فيلم Wildlife


Wildlife is a movie starring Ed Oxenbould, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Carey Mulligan. A teenage boy must deal with his mother's complicated response after his father temporarily abandons them to take a menial and dangerous job.

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Mežonīgā dzīve, Divljina, Wildlife: une saison ardente, Kraina wielkiego nieba, Wairudoraifu, Vadon, Under en öppen himmel, Yangın Yeri, Metsik elu, Vida Selvagem, 狂野生活, Tmouna Mishpakhtit, ワイルドライフ
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
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Paul Dano
Paul Dano, Richard Ford, Zoe Kazan
Ed Oxenbould, Travis W Bruyer, Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal
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A teenage boy must deal with his mother's complicated response after his father temporarily abandons them to take a menial and dangerous job.

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Eugene photo

I was extremely impressed with the entire movie. I think it is one of the most touching movies I've ever seen. It's one of those movies you don't want to miss. The cinematography is outstanding. I like how the camera is almost always in a constant, kind of wandering-around-from-shot to shot. It's wonderful. I'm a fan of what could be described as 'artsy' films, and this was a refreshing change of pace for me. I love that it has a somewhat edgy, trippy, dream-like feel to it, and that the camera never takes a stand or a stance. Instead, it is constantly moving, occasionally "in-your-face" (sometimes with a more traditional shot, sometimes not), and it is never going to be 100% accurate. In fact, I think the camera never really is right, but it is never what you would call off-beat. And it certainly never is easy to say "oh, I'm in a dream, I know that." The dream-like qualities of the movie are complemented by a well-made, beautifully-shot black-and-white soundtrack. And the nature shots are absolutely wonderful. The visuals are phenomenal. And the acting is, as mentioned, brilliant. This is a great movie. If you like, say, Steve McQueen, you'll probably like this movie. I did.

Lauren Turner photo
Lauren Turner

As a fan of the original version of Ghandi, I've been searching for a film that goes back to his origins and brings all the richness of his life and his struggles to light. And to say the same for Joshua Oppenheimer's film, this is it. In fact, it is just as good as the film "Finding Forrester," that was based on a play and was a one-man show. But finding Ghandi and his life is not just about finding Ghandi. He's a complex man, and for a western, a traditional one, his life is a beautiful one. And to understand this, I recommend this film, Ghandi, the Elephant Man, and the life of its creator. Unlike the "Finding Forrester" documentary, the film is neither to put you to sleep or to feel superior. It is an overview of Ghandi and his life, and that is a good thing. Joshua Oppenheimer is a fine documentary filmmaker, and I look forward to more from him. But now, for Ghandi. The film is not perfect, nor is the film a masterpiece. It is to be judged by a standard, a standard that can only be met by the director, Joshua Oppenheimer. I'd recommend this film, and I think that all movie goers should view it.

Peter photo

First off, the movie is great. We need more movies like this. I think we have seen a movie of this quality on a few occasions, and the last one was the terrific "Watership Down". I am not a big fan of computer games, but I thought this was one of the most original movies I have ever seen. It is a perfect movie for those who are interested in nature or who like to learn about it. I thought the movie was very well done, and the special effects were outstanding. The music was also very impressive. This movie will be added to my list of favorites when it comes out on DVD. My only minor criticism is that it was a little too long. It could have been shorter, but I think the movie was more about the characters than the special effects. If I were to summarize this movie, I would say it is very inspirational, and I highly recommend this movie for everyone.

Matthew King photo
Matthew King

*SPOILER ALERT* It's difficult to make a great movie about nature and the conservation of wildlife. We've got to be careful with what we put in our parks, and not let it overrun our mentality about being a nature lover. The movie, titled 'River Wild,' is based on a true story of a man in the 1860s who was trying to save a Great White shark. His main goal was to get as many people as possible to see this great shark. What I like about the movie is that it shows that conservation is not about hunting, which is a far-fetched notion. It's about making the world a better place, and not thinking too much about what we want to see in the wild. The director, Dan Schrecker, and the writers have done a great job in creating a story that's inspiring. The movie has a great sense of humor, and some really great moments in the movie. I would definitely recommend watching this movie. I'm sure that if you're the type of person who is easily scared, you will get scared by the scenes where they capture this great shark. You will probably want to stop watching the movie right after the part where they capture the shark. There are some parts where you'll be yelling "No! Just stay calm!" I think that's a great part of the movie to show that if you get scared, you can just relax and let it go, like they did in this movie. They show that even in the wild, there's always some dangers out there. For me, this movie is a lot of fun and a great watch for anyone who is into nature documentaries.

Jacob B. photo
Jacob B.

This film is in my opinion, an amazing example of a professional independent film. The story is deeply touching and honest and the cinematography is sublime. The young woman who plays Marissa is an inspiration. My only real complaint is that she's not in it all that much but that's probably because she was really close to finishing this movie. I'm glad they had someone else to direct this film because it really would've been a disaster. My vote is 9/10. A+

Maria photo

Kudos to the makers of this film. I caught this one on cable the other night and it's one of the best films I have seen in a long time. It's a shame that it's not available in a full length DVD release, but I'm sure it will find a large audience because it's so well done. I loved the film's depiction of the yakuza as a group of thugs. But, the most disturbing aspect was the character of Yaegashi. He is so ugly, so rude and he is the reason why so many young men are lured into joining the yakuza. He's the epitome of the anti-hero. His disgusting habit of drug taking and the way he goes about his business is quite repulsive, yet his story is so captivating. I think that his story is what binds the rest of the yakuza characters and their actions. It's the true story of a man who is beaten down by the yakuza and the hard reality of his addiction. It's not just the kind of story that the horror genre does well, it's the real story of an addict, a human being who is lost and scared to go on. I think that this movie does a great job of capturing the essence of the yakuza and their lifestyle. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. If you want to see a great movie about the yakuza and their lifestyle, see this one.

Adam Gray photo
Adam Gray

Dylan Baker is the perfect choice for this role. I'm not surprised that he is in the running for Best Actor at Oscar time. The cinematography is beautiful and the music is perfectly fitting. The acting is superb. David Strathairn, Rachel Griffiths, David Warbeck, and Adrien Brody are all excellent. The cast is exceptional and truly unforgettable. I'm still trying to decide if Dylan Baker was the best character in the film, but it is definitely worth a watch. I recommend this film to anyone, especially those that have an appreciation for independent films. This is the one film that everyone should see.

Joshua photo

This is a brilliant film and the acting is phenomenal. The director did a great job, giving an emotional and romantic journey. If you want a film to keep you entertained and engaged, this is the film for you. Give it a chance and you'll probably like it.

Victoria R. photo
Victoria R.

Every movie like this is a story that will make you think. There is no Hollywood drama, there is no out right love. Nothing is really told that would make you feel there is more to the story. Just the story of a father and son trying to protect their community. This movie will change the way you think of animals.

Judy photo

I thought this film was superb! I was amazed by the acting and the cinematography. I am a hard core fan of the original "The Walking Dead" series, and wanted to see a film that was faithful to the characters, but different enough to keep the movie interesting. There are some things I wanted to see, but I am still very happy I had the opportunity to see this movie. It was very well done, and the actors were superb. I was very impressed by the way they portrayed the new group of survivors. The acting was outstanding! A great story and great direction! A great addition to any DVD collection!

Lawrence G. photo
Lawrence G.

Of the many elements of this film, this is probably the one I found most fascinating. The cinematography is beautiful and unique. Most of the shots are actually moving. The actors and actresses are truly great. I felt I was watching a real documentary. As it goes, this is a story about a man who lost his child but returned to the scene of the crime and used his past to bring back the father who had raped the child. The story is very complex and you can easily see how this was a real tragedy. Even though this was a true story, there are a lot of problems with it, mainly the fact that the father did not want to forgive his son, and the fact that the father is dying. This is the most touching part of the movie. I can say without a doubt that "The Wild Life" is one of the best American documentaries ever made.

Kathy Hughes photo
Kathy Hughes

I just got back from seeing "The Deer Hunter" and I thought it was excellent. I did not expect it to be so deep and it was even deeper than I thought it would be. I haven't seen such a great, well-written, well-directed, and incredibly well-acted movie in a long time. David Strathairn was in it as well, and although he did not appear in it, he was in the scene where Michael (Hanks) was laying in the woods and he looked out and saw a deer on the horizon. He looked up and saw the deer in the distance, and he thought, "Oh, boy. Where did they go?" Then he told the other deer. The deer were the real people, and Michael's reaction was so moving, I just couldn't stop crying. This movie was great, and it is a great movie to see with a bunch of people. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jessica B. photo
Jessica B.

I'll never understand how and why this film has received so many negative reviews. The acting is great, the story is compelling, and the film is beautiful. It is difficult to explain what you don't understand about the film, but I'll try. The film starts with young Kate (Christina Ricci) and her young daughter living in the desolate post-apocalyptic New Jersey. They are suddenly thrown into the real world, where they must find a way to survive, and the road to getting there is not easy. Kate and her daughter are told that their home is not safe, and must leave, by the boat, and find a way to get away. It is not easy for Kate and her daughter to escape. She has no friends, and is given no hope for a future. But her daughter is not alone. She meets her long-lost best friend, another girl who is now a single mother. Kate and her daughter are in desperate need of a place to go, and make their own future. But their world is in the midst of a population explosion, and Kate and her daughter must find a way to survive, without giving up hope. I can't explain why people have rated this film so poorly. But I can say that I did enjoy this film. The acting was superb, the story was gripping and engaging, and the film was beautiful to look at. I would definitely recommend this film.

Joyce Wade photo
Joyce Wade

This is a very good movie. For a TV movie, the acting was superb. Though I know very little about this guy and was surprised at some of his other films. The character played by James Franco was great, and was funny and slightly sympathetic. And I loved his character as well. The film is quite disturbing, but not for a reason that would take away from the overall point of the movie. It's just a reality. I'm glad I went to the film with an open mind, but I'm not sure I will ever go see it again. It's still worth a look, but not for a long time.

Bobby L. photo
Bobby L.

My question is this: if that story were to be told in just the same way that it was told in this film, would the viewer feel like they could connect with the characters and understand them? That's what makes this movie so incredible: it's the same story but told in a way that makes it such a wonderful movie. It has amazing cinematography, an absolutely brilliant soundtrack, and an amazing story, all wrapped up in a story that is unique and original and in some ways even touching. The story itself is told in the form of a poem, but the way the poem is told, the pacing of the film, and the way the film is told (especially in the beginning) makes it very unique and endearing. A "big bang" in the form of an airplane crash has a strange effect on the characters and they all begin to struggle with their own sense of safety. The director, who was also a former German war-crimes investigator, and an avid fan of the Berlin Wall, uses incredible details to make this film feel so real and so human, even though it was filmed in 2002. It is a truly artistic film that deserves a lot more attention than it received. I know people who don't like it, but I don't see how that can be. This film has so much to offer and so much to offer that I feel it deserves a much bigger audience. If you're looking for a really well made and thought-provoking film, this is the one.

Diana Anderson photo
Diana Anderson

As the name suggests this is a man's fantasy. Look at the film and see how little it does to show a woman. And yet, the film looks like a woman's fantasy. And the hero is a man. This makes a man's dream more valid. The director has an ear for this kind of filmmaking. The story is not so much about a man as it is about the old generation who have a very different view on a woman. The hero is a man, and the heroine is a woman. The old guard is more realistic than the dreamers. The old guard is in the film but they are not necessarily the hero. When you see the old guard you think of the law, or the prince, or the king. They are old boys. There is no real challenge here, not for the heroine. And the film is long enough to make it seem like it would have more power as an exercise in men's dreams. It is a good film. A man's fantasy, but its message is not very original. If you are into this sort of film, see it.

Bryan photo

I saw this movie at a screening in WNY this year. There was no hype or hype like everyone says here, but it really is a great movie. I thought the film was quite well-done with the wonderful acting by a very good cast and it really captures the essence of that era. The story is told in a very artistic way and is very interesting and moving. The ending was somewhat disappointing. I would have preferred it to be longer, or maybe even continue on for another year or so. But it was a great film. I do not think I will see it again. I would probably buy it and watch it again, but I do not think I will rush to the video store and buy it. However, if you are willing to watch this film, I strongly recommend it. And, if you are curious about the 'wildlife' subject, it is a very interesting subject and the subject was really well-covered in this film. If you have not seen this film, you should give it a chance.

George R. photo
George R.

This movie is brilliant in my opinion. I've seen many movies recently about the British Royal family and how they had different rules, traditions and rules. This movie is amazing, It shows the whole story, which you don't find in most movies. This movie is a masterpiece and it deserves to be nominated for the Oscars.

Brian Meyer photo
Brian Meyer

The ending in which Michael Keaton, a highly effective actor, plays his life against the backdrop of a multi-ethnic city, is a winner. I hope he gets another chance to star in films, because I believe he can make better films with less. I have always admired his ability to come across as a sophisticated sophisticate in some of his other films, but that's not the case here. In this film, he plays a hit-man, who is kidnapped by his old boss and is forced to take a job that he doesn't want to do, until he decides to take a job that he does want to do, at the cost of his girlfriend, played by Rachel McAdams, who is a high school student. While it's a typical action film, it's a good one, if you've seen the previous films. It's not great, but I believe this is the best film Michael Keaton has ever made.

Jerry Stephens photo
Jerry Stephens

I don't normally watch movies on a huge screen, but I had seen this film, and I saw a great casting, great acting, and wonderful scenery. I want to see more from Mr. Foster, who I know can play with the big screen like no one I've ever known. I also want to see the other great film crew of the day, also. I can't wait to see it again, and I will be happy to do so.

Susan Fields photo
Susan Fields

For a movie in its genre it isn't a very good one. The acting is good but not good enough to save the film. The dialogue is generally awful. I don't understand why people are raving about this film and why it was chosen to be part of the festival. It's not a masterpiece or anything, but I don't think it's a bad film at all. The whole film is also pretty surreal and strange. I guess it's kind of like a movie version of "Star Wars". I guess the two films are similar. The last ten minutes or so are pretty intense. I give it a 9. I recommend it if you want to see a really odd movie.

Kathleen photo

I thought it was a very good movie. I like to think of it as a documentary. I find it interesting that all the animals in the movie were real. I thought it would be a bit boring, but the animals were real. The movie could have been boring if they had not shown what life was like for some of the animals in the movie. I thought it was interesting how it was portrayed by the wildlife in the movie. I was a bit disappointed that the movie didn't go into the politics of animal abuse. I thought the movie would have been much better with some politics of animal abuse. I felt that there was some time where it should have added some politics. That was the biggest problem I had with the movie. I could have understood that much better if they had added some politics. The movie was very well done. I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to people who love animals and nature.