols. I have heard that he is the best director in Hollywood. I don't know whether he has been directing in every movie of his career, but I believe he is the best. This movie was a masterpiece and it will make you cry in your own way. The screenplay was flawless. The best part of the movie is when there is no sound, when they're in the rain, or when they're in the house. You see how they have to live in their house with their baby. It makes you feel sorry for them and you feel the same as they do. I love the songs in this movie. I think it was very well chosen, they fit the scene perfectly. I think you should watch this movie.

Robert photo

I was actually really surprised by the quality of this movie, it is a very beautiful story about love, dedication, loss, and how different we all are. Carol has a lovely message of hope and it's beautiful and very moving. There is also a good message of understanding and of how a relationship between two people can be for both of them a blessing. The acting is also really good, but there were some weak points in this movie, but I'm not going to say anything else. It's a really beautiful movie and it's a great watch for the whole family.

Megan photo

It is truly sad that these young people can only be happy in movies or in a family or in a society which cannot be free of their selfish and egoistic attitudes. There are movies which are truly "art" or "artsy" or "haunting" or "haunting" (the best of them I guess is "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"). But this one, this "celebrity" movie, does not fit that description. It is pathetic. And I am not talking about the fact that the plot is ridiculous. It is just a waste of time.

Diane T. photo
Diane T.

The film is directed by James Watkins and based on the novel by Joseph Conrad. I'd say that this film was better than most, and it's not for everyone. It's a good film, but there are certain elements that make it difficult for me to fully appreciate the film. First of all, I think the writing is great. I think the acting is good, and the cinematography is amazing. It has a great plot and it really kept me in suspense. The screenplay is also quite good. The pacing is really good, and it really makes you wonder what is going to happen next. I also like the direction of James Watkins. He creates a very different film. I think that the film is visually beautiful, and I really like the style. I also think that the music is amazing. The score is really nice. I like the film's first half. It really brings a lot of suspense and makes you think. The second half, however, I don't like. It's more of a "human drama" than a "love story." I also think that the acting is very good. I really liked Rachel Weisz in this film. I really like her acting. I also like Chris Cooper. I also like Emily Watson, and I really like the rest of the cast. The film is also very good. I like the story and the direction. I also like the music. Overall, I give this film 8/10.

Bobby Vargas photo
Bobby Vargas

My sister bought this movie and my mom bought the DVD. We're both sad that they didn't work together on this movie. It's not a perfect movie but it's good. The story is not very well known but it is real and there is no cliche moments. It's a little depressing but it's realistic. The only bad thing is that it was too long. I'm glad that I didn't spend two hours watching this movie.

Donald photo

A classy, nuanced film, about a family with a secret and their struggle with it. An excellent job by R. Lee Ermey. I like his direction. If I had to compare it to other films of this genre, I would say this is closer to "The New World" than "Twister." A very different film, but nonetheless very well done. The script, while not totally original, was written by Walter Matthau. I think the best line in the film is when Carol says, "I do not know where we are, but we are here." A poignant line, and I like it. The performances are good all around, especially Maggie Smith, who did a very good job playing the part of Carol. Matthew McConaughey is also good in this film. If you like romantic films, I recommend this film. The ending was a little abrupt, but the story was just as good. This film is also very good for kids, as it is a very mature film, with strong language. I think this is a film for those who like the romantic, and "B" film genre.