فيلم The Divine Plan

The Divine Plan

The Divine Plan is a movie starring Peter Reznikoff. THE DIVINE PLAN: The Divine Plan: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Dramatic End of the Cold War/ A film by Robert Orlando It remains the least-known story of the twentieth...

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Robert Orlando
Peter Reznikoff
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THE DIVINE PLAN: The Divine Plan: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Dramatic End of the Cold War/ A film by Robert Orlando It remains the least-known story of the twentieth century - A president and a pope; an unlikely pair who combine deep faith with political acumen and high-octane star power. A plot that involves two assassination attempts, KGB scheming, CIA intrigue and the final act to topple the Soviet Empire.

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Thomas W. photo
Thomas W.

For me, the most important thing about a documentary is not so much the story it tells, but the way it does it. This is definitely a documentary on steroids, and it accomplishes what no documentary should ever hope to accomplish: it makes you think. It is also an amazing documentary on steroids that requires a special viewer, one who has a great deal of patience, and a great deal of patience is required to understand it. I knew little about the Catholic church, so when I first saw the film, I was disappointed. I felt like the filmmakers went about it the wrong way, and that it was more of a bad film than a good one. But, as I watched more and more about the Catholic church, I found myself thinking about it more and more. I wanted to know more about this church, I wanted to see what they do, I wanted to learn more about how they do it, I wanted to see their personalities. When I got done with the film, I found myself saying, "I've never heard of this church. I've never heard of it. But it's a really cool church. I'll give it a shot. I'll even pay for it." After seeing the film, I learned a lot about the Catholic church, and about myself. It taught me that I was no different from any other human being, and that even though I was an atheist, I had a lot of faith in God, and was ready to do whatever he asked of me. It also taught me that, even though I was made of stone, I am still an open book to the very heart of God. It taught me that people like me, the atheists, the freethinkers, the people who don't believe in God or anything, can be welcomed into this church. And it also taught me that sometimes, I am the best person to help those who need it the most. I've seen this movie. I have read the book. I've sat through the interviews. I've sat through the criticism. But I will always go back to this film. It is the only one that made me understand that I had nothing to hide, and that even though I am not a member of the church, I am still a human being, and an atheist. I think I'll go back to the church next week, and maybe I'll even go back to the church in a few months. Because even though I may not be a member of the church, I am still an atheist, and I'm ready to help people who need it the most.

Sandra G. photo
Sandra G.

As a non-religious person who has struggled with various moral dilemmas in my life, I must say that this film struck a chord with me. As a lover of non-religious philosophy and ethics, I found it a thought-provoking and important documentary. I also found it very moving and moving in a way that it made me think about issues that have come up in my own life and how important it is to not judge others, and not judge ourselves, without considering the consequences.

Charles photo

A somewhat controversial film by Daniel Everett. The film is more of a documentary than a movie, and one might find it hard to get the tone and the information of the film. The film is divided in a number of sections, each relating to one of the five pillars of the Christian faith. These pillars are, first of all, faith, love, forgiveness and perseverance. For example, in one section, the film goes into the story of a young Christian girl who has been physically and sexually abused by her father, and who has become so mentally scarred that she cannot even trust a man, let alone a woman. The film then goes into the stories of others who have been abused by the same father. These stories are very disturbing, and the director goes into them with great care. Although the film is very well made, one might feel it is too long, and this is because the director spends much time on each of the stories. Nevertheless, the film does a great job in bringing the audience to the point of the film. It is also a great film to show the different faiths and to show the way each person can come to understand each other, and the different ways of teaching, making and treating people, and to show how that affects how they treat others.

Debra photo

When I first heard about this film I was a bit reluctant to watch it. I had no prior knowledge of the real story, and I didn't really have any connection to the people involved. So, I decided to watch it without expectations. I really liked this film. I thought it was well written and it was very well done. I thought the information about the true story was really well done. It seemed like the information that was given was accurate. This is a good movie and I highly recommend it.

Scott Romero photo
Scott Romero

It's a shame that so many reviews from film critics have been so over-critical of this film. It's interesting, beautiful, engaging, and compelling in a way that few documentaries can ever match. I had heard good things about it, and I was hoping that it would be as good as everyone said it was. The problem is that there are some reviews that are negative, and then there are reviews that are just plain negative. I don't want to be negative, and I don't want to be rude. But I have to warn people about the people who are negative, because they are really not doing their jobs. The film is really about a Christian couple, and it is really about the Bible. The Bible tells us that a woman can be punished for adultery if she is disobedient. And the Bible tells us that even if a woman is the mother of a man, that man cannot marry her. The problem with the negative reviews is that they are not doing their jobs, and that is why the film is good. There are just too many negative reviews, and it's time for the negative reviewers to be silenced. It's not good to tell people that their reviews are negative, but it is good to let the negative reviewers know that they are just as bad as everyone else who is writing positive reviews.

Christian Valdez photo
Christian Valdez

This documentary is a wonderful glimpse into the life of Robert R. McCormick, and his life story and how he continues to live through the spirit of God. There is much about the physical aspects of Robert's life that I didn't know, and the interviews with McCormick's friends and family were extremely inspiring. His documentary is not only a documentary, but a spiritual journey as well. It is well worth a look for any and all who are seeking a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimension of life. One of the most important aspects of the documentary is that it is a portrayal of the last days of Robert, and the last time he saw God. McCormick's eyes were filled with tears of joy as he sat and listened to God's voice. McCormick, who had lived a life filled with moments of pain, had found a new hope and peace in the presence of God. This documentary is a great way to appreciate God, and to have a reminder of God's grace, and the gift of forgiveness and love.

Lauren F. photo
Lauren F.

This documentary tells the story of "The Divine Plan" (a group of a thousand French Christians who have refused to be baptized and to swear to never take part in homosexual relationships) and of its founder Father Jacques Hamel. The subject matter was just the right level for an "I'm fine" documentary. It does have some factual errors. For example, Father Hamel claims that the "only Christian way to kill a human being is by an injection of holy water." But the doctor who gave the injection is homosexual. The Bible says, "Baptism, then, is the sign of the covenant, which you will keep with me in faith and the spirit for a witness to all generations." When asked if he is a homosexual, Father Hamel responds, "I'm not a homosexual, I'm a Jew." In fact, he is a Lutheran. Father Hamel doesn't actually say the word homosexual. Instead, he says he's not homosexual because he's Jewish. But it's never explained what that means. Father Hamel is a very charismatic man. He has charisma and, therefore, the ability to make people see the truth. In the Bible, Moses was a man of God, not a man of Moses. But that's a minor point. This is a documentary that's about the most important Christian subject you'll ever see. I highly recommend it.

Russell Martin photo
Russell Martin

This is a pretty nice documentary, and it's not as good as the other documentaries that I've seen on the topic of the Catholic Church and child abuse. It really only goes into how the Vatican got caught with child abuse, and why they're going to do something about it. However, this documentary does a good job of showing how people who are close to the church, but have no connection to it, will see that this whole thing is wrong. And even if you're not Catholic or close to the church, you should watch it just to learn something. It's the sort of documentary that will make you think, and make you think about how you can help the church right now. I thought the direction of the film was good, it was a bit boring, but the narration was great. I don't think it was very inspiring, and it didn't really tell the story of the church in the most compelling way, but the subjects that are discussed are very important, and they're not just topics that are dealt with in a shallow way. I also thought the documentary had a very heavy-handed tone to it, which I didn't think was very informative. That said, it's an interesting documentary that I think you should watch.

Samuel photo

As a Christian, I have always had a deep respect for and even a love for the church. I have always thought of Christianity as a religion of love. I have been a member of several churches, and I have never been to a church that I felt it was a religion of hate and terror. In the world that we live in, where war, violence, and fear reign, many people don't feel comfortable with God in their lives, and for those people who do, a good portion of them are not religious at all. When you see this documentary, you can see why so many Christians don't like the church. It's very sad that so many people are afraid to live out their faith. I found this movie to be very entertaining and very well done. It kept me in a good mood and entertained me. I'm glad I watched it.

Janice Andrews photo
Janice Andrews

The first thing that caught my eye was the opening and closing credits. I like that the actors in this movie were chosen and that the music is also chosen. The music is good. It is very appropriate to the story. I think that people who have not seen this movie might not be prepared to understand the Bible passages from the Bible. If you are open to this type of movie and you are open to understanding the Bible, then this is a good choice. If you are not open to this type of movie and you are not prepared to understand the Bible, then this is not for you. If you are ready to understand this type of movie, then see this movie. The movie was shown on HBO. The HBO logo is shown on the screen during the credits. I am not familiar with HBO programming. However, this movie was not bad. I did not like the subject matter. I found the acting to be excellent. It was not bad, but it was not great. I believe that the movie was to be compared to the Matthew 5:3-6 movie. I believe that this movie would not be as successful as the Matthew 5:3-6 movie. The Matthew 5:3-6 movie was much better than this movie.

Elizabeth photo

I really liked this movie. It was a very simple approach to discuss a complex subject and not just have some clever quote and have a final lecture. However, I did have some problems. First of all, I have no clue why the Pope was allowed to die at the hands of the "private" investigators. A priest should be able to take care of himself but, apparently, the Pope is no good at all. Then there is the opening, when he tells the soldiers not to shoot the Pope because he is a priest and not a soldier. Then, after the Pope is dead, it seems like the private investigators are talking with the Vatican. But I don't understand why they need to have the Holy Father and the Pope know each other. The Pope seems to know about the death of the Pope and seems to be okay with it. I could go on and on about all the ways this movie could have been better, but I'm not really going to. For me, it was a very good movie.

Frances Schmidt photo
Frances Schmidt

The Divine Plan is an interesting documentary about a Christian man and his struggle to become a Christian. It was interesting to see a Christian leader (Mark) faced with the same struggle, even though he doesn't believe in God and isn't a believer in any of the major religions. This film is mainly about the man who happens to be a non-believer. He gives an honest and sincere interview and he does show that he is not so different from the people around him. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has the slightest interest in the topic of religion. I would also recommend that you watch the two other films of this same director (The Believer and The Secret), both of which are just as interesting and worth watching.

Julie P. photo
Julie P.

First of all, let me just say that I am a very big fan of Jeff "Smoke" Griffin and of all the performers he has worked with. I am a huge fan of his music too. I am not saying he is a great musician, but I thought he was a very good singer and I think he does a great job as an actor. The reason that I think he is a great actor is that he can do these characters that are very different from the real people he plays. For instance, he played the character of The Divine Plan in "The Divine Plan" and I thought he was very good at portraying this character. The biggest part of the movie is the music and the fact that he has also done the movie on that is also very good. For instance, when he played the title song for the movie in which he has a kind of a limp, it was very sad and sad to see. I don't know if it is because of the injuries he has suffered or the fact that he has played this character for a long time and he really does a very good job at this role. Also, I think it is very hard to play a character that is different from the one he plays. However, I think that he is a good actor and I think he is doing a great job at it. I hope that you see the movie and enjoy it. I do not want to give too much away but it is very good and very sad when you see how badly Jeff has done the Divine Plan. I think that Jeff should have taken the hit for this movie and not go out of his way to have his name on it. He was very talented and very talented. I hope that he does not lose his life or anything like that. I have no idea how he got injured but I think that it is very sad that he is now dead. I would have liked to see him in a movie that is similar to the Divine Plan and maybe we could have seen him in the movie because he was very good at playing the character of The Divine Plan. It is sad that he is gone and that he is not here anymore. I think that this is very sad and very sad that someone as good as Jeff has died. I have watched "The Divine Plan" about 8 or 9 times and I still like it. It is very good. I am going to see it again and again.

Alan Williamson photo
Alan Williamson

Even the most politically correct of people can recognize the striking similarities between the so-called "anti-establishment" movement in the USA and the Marxist-Leninist movement in the USSR. Both have a long history of organizing and using violence, and both are quite adept at getting the masses to sympathize with their causes. But this is not to say that there are not any differences between the two movements. The communist movement has its serious flaws (like when they decided to use people who were already committing suicide or missing children to murder for their cause), while the other movement uses tactics that are more like an art form. Communism is as much a tactic as it is a strategy, and this documentary helps us to appreciate what kind of strategy it is and what kind of tactics it is using. The film does not really help the communist movement much, but it does show us the tactics and helps us to better appreciate what tactics are being used. The film also shows us how much better these tactics are than those of the Marxist-Leninist movement, and this is especially important as the latter group has a lot of money and has the power to use it. The film does not use that kind of argument, but it is important nonetheless. A minor quibble, however. It is not that I don't like the idea of money being used for the good of the people. The idea is perfectly reasonable. But I believe that the interviewees are not nearly as realistic about the money as they could be. This would be like saying that when people on a train are on their knees begging the conductor to give them the money, they are not really trying to do something good, or that when people are sitting in an ice cream shop trying to bribe the cashier, they are not really trying to do anything good. These two extremes are far from the truth. These people are telling you that money is the real power, and that this idea is the main force behind communism and socialism. This is an important point, and the film does not make this point clear enough. As a result, I could not really appreciate the film as it was intended. But it is an important point nonetheless, and it is a very good documentary that should be shown to anyone who wants to know more about the history of communism.

Kimberly photo

I'm not sure what it is about this documentary that makes me like it more than I did the first time. At the beginning it seemed so mundane, so rather innocuous, so the more I watched it the less I liked it. But once the imagery began to unfold it was a visual masterpiece. I can only imagine what it must have been like for those who had no idea of the grandeur of the "Great Depression" and the degree of the nightmare it was. As a documentary the film is one that, while undoubtedly entertaining, should not be viewed as a documentary. It should be viewed as a fictional story, a dreamer's way of describing the impact of the Great Depression on people and their lives. I thought the director was very effective in making this movie's story a believable one, giving the viewer a sense of both the personal and social impact that the Great Depression had on its victims. The documentary's depiction of the personal side of the Great Depression was also very effective, showing how the shock and chaos of the Great Depression affected those it was most detrimental to, and how some people were able to adjust to the difficult conditions. All of this is nicely interspersed with scenes of the great Depression, showing how the economy of the time was destroyed by the collapse of the industry that the Great Depression had built. This documentary is so much more than a typical movie of this type. It's a fascinating look into one of the most significant periods of time in American history. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the Great Depression and how it affected people's lives.

Dorothy H. photo
Dorothy H.

I liked this documentary. The format is interesting, with interviews, and it is not just a documentary. Some of the footage is never shown again, so you never know what you've seen. This is a good thing because it makes the viewer feel more involved in the story. In the middle of the documentary, the narrator and two children share a conversation about a dream, and it is clear that the narrator is more interested in what they are talking about than the kids, who are often too busy to pay attention. It is a great example of not having to tell the viewers what they have seen, but having to tell the viewer what they've seen. This is a positive aspect to the documentary, and I liked it. The narrator is someone who is not particularly interested in film-making, but is passionate about the work of evangelists. The narrator gets excited when the children discuss their favorite movies, and it is clear that he cares about the children and is eager to hear their stories. He is not particularly interested in the science of evolution, but he is passionate about the idea of the divine plan. So this is a man who really believes, and his passion makes it very clear why the narrator is interested in the children's stories. I also appreciated the quality of the editing. It is not the documentary's strong point, but it is very good.

Joan photo

I have seen a lot of documentaries about religion and spirituality, and this film is excellent in that it exposes the efforts to spread the word and encourages those who wish to become involved to do so. The church is always portrayed as a religion of fear, one that requires obedience from its members, while other religions that allow for the free expression of their beliefs, are much more open minded. As the documentary points out, this is a religious organization that has an exclusive monopoly on doing things like this, and this has resulted in the complete degradation of the religious faith in America. What I found most interesting in this documentary is the fact that many of these "reverends" are from the same place as the church itself. The author's own family was from a place where this was the norm, and he says that, although he is not one of them, he knows the church, so this film would be very good at explaining why this happens. Overall, the film is very well-made and informative, and if you are a member of a religion that would like to see it spread, see this film. It's a very good documentary, and it is something I would recommend seeing.

Roy photo

First of all, I don't believe in the atheist's arguments and what they say. I would say they are more like the charlatans and what they say. But they have some good points and are not totally wrong, just very limited. I really enjoyed the movie. The documentary style it was made from made the scenes very well and the camera work was very well done. It was not boring at all. There was no "free running" editing that is normally so overused. The reason I rate this as a 7 is because it was made by the atheist's, so we cannot say for sure what they are saying, which made it slightly more entertaining. So, if you're an atheist, then you might find the documentary interesting. If you're not, then you probably won't. I personally am not an atheist, and it's hard for me to understand what these people were trying to say. But overall, it was very good. If you're looking for a good documentary, then this one is for you.

Jeremy photo

In many ways, this documentary is the most fascinating documentary that I have seen to date. There are several aspects of this film that I consider to be lacking in terms of information. I was extremely impressed by the fact that the majority of information was given as fact and was presented in a very concise way. However, the film did not include any information that the audience would not already have heard. The one exception would be the fact that, on the website, they claim that the statements were not based on fact but on a "Conversation with the Creator". It was never said that the director of the movie was speaking to a creationist. I think that that part was very misleading because the information that they presented were based on those individuals belief in creationism. Also, the only part of the movie that I found to be lacking was the video that was shown at the end of the film. I was very curious as to what it was that the director had found so impressive that he included it in the film. As a Christian, I thought that they were showing the words of the bible that are written about the creation and the Bible was nothing but the words of the bible. However, I did not find that the director did not include it in the film because he found it so interesting. I do not think that it would have been the same without it. Lastly, I would like to point out that this is a very well made movie. The cinematography and the soundtrack were both excellent. The director did a great job in capturing the feeling of the film. I felt that this was a very well made documentary and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Austin photo

This movie gives a very disturbing view of the mind of a child molester. It should be mandatory viewing for all churchgoers to avoid or hide any child molester. Most church members would not admit this person as a child molester. This is a must see for everyone.