فيلم The Uncondemned

The Uncondemned

The Uncondemned is a movie starring Pierre-Richard Prosper, Sara Darehshori, and Thierry Cruvellier. In 1997, a group of lawyers and activists prosecuted rape as a crime against humanity. This is the story of their fight for the...

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1 hours 21 minutes
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Michele Mitchell, Nick Louvel
Michele Mitchell
Thierry Cruvellier, Pierre-Richard Prosper, Mukasarasi Godelieve, Sara Darehshori
Rwanda, Netherlands, USA, Congo
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Led by a 31-year-old former deputy district attorney from the hardcore gang unit in Los Angeles and a 27-year-old recent graduate of Columbia Law School, the prosecution of the first genocide case in history got underway at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in 1997. With few supplies and ever fewer guidelines, the first international criminal trial since Nuremberg was dogged by young international activists who were pushing for first-ever charges of rape as war crime. False starts, setbacks, buried secret memos led to the third-to-last witness. And the night before she testified, the break they needed happened. But what was happening, meanwhile, with four courageous women in rural Rwanda is what would make history.

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Christopher S. photo
Christopher S.

I saw this documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival and it was truly an eye opener. It is an interesting and insightful look at the movie industry. I am a big fan of both the director and the cinematographer. This is a great documentary that really touches on some really interesting subjects. It is definitely worth seeing.

Victoria photo

If you're looking for a new way to spend a couple of hours, then this movie is perfect. It's a look at what life is like for a prison inmate. The characters are interesting, and they are all men. One man, Mike, is the main character, and he is played by Brad Pitt. Mike is a guard, who is on the run from the law. He has a family and a girlfriend. He gets out of prison when he gets a new job. He is now the boss of a company that is in the middle of a bankruptcy. He gets a job in a small town, and he begins to take care of his new neighbors. He begins to like his neighbors and they begin to like him. The movie is very informative, and you will learn a lot about what it is like to be a prisoner in a prison. I highly recommend this movie.

Christine P. photo
Christine P.

I'll just say it: the violence in this movie is great. The story is very interesting, and the characters are very well developed. It's a great movie, if you like it. It's just like the movie "Babel", but in a different way. There are many things to talk about, but I'll just mention one. The car that the family is driving in the movie is called the "Sierra Avalanche". I think that is a really cool car, and I'm pretty sure that's what the family is driving. I can't wait to see it again, and I hope it's a lot more awesome than this one. I think that this is a great movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Hannah Riley photo
Hannah Riley

The Uncondemned (2016) is a documentary about a single mother's struggle to care for her sick and dying mother. It is a portrait of a family struggling to make ends meet, and how the mother and daughter's struggle is brought to a head by the mother's deteriorating health. It is a moving and emotional film that should be watched by everyone. The Uncondemned is a very powerful film that is well worth the watch.

Janice G. photo
Janice G.

I have watched this film over the years, and I am still amazed by it. It is a rare thing for a film to have a great message and a great message alone. I have always thought that films can be about a lot more than just a story. The film is about family, faith, and of course the fight for justice. It is a film that will not be forgotten, and I would recommend that anyone watch it. It will touch you.

Anna Walters photo
Anna Walters

The movie is well shot and the narrative is easy to follow. The story is one of the most interesting I have seen. There is a lot of blood in it, but it's not gory or violent, just plain nasty. I found it a bit sad that the movie would show the aftermath of a massacre. The movie is not meant to glorify the slaughter. It is meant to show the aftermath of the slaughter and the crime. I'm glad the movie doesn't show the murderer or his family, because the movie is not meant to glorify them. The movie is a great source of information and it's a great reminder of what happened and how people can be impacted by this type of crime. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the Holocaust and the Holocaust itself. It is a good movie to watch, and it is a great way to learn more about the Holocaust.

Jennifer photo

I was never much of a fan of Quentin Tarantino, and I am certainly not a fan of those who love him. However, I am a fan of his movies, and this documentary is worth watching. Tarantino has been in a situation where he has to defend himself from the accusations of a rape accusation, and he has done it with style. He has never been a nice guy, and his films are a mixture of comedy and drama. He is very eloquent and has a way of making you feel like you are right there with him. The thing I enjoyed most about this documentary was the fact that it showed his point of view, his point of view of the justice system, and his point of view of the victim. He is a brilliant filmmaker and a great guy, and I think he will continue to make films like this. I highly recommend this documentary to everyone.

Edward H. photo
Edward H.

I was very surprised to see a documentary about a man who was also a lawyer. It was also interesting to hear about how he went from being a person who was more concerned about his own image, to someone who was actually a lawyer. He also revealed how he found out about the lawsuit against the church and how he was affected by it. He also told us about his work at the ACLU and how he became involved in defending the church. I found the film to be very interesting and very well done. I thought that it was well done and the interviews were interesting. I also thought that it was very important to get a picture of how the church was trying to have the people believe that they were not in fact involved in the killings and that they were not responsible. I thought that it was important to include information about the lawsuits against the church and that it was important to have that information to show that the church was not to blame for the killings. I also thought that the movie was very well done and I would recommend it to people.

Susan R. photo
Susan R.

I'm not the biggest fan of film documentaries, but I really loved this one. I didn't know much about the Uncondemned, but I thought the film did a good job of showing me the history behind the story. The most interesting part was when they showed the interviews with the family members and their reactions to the movie. They really came through with a great story and really showed the pain and suffering the family went through. Overall, the film was very well done and very informative.

Rachel S. photo
Rachel S.

This film is not for everyone. It is very intense and very hard to watch. I found it very intense and I had to keep my eyes open at all times. This film is about the series of murders that occurred in the early 1970's. These murders are still unsolved. The film is about the families of the victims and how their lives were affected by these murders. It is also about the police investigation into these murders. This is an extremely well done film that I recommend everyone to see.