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Uncertain is a visually stunning and disarmingly funny portrait of the literal and figurative troubled waters of Uncertain, Texas, a 94-resident town so tucked away "you've got to be lost to find it".

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1 hours 22 minutes
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Comedy, Drama, Documentary
Anna Sandilands, Ewan McNicol
Ewan McNicol, Anna Sandilands
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Comments about comedy «Uncertain» (21)

Sandra Gilbert photo
Sandra Gilbert

I was in the mood for a documentary this week and found this one on Netflix. It was informative and funny. I have a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, so I was not expecting a really funny documentary. If you have a sense of humor like I do, you will laugh, especially with the dog. The video footage of the dog walking around a field with the wind howling over his head was funny. The best part of the film was when the dog was in his cage, and he was telling stories. It was like he was the only dog left in the world. I am an animal lover and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys documentaries. It was just a good documentary, and worth seeing.

Victoria photo

I have just watched this movie for the second time. After seeing it on DVD I was not sure what to expect. I remember thinking it was going to be funny, but the entire movie was. I still think it is funny, but there is no doubt it is a very sad film. It is about a man who works as a security guard. He sees his co-workers die and even his friends die. He sees them being cut down. His brother dies in the workplace. His father dies. His sister dies. The man takes this personal and keeps it going. He says his heart is broken and he wants to kill himself. I would say it is at a good place. Not a great place, but a place. That is how this movie starts. He is not a very likable character and I had no sympathy for him. This is very dark stuff. But I liked it and I thought it was good.

Joe photo

I was curious to see how this documentary would turn out. I wasn't really expecting the outcome of the movie. It's not that it's not good; it's just that I was going into the movie with a healthy cynicism, and not expecting a whole lot. But I found the whole documentary pretty interesting. It's not really an informative documentary about Gage, or anything. It's more of a documentary about him. The way the interviews are presented, or the way it tries to paint him in the worst possible light, and then tried to justify that by all the other interviews and documents is pretty weird and very dishonest. It makes me think that a lot of the film-making was done through the likes of Stephen Colbert or Bill Maher. So the film is all about Gage's perspective, or what the documentary would like to portray about him. But that is not true. I don't want to say this, because Gage is a deeply interesting person, but I think he's mostly good for what he's given to his project. He's not a perfect person, but he's not all that bad, or all that good, either. If this documentary was more about him, it would have been an interesting documentary. But it's mostly just about Gage's life. The documentary isn't too good about Gage, it's just a movie about him, and that's all it was intended to be.

Scott Carlson photo
Scott Carlson

Unlike previous "The Blacklist" episodes, this one gives a bit more to the reader. Rather than present the chaos of the show itself, it presents the fallout from it. Because this is an "indie" production, some of the show's un-reality is lost on viewers. Also, I do not think that the writers intended to be straight news reporting. It is an inside look at a very important issue of our times, but I think it should have been shown more as a warning to the world, not as an after-thought.

Louis W. photo
Louis W.

I personally am not a very big fan of the documentary-style nature of some of the documentaries that I have seen, but this one definitely is a different matter. While I must admit that the DVD cover for this film is all over the place and shows the main focus, the film itself is better than it seems. At times it was actually quite enjoyable, at other times it was quite awkward. There were a couple of other parts of the film that I found to be a bit uneven, but I can forgive that because I had no other expectations. To me, the emphasis on the infamous "murders" did not really sit well with me. The documentary was focused on the murders, but the film itself seemed to be too focused on the deaths. I did not care for this and I did not feel the film was all that funny. The movie is actually quite good and shows a very accurate portrayal of the events that led to the murders and what led to the murders. The documentary does not really have a coherent structure and sometimes it is pretty hard to keep up with what is going on, but the film is very interesting and well done. There are some beautiful shots and some pretty eerie and unsettling images. I will say that I did not find the film as emotionally powerful as I had hoped, but I do not think that it is such a bad thing. The film has some great moments and a few great parts and is overall a pretty interesting and thought-provoking documentary.

Christine Weaver photo
Christine Weaver

Terrific film. A film that you don't have to have the knowledge or skills of to enjoy. The film takes you on a journey that is so subtle that the viewer will not realize it's a film and will find it self absorbed into the life of the main character. I've never been a person who is really into music. I didn't go to school for it and haven't had any artistic training in any other capacity. However I was captivated by the life and struggles of this young man and the film is a wonderful account of that. I was also blown away by the personal involvement the filmmakers took in the film. It was interesting to watch the different stages that the documentary went in. It was a great experience for me to be so involved with the life of a man who wanted so much to be appreciated. I wanted to see him, in the film, in a different light and for that, I am glad I watched it.

Juan Bennett photo
Juan Bennett

I know this movie will be hard for some viewers, but I liked it. I'm not a big political junkie, and I didn't know much about the Korean war. This film is really great in that it focuses on how the US government treated the Korean war. It talks about how the US military killed people, inhumanely, without question. It goes into how the military put people into concentration camps. And it also talks about how the government actually started the war, and how they said that their purpose was to protect the people. This movie is really very interesting, and shows how the US government did these horrible things to the Koreans. I thought it was really great. Overall, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Carol photo

If you're a fan of Darryl Hannah and/or just want to understand the harsh words he spoke about the book, you will enjoy this film. It gives a story-by-story look into the life of Darryl Hannah and his time in prison, the relationship between the other prisoners, and the problem with the prison system. It also features interviews with many people, from the guards to the "blue" inmates. It's interesting, as it's difficult to tell if they are supposed to be sympathetic or not. It also includes various prison-related features, including a few of Darryl's letters and photographs. Overall, it is a very good documentary on the prison system, which will make you think about the issue of prison reform. Recommended for those who like prison documentaries, but not ones that are too harsh, like the Dirty Dozen. Also, it includes Darryl's testimony as a character witness in the trial of "The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment" as well as in the film "The K.T.A.F.T."

Donna E. photo
Donna E.

A lot of people will be disappointed that The Accidental Spy was not as good as the trailers were portraying it to be. I did not see that. It is not a boring movie, but it is not a fun movie. That is just the way I like to be entertained and not to feel my head hurt from the emotions being fed to me. The Accidental Spy was not a great movie. There were parts that made me feel uncomfortable, as if I was trying to be a detective to figure out what was going on, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. My problem with this movie was that I was trying to figure out what was going on and it was not. The movie needed to be more of a detective. The film needs to do the same with The One I Love. I felt like I was really trying to be one of the characters, but I could not get out of my own little world. As a viewer, you will not get that same satisfaction that you did from the movie, but I believe that most people will like it. The movie did not fully answer all the questions it left out, but I did not feel like it did. The movie is worth seeing, but you need to be willing to see it with an open mind. I liked it better than I thought I would. I like the idea of making The One I Love the subject of a documentary. I do not like the idea of the documentary trying to capture the heart of the person with no real purpose. I think that would be too much to ask for.

Pamela G. photo
Pamela G.

Like every good documentary, "Surf's Up" has one of the best and most lasting images that it displays. It is a montage of different events that you will have no idea what they are about until you watch the entire montage. It's a good way to get into the lives of the people and organizations involved in the film. The first time you see this montage, it will shock you and change you forever. You'll be able to feel the emotional baggage the film brings out, as you watch the film. Once you get used to the montage, you'll begin to appreciate the way the filmmakers displayed so much information. If you are a viewer, it will have a certain way you will think about the people and organizations that the film depicts. It will have a certain way you will think of the film, and it will make you more appreciative of the film and the people who had a hand in its making. The montage was a great way to show us what the filmmakers were trying to get across, so to speak. If you are a viewer, you will be more appreciative of this film. I definitely recommend this film to anyone, regardless of their age. It is a very meaningful film, and the montage is the best part. It is worth watching for the montage alone. It is so powerful that it has a way of affecting you and showing you something you can't explain.

Lawrence photo

Nick Broomfield, the only survivor of the 2004 Amtrak train crash, tells his story about what happened. He was in bed with his girlfriend and daughter when the train collided with his family car. Nick said he saw people dying in front of him, and at one point he got into a drunken altercation with a mob of people who had followed him. The train derailed, sending people flying into the air and killing some. Nick and his family escaped, but the media put the blame on the driver, and they didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. This movie is very insightful on the fallibility of human judgment and how we often try to outsmart the devil. Nick Broomfield is a character you see and hear from every day. I have never been a fan of the great actor David Hyde Pierce, but he plays his part with sincerity and sensitivity. I was impressed with his decision to turn down the chance to star in the "Exorcist" series after the accident. His character's death, the ensuing media frenzy, and his ill-fated career move is a testament to the frailty of man.

Bobby photo

I didn't know anything about this documentary before I saw it. My mom took me to see it, and I had a lot of trouble finishing it. After watching it, I'm still very confused about it. There are no important facts presented, no central figures, no clear-cut answers. It seems to me that there is an unspoken taboo on the subject of pedophilia. I think this film is very important, because I have never understood it. I've never really felt it myself, but I have thought about it, and I have some sort of vague feeling that it's really wrong. I want to say this film was able to open my eyes, but I can't, because it really opens me up.

Ethan E. photo
Ethan E.

The rise and fall of Japanese rockers YEM, now in their seventies, is a fascinating examination of the rise and fall of an international phenomenon, the early days of rock, during the war. The story begins with a Japanese singer, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who used to live in America but joined the Japanese army. He returned home to Japan to be the voice of his country. At first, the country was very hostile toward foreigners, but soon the nation came to appreciate the music of their people. The story of YEM is a combination of life and death, and for the people who formed this group, it was both. There were some more highly talented Japanese who had the chance to become internationally famous and went to America and collaborated with American musicians. But at the same time, the Japanese and American people were very closely linked. The difference between Japanese and American music is that they were born to play rock, not classical music. But all the same, they were a very similar people. But after WWII, the relationship between the two countries did not improve, and the children of the people who knew the men who came to Japan from America were very traumatized by what they had seen in their own country. The two countries were very close at that time, and all the bands had families back home. And those families were very connected to each other. They didn't even talk about the war. This is where the story begins to play out. The Japanese family of YEM goes from one country to another. They are going to Japan to see their sons playing in the World Series, but they stay in America. They have an American family, and then they have another American family and then another American family, and so on. What is so interesting about this is that the American guys are not even going to the games. The families are all together for the families, so why are they even going? This is how YEM lives, and I would call it a story about survival. The Japanese are living a dream that they have built around themselves. And in the end, the Japanese are not like the people in America, but they still are very close to their country. The Japanese were not in America as a war object, but they were in America as a son. They were very close to the country, and in many ways, they still are. This is not a story about musicians. It is about the relationship between the countries and people, and the truth about that relationship, and about the music of that time.

Lauren photo

The most talked about documentary to date and I must admit it is too. It is a definite must for documentary lovers to watch. I am usually a fan of documentaries but for some reason I had to change my mind about this one. I am glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend this to anyone who likes documentary. I can honestly say this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is well made, well edited, and always interesting to watch. There is just something about this movie that is intriguing and different that you just have to see. If you are going to watch a documentary on an issue, then you have to be open minded. If you are expecting something easy then you should look somewhere else. This film is a must watch for everyone. I would recommend this to everyone but I also know it will be a controversial film. There are definitely people who will dislike this film but I just hope there are enough people who will watch this film to understand why this is an absolute must see.

Jeremy photo

Maybe it was because I couldn't read the subtitles, but I was looking for an adult approach to the issue of rape. And, really, isn't it so common? What started as a small thing between two young people turned into a nightmarish experience. While watching this, I found myself thinking of the times I've been in situations like these and it always re-awakens the feelings of hatred and vengeance. Still, despite the commonality of it all, this film is still a great film. The director did a great job with the scenes, taking the time to show the effects the two women have on each other. The thing I liked most about this movie is the fact that the director never tells us what the sexual activity was that took place. This is a film that needs to be watched by all women.

Wayne Gray photo
Wayne Gray

After losing a lot of money to a Hollywood film, a group of independent filmmakers decide to make an independent film. They decide to shoot it on a micro-budget, and hire a few people and a few assistants to film their projects. Their first project is an action comedy called the "Rats" where the filmmaker uses his laptop to film everything. The premise is simple enough, and you can understand the film already. The filmmaker takes a bite out of everything and creates a better picture. But for this filmmaker it is really about more than just the film. He goes beyond the film, to a more personal level, to the natural world and to the right human relationships. It is really an exploration of a certain human need, and how different things can be a means to achieve this need. It is a very deep and thought provoking documentary, with the filmmaker making a great effort to show what he sees and hear. There is a lot of editing involved, and the story sometimes feels as if the filmmaker is not following a very linear path. But, for me, this film was more a tour of his artistic ideas and his motivation to make a film, rather than a documentary about the film. The film has a lot of visual beauty and great acting, but the whole point of the film was to tell an important human story. If you are interested in seeing a documentary about a filmmaker or his project, I recommend this film. It is a very ambitious project, and that is why I liked it so much.

Gregory Reynolds photo
Gregory Reynolds

I enjoyed the film, and it is a fascinating study of the way that youth culture has evolved over time. I think it's really a great example of the effect that the internet has on young people today. I think the first impression you get about this film is that it's a young person's film. But that's not the case. The camera work is impressive, the editing is brilliant, the set pieces are interesting, and the ideas that the filmmakers throw in are extremely interesting and relevant to our current times. It's a great movie, and if you enjoy documentaries, you should definitely watch this.

Sara photo

I watched this movie a couple of years ago on a DVD player, it is very hard to find and most of the times you have to find it on eBay. I bought it for £5, which is a lot for a DVD. The story is really good, I like it a lot, the acting is very good, there is no annoying dialogue. The thing is that a lot of people are not able to see that this movie is really good, and that a lot of good actors have been involved, it is really a film you should watch. I am convinced that I will like this movie one day, and I hope I can find it on eBay or some other place. I also loved this movie, I just like it a lot, I watched it a few times, and now I am watching it a few times a week, and I still like it very much. I hope this movie will be available on DVD one day, because I can't get it on eBay or in any other place, and I hope that will change soon. I will give it 8 out of 10, because it is really very good. The only thing that is not really good about this movie is the ending, but I am not going to complain about that.

Terry H. photo
Terry H.

This film was very good. A prime example of how a documentary is done: it is not a long, wordy, almost lengthy film, it is a short film with a very long ending. It has some small moments of artifice that are quite striking. The documentary does not try to be original in any way, but what it does is well done. The problem with documentaries is that they are too short and so they can be little in detail. Here, it shows the point of view of the person from all the characters. The whole film is important, not only the fact that the filmmakers worked with a deaf and hard of hearing subject, but also the point that this was done on a very limited budget. The music and sounds in this documentary were perfect. Although, the special effects were better, this is still a good documentary.

Megan M. photo
Megan M.

This film is the story of a single mother, Winnie, whose son died in the arms of his grandmother while they were out in the country. The film begins with a new mother in the area who was not related to the Winnie family and was trying to support her family as they struggled financially and financially strained. She became obsessed with an artist named Mr. Mason who was showing his paintings in the local art show. She was also given a small wooden piece of Mr. Mason's work as a gift. Winnie, the mother, is angry with the artist who did not reciprocate her gift. As a single mother of a young son, I was saddened by the fact that the artist who gave Winnie the wooden piece of his work was not the same artist that I have known for years. I do not know him personally, but the artist does not have the same style that I have known. This film is informative and raw in it's honesty. Winnie does not feel that the artist is the father of her son, but that is how she is. Winnie feels the artist is the father because he is a "real artist" and the artist gives Winnie something that she wants, which is to have a son and he has made this difficult task possible. Winnie is upset that the artist did not reciprocate her gift, but at the same time she is grateful to him for giving her something that she wanted and that she thought she would never get. She is not able to express this in words. The film is raw, honest, and shows how a woman can suffer and be angry without ever becoming angry. The photographer who took her son's photo was very nice and took pictures that made me want to go out and purchase the pictures. It is very informative, and the film is great for anyone who wants to see that it is okay to feel angry and upset in life. I would recommend this film to anyone.

David F. photo
David F.

One of the many things I like about the documentary is that it tries to answer a number of questions. Some questions are not easily answered, and this is true of every documentary. In addition to that, the overall presentation is fair. This is not a student film. The cameramen, who were trying to get as much footage as possible, are nice. Some of the other participants are fair. They don't go overboard, but they aren't a particularly persuasive set of people either. This is a documentary for professionals, and it has done an admirable job. I would love to see more of the true footage, and, for that reason, the documentary is worth seeing.